His True Colors Chapter 1926

 "Family head, Ao Jun was only underestimating that fellow, although he is indeed guilty, but at the moment is the time to use people, please calm your anger."

        At this moment, Ao Yong, who was at the side, hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy.

        "Underestimated? The Monstrous Power Venerable underestimated that guy and ended up losing his life, and you're still telling me that it's just?" The black shadow said angrily.

        When the black shadow finished, he let out a long breath, "However, this person, Venerable Monstrous Power, is indeed simple-minded and limbless, and it was only a matter of time before he was defeated. Ao Yong ah, that brat, you focus on him, if he behaves all right next, you can indeed think of a way to let him join us in the Eternal Sea."

        "Yes." Ao Yong nodded his head.

        "I hope he has that qualification to become a pawn of my Eternal Life Sea next." The black shadow finished in a cold voice, and with a faint movement, the window automatically and gently closed.

        And at that moment, in a certain room.

        The cries of bullying against Han Qianqian outside were like taking a dagger to their hearts, making it hard for them to let go of their anger.

        It was hard enough to accept that Han Qianqian had won, but now that he was being praised by the crowd, it was even worse for them.

        As soon as they returned to the room, Madam Xian Ling slapped her palm on the table with a thud, and her whole body gasped for breath.

        This narrow-minded person could not see how others were better than him. What's more, he couldn't see someone who had a connection with him as good!

        "Damn it, this Monstrous Power, he's really a fucking barrel of rice, he still claims to be a master of the Evil Punishment, what? Have all the experts of the Evil Punisher died out? Even this kind of trash is ranked?" Cool-Son Yeh was furious and broke into defeat.

        But after cursing, he found that Master Xian Ling was staring at him viciously, and only then did he feel that his words were inappropriate: "Master, I didn't mean to say anything about you, I just ......"

        "This Monstrous Power Venerable, in these decades, has indeed spent all these decades in search of a daoist partner, this is known to everyone in the eight worlds, and I think that he has officially, as a result, wasted his cultivation to the point of letting a jianghu boy, take his dog's life." Wu Yan hurriedly stepped forward at this point to lighten the mood.

        "I heard that he had changed more than thirty daoist couples, and it was normal for his body to be depleted, only, but I didn't expect that it was just to this journey of more than thirty daoist couples that made him die late." Lu Yunfeng also spoke out at this time.

        "Rightly said, the strange power venerable today on the stage, indeed acted completely not to investigate a blow, so that is why it seems that kid seems to be very powerful in general, in fact, it is simply the strange power venerable body within the weak." Master Xian Ling nodded, her anger subsiding slightly.

        Even now, they were unwilling to acknowledge Han Qianqian's strength, and more often than not, they blamed the already dead Monstrous Power Venerable on him.

        "Lone Castle, who is Han Qianqian's opponent in the next match?"

        "In the next match, if nothing else, it should be Grandpa Flame of Group 8 Team 4 against Lone Yang, but Lone Yang's cultivation hasn't improved in tens of thousands of years, against Grandpa Flame he can only be sure to lose."

        "I don't want to see that kid flaunt his power anymore, you go and find Grandpa Blaze, next match, I don't want to see today's scene happen again." Master Seerling said.

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded, "Yes, Cool-Son Yeh is on his way."

        "Wait!" Just when Cool-Son Yeh had taken two steps, Master Seer Spirit called out to him, then Master Seer Spirit took out a box from her hand, "Give him this elixir."

        "Master Dowager, this is... but the top-grade White Jade Dew given to you by the Eternal Life Sea, you are giving it to someone else?" When Cool-Son Yeh saw this, he was shocked.

        "What's the loss of a jade dew? How is it better than that jumping clown flaunting his power in front of me!" Master Xian Ling shouted in a cold voice.

        When Cool-Son Yeh heard this, he nodded his head and hurriedly retreated.

        "Mystic, I'll see if you die this time." Then that little box, Cool-Son Yeh said viciously at this time.

        And at this time, in the other room.

        Compared to Cool-Son Yeh and the others' anger and resentment, here, however, was full of laughter.

        Han Qianqian returned safely, for Su Yingxia, is naturally a very happy thing, together with Jianghu Hundred Xiaosheng, three slightly a celebration after, Su Yingxia gave Han Qianqian a reward, soaking feet massage!

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng mysteriously ran out early in the morning, this will have disappeared.

        "You have caused a sensation tonight oh, listen, to this day, there are still people outside calling you by the name of the League?" Su Yingxia chuckled softly.

        "I also want to keep a low profile, but my strength doesn't allow it." Han Qianqian laughed.

        "Yes, yes, yes, it's your turn to be proud, who let you kill the Monstrous Power Exalted One with one punch?" Su Yingxia said with a bitter smile of happiness.

        Han Qianqian suddenly twisted his head and looked up at Su Yingxia, "Do you really think that it's great that I killed the Monstrous Power Exalted One?"

        "Venerable Monstrous Power is a person from the Evil Punishing Realm and a recognized expert in the Eight Directions world, you can kill him with one punch, of course it's remarkable."

        But when he heard this, Han Qianqian was not happy, instead he frowned, and just as Su Yingxia was wondering, Han Qianqian suddenly spoke, "But I would say that my punch was just less than 60% of my power?"