His True Colors Chapter 1921

 As Han Qianqian pushed open the door to his room, the crowd in the arena increased rather than decreased, even though it was already ugly in the morning outside.

        For many people this evening, although the intensity of Han Qianqian's match was not spectacular, it was the easiest choice for this life and death match, and despite the ridiculously low odds, it was clear that many people could get a good return after placing heavy bets.

        Of course, there are some people who are always looking for excitement and bet on a super cold one like Han Qianqian, after all, although the odds are extremely low, if they win, it will be a big turnaround against the wind and a win to the top of their lives.

        When Han Qianqian came out, there was a lot of booing.

        "See, here comes that bullshit Mystics Alliance. He's got no power or backing, and he's bringing his own alliance to the tournament. Is he afraid he's going to get beaten up and embarrassed?"

        "Haha, after all, revealing his real name will be a laughing stock in the future, people still have self-awareness."

        "Hey, dumbass, look here, you know what? You've damn well managed to create the highest odds in the Gate of Life and Death."

        "History, all will remember your name as a punk, hahahaha."

        Han Qianqian walked towards the ring, his surroundings filled with ridicule.

        To everyone in the hall, their cultivation levels were not low, so naturally they did not put Han Qianqian in their eyes, and most importantly, whoever could stay here did not have some background and connections, so naturally, someone like Han Qianqian, who had no name and no background, was nothing more than a waste who was ridiculed and insulted at will in their eyes.

        When Han Qianqian got into the ring, there was already a sturdy giant standing on the opposite side of the ring.

        The reason why this guy was a giant was because he was so tall, two metres tall, and his rock-like muscles were piled up on his body, making him very intimidating just on the surface.

        When he saw Han Qianqian, the monstrous giant's nose couldn't help but let out a cold snort: "You're the alliance leader of that Mystic Alliance? You're as skinny as a monkey, I could break your waist with one hand, and you're qualified to fight with me?"

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and shook his head, "Are you that confident? I can't beat you?"

        "Fuck, you're probably a fool, aren't you? You can beat me? What qualifications do you have?" The Monstrous Power Venerable said coldly with disdain.

        Then, Venerable Monstrous Power waved his hand, and under the stage, cheers erupted.

        "Venerable Monstrous Power, beat that fool to death and let him know that the Hall of Qishan is no place for a punk like him to brag."

        "That's right, send him straight to his death with a single punch, such a person, living is a waste of resources."

        "And he's wearing a fucking mask to pretend, Venerable Monstrous Power, take his mask off and let's have a good look at this unseemly waste of space."

        "That's right, then beat this guy to a pulp in front of all of us, fist by fist."

        "Beat him into a meat pie, beat him into a meat pie!"

        Listening to the neat and unified cheers from below the stage, Venerable Monstrous Power had a sneer written all over his face, not putting Han Qianqian in his eyes in the slightest as he laughed strangely, "Did you hear that? Rubbish, that's the difference between us, I'd love to go easy on you, but alas, everyone wants to see you get abused."

        Han Qianqian's face was relaxed as he smiled disdainfully, "So that's why the saying, "Fit limbs, dull mind," is played out in your body, and it's not true at all."

        Upon hearing this, the Monstrous Power Venerable instantly jumped into a thunderstorm.

        He was a man with an incredibly high cultivation level, great strength, and a strong body, so it could be said that he was basically the most perfect martial artist, but unfortunately, he had an impulsive personality, and his likes and dislikes were easy to surface, so when his master was still alive, he had scolded him a lot for being dull-witted, and gradually, this had become his heart disease.

        It was fine to say anything about him, but to say that he had a bad brain was tantamount to igniting all the angry emotions within the Monstrous Venerable, so that the Monstrous Venerable could simply burst into flames in place.

        "This guy, is he really knowing that he is not a match for Venerable Monstrous Power, so he is trying to provoke him in advance so that he can die a painful death?" Looking at the scene, Ye Gucheng laughed coldly.

        They were also specifically waiting for Ugly Time, not only because they had also placed heavy bets on this, but more importantly, they were naturally waiting for the downfall of Han Qianqian to be beaten up violently when he had rejected them that day.

        "Oh, what can you do if you can't fight? Sending yourself to your death quickly, isn't that the best and only option?" On the side, the First Spirit Master laughed coldly.

        The more Han Qianqian was beaten up later, the more he could only regret not joining himself.

        "Hmph, he didn't ask for it, if he had been willing to join us in the first place, why would he be in this situation? Sometimes one has to pay the price for one's arrogance, it's just that this punk is unlucky enough to lose his dog's life in one fell swoop." Cool-Son Yeh laughed harshly.

        "Hmph, unfortunately, he can only go to Hades to regret, wait for the next life, if there is still a chance in the next life, he can still choose again." Wu Yan also uttered a laugh.

        On the stage, Monstrous Power Venerable stomped his foot violently, "Brat, you've successfully fucking angered me, now, I want you to die a horrible death! Ah!!!"

        With a furious roar, Monstrous Power Venerable was like a tank, instantly jumping straight at Han Qianqian.

        "Holy shit, what speed!"

        "That's fucking strong and fast, who can stand up to it?"

        The moment Odd Force Venerable struck out instantly caused everyone to exclaim, whether it was strength or speed, he really was a top-notch existence, even Han Qianqian, who had always been incredibly confident, couldn't help but frown at this moment.

        "That's a bit interesting." Han Qianqian sucked in a cold breath as his energy fiercely ran through his body quickly, his entire body taking a defensive stance.

        "However, I'm not bad either." Beneath the mask, the corners of Han Qianqian's mouth suddenly curled into a cold smile, and in the next second, his entire body was like a rocket as he violently catapulted out.

        The speed was so fast that it staggered people, and on the ground, where he had just stayed, there was still a residual shadow of him just lifting his steps.

        However, everyone present knew that his entire body had burst up into mid-air!

        "Holy shit, what the ...... hell is this!"

        "I'm not seeing things, am I? That guy ...... guy went up in person, but ...... but the residual shadow actually stayed true to the spot?"

        The strange power venerable was originally confident of his own strike, but which knew that just when he was about to hit Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian's figure suddenly disappeared, just when his whole person was greatly shocked.

        Suddenly, his heart jolted, and his entire person subconsciously raised his head, followed by his entire face distorting wildly from the immense pressure.