His True Colors Chapter 1937

 At these words, Su Yingxia and Jiang Hu Bai Xiaosheng were jaw-dropped and dumbfounded in fear.

        How could they have imagined that Han Qianqian would dare to tell him to take away the saliva he had spat on the ground in front of the captain of the garrison at the top of Blue Mountain?

        What do you mean by "take away"? Isn't that just wiping it up?

        Even in the Lu family, except for the family head, he could humiliate himself like this, but when had he ever been treated like this?

        Lu Yongcheng's eyes were filled with anger and he looked at Han Qianqian with rage: "What did you say? What the hell do you think you are? I'll give you a chance to take back what you just said, or else ......"

        As soon as the words fell, the aura on Lu Yongcheng's body surged, and since a meter around his body, the cold aura was now forcing people.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian's energy had also increased. Han Qianqian naturally had the revenge of forcing Su Yingxia to die at the top of Blue Mountain on his mind, so how could he give these people a good face?

        "Who is he? He is a guest of my eternal sea!"

        Just then, a soft shout came from the doorway, and on the doorway, Ao Yong walked in with a few servants from the Eternal Life Sea.

        "Ao Yong?" Lu Yongcheng was not surprised by Ao Yong's arrival, Han Qianqian's amazing battle had spread his fame far and wide, naturally both families would fight for it: "Hmph, what, he's one of yours?"

        "Not at the moment, but I believe it will be soon." Ao Yong laughed softly and walked up to Han Qianqian, smiling, "This brother, my name is Ao Yong, the supervisor of the Eternal Life Sea, and I have been ordered by my family's master to invite you, brother, to a gathering in the compartment. As long as brother is willing to go, anyone who shows any disrespect to you, brother, will be disrespectful to the Eternal Life Sea."

        Hearing this, Lu Yongcheng immediately laughed disdainfully and coldly mocked, "After all, some people turn out to be self-indulgent, others haven't even agreed to you yet, so you lick your face and say that others are your honoured guests, if they are rejected, I'll see where your old face of the Eternal Life Sea will still be."

        After saying that, Lu Yongcheng did not go away, this foolish ratio is so uncaring that he cannot even look at the top of the Blue Mountain, so how would he look at his Eternal Life Sea!

        "Lead the way."

        Just as Lu Yongcheng was about to watch a good show, Han Qianqian unexpectedly agreed.

        Lu Yongcheng was instantly enraged, "Mystic, what do you mean by that? Rejecting me from the top of Blue Mountain, but agreeing to the Eternal Sea? I advise you to think carefully, or else you will be responsible for the consequences."

        To blatantly reject Blue Mountain, yet immediately promise Eternal Life, if this were to get out, the reputation of the Top of Blue Mountain would be tarnished.

        "Oh, after all this, it's someone who has been rejected, funny funny." Ao Yong let out a scoff and then said to Han Qianqian, "Please!"

        "Right, you two stay at the entrance, protect the VIP's family members well, if you find someone retaliating, you can send out a beacon order at any time, and the people of my Eternal Sea will come out in full force, no death, no rest!"

        Dropping a sentence, Ao Yong led Han Qianqian out of the room.

        Ao Yong's words were obviously meant for Lu Yongcheng to hear.


        Lu Yongcheng's face was red and blue with anger, a fight between subordinates was naturally not a big deal to the two great clans, but if they were to openly tear their faces apart, now was clearly not the time to do so, and he was more than entitled to do so.

        Thinking about it, he left in a huff with his people.

        As Ao Yong walked all the way towards the Heaven and Earth pavilion, Han Qianqian suddenly stopped his feet and looked above the ring, where a familiar and beautiful figure was currently battling soundly on the stage.

        "Brother, what's wrong?" When Ao Yong saw Han Qianqian stop, he couldn't help but whisper his concern.

        "Oh, nothing." Han Qianqian came back to his senses and smiled, "By the way, Supervisor Ao, I actually have a matter to ask."

        "You are an honoured guest of the family head, so if you have a question, just ask it."

        "I've heard that Medical Saint Wang Juzhi is also in the Eternal Sea, I wonder if I could be introduced later?" Han Qianqian said.

        In fact, this was the real reason why he hadn't rejected the Eternal Life Sea, he had come to the tournament and, most importantly, wanted Wang Juzhi to save Han Nian.

        "Brother, you want to get to know Healing Saint Wang Juzhi?" Ao Yong was also a human being, and now, in an instant, he understood Han Qianqian's reason for rejecting the top of Blue Mountain and agreeing to the Eternal Sea.

        This made the suspicion he had kindled towards Han Qianqian lowered quite a bit.

        "Precisely." Han Qianqian said.

        Ao Yong smiled, "A small matter."

        Han Qianqian nodded, followed behind Ao Yong, and quickly walked above the pavilion on the right side of the horizontal hall.

        The building was high, occupying two floors, luxuriously decorated and quite grand, with a large dragon and phoenix table arranged in the middle of the field, on which jade plates and golden bowls had already been filled with a table full of good feast.

        A powerful aura spread from the inside out, making people feel a powerful pressure just by standing in front of him.

        Ao Yong walked quickly to his side and whispered a few words in his ear. After listening, the middle-aged man faintly stared and finally nodded with a smile, "Since the VIP wants to see the Doctor Saint, you should call him over and accompany him to the table!"