His True Colors Chapter 1957

 Just a shake in his hand, Zhao Zhen Zhen directly backwards several meters, then smashed heavily on the ground.

        Just trying to get up, Zhao Zhen Zhen instantly a mouthful of essence blood forced, directly spurted out, face shocked and hideous look at Han Qianqian: "Damn, sneak attack on the old man? What kind of heroes and heroines are you?"

        Han Qianqian face like frost, gently looking at Su Yingxia in his arms. Caringly asked: "Who told you to run out for me?"

        Although Su Yingxia's body was in pain, her face was overflowing with a happy smile: "The ring match was early and you were in the heavenly book, so ......"

        "So silly to go on stage for me?" Han Qianqian pretended to be slightly angry.

        Su Yingxia heave a smile: "That's not true, for you to top well, I know you will return."

        Han Qianqian looked at Su Yingxia with pain and love: "Yes, I will come back, now, just leave it to me, okay?"

        Su Yingxia nodded, Han Qianqian got up and helped Su Yingxia get out of the ring, at this time. The Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, who had been watching the battle in the crowd and had pinched a cold sweat for Su Ying Xia, also rushed over to catch Su Ying Xia.

        When Su Yingxia safely off the stage, at this time Han Qianqian slowly stood up, under the mask. His whole face has long been as deep as water, and the eyes, but also full of hatred and anger.

        The real Zhao, who was looking at him, suddenly had a shiver in his body, as if he had been stared at by the god of death, and his back was chilled.

        He had never felt such a terrifying look, never.

        But in front of so many people, plus this was a crucial battle for the group's exit match, Zhao Zhen Zhen forced his spirit and slowly raised the double swords of the Green Snake in his hand.

        "You think you can win against me by using this kind of method to backstab me? Mystic, you are really superficial. Now, I will show you my true power."

        With a furious shout, Real Zhao suddenly had a great flash of green light on his body, and the twin swords of the Green Snake in his hand also burst out with a dazzling light.

        The most crucial thing was Real Zhao's right hand, and at this moment, under the huge light, an eight gossip mirror was slowly grasped by him in the air.


        A furious cry, the eight trigrams fiercely flooded with green light directly pressed thought Han Qianqian.


        Han Qianqian does not retreat but advances, a cold laugh, did not say anything, just a hand, one hand fierce fist, aimed at the flying pressure of the eight gossip mirror, direct simple and dry blast.



        A crunching sound, that looks fierce and unusual eight gossip mirror in an instant unexpectedly fragmented, followed by a crazy retreat back.


        "Empty hand shakes the divine weapon!"

        "My God, is this a fucking human being doing this?!"

        "This mysterious man ...... is simply too mind-boggling, right, how can this be done?"

        "My goodness, what kind of cultivation is this?"

        "It's too strong, a little too strong, right?"

        Under the stands, everyone couldn't help but have goose bumps all over their bodies. Some even jumped up directly from their seats.

Even above the attic, at this time, Ao Tian thumped his palm on the windowsill, and the whole person fiercely stood up. The mouth is involuntarily shouted: "Beautiful!"

        Ao Yong mouth slightly open, a moment also forgot to close, he has seen a variety of fights, also seen a variety of divine weapons and treasures of wrestling, but one hand directly bomb divine weapons and treasures he is the first time to see.

        You know, any divine weapons and treasures, the reason why they can be called divine weapons and treasures, it is because they are special materials, far from ordinary weapons and things can be compared.

        Therefore, since ancient times, between the divine weapons and treasures, often each sacrifice their own divine weapons and treasures to fight. No one has ever responded with empty hands.

        But today, Han Qianqian not only overturned his perception, but also directly changed his consciousness form, the original. Empty hands can also be fought with divine weapons and treasures!

        Lu Ruoxin's beautiful eyes at this time also flashed a trace of surprise, but a moment later, the corner of her mouth hooked a faint smile.

        Zhao Zhen Zhen's eyes were full of disbelief, however, at that moment, Han Qianqian had already rushed in and punched the air again.

        Zhao Zhen Zhen hastily raised his energy to try to resist, and his hands directly crossed his fist from left to right to meet Han Qianqian's blow.


        The next second, the whole person directly flew backwards, after rolling on the ground a dozen times, when he got up, he was already bleeding from seven holes.

        The internal organs of his entire body had been completely forcibly displaced.

        Just as he was barely getting up ......


        With blood splattering, not yet stabilized Zhao real, at this time pupils wide open, Han three thousand a sword from the eyebrow straight pick brain, straight through the skull, that pair of wide-eyed, to death is also full of shock. He had not thought that he was also the realm of the evil-execution, he would die so cleanly.

        Han Qianqian's cold eyes fiercely placed at the side of the ring, the group of disciples wearing the same kind of clothing as Zhao Zhen Zhen.

        With the sweep of Han Qianqian's gaze, a group of disciples were immediately scared out of their wits. There are cowardly even on the spot scared legs shaking feet soft, and even some crotch is wet a piece.

        "What does this ...... guy want ...... to do? He won't ...... won't want to kill the disciples under the real Zhao, right?"

        "Look at this look, should be ah, after all, just now Zhao Zhen Zhen he ...... he but injured that mysterious man's female companion ah, that group of disciples in the following did not less uproar ah."

        "End of the end, the rage for the red, but ...... but this has bad Qishan the temple of the rules ah."

        "Yes, this has bad rules ah. The Qishan Palace has always been famous. The ring of life and death does not matter, the ring under the inch soldiers shall not hurt it ah, this guy, is not to risk the world?"

        Among the disciples at the head. The leader at this time barely pressed his body shape, although drew the saber, but the body is still uncontrollable step by step backward.

        "Don't come over, don't come over."

        Almost also at this time. Gu Ri, who had been supervising the battle on the side of the field, also hurriedly flew over and blocked in front of Han Qianqian: "Young warrior, according to the rules of the Hall of Qishan, you can't kill them."

        "Can't? Who said so?" Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously.

        "Zhao Zhen Zhen hurt my wife. Today, I will let this eight-sided world know that it is okay to mess with me, but those who mess with my woman. The whole family, kill without amnesty!"

        The last three words were so thunderous that everyone present could hear the voice. They could feel the infinite anger in that voice.

        "Those who stand in my way, die!"

        Han Qianqian roared, his eyes bloodthirsty, the next step on the old man's ghostly footsteps, transformed into the residual image of the still image seen by Qin Shannon, as strong as Gu Ri has not yet reflected when Han Qianqian has killed the crowd, then like a dragon through.

        Where they passed, all wailing everywhere, blood flowed into a river, countless heads like ripe plums, melons fell to the ground, the air can even smell the heavy smell of blood!