His True Colors Chapter 1920

 Looking at Han Qianqian, Ye Gucheng laughed coldly, "After all, someone wants to set up his own business, no wonder he refused to join us in the first place. However, if you want to set up your own business, you must first see if you have the ability to do so, otherwise, drawing a dog will not make you a tiger!"

        "Lone City, what's the point of talking to him about this? Some people think highly of themselves and think they are great, but in reality they are foolish and incompetent. By the way, have you seen the odds today?" Master Seerling laughed coldly.

        Cool-Son Yeh laughed, "Of course I have, and I even know that someone has set a record high odds today, ten times, a whole ten times, since the opening of the Life and Death Gate at the top of Qishan Mountain, I have never seen anyone's odds so ridiculously high."

        Master Seerling laughed coldly, "Oh, it can't be helped, people, they always need to pay for their ignorance, don't they?" Although she was talking to Cool-Son Yeh, this Yes Bar was clearly asking Han Qianqian, the meaning in each of these could not be more obvious.

        Han Qianqian originally wanted to clean up Ao Jun, but he was exasperated by this pile of young and old living treasures: "Ignorant people love to laugh at others who are ignorant, because he thinks everyone in the world is the same as him I am ignorant."

        After saying this, Han Qianqian pulled Su Yingxia and got up to go into the room.

        Hearing these words, Ye Lucheng became furious, but was pulled back by Master Xian Ling: "Hey, what's the hurry with him, there will be plenty of people to clean him up at the ugly hour, rest early, maybe when you wake up at the ugly hour, you can still watch a wonderful scene of being abused."

        Only then did Cool-Son Yeh ease up a little, gritting his teeth and saying with a sinister look in his eyes, "Don't worry, this guy dares to be so insensitive as to reject us and come out alone, how can I possibly miss the scene of this guy being abused?!"

        With a cold smile, the First Spirit Master Dowager led Cool-Son Ye back to the house.

        As soon as he sat down, he ordered his subordinates to bring out his fine treasured tea leaves, he was very happy today.

        But at that moment, there was a sudden movement of a figure in the room, Ao Jun subconsciously tensed up, and then, when he saw the face of the person coming, his previous joy dissipated and was replaced by a head full of sweat, and he knelt down in fear.

        "Family head, why are you here?" Ao Jun said fearfully.

        "Han Qianqian's death has complicated the situation, and with the Fu family's sensible and unexpected fall, now, it's already a head-to-head battlefield between the two families of the Eternal Sea and the top of Blue Mountain, do you think I can't come over personally?" In the darkness, the figure spoke softly and in a soft voice.

        Ao Jun nodded, this situation was also clear to him, otherwise, he and Ao Yong would not have spent the past few days pulling together all the forces overnight.

        "You and Ao Yong's matter, is it going well so far? I heard that you have recruited a new team?" Dark Shadow said at this point.

        "Yes, an impromptu alliance, they are not bad, and have now broken into the qualifying rounds, originally ...... hey, it's fine, overall, it's going quite well, there was just a hiccup." Ao Jun laughed.

        "Oh? There is something, might as well say it straight, between you and me, there are no secrets." The dark shadow said softly.

        "Oh, Family Head, it's alright, my subordinate just thought it was too small to mention. That day, when I went to pull in the Justice Alliance, I merely met a man, the First Spirit Master intended to pull him in, he refused, and now he has set up his own alliance, and has created some kind of Mystic Alliance, and now he has sort of entered the ranking battle, but, it's just a piece of trash that set a new all-time high in odds, it's not worth mentioning." Ao Jun said with a smile.

        Black Shadow frowned slightly, "Alright, since it's a piece of trash, then let's leave him alone, nowadays the big picture is important, don't let a piece of trash delay business."

        "Yes, please rest assured, family head, my subordinates will definitely keep the great matters of the Eternal Life clan in mind and dare not neglect them."

        And at that moment, in Han Qianqian's house.

        Looking at Han Qianqian, who was hugging Han Nian and sleeping, Su Yingxia and Jiang Hu Bai Xiaosheng were anxiously staring at each other with wide eyes.

        For the two of them, the next battle was obviously a crisis, so they really did not understand how Han Qianqian could sleep so peacefully and comfortably.

        Su Yingxia was a little better, after all, she knew more or less about Han Qianqian, but Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng was even more confused.

        The time slowly faded away amidst the incomparable torment of the two, and when the eleventh hour arrived, with Gu Yue's voice ringing in the Hall of Qishan, the ranking competition at the top of Qishan officially kicked off.

        The entire site, including outside the hall, also saw a truly sleepless night from this time onwards.

        Those who wanted to compete naturally came to observe their opponents' strengths and routines in advance, while those who were not competing naturally placed heavy bets for a big gamble.

        It was almost the ugly hour when Han Qianqian finally rolled over, sitting up slowly at this point with a series of yawns.

        "Alright, now, we have the first match of the eighth group, the Mystic Alliance versus the Monstrous Power Venerable, now, please get both sides ready."

        Outside the hall, the master of ceremonies shouted loudly at that moment.

        Han Qianqian stood up, picked up Su Yingxia's tea on the table and drank it down with a confident smile, "It's my turn to perform on stage."