His True Colors Chapter 1943

 A word, Qin Shannon's face even more scarlet, Han Qianqian originally asked for something words, at this time in Qin Shannon's eyes, as in teasing her.

        Give you? In here?

        In this situation?

        Although this is crazy, but Han Qianqian asked, how would Qin Shuang refuse?

        Qin Shushi's breathing was suddenly a bit disordered, and for a while she didn't even know what to do. Finally, she simply closed her eyes, as if waiting for something.

        Han Qianqian's scalp is numb, this kind of time, she still make what nymphomaniac?

        What's more, Han Qianqian is not at all interested in Qin Frost, even if she really is so beautiful that it is difficult for any man to hold.

        "I said the demon subduing divine sword." Han Qianqian could not help it.

        Hearing these words, Qin Shannon's beautiful eyes suddenly widened, and in the next second, her entire face was even more scarlet, but at this time it was not any kind of delicate shyness, but embarrassment.

        She could not wait to find a crack in the ground!

        Qin Shannon's hand moved, and in the next second, a long, red glowing longsword was in her hand.

        "Good!" Receiving the Demon Subduing Divine Sword, Han Qianqian fiercely turned back and backhanded a sword thunder down!


        A sword down, a red light fiercely emitted from the demon subduing divine sword.

        The rain divine sword, itself is a yin and yang reconciliation of a sword method, has a strong function to suppress evil qi, if coupled with the demon divine sword this look out on the world all yin evil qi divine weapons, any evil spirits can be completely suppressed.

        Han Qianqian also only suddenly remembered after seeing Qin Frost.

        Compared to directly exposing the Pan Gu Axe, let Qin Shou know his identity, obviously, this is the best choice!

        The red light passed by, the seemingly incomparably powerful black energy in an instant will dissipate, the red light also violently hit the black shadow's body straight.

        The entire black shadow was instantly like the surface of the water being hit by a boulder, the body swirled wildly.

        "This ...... how is this possible?" The black shadow murmured, obviously incredulous.

        "I'll help you." Just then, Ao Jun let out a soft drink, carrying the sword towards Han Qianqian rushed over.

        Although the black shadow did not respond, but the figure also lunged towards Han Qianqian at the same time.

        Although the Falling Rain Divine Sword, together with the Demon Subduing Divine Sword, suppressed the black shadow greatly, but with the addition of Ao Jun, he attacked Qin Frost this point, Han Qianqian lost sight of the other for a while.

        "Ao Jun, you bitch, is this how your family head taught you to treat guests?!" Han Qianqian cursed angrily and was tired of dealing with the two-sided attack.

        To Ao Jun, from the moment he refused to give up the Qin frost in his hand and attacked Han Qianqian, he stepped into the camp of Han Qianqian's enemy with a single thought.

        "Hmph, if you die, to the family head, it is not death by my hand." Ao Jun coldly snorted.

        Han Qianqian was just a loser who didn't matter in his own eyes, but he suddenly jumped the dragon gate and got an audience with the family head, and was about to jump on his own head, which made him jealous and displeased, and now the old hatred hadn't disappeared, and added a new hatred of taking away the beauty, so he naturally hated to kill Han Qianqian.


        A loud sound, Han Qianqian was directly hit by the combined force of two people, his body smashed heavily against the wall, the whole person immediately a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

        Ao Jun's attack, he really did not care, but the black shadow's attack, perhaps because it was an evil spirit, almost made Han Qianqian's imperishable Xuan Armor somewhat as if it was a set up.

        Almost all the moves are very difficult for Han Qianqian, as if the fist to flesh general.

        Han Qianqian really do not understand, this suddenly appeared out of the guy, in fact, what is the sacred!

        The black shadow and Ao Jun suddenly sneered, apparently, the two of him combined, Han Qianqian with a dragging bottle, is not an opponent.

        "You go first." Qin Frost heartbreakingly looked at Han Qianqian, looked at the approaching two people, gently smiled: "This life can still see you alive, I've had enough."

        After saying this, Qin Shannon took the sword in Han Qianqian's hand and blocked it in front of Han Qianqian's body.

        Han Qianqian let out a long sigh, even if it is dangerous and in a difficult situation, he is not a person who allows a woman to block the front for him.

        What's more, it's still Qin Shou?

        "The man belongs to you, the woman belongs to me." Ao Jun let out a cold cry and attacked directly!

        Han Qianqian pushed Qin Shannon away, gritted his teeth, endured the severe pain in his chest and waist, and roared directly, forcing himself to block another wave of attacks from the two men.


        Another loud sound, Han Qianqian's body once again smashed heavily on top of the wall.

        Blood spurted wildly!

        "Yo, you're really tough, but so what? Even if you're hard, today, you'll have to die here." Ao Jun had a cold killing intent in his eyes and laughed disdainfully.

        Qin Shannon looked sadly at Han Qianqian who was already seriously injured at this time, wanting to help but unable to do anything, especially to watch her favorite person die in front of her, she desperately shook her head and looked at Ao Jun: "Please, don't kill him, whatever you want, I can promise you."

        "Haha, joke, do I kill him or not, I can still do what I want with you, little beauty, do you think you are qualified to talk to me on terms?"

        Just when Ao Jun was arrogant, at this moment, but an old man's laughter suddenly sounded in the room.