His True Colors Chapter 1923

 As he knelt, everyone in the entire scene was left with their jaws dropped and their breath sucked backwards.

        To everyone, who was the Monstrous Power? He was a true top-level expert, but now, in front of a man who was unknown to them and even mocked by them in a cold voice, he knelt down with a bang.

        This was truly astonishing and hard to accept at the same time.

        "This ...... is impossible, isn't it, this is shady, right? That ...... punk, surprisingly, actually defeated the Monstrous Power Exalted One?"

        "Yes, and not simply defeated, but ...... rather killed in seconds."

        "Venerable Monstrous Power is an expert of the Evil Punishing Realm, and against that guy, he didn't even have the ability to fight back? When did such an expert exist in the Eight Directions world? This is too damn magical, right?"

        The group of people looked at each other, not believing this to be true at all.

        The railing that Cool-Son Yeh was holding tightly was almost creaking at this point, threatening to burst at any moment, and Master Xian Ling's face was even more blue with a red line.

        Thinking back on what she had just said, she now only felt very foolish, and even caused people to laugh, so she was naturally ashamed, but faced with such a situation, and completely beyond her expectations, and was naturally very surprised, and could hardly contain herself.

        "Warrior, I'm wrong, don't kill me, don't kill me, I'll kowtow to you, kowtow okay?" The Monstrous Power Venerable looked at Han Qianqian at this point, his entire body fearfully saying while bowing.

        Even though he was unwilling to admit that he had lost, yet, the truth was right in front of him, making him admit it again.

        "Wrong?" Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        Venerable Oddly Powerful nodded his head like garlic: "Yes, I was wrong, I ...... shouldn't have spoken rudely to you, and I shouldn't have looked down on you even more, I've lost, so you can spare my dog's life."

        Han Qianqian frowned slightly, and after a moment, he let out a long breath, turned around and was about to leave the stage.

        For Han Qianqian, he was never one to take a life, although he was never soft on his enemies, but after all, this was just a match, and although Venerable Qi Li had insulted him, the crime did not lead to death.

        Moreover, Han Qianqian was already aware of the strength of the Monstrous Power, and he was not worthy of his full strength.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian also thought that there was no need to fight.

        But just as Han Qianqian turned around, behind him, the kneeling Monstrous Power suddenly smiled fiercely at the corner of his mouth, and the next second, he clenched his right fist and aimed it at Han Qianqian.


        With a loud bang, the Monstrous Power's fist struck Han Qianqian directly at his waist, Han Qianqian had no defense at all.

        The next second, Han Qianqian's body, slammed violently and heavily a dozen meters in front of him.


        With a successful blow, the Monstrous Power Exalted stood up with fierce excitement, vibrating his arms and tearing his voice into a roar, frantically displaying his great strength.


        At this moment, the crowd, which had been silent for a long time, also violently erupted with earth-shaking cheers.

        "Monstrous Power Venerable, this is your true strength, you should have killed that punk with one punch long ago."

        "Haha, yeah, after all that, you're joking with us, shit, scared the hell out of me, I thought I was going to lose my family tonight."

        A bunch of people, shouting weirdly with joy while clapping each other's hands, celebrating their victory.

        Although, it was clear to all that it was really despicable and virtuous for the Monstrous Exalted One to win the tournament in this way. However, when these things were linked to his own interests, no one saw anything wrong with it, even if he should have done it a long time ago.

        In the distance, Madam Xian Ling and Ye Qucheng also let out a long breath. As far as they were concerned, they did not want to see Han Qianqian strutting his stuff up there, they only wanted to see how Han Qianqian was beaten to death alive.

        After all, this would balance their hearts and make them feel that Han Qianqian deserved to pay the price for refusing to join them.

        A light smile appeared at the corner of Ye Gucheng's mouth at this point: "Finally, we have won, that kid, he really thinks he is very capable, but in reality he is as stupid as can be, to be merciful to your enemy, that is to be cruel to yourself, humph."

        Master Xian Ling nodded, "Who told him not to join us? Oh, deservedly so!"

        In their eyes, with their qualifications, it seemed as if by throwing out an olive branch, others had to accept it, and not accepting it seemed to be treason.

        Inside the room, Su Yingxia, who had heard the cheering outside, her heart tightened and she looked at Jianghu Baixiao Sheng at the door in panic. After Han Qianqian had gone out, Su Yingxia had been sitting in the room like this.

        She knew this person, the Monstrous Power, and naturally knew his strength, so she was very worried about Han Qianqian's appearance in the battle. She obviously wanted to go and watch, but she was afraid of seeing the image of Han Qianqian being beaten in defeat, so she could only wait in the house with her heart burning with anxiety.

        Hearing the cheers, she had an unsettling feeling.

        At that moment, in the ring, after arrogantly eliciting cheers, the Monstrous Power Venerable walked towards Han Qianqian's motionless corpse.

        Suddenly, a cold laugh came from the ring, "You shouldn't have."