His True Colors Chapter 1942

 "What? How could this happen?!" Han Qianqian's face froze.

        Because the separation is very close, Han Qianqian panic, but also can see the woman's face.

        It was a pale, bloodless face, like a ghost, at this moment, was looking at Han Qianqian with blood-red eyes, full of teasing.

        "Just by you?" She coldly smiled, the next second, she fiercely opened her mouth, the originally small mouth suddenly directly directly tore, revealing flush to the face of the two as neat as a hacksaw sharp teeth, while the throat is a sharp as a hell demon beast general ear-piercing roar.

        Han Qianqian was directly shaken by this roar, at the same time, a blood-black breath also fiercely spread in their own body, and bound their hands and feet.

        The next second, Han Qianqian before he could reflect, her eagle claw-like hand [New Pen Interest Pavilion www.biqule.co], has directly a stuck his throat, then overhead Han Qianqian lifted up.

        "Now, you say it or not?" The black shadow smiled coldly, and his face returned to normal.

        Han Qianqian frowned, although his heart was greatly appalled, but did not panic, at the same time, the whole person frantically transported energy.


        Han three thousand fiercely broke free of those bonds, the jade sword in his hand mentioned, immediately the hand in front of him to the flush elbow cut, but the throat just a sign of relaxation, the next second, that eagle claw-like hand once again stuck in the throat of Han three thousand!

        Death is not extinguished, but extinguished and come again!

        "Ignorant gnats, go to hell." The eagle's claw was stuck directly on Han Qianqian's throat.

        Han Qianqian only felt like his throat was caught in a giant vice, the strength was extremely strong, even if he gathered all his strength in his neck, he could just barely resist from being strangled.

        The black shadow also clearly froze, apparently, she did not expect that someone could actually resist her attack.

        "Interesting, interesting." The black shadow laughed coldly.

        "Is that all you've got? I haven't even used my real skills yet." Han Qianqian smiled, his hands already starting to open slightly as he prepared to summon the Pan Gu Axe.

        He really did not want to reveal his identity, but in a life and death situation, he had no other choice.

        The woman in front of him was completely different from the previous Monstrous Power Venerable and Grandpa Blaze. If the Monstrous Power Venerable and Grandpa Blaze relied more on something of absolute strength on their bodies, this person, on the other hand, was not at all.

        She is really false and real, making Han Qianqian a little overwhelmed.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian understood that probably conventional weapons, for her, did not work at all.

        But just when Han Qianqian was about to draw out the Pan Gu Axe, only a nice urgent cry: "Be careful."

        The next second, a beautiful figure rushed out from behind Han Qianqian, directly against Ao Jun who was preparing to sneak attack Han Qianqian.

        Seeing this situation, Han Qianqian was not happy, but shook his head repeatedly.

        From the time Ao Jun stepped aside and let Han Qianqian go to save Qin Shannon on the bed, Han Qianqian was at that moment, infusing Qin Shannon with energy so that she could wake up as soon as possible.

        The reason is that Han Qianqian knew that Ao Jun could not let Qin Shuang go so easily, for any man, such a superb beauty, are unattainable.

        The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on one.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian has long left a backhand, in case he encounters trouble, Qin Shuang has the ability to escape on his own.

        But a thousand calculations, Han Qianqian did not calculate that suddenly came out of a mysterious black shadow, not to mention that the awakened Qin Shou, the first time not choose to escape, but to fight with Ao Jun.

        Not to mention her cultivation is not as good as Ao Jun, even if enough, but she just woke up, how can fight with Ao Jun?

        Seeing that Ao Jun was really about to hit Qin Shannon with a palm, Han Qianqian sighed helplessly.

        "Get up for me!"

        With a roar, Han Qianqian fiercely body golden light, fiercely directly shake the opposite black shadow away, immediately after, Han Qianqian a flip, will Qin Shannon hold turn, backhanded palm directly on Ao Jun.

        Ao Jun was directly knocked back, but at this time, the black shadow also fiercely killed, a claw straight into Han Qianqian's waist.

        At once, Han Qianqian waist was stabbed out a bloody hole, blood flowing, just a moment, waist clothes are actually wet with blood.

        Qin Shuang's face was pale, after the end of the match, she was already greatly injured, but she was secretly attacked by Cool-Son Yeh, and was put under ecstasy.

        Although she could hear everything, the weakness of her limbs made her unable to make any resistance at all. When she was brought to this room, she was desperate and could only cry helplessly in her heart, but the arrival of Han Qianqian saved her.

        So, when she got Han Qianqian energy help, she took advantage of this energy to temper her body, after breaking through the confinement of the ecstasy, she first rushed out to help Han Qianqian.

        Naive strength gap is huge, only a few face-to-face, she will not be able to defeat Ao Jun.

        At this time, she was deeply aware that because of herself, Han Qianqian was seriously injured, and she was in a panic.

        "Help me." Han Qianqian glanced at Qin Shannon.

        Just when Qin Shannon was at a loss for words, Han Qianqian fiercely raised his sword.

        Looking at Han Qianqian's posture, Qin Shannon was startled, and the next second, she burst into hot tears.

        Because, Han Qianqian's posture, is no other than the posture of the falling rain divine sword!

        Falling Rain Divine Sword, that is since Han Qianqian disappeared, Qin Frost most memorable, but only dare not touch the sword technique, because each time the sword dance, is a solo dance, each solo dance, only the memory of all the past, only the reality of the gloomy tears.

        "What are you doing frozen?" Han three thousand glanced at Qinshang, followed by, directly at the black shadow rushed.

        Qin Shrost nodded fiercely, biting her lips, cooperated with Han Qianqian, and forced straight at the black shadow.

        Although Qin Shrost recovered generally and her strength was weak, but the Falling Rain Sword Technique was profound and profound, plus the Falling Rain Sword Technique was Han Qianqian's main attack, with Han Qianqian's cultivation today, it naturally determined the upper limit of the sword technique, what Qin Shrost had to do was to cooperate with Han Qianqian and support the Falling Rain Sword Technique as a whole.

        With the duo's skillful sword formation together, the black shadow, which was very brave just now, was surprisingly fought on equal footing at this time.

        "That's really true." Han Qianqian could not help but reveal a faint smile at this time.

        "Help me a little more." Han Qianqian couldn't help but look back at Qin Shannon.

        Qin Frost was stunned again, not knowing exactly what Han Qianqian was referring to.

        What she could help, it seemed, had already been helped.

        Also in the moment of dazedness, the black shadow seized the opportunity, fiercely body in the air, hands open, like a huge bat, the black and red shadow immediately wrapped around her frantically.


        A roar, a huge incomparable black energy fiercely carrying the momentum of destroying the sky and the earth, directly attacked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian helplessly shook his head, in the face of the incoming black energy, a direct pick up Qin Shannon while flying backwards, while a hand around her waist.

        Such an intimate close contact, Qin Shuang suddenly blushed scarlet, heart also like a deer, and at this time, Han Qianqian shook his head: "Give me!"