His True Colors Chapter 1956

 The man's face, although not rough-looking Kuang, but the body is extremely fast, rapid attack, the stage, Su Yingxia in just one second directly by the man hit dozens of times.

        Another punch directly hit Su Yingxia's left shoulder, the huge inertia made her whole person fly backwards tens of meters, despite the difficulty to stabilize her body, but it is clear that the blood seeping out of the corner of the mouth, has shown that she is not lightly injured.

        "Seeing that you have a very superb figure, yet you have to run to the stage to die, why is this necessary?" The man laughed softly and looked at the masked Su Yingxia, his teasing eyes were full of lustful light: "That dog thief of the mysterious man saw that I, Zhao Zhen Zhen, did not dare to come out to answer the battle, and sent you, a little lady, on the stage, I think, or you should obey me, this real person will have mercy on you and treat you better in the future."

        "Oh, the mystery man is really garbage, to the out group competition, see the opponent is Zhao real, then already scared to come out to fight, send a woman on the field to top themselves."

        "Sometimes, bragging too much may not be a good thing, because you can't close."

        A group of audience members also followed the coaxing, and even more, at this time, simply stood up and roared towards the stage: "Zhao Zhen Zhen, since the mysterious man does not dare to fight and sent a woman on the stage, then simply pluck the woman naked, so that the group can take a good look."

        As soon as the words were shouted, the crowd was in an uproar.

        Su Yingxia forcefully held back her anger, then luck in her hand, and charged directly at Zhao Zhen Zhen.

        "Give shame!" Zhao Zhen Zhen laughed disdainfully and retreated instead of advancing, directly blasting past with a palm.

        The two palms clashed, Su Yingxia was directly shaken back several steps on the spot, another mouthful of fresh blood spurted out, above the mask, her whole face is also pale.

        But before Su Yingxia could catch her breath, with a swoosh, Zhao Zhen Zhen came flying again, Su Yingxia could not even resist, she was hit by another palm, her whole body flew backwards again, blood was spitting out from her mouth.

        "Since you don't know what's good for you, then don't waste my time." After saying that, Zhao Zhen Zhen fiercely drew out his own green snake double sword, a cold blank flash, straight stabbing.

        Su Yingxia's face was ashen, is it going to be over?

        But at this moment, a pair of large hands suddenly appeared, stopping the waist and hug, then, a light flight, a slight turn in the air.

        Feeling the warmth and familiarity from the big hand at the waist, Su Yingxia subconsciously looked up lightly and stared blankly at the person who was holding her, and when she saw the mask on his face, Su Yingxia smiled with joy and gently grabbed Han Qianqian's clothes and feet.


        A crunching sound.

        When Su Yingxia heard it, this hurried back to look, only to see Zhao Zhen Zhen's hand that the green snake sword, at this time has been Han Qianqian one-handed grip, Zhao Zhen Zhen Zhen immediately face a shock, want to draw back the long sword, but found himself no matter how hard, but the sword is still Han Qianqian steady grip, not moving a hair.

        "Mystic ......"

        "Holy shit, the mystery man made an appearance!"

        "Wasn't that guy scared by Zhao Zhen Zhen to come on stage? What? How come he suddenly came up!"

        Han Qianqian's sudden appearance made the audience, which was still [Liancheng www.wsx5.cn] very lively, quiet for a while.

        At this time, in a certain loft, Ao Tian was originally listless, but when Han Qianqian appeared, he couldn't help but stand up directly in excitement.

        In another pavilion, Lu Ruoxin also frowned slightly at this time.

        Outside the grandstand, Ye Gucheng's teeth clenched fiercely. Originally, he was quite happy when he heard that the mysterious man suddenly disappeared with Qin Shantou, and when he saw that the one who fought against him in the ring was not the mysterious man himself.

        But now, he is not happy, instead some unwilling clenched fist: "This guy, how to appear again?

        What was even more mind-boggling to him was that at this moment, Qin Shrost, too, had slowed down.

        "Frosty, are you alright?" When Sanyong saw Qin Shrost return, he immediately said with nervous concern.

        Qin Shrost shook his head lightly, "Master, I'm fine."

        "Didn't I hear that you disappeared with the mysterious man? Did he ...... he do anything to you?"

        "Master, he saved me, otherwise, I might have been harmed by people with ulterior motives." After saying that, Qin Frost looked at Cool-Son Yeh with icy eyes.

        Ye Gucheng panicked and shifted his eyes away, not daring to look at Qin Shrost at all.

        Seeing this, Master Sanyong's face was icy cold, he had roughly guessed what was going on.

        Qin Shoushang broke the deadlock with a faint smile, "Master, can you place a bet for me?"

        "Place a bet? Frost, you never participate in these gambling, how can ......" Sanyong said strangely.

        "All my family's money, buy the mystery man to win." Qin Frost also did not explain, said softly.

        "Hmph, all the family money to buy the mystery man to win, Qin Frost, I think you are crazy, right? And still, with that mysterious man disappeared and lost his virginity, so that the bad guy also as their own man ah." Just at that moment, the immortal spirit teacher on the side coldly mocked.

        Qin Shuang smiled faintly, handed over all the purple crystals he had on him to Sanyong, glanced coldly at the Immortal Spirit Master Teacher, and said, "It's fine for you to insult me, but you insult him? What kind of a thing are you?"

        Dropping these words, Qin Shannon turned around and left straight away.

        Immortal Spirit Master Dowager was instantly furious by Qin Shantou's words, no one in this Justice Alliance had ever dared to speak to her like that, but just then, on the stage, the mysterious man suddenly made a move.