His True Colors Chapter 1949

 "Within the Hall of Qishan, there have been rumors from disciples before that they sometimes meet the founding ancestor of my Hall of Qishan, saying that they sometimes see his old man sweeping the floor in the hall. However, these are all rumors, I and my senior brother from worship to take over the mantle of the master for thousands of years, but have never seen the old man ancestor appear."

        "Moreover, the temple of Mount Qishan has existed since the opening of the eight worlds, tens of billions of years ago, the ancestor of his old man is afraid of long ago, which could exist?" Gu Yue laughed softly.

        When these words came out, Lu Ruoxin and Ao Tian both frowned.

        Even a True God couldn't have lived long enough, so it could indeed be a rumor.

        But if not, then who could that old man be!

        Ao Tian is naturally convinced of Ao Jun's words, and Lu Ruoxin is also convinced that Chi Meng is not qualified and capable of lying in front of himself, plus the two families came to ask at the same time, also side-by-side, this matter but someone else.

        "This way, I will order people to thoroughly search my Qishan's Hall, perhaps, is someone impersonating my Qishan's Hall." Gu Yue said softly.

        Lu Ruoxin nodded, swept a glance at Ao Tian and the others, and turned to leave.

        Ao Tian also looked at Lu Ruoxin, and looked at Ao Jun: "I'll clean you up when I get back."

        Waiting for a group of people to leave, Gu Ri walked to Gu Yue at this time, frowned and said, "Senior brother, could it be that the rumors of the disciples are true?"

        Gu Yue sighed and didn't know how to answer.

        He did not believe it, but, as the helmsman of the Hall of Qishan, he knew clearly that the rumors of the ancestor's appearance had long been not once or twice.

        Almost every three years, a disciple would find his figure. Although, he has never seen, but heard more, sometimes naturally have to suspect.

        Now, there are two Ao Lu families coming for "him" at the same time, which makes him even more suspicious that this matter may not really be as simple as rumors.

        "Brother, in fact, the record of the Qishan Temple is already problematic, my school has always, after the death of each generation of the master, will be added posthumously, and buried at the same time in the tomb of Qishan, but the founding ancestor of my school in the log inscription is not mentioned in any way, could it be that the ancestor did not die at all? Rather, he has been living in this world?" Gu Ri continued to pursue the question.

        "But if the ancestor did not die, why would he live in seclusion and not see anyone?" Gu Yue shook her head and said.

        "Perhaps, it is the Ancestor who is afraid of being hunted by his enemies?" Gu Ri said.

        "Senior brother, do you know how the Hall of Qishan came to be?" Gu Yue laughed bitterly.

        See Gu Ri does not understand, Gu Yue laughed and said, eight worlds after the opening of the heavens, there were five to the gods, one of them called evil, was the strongest of the five to the gods, but legend has it that the evil himself, his name as a person, so, what he did, all bad spiteful, and finally fell into the demonic path, and became the founder of the eight worlds of the demons.

        In the next four, and the ancestor of the temple of Qishan the highest cultivation, the three of them under the leadership of the ancestor, after ten thousand years of bitter battle, finally sealed evil, since then, the eight world returned to peace.

        However, at that time, the ancestor was also seriously injured, for the sake of the peace of the eight worlds, the ancestor of the Temple of Mount Qishan then decided to let the remaining three take charge of the eight worlds, while he, himself, retired in Mount Qishan and founded the Temple of Mount Qishan.

        The three true gods also feel the grace of the ancestor, so set the rules, when the true gods alternate, must be the day of pilgrimage, and only after he Qishan Temple approved, there are three true gods of the name.

        Right and wrong passed, a flash of time flew by, but this tradition has been preserved.

        "Given the situation back then, the ancestor is the strongest of the four, and why should he fear others seeking revenge?" Gu Yue finished and laughed bitterly.

        And at this time somewhere ......

        Han Qianqian eyes focused, forehead at the forehead is already drenched in sweat, Qin Shuang stood aside, from time to time for Han Qianqian wipe the sweat.


        At this time, Han Qianqian face emerged with a difficult and incomparable expression, gritting his teeth, his hands strained to slowly raise.

        At this time, Han Qianqian, holding the jade sword in his left hand and the demon subduing divine sword in his right hand, as if using chopsticks, strained incomparably to bring the two sword tips together.

        And at this time, where the two swords were leaning together, a very small ant was being caught by Han Qianqian's two swords.

        "Ah!" A troubled and discouraging scream, when Han Qianqian just raised the two swords to the mid-air, his whole person suddenly grasped mad.

        In the distance, the old man sat under the eaves of the house, saw the situation and smiled, comfortably drinking tea.

        "Ah!" Han Qianqian shouted in depression, the muscles of his hands were by now completely in a state of exhaustion, involuntarily trembling from spasms.

        Compared to that, what makes Han Qianqian more annoyed is that this way of using a large sword to clip ants is simply a kind of maddening torture.

        This thing is simply to make people's minds completely explode existence, but also to ensure that the clip up ants do not die, and then also to clip it obediently to the bowl far behind you.

        This kind of operation, almost let Han three thousand collapse.

        "Clip dead, do not count ......" just then, the old man said more let Han three thousand collapse words.