His True Colors Chapter 1948

 The Hall of Gizan.

        Among the attic at the top of Blue Mountain.

        Lu Ruoxin, dressed in white, sitting lightly in front of the window, just like a fairy.

        At this time, a black shadow skipped, came to the front of Lu Ruoxin, lightly covered his chest, slightly owed: "See Miss."

        Lu Ruoxin face like frost, people look out the window does not move, just a finger, but at this time, the black shadow fiercely directly kneeled down, body also because of the same pain and chaotic shadow leap.

        "You are half an hour later than I expected." Lu Ruoxin cold voice and said.

        "Slave servant deserved to die, slave servant because halfway encountered an incident, so it came back late, please forgive Miss." The black shadow ate pain not only did not dare to have the slightest dissatisfaction, but also terrified incomparable explanation, just now in Ao Jun's place of dominance, at this time has long dissipated gone.

        "Say it." Lu Ruoxin blandly said.

        Then, the black shadow told Lu Ruoxin everything that had happened in Ao Jun's room.

        After listening, Lu Ruoxin faintly withdrew her gaze: "You mean, someone is holding Han Qianqian's sword? Can you recognize it wrongly?"

        "That is the main body of the slave servant, naturally, I will not be mistaken. Moreover, the slave servant and that mysterious person have exchanged hands, the slave servant even suspected that the mysterious person was Han Qianqian." The black shadow said.

        "You said the mysterious person is Han Qianqian?" Hearing these words, Lu Ruoxin finally turned back to look at the black shadow, the whole face was slightly surprised, the exquisite beauty of the features was soul-stirring. "This is impossible, Han Qianqian fell into the endless abyss, the world knows about it, how could he still survive in the world?"

        "Miss, Han three thousand that guy and I do not share the same fate, even if he turned into ashes, slave servant will not recognize him wrong, from the situation of fighting with him, he may indeed be Han three thousand."

        Hearing these words, Lu Ruoxin's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, with Chi Meng's familiarity and hatred of Han Qianqian, she indeed would not be able to mistake the person, could it be that the mysterious person is really Han Qianqian?

        However, there is one doubt that is always difficult to get around, and that is the existence of the Endless Abyss.

        "What about the others?" Lu Ruoxin asked, to find out this matter clearly, as long as the mysterious person is found, everything will be clear.

        "The slave servant was about to get it when an old man sweeping the floor suddenly appeared in the house, this old man was unpredictable, under my incomparable concentration and vigilance, just disappeared with the people."

        Lu Ruoxin immediately had some disbelief: "You mean, there is still an old man in the Hall of Qishan who could slip away silently under your eyes?"

        "Slave servant is useless." Chi Meng lowered her head in shame.

        "With your cultivation, want to defeat you, I'm afraid not many, want to in your hands, the whole body back is even more rare, to leave quietly from your eyes, is unheard of." Although Lu Ruoxin has its own way to control Chi Meng, but if you do not use special control methods, to do this, even she, it is impossible to be able to retreat in full, not to mention the silent departure.

        Could it be that the other party is a true god?

        But this idea, Lu Ruoxin only for a moment.

        Because if it is a true god, how could it be a small sweeper?

        However, this matter gave Lu Ruoxin another hypothesis, that is, could Han Qianqian be saved by some expert, so he could escape from the Endless Abyss? Or maybe it's just a blindfold, so the mystery man is really Han Qianqian, only that he has the help of someone high up!

        When having this thought, Lu Ruoxin's frosty face was even more shocked, apparently taken aback by her own thoughts.

        But combined with the mysterious person who suddenly appeared, he has no background but suddenly so strong before strong, seems to corroborate Lu Ruoxin's idea.

        The world is sometimes so clever, Lu Ruoxin's alternative guesses, although and Han Qianqian's process contrary, but the results, but strangely collide together.

        "To figure out this matter, go find Gu Yue and check it out, then you will know." Lu Ruoxin finished, slowly stood up and looked at Chi Meng: "You go get young Xuan, bring those three Earth's wastes here, they may still be useful."

        "Yes!" Chi Meng nodded his head.

        At this time in the Qishan Palace, Gu Yue was playing Go with Gu Ri, sipping immortal tea, very comfortable.

        Suddenly heard the sound of footsteps, the two of them stopped their hand movements, saw the visitor, but could not help but be slightly surprised, the next second, the two looked at each other with a smile.

        "This divine wind hall, suddenly welcome the two VIPs, really a glorious." Gu Yue laughed softly.

        Under the stage, Ao Tian with Ao Yong's group stood on the left side, and Lu Ruoxin, dressed in white, was on the right side.

        After Han Qianqian did not return, Su Yingxia could not hide her anxiety, and finally approached Ao Tian to ask for someone, Ao Tian heard the news that Han Qianqian was missing, he was puzzled, so he sent Ao Yong to check.

        Ao Yong soon checked Ao Jun's head, Ao Jun panicked and had to tell the details of the matter, Ao Tian was naturally puzzled by Ao Jun's words, but on the grounds that Ao Jun could not have dared to lie to himself, he came to Gu Yue to ask for someone.

        Su Yingxia also followed the team, on the matter of Han Qianqian missing, she was bound to find out.

        "Master Gu Yue, no more nonsense, Ao I came this time, is here to ask for someone, this my men said, the mysterious person under my ministry suddenly by the temple sweeper take away, so, specially come to ask for clarification." Ao Tian said squarely.

        "I am also here to look for the earth sweeper." Lu Ruoxin said in a cold voice.

        Gu Yue was slightly stunned, two big clans, coming together to look for the sweeper, this had to surprise him. "But which one is the disciple who sweeps the ground?"

        Ao Tian looked at Ao Jun, Ao Jun immediately legs trembled, hurriedly kneeled down: "It is the one in the hall more than a hundred years old, hair white, cloth clothing simple clothing."

        Hearing this, Gu Yue white eyebrows frowned, looked at Ao Jun: "My brother in the hall sweeping the floor, in vain are young entry disciples, not to mention the hundred-year-old, even if it is forty middle-aged, is also difficult to find ah."

        Gu Ri also said at this time: "I Qishan the rules of the temple, the entry disciples need to sweep the ground for three years, before they can become official disciples, so, sweeping the ground, often extremely young."

        Ao Tian immediately showed his displeasure and angrily scolded, "Ao Jun, did you hear that? By now, still lying?"

        Ao Jun immediately panicked: "Family master, I do not dare ah, in addition, in addition, even the Lu family Miss, this is not also come to find that sweep the old man? This means that there is indeed a person, not a small lie ah."

        Seeing this, Ao Tian collected some anger, after all, there is the Lu family's daughter looking for someone, afraid that there really is someone.

        So, what the hell is going on?

        "Murphy ......" Gu Ri suddenly frowned, rushed Gu Yue and said.

        "This is absolutely impossible." Gu Yue cut to the chase and directly denied Gu Ri's words.

        Gu Ri closed his mouth, Gu Yue back to the eyes of Lu Ruoxin, and looked at Ao Tian, suddenly embarrassed face, a moment later, he smiled slightly, only to explain. b