His True Colors Chapter 1944

 "Young warrior is young, and why do you need to kill so much? The so-called cultivation of life and health, only to prolong life ah."

        At some point in the house, in a side corner, an old man dressed in simple cloth, holding a broom, while slowly sweeping the ground, while laughing softly.

        Hearing this voice, Ao Jun was instantly shocked.

        Because in this house, there has never been anyone else, when suddenly out of a person? What's more, they hadn't noticed.

        However, when he saw that it was a white bearded old man, Ao Jun dropped his guard completely, probably because he didn't notice that the old man who cleaned the house came in during the battle just now.

        "Stinky old man, here is no business for you, get out!" Ao Jun shouted angrily.

        The old man smiled faintly, shook his head, and swept the floor by himself.

        Ao Jun looked back at the black shadow and said, "Senior, don't pay attention to that lousy old man, your target is that guy, my target is that woman."

        The black shadow at this point quietly looked at the old man, but did not take action, intuition told her that the old man in front of her, is definitely not some bad old man.

        But Ao Jun obviously does not care, he is a lustful man, the beauty of the moment, he still do not care so much?

        A few steps in front of Qin Shuang, a brutal pull her to his side, then, he looked at Han Qianqian, half sitting on the ground seriously injured: "Robbing a woman with me? Who are you? Do you really think that because my family head appreciates you, you are lawless? Let me tell you, in the Eternal Sea, you are just a dog."

        "And if I were to kill a dog, wouldn't that be easy?"

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly, "I'm afraid who knows better who is the dog of the Ao family, right? Your family's master, who wouldn't eat with a dog, I ate with him, and you?!"

        A sentence, straight into the heart of Ao Jun's nest, sometimes, the more a person emphasizes what, in fact, the inner weakest most refused and afraid to admit, precisely those.

        The most annoying thing in Ao Jun's life is when people scold him for being a dog of the Ao family.

        Especially what Han Qianqian sarcastic, but also real, he has done his best for the Ao family for so many years, but also never had the honor to eat with the family head, but Han Qianqian ......

        So, in comparison, he is actually more like that dog!

        "Fuck, you dog, you're not qualified to talk about me, I'm the Ao family's garrison captain, you, you're the dog." Ao Jun bared his teeth and roared, his entire person was hysterical.

        Immediately after, he kicked Han Qianqian directly on his body, instantly knocking Han Qianqian to the ground, and with another kick, he stepped directly on Han Qianqian's face, "You, now you are the dog, a dog that I can step on at any time, bark for me, bark!"

        The black shadow has not moved, she has been alert to the old man, if the wind blows, she ...... wait.

        Suddenly, the black shadow that pair of red eyes fiercely opened wide, the whole person stunned, because she was surprised to find that she had been noticing the old man, suddenly ...... suddenly disappeared!

        She could confirm that she hadn't been blinking, so how could that old man ...... that old man suddenly be gone?!

        This is impossible, right, even if the speed is faster, it is impossible to be in front of their own, not even then instantly disappeared, and, they are still fully concentrated.

        And at this time, Ao Jun, just stepped on the face of Han Qianqian's foot, suddenly lifted by something, then the body lost its center of gravity, staggered back several steps, and so he stabilized his body, but found that the old man, who was far away from himself, is now beside Han Qianqian, is gently sweeping the ground with a broom.

        "The ground, too much blood, not good, not good." The old man was sweeping while his head was raised, while gently shaking his head.

        Obviously, Ao Jun was just lifted on the feet, clearly the old man's broom lifted.

        Ao Jun was interrupted by the old man, suddenly angry: "Dead old man, you fucking dare to meddle?"

        The words just fell, Ao Jun carried his foot directly to kick the old man.

        The old man laughed, but only cared about sweeping the ground in front of him, did not dodge in the slightest, but Ao Jun's seemingly certain kick, but it was a hair's breadth away from empty.

        Ao Jun became even more irritated and lifted his foot again, and then several kicks in succession against the old man, but another surprising thing happened.

        Even if Ao Jun is very close to the old man, the nearest time, even the two separated by only a few centimeters, but is so close to the distance, the old man did not dodge, not even raised his head a little, just sweeping the ground, Ao Jun but no matter how the kick can not hit.

        Each time, obviously can be hit, but each time is so a hair short.

        This makes Ao Jun very angry, but several consecutive empty kicks, the whole person is also tired and panting.

        Han Qianqian looked in the eyes, amazed in the heart, the old man seemed to have done nothing, but it seems to have done everything, this kind of extreme feats, obviously, less than a certain degree, simply impossible to do.

        "Fuck, dead old man, you fucking dare to play me? Put down your rotten broom for me and stand still." Ao Jun roared in anger.

        The old man smiled faintly: "Put down the broom, how else can I sweep the floor, old man?"

        "Sweep your mother sweep, don't sweep."

        "Oh, to sweep, to sweep, this ground to sweep, sweep is garbage, this heart also to sweep, sweep is demonic!" The old man smiled faintly, at this point, suddenly raised his backhand, the broom aimed directly at Ao Jun and the black shadow.

        The two people suddenly felt a gust of wind, blowing people completely unable to open their eyes, but when the wind stopped, the two people in the original place to look, where there is no one, three people so as evaporated, disappeared.