His True Colors Chapter 1925

 If one were to say that the Monstrous Power Venerable was sent flying, it would already be considered shocking.

        Then, Master Gu Yue's boundary being shattered would be beyond description.

        The boundary of the Qishan Temple had existed for billions of years, ever since there had been tournaments in the Eight Directions.

        Yet, no matter how many fierce battles had taken place within the Hall of Qishan, the display boundary of Qishan had never been destroyed by anyone.

        It is not that no one has ever accidentally touched it in the course of a fight; in fact, it has often been hit unintentionally, and has even been attacked very violently on several occasions.

        But it has remained unscathed. The people of the Temple of Qishan, although never involved in any strife in the Eight Worlds and only governing the tournament in a neutral capacity, how could the people of the Temple of Qishan not have extraordinary skills if the neutral party could sit in this position?

        Starting from the energy boundaries outside the Hall, to the various strange fires that hang and are always burning inside the Hall, to the ring, to the display of the boundaries, all of these are actually a manifestation of the Hall of Qishan showing off its strength.

        Therefore, its very existence is seemingly simple, but actually indestructible, and its performance over these many years is enough to show this.

        But today, it shattered.

        And, not with absolute force, but simply by being hit by something he had sent flying.

        So, one could imagine just how massive the force was.

        Cool-Son Yeh's teeth were gnashing as he watched, he could hardly accept such a picture, and the face of the First Spirit Master at the side was even more ashen.

        Not only did the image they were expecting not appear, but, instead, things went in another direction against their wishes.

        "This ...... guy, what kind of a divine being is he? The power can actually be so amazing. Monstrous Power Venerable, it seems like in front of him, the name is like a joke." Ye Kucheng gritted his teeth and said coldly.

        Master Xian Ling also had a long frown on her old brow, while her mind was desperately thinking about who this mysterious person, Han Qianqian, really was, but unfortunately, she had turned her brain over, but she really could not find any expert in the Eight Directions World, who had a similar style to him.

        The crowd below the stage, after being shocked, were all looking at Han Qianqian on the stage in fear at this point, each sweating and weak in their hearts.

        They were terrified of what they had just said, and if he overheard them and set his sights on them, then it would be damned bad.

        So, very quickly, without any word of command, the men in the room. The group was afraid to make any eye contact with Han Qianqian, not to mention looking at him.

        After all, even the Monstrous Power Venerable had been blown to death with a single punch in front of him, so what qualifications did they have, to confront such a person?

        With a disdainful smile, Han Qianqian turned around and walked towards the stage.

        As Han Qianqian passed by, a group of people hurriedly avoided him, fearing that they might get too close to this Lord and thus in case they messed with this terrifying Lord.

        After Han Qianqian had left, the quiet venue erupted with ghostly cries of misery.

        This imagined abuse by Han Qianqian produced a great reversal, which meant that many people were bankrupt tonight.

        At this moment, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, who had been watching from afar in front of the room, suddenly understood in his heart what Han Qian Qian's statement that many people would go bankrupt tonight meant.

        His heart was in shock. He naturally wanted Han Qianqian to win, but from the very beginning, he did not have much hope, or even no hope at all.

        However, Han Qianqian had not only shattered his thoughts, but had even shown no mercy.

        This was because he was completely super crushing against the Monstrous Power Venerable.

        "Mystic Alliance bully, Mystic Alliance bully, hahaha, Mystic, no shame in not wasting the hundred thousand self-crystals I pressed for you, you won back ten million for me in one night." At this moment, someone in the crowd suddenly couldn't suppress his excitement and shouted loudly.

        Compared to those who cried out in pain and failed to place their bets, at this moment, he was so abrupt, yet so enviable.

        As soon as he finished shouting, he realised that it seemed a bit out of place, and immediately shrank back, not daring to shout.

        "Mystic League bull!"

        Suddenly, just somewhere in the distance, another person who had won money because of Han Qianqian could not hide the excitement in his heart at this moment and echoed it from afar.

        Then, there was another side!

        Another side.

        Although it was only a small fire, more and more people responded to the call.

        In a matter of moments, the slogan "The Mystic Alliance is awesome" resounded through the Qishan Palace.


        In a certain high-rise room, the black shadow slapped a fierce slap on the side of Ao Jun: "Is this the rubbish you told me about?"

        Ao Jun's face was still full of disbelief, how could he have imagined that things would come to this stage?

        Touching his raw and red face, Ao Jun hurriedly knelt down.

        One second, he was still immersed in the joy of this evening's Justice Little League Little Ying preliminary match, and the next second, he was completely woken up by this vicious slap.

        "If he's rubbish, what are you?"