His True Colors Chapter 1945

 "Where are they?" Looking at the empty space in front of him, Ao Jun was incredulous, his heart rushed to the front, but, in addition to the blood of Han Qianqian on the ground, what else can there be?!

        Black shadow pupils shrink fiercely, the scene in front of her apparently also shocked her very much.

        If you say that the last time the old man suddenly eyes suddenly moved from their own front, more or less there is a trace of the possibility of their own swayed, then this time, absolutely impossible.

        Because since that time just now, the black shadow has been playing a twelve-point spirit, so, even though the wind just brushed her face, she did not, like Ao Jun, reach out to file the eye, but is more and more attention to the old man's every move.

        But even so, the old man still disappeared, and even, she did not know exactly how the old man disappeared from the disappearance, and where to go.

        This is really another unbelievable.

        "You, have you seen this old man?" The black shadow looked at Ao Jun in a cold voice.

        Ao Jun at this time the whole person is angry and bewildered at a loss, he tossed so much, pay so much risk, in the end is such an end, but the face of the black shadow, he did not dare to have the slightest unhappy, can only honestly answer: "Have not seen."

        The black shadow frowned, not seen?

        Then who is this old man?

        "Perhaps, just an old man who sweeps the floor!" Ao Jun said discouraged.

        "You have not seen me, or else ......" the black shadow coldly threw down a sentence, when Ao Jun was about to answer, the house has been only a dead silence, that black shadow along with the foul smell of blood, suddenly disappeared.

        Ao Jun looked at the darkness in the house, subconsciously nodded, the corners of the mouth hooked a bitter smile of confusion.

        If not the blood on the ground still survives, telling what happened before, Ao Jun even at this point, will feel that this is just a dream.

        Everything, disappeared too fast, too fast, so that people have to think so.

        And at this time, somewhere.

        A completely are made of stone piled up stone house, Qinshang was the gust of wind blew, subconsciously closed his eyes, and when he opened his eyes again, it was already here, the old man is gone, Qinshang although strange and fearful of this place, but when she saw beside him because of too serious injuries, and weak Han three thousand, she still panicked and crawled to Han three thousand's side.

        Seeing the blood on Han Qianqian's chest and back, Qin Shannon panicked, and then, without hesitation, she took off her outer layer of gauze, tore it open, and bandaged Han Qianqian's wounds.

        Seeing Han Qianqian's shocking wounds, Qin Shannon could not help but shed tears while bandaging.

        She knew that he was not a demon, not to mention a bad guy, he was still the same Han Qianqian.

        She also knew that he would not be so heartless to himself, when he was in danger, he would still stand up for himself, and even, risk his life.

        Since Han Qianqian's accident, she has been to Han Qianqian are silently adhere to the initial feelings, but this, but also let her on the whirlwind of public opinion, attracted countless criticism, from a everyone tend to be attached, but can not get the cold goddess, turned into the people, that for a waste, and do not want to tea, and even betrayed the division of the woman of debauchery.

        This difference in treatment, only experienced people understand, but also only when there is how high, now only fall how painful people understand, especially, is dew city Han three thousand into the devil, these voices are more impassioned and hard to hear, but Qin frost have chosen to silently endure.

        And these patience, the end of all, is that she from the most valued disciple, gradually marginalized.

        But now, she really wants to shout out to all those who have disagreed with her, Han Qianqian never negative her!

        All that she did was worth it!

        After dressing the wounds, in order to make Han Qianqian more comfortable, Qin Shannon sat cross-legged, put Han Qianqian's head between her legs, looking at Han Qianqian on her lap, a time of mixed feelings.

        She wanted to pull away the mask, even if, just a glance at him will do.

        But she did not dare!

        Because she knew that Han Qianqian was not willing to show his true face, even to himself, there must be his reasons.

        However, I do not know how many days and nights of longing, and let her really want to see him.

        When she trembled to uncover Han Qianqian's mask, the familiar and unfamiliar, yet deeply imprinted in their hearts the handsome face again in front of their own, Qin Frost can no longer control their emotions, broke down and lost his voice crying!

        Crystal teardrops, along her cheeks, slowly dripped down.

        When a teardrop fell on Han Qianqian's face, Han Qianqian woke up!

        Seeing Qin Shoucheng, Han Qianqian immediately lifted her head away from Qin Shoucheng's lap, and her entire body shrank to the side, keeping a distance from Qin Shoucheng.

        Han Qianqian's action was undoubtedly heartbreaking for Qin Shrost.

        "Is it that I ...... did something wrong?" Qin Shrost forced her heart to hold back the uncomfortable, Chu Chu pitifully asked.

        "That night, at the tent, you should have seen the woman beside me, right? She is my wife, and the woman I like the most in my life, except for her, any woman I will not have the slightest thought, including you!" Han Qianqian said seriously and earnestly.

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Qin Frost's whole heart aches, although, when knowing Han Qianqian is the mystery man, she has guessed that the woman may be Han Qianqian's woman, but when Han Qianqian himself told her, she still can't hide her sadness.

        Especially Han Qianqian's phrase including you, even made her heart ache so much that she could hardly breathe.

        Looking at Qin Shannon's look that was clearly in pain but forcing herself to endure it, Han Qianqian was a bit intolerant, but he was also clear that he had to do it.

        "By the way, where are we?" Han Qianqian tried to change the subject.

        "Even if you have a wife, you shouldn't ...... I mean, you have the right to dislike me, but, you shouldn't erase my right to like you." Qin Frost obviously did not want to evade, instead, looked more bluntly at Han Qianqian.

        "I've said it, I'm from the devil religion, you like me, you will only bring yourself endless trouble, you and I won't have any results, and why ruin your future?" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Qin Shuang tears can not stop flowing: "That's my business, you should not have come to save me, let me die."

        "Even if it wasn't you who was killed tonight, I would have saved." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        With a single word, Qin Frost almost fainted. And at this time, Han Qianqian, gritting his teeth, reluctantly stood up, he did not want to dwell here and Qin Frost, open the door, just to take a step, the scene in front of him, but let his whole person stunned.

        Miles of continuous fine clouds, swinging lightly under the room!