His True Colors Chapter 1929

 The afternoon of the next day was less than an hour before Han Qianqian's match.

        Just as the Life and Death Gate on Han Qianqian's side had just opened, at that moment, a shocking piece of news came.

        "Have you heard? The mysterious man let out the word that he was going to defeat Grandpa Blaze in five minutes."

        "What? Five minutes? Where the hell did you hear that bullshit?"

        "Yeah, that's a bit of a lie, isn't it? Although it's true that the Mysterious Man beat the Monstrous Power last night, but it's also a fact that the Monstrous Power is weak, and although the Mysterious Man is powerful, he is obviously a bit weak.

        "Yeah, you're either listening to fake news or, the mysterious man is too damn arrogant, I'm afraid he doesn't know what the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame is yet?"

        "That's right, the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame is one of the most mysterious things in the Eight Directions world, not to mention him being a mystic, even if he is an expert of the Eight Desolate Realm, he would be hairy looking at the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame."

        "I think at first ...... forget it forget it, if that great god hears about it, we'll be out of luck."

        To talk about this Grandpa Blaze's battle to seal the gods, one has to mention the unparalleled battle more than three thousand years ago, that is, in that battle, Grandpa Blaze relied on the Nine Heavens Xuan Fire and fought the Eight Wastelands experts who were a whole great realm higher than himself.

        Since then, Grandpa Blaze's reputation had made the Eight Wastelands world famous, but at the same time, it was also a shameful memory for that Eight Wastelands expert.

        Hearing these chatter, that first person who spoke, at this point, smiled disdainfully, "My information is as false as it should be, my elder brother gave it to me personally from within the hall, the Mystic Alliance put word that they would put down Grandpa Flame within five minutes, and if they couldn't do it, they would automatically forfeit."

        "If you guys don't believe me, ask the big brothers of this Life and Death Sect." The man finished his sentence with an air of arrogance and great complacency.

        The group of people looked at each other and quickly placed their eyes on the disciples of Qishan's Hall who were responsible for betting on the records.

        A few disciples from the Hall of Qishan looked at each other, smiled and nodded, "Indeed, about ten minutes ago, the mysterious man did let out such words."

        When this statement was made, a group of people outside the hall could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

        To put down Grandpa Blaze in five minutes?! Ever since there had been someone like Grandpa Blaze in the Eight Realms, there really hadn't been anyone who dared to mouth such a wild statement.

        Even many of the true experts of the Eight Realms had more or less yielded to Grandpa Blaze after learning about his deeds.

        But I never thought that this mysterious man, who had appeared from nowhere, would dare to make such a bold statement.

        "This mysterious man is too damn floating, or, knowing that he is not a match for Grandpa Flame, he is playing a trick to deliberately provoke Grandpa Flame?"

        "What good could there be in provoking Grandpa Blaze? Does he want the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames to come more fiercely?"

        "I think he's clearly tired of living, he's just looking for death."

        "A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger, that's because it hasn't been eaten by a tiger yet, later on, I will see how this mysterious man dies."

        "But could it be that this mysterious man is really powerful? That's why ......" At this moment, someone in the noisy crowd said weakly.

        "Fuck, are you an idiot? How powerful can he be? Even if he's powerful, what gives him the right to clean up Grandpa Blaze for five minutes?"

        "Yeah, that's right, if this guy can put down Grandpa Blaze in five minutes, I'll fucking eat shit to show you guys, I'm betting on Grandpa Blaze, write me up."

        "I'll bet too!"

        Looking at the group of people who were aggressive and firm in their confidence, the man who had weakly voiced out earlier meekly shut his mouth at this point, but although his mouth did not dare to offend the crowd, after thinking about it, he still decided to listen to his heart.

        Then, on Han Qianqian, he staked the only three thousand purple crystals he had left.

        As soon as he finished betting, the group roared with laughter.

        "What a fucking idiot, still trusting the mystery man at this point? You think he's still as lucky as he was last night?"

        "Yes, the Monstrous Power's own weakness and gullibility made him lose the match, Grandpa Blaze will probably hear these rumours and want to slap that idiot to death, how can he make the same mistake as the Monstrous Power again? That grandson still wants to beat Grandpa Blaze in five minutes, that's the funniest joke of the year."

        The man meekly collected his betting ticket, didn't dare to argue with the crowd, and hurriedly left the place.

        Han Qianqian's promise to defeat Grandpa Flame in five minutes was like a bomb thrown into a calm lake, stirring up a thousand waves.

        Everyone in the hall scoffed at Han Qianqian's harsh words and mocked them.

        Obviously, to them, Han Qianqian's words were like a child saying to an adult, "I'm going to knock you down with one punch.

        Apart from being funny, there was nothing left to do but laugh.


        At this moment, inside the fierce room, a big, sturdy man slammed the table, his large palm touching the table, which immediately gave off a baked, burnt smell.