His True Colors Chapter 1951

When Han Qianqian looked into the bowl, the bowl, long ago, was already a dense pile of ants.

        But from three thousand, it seems to be far from.

        After all, did it fail!

        "Senior, I'm sorry." Han Qianqian let out a long sigh, somewhat chagrined.

        "You've finished." The old man laughed and patted the stool beside himself, gesturing for Han Qianqian to sit over.

        Han Qianqian came to his side and slowly sat down. The old man patted his shoulder and smiled: "The huge number of three thousand is actually to let you know that it is difficult, you can persist, in fact, is already what I want to see. By the way, what do you think after a day of practicing clip ants?"

        Looking at the old man's kind smile, Han Qianqian's heart warmed: "Although very tired, however, I feel that I have learned a lot, not only focus, it seems that the control of power is also more accurate."

        "Haha, children can be taught, if you want to control the strongest power, you must first learn to control the weakest power, this is the truth that the heavy sword has no sharp edge, the great coincidence, but also the highest realm of power control." The old man smiled with satisfaction.

        Han Qianqian nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

        "In fact, everything in your own configuration is for this purpose, only, you are oblivious to it." The old man smiled faintly, then, slowly stood up from his chair, "When you focus all your power on one point, its power will be infinitely magnified."

        After saying that, he snatched the jade sword in Han Qianqian's hand, waved it in his hand for a moment, and turned it toward the sky.

        At once, the entire sky storm clouds change, the sound of ghosts and wolves cry all over the ear, as if the sky was stabbed by him.

        Han Qianqian see the flesh trembling heart, only a sword towards the sky, the old man can play such a powerful power, simply let Han Qianqian sigh of amazement.

        "In fact, with your seniority, in the future, far will exceed me." The old man seemed to see Han Qianqian's surprise, smiled softly, and handed the sword to Han Qianqian.

        "Three thousand talents are foolish, how dare I compare with senior, I would be satisfied to have one ten thousandth of senior." Han Qianqian said.

        The old man shook his head and looked at Han Qianqian with a heartfelt smile: "With your qualifications, not to mention comparing with me, even if you surpass me, it is only a matter of time. Three thousand ah, you are afraid that your own perception of yourself is far from enough."

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, except for the Pan Gu Axe and the Indestructible Xuan Armor, he really didn't think he was much better than others in terms of other qualifications: "Qianqian is foolish, please express yourself."

        "You have the Heart of the Dragon Clan inside for system support, the Indestructible Xuan Armor outside for defense, the Divine Armament with Pan Gu, the Divine Beasts with the Four Greats, and even the Phaseless Divine Skill to return the favor with your teeth, and most importantly, your own qualifications." The old man chuckled softly.

        Han Qianqian inwardly shocked, he has no friendship with this old man, but really do not know how he knows himself so well. However, what Han Qianqian was most concerned about right now was what his own qualifications meant, so he said curiously, "Senior, are my qualifications very good?"

        The old man nodded: "If you can be chosen by him, how can you be a generalist? Although that old man is playful by nature, his vision is higher than anyone else's. How would he look at an ordinary person? What's more, he's willing to give you his golden body and be closely associated with you from now on?"

        Golden body?

        When the old man talked about this, it was only then that he remembered the set of golden body, since it had fused with himself, Han Qianqian had almost forgotten its existence.

        "Senior, you know the origin of my golden body? And who is he?" Han Qianqian said curiously, he was interested in this, after all, the golden body was something closely related to himself, and Han Qianqian was very interested in its origin itself.

        "He? That is a although very obnoxious, but counted and is the only one and I grew up playing with the old guy, so, considered my best friend." Although the old man's mouth was a little impatient with that person, but from the joy that came out of his eyes, he was still able to see that the person mentioned, had a good relationship with him.

        Upon hearing this, Han Qianqian looked at the old man in disbelief, originally thought that there was an old man in this world such as the old monster who had lived billions and billions of years was already very scary, but never thought that there was an old monster.

        Seeing Han Qianqian like this, the old man laughed: "In fact, this time to save you, I was also entrusted by him."

        "Is he still alive? I mean, you said the golden body is his, then he ......" Han Qianqian asked.

        "Alive, of course alive, with that old guy's cultivation, he is naturally immortal, how could he die? As for his golden body, that is the supreme flesh that followed him to carry through the nine immortal tribulations and survive the 80,000 earthly tribulations, you can get it, naturally it is your creation, so how can your natural talent be low?" The old man smiled faintly.

        "That old man's things, nothing is not a treasure, and the golden body is his greatest treasure, just three thousand ah, you have not glimpsed the mysteries in each."

        "Then senior can point out three thousand a little?" Han three thousand rubbed his head in embarrassment.

        From the time he got the golden body until now, Han Qianqian really did not perceive how useful the golden body really is.

        The old man smiled faintly, followed by a fierce flash of his body, and in the next second, had appeared in the open space, followed by a set of body techniques he quickly struck, to Qin Shannon, this set of body techniques of the old man was very strange.

        Because what she saw, are some fragmented images, the old man sometimes one hand fist, kick knee up, sometimes two fist swing, Ling in the air, and sometimes the picture turned, has been on the ground on his back, side leg and kick.

        But for Han Qianqian, at this time the whole person is completely dumbfounded, he has never seen such a strange and so complex and varied body techniques, seemingly moving non-moving, seemingly static non-static, sometimes extremely exaggerated movements, open wide, and sometimes very small, seemingly shy to release general.

        "This is the Taixu divine step, retreat can body wandering, when traveling 10,000 miles, into a hundred steps for the surplus, God ghost unpredictable, try!"

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian fiercely ran into the open space, followed the old man and began to try to learn along with his stance.

        From clumsy to skilled, Han Qianqian only took just a few dozen minutes will soon and the old man, in front of Qin Shannon to reveal a burst of fragmented picture.

        And at this time, Han Qianqian's body, golden light has been slightly lit up, like a divine Buddha.

        "Hehe, the divine Void Tai Steps that the old man took me more than eight million years to practice, you've already learned it in only ten minutes, kid, now do you know the power of the Golden Body?"

        "However, the Divine Void Tai Steps are just a warm-up, now, you can see it clearly." As soon as the words fell, the old man suddenly stood still.

        Immediately after, the whole world shakes wildly ......