His True Colors Chapter 1931

 Even though Han Qianqian had been prepared and had opened his imperishable Xuanjia, he still felt like his skin was being scorched, and his internal organs were constantly squeezing each other, as if they might explode at any moment.

        The Nine Heavens Xuan Fire was really true to its name!

        In fact, the five-minute time point was only one of Han Qianqian's tricks, he really wasn't that arrogant.

        It was just that, in order to meet the Medical Saint Wang Juzhi as soon as possible, he had to create his own fame, and the fastest way to get fame was to create a gimmick.

        So, Han Qianqian had to do it!

        However, since the words had already been spoken, all Han Qianqian had to do was to fulfil his vow within the time promised, before he could become famous in a battle!

        But without being able to use the Pan Gu Axe, Han Qianqian was really in a hot mess, not knowing what to do.

        He subconsciously used his energy to protect his body, but these energies, which were clearly his own, suddenly became the accomplices of these mysterious fires, and all of a sudden, these mysterious fires burned even more fiercely around himself, and even Han Qianqian's clothes were directly set on fire as a result.

        "How could this happen?" Han Qianqian was instantly shocked!

        Without being able to think about it, the powerful xuan fire was causing his body even more pain at this point, and even his entire consciousness began to blur a little.

        "What should I do?"

        "What should I do?"

        Han Qianqian's heart suddenly burned with anxiety, completely at a loss for what to do.

        Out of a subconscious physical reaction, Han Qianqian really wanted to use his energy to create some water in order to cool his body down, but not much of his consciousness told him that Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng had said that the Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire would only become more violent when it met water!

        What should I do then?

        Seeing that Han Qianqian had already started to sway and become somewhat unsteady under the baking of the Nine Heavens Xuanhuo, Grandpa Blaze's face revealed a hideous and incomparable smile at this point.

        "Grandpa Blaze, well done, let the Nine Heavens Xuanhuo come even harder!"

        "Burn this dog thief to death! Burn this dead trash with a wild mouth!"

        "Haha, I can see the Amethyst beckoning to me, Grandpa Flame, go for it!"

        A group of spectators on the stage were also excited at this point.

        "Beautiful!" Ye Gucheng bit his lip, forcing a smile and slapping the handrail under his hand.

        After waiting for so long, he had finally waited for the image of the mysterious man being abused, and the pleasure in his heart was naturally indescribable.

        At this moment, Mrs. Seung Ling also smiled heartily.

        Somewhere in the attic, Ao Yong gently closed the window halfway, shook his head helplessly and said to the black shadow beside him, "It seems that this mysterious man is only overstating his case, being beaten by Grandpa Blaze is no match for him."

        "Yes, under the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames, in a minute, this fellow will be burnt to ashes." Ao Jun echoed at this point.

        The black shadow took one last look at Han Qianqian in the sea of fire, his pupils were already somewhat dilated and he wasn't far from death, he let out a long sigh and shook his head, "I thought he was a promising young talent, but I didn't expect him to be nothing more than a waste of words, I expected more from him for nothing."

        "This kid is a braggart and arrogant. I met him when I was looking for the Justice Squad, and I knew then that this person was nothing more than that. Ao Jun also received a slap for Han Qianqian yesterday, and at this moment, seeing Han Qianqian like this, he naturally did not forget to drop stones.

        On the one hand, it was an outlet for bad breath, and on the other hand, it was also a way to reduce the responsible impact of leaving a bad job in front of the family head.

        As expected, upon hearing this, the black shadow nodded, although not apologizing, but looked at Ao Jun and still blandly said: "Does your face still hurt? Tomorrow, let Supervisor Ao give you a few pills."

        Hearing these words, Ao Jun's heart was pleased, clearly, this was an apology from the family head to himself.

        "Many thanks to the family head!"

        "They are all from my Ao family, so why do you need to be polite? On the contrary, I am sorry for hurting you for the sake of a prideful trash, but as you know, the unexpected collapse of the Fu Family, the head-on confrontation between the top of Blue Mountain and our Eternal Sea is close at hand, and it is the right time to use people, so ......"

        "Family head, my subordinate was born as an Ao family member and died as an Ao family ghost, so why do you need to apologize to me." Ao Jun said softly.

        "Good, O Ao Jun, follow Ao Yong well and do your job, the future of my eternal sea depends on your gang of able subjects." After the man in black finished speaking, he was about to turn around and leave.

        At this moment, Ao Jun hurriedly knelt down to pay his respects, but Ao Yong, who was by the window at the side, did not kneel down to say goodbye according to the family etiquette, instead, his eyes were staring intently out of the window.

        When the black shadow looked at him, he seemed to be unaware of it, and with a slight turn, he simply turned in the direction of the window.

        The black shadow was not upset, as the head of the eternal sea, Ao Yong should know the art of etiquette better than anyone else, but at this time he was completely oblivious to look out of the window, intuition told him that outside the window, something important must have happened at this time.

        Thinking of this, the black shadow also lightly stepped to the window, this look, the whole person dumbfounded!