His True Colors Chapter 1952

 In the shaking, the mountains shake trees, the sun and the moon collapse, the sky and the ground against the Buddha also began to crack open general.

        At this time, the old man fiercely fly to mid-air, the body is bowed, hands back open, the next second, the mid-air stars, the sky after the sunset, but at this time the state visible to the naked eye, the wind away from the clouds.

        The next second, a piece of the sky is nearly dark, at this time, after the clouds go, the light sprinkled, the sun actually came out at this time.

        And another, the clouds scattered, the silver moon hanging in the sky.

        This formed the sky a white, a black, meet each other, and distinguish each other!

        "Heavenly fire, moon wheel!!!"

        The old man shouted angrily, at this time, a white and a black sky, suddenly heard a burst of mournful roar, the world shook more violently, as if at any time to collapse general.

        But Han Qianqian simply do not have the heart to take into account in this, because the huge changes in the sky, has made him dazed, forget all the surrounding everything.

        The sun and the moon in the sky, at this time, but slowly towards this side.

        As they move, the body of the moon and the sun, getting bigger and bigger.

        From the initial size of a plate, gradually become like a stone mill, a giant elephant, and finally, their bodies like two large mountains, intersecting the left and right sides of heaven and earth.

        The whole world was also completely immersed in the red light of the sun and the silver light of the bright moon.

        "Arise!" Another mighty cry.

        The sun and the moon, which are as huge as a canopy on both sides, slowly moved in the direction of the old man, but this time, the sun and the moon gradually shrank smaller and smaller, and eventually came to the old man's hand, but the size of a fist.

        When it reached his hand, the sun suddenly turned into a red flame, while the moon turned into a purple cold light.

        The sky, too, regained its light, but no sun or moon was visible.

        "The left hand of the heavenly fire moves the heaven and earth, the right hand of the moon wheel to put an end to foreign evil." Another light cry, the old man fiercely urged the left hand heavenly fire, suddenly, the direction he pointed to as if a huge oil and gas bomb had been released, boom exploded, wild fire jumped.

        Then, another right hand, a purple cold light blast attack, suddenly, the direction pointed to as if by magnetic explosion, purple electricity and purple light with the flash, although no explosion, but everything withered.

        "Three thousand, catch." The words fell, a fire and a purple instantly towards Han three thousand flying.

        When it was close to Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian's originally very expectant mood fell into an ice cave.

        Because Han Qianqian suddenly felt, with the fire near the direction, as if they were burning fire, and with the cold light near the direction, as if they were frozen a thousand feet.

        This extreme cold and heat, so Han Qianqian whole person face bitter color, the whole body can not help but sweat, the body also followed the uncontrollable crazy trembling!


        Just in the moment when the fire and light approached, Han Qianqian could no longer endure that intense pain, the whole person opened his throat and let out a miserable and incomparable painful cry.

        Qin Shannon was stiffly stunned by the situation and was at a loss for words.


        Suddenly, just at this time, Han three thousand close to the fire, the body of the meat as burning candles, little by little began to melt, while Han three thousand close to the light of the body, but at this time has been from the ebony red then into a dark color, and finally miserable white, with a breeze, that meat along with the blowing down of the ice together, one by one fell.

        "Seniors, he ......" Qinshang eyes see so, shouted urgently.

        The old man just looked at Han Qianqian, eyes like a torch, no pit sound.

        "Whether you can carry it or not, it depends on your creation, silly boy!"



        A moment, fire and light at the same time close to Han Qianqian's body, followed by two forces directly and steadily collided together, you hold me, I hit you generally intersect with each other, and Han Qianqian in the center, but can not see the figure.

        A minute passed.

        Ten minutes passed.

        Soon, half an hour also passed.

        Light and fire are still tolerant of each other, and each other, but at this time in the center, but slowly began to emit a faint golden light.

        Above the mid-air, the old man has been frosty face, at this time finally slightly eased, then, a long breath, looking to the sky, murmured laugh: "Old boy, really you, you really did not choose the wrong person."

        And at this time, among the light and fire, the golden light is becoming more and more prevalent and stronger.

        From the initial small point of light, it gradually became a large point of light, in the most central posture, slowly expanding.

        A moment later, the golden light directly wrapped all the fire and light.

        Immediately after, the huge light exploded violently toward from it, dazzling people can not open their eyes.

        Boom !!!!

        With this dazzling light dispersed at the same time, a loud sound that resounded through heaven and earth almost at the same time, followed by the whole earth is slightly trembling because of this loud sound.

        Qin Shuang struggled to open her eyes, the blinding light still makes it difficult for her to see, but the blur of light and shadow, a figure at this time shot straight to the sky.


        Above the shadow of light, golden light straight flash, a red and a purple followed closely, he cut a light shadow in the sky, a time beautiful very.

        When the vision gradually adapt to the later, Qin frost dumbfounded looking at the sky, the left hand of the sky fire, the right hand of the moon wheel, naked upper body, emitting a fascinating golden light and muscle blood of the man.