His True Colors Chapter 1918

 As the sun sets and the last red light of the setting sun disappears, the doors of the Qishan Palace are now slowly opening again to a deafening roar.

        Once again, the familiar figure of Gu Ri slowly appeared on top of the hall door.

        Inside the boundary, all those who were still alive were slowly converging from all directions, some rejoicing and some sorrowing, some glorying and some bowing their heads.

        On the east side, the Justice Squad won the east token, and on the west side, after several small alliances had fought with each other, the Light Alliance came out on top. Although the Heavenly Tortoise Elder was injured by Han Qianqian, the thin camel was always bigger than the horse, and finally asked for the west token.

        To the south, a group of black-clad men came walking quickly, wrapped up so tightly that nothing else could be seen except their eyes.

        The people present were all talking and pointing at the identity of this group of people. Obviously, from their appearance, these people were almost all indistinguishable from the demon race, but just after a few of them handed a jade hand token to Gu Ri, Gu Ri nodded indifferently.

        Then, Gu Ri raised his eyes and looked at those present, "Gentlemen, where are the tokens from the north?"

        "Where is it?" As soon as the words fell, in the distance, a strange combination slowly walked over.

        "It's him? It's actually him?"

        "Isn't that the masked man from last night? The token in the north was actually obtained by him!"

        "Someone even told me just now that the battle over there in the north stopped quickly and the casualties were very low, saying that it might be the easiest over there... Damn, after all this shit, it's this guy in."

        "Luckily I didn't go to the north side, otherwise I would have had to be there early to watch in advance."

        When the group saw Han Qianqian, one by one, they couldn't help but murmur quietly, the image of the Heavenly Turtle Elder's fiasco yesterday was still imprinted on their minds even now.

        Gu Ri took the last token handed to him by Han Qianqian, smiled softly and said, "This good man, how do you address him?"

        "This, is the alliance leader of our Mystic Alliance, known as the Mystic in Jianghu." Jianghu Bai Xiao Sheng took up the question at this point and laughed softly.

        "The League of Mystics?"

        "What the hell kind of alliance is this? It's unheard of."

        "And, Jianghu Hundred Dawn actually joined that alliance too?"

        "Hehe, it looks like that masked man thinks he has some skills, so he wants to go it alone and has dragged Jianghu Bai Xiao Sheng into the fold."

        "Then he's really dreaming, he really is somewhat invincible outside the temple, but when he enters the inner temple, he's not even a fart, those are the real experts."

        "The Alliance of Justice has the support of the Eternal Sea behind it, the Alliance of Light also has a few gentry families behind it, even that strange group of people in black just now, the ones they took out were white jade tokens, as we all know, those who can take white jade tokens are at least at the level of city lords, so you can imagine that all the alliances have forces behind them for support, and this what's-his-name Mystics Alliance, huh? It looks like it's just a loner, once they enter the hall, they'll be nothing by then."

        "This kind of person will just pretend to be a pussy in front of us, but soon, those feelings of superiority he finds in us will be replaced by the shame of being humiliated by others."

        "That's right, if he wants to act tough in the Eightfold World, he doesn't even look at how much weight he has."

        As for Han Qianqian's Mystic Alliance, many people, although they were scornful of Han Qianqian's strength, scoffed at his formation of the alliance and were filled with ridicule.

        Unlike the crowd, Gu Ri only gave Han Qianqian a strange glance in his eyes, then returned to normal in the next second, raised his eyes to look at everyone around him and said, "Good, since the four orders are all in place, I officially announce that the elimination survival tournament is officially over, and these four-party heroes can officially enter the hall to participate in the ranking battle within the hall!"

        Then, with a wave of his hand, the entire energy shield moved violently, "All ranking battles within the hall will be broadcast live on the energy boundary in real time, so you can entertain yourselves."

        After saying this, Gu Ri looked towards the four teams and gave a slight bow, "Gentlemen, please come inside."

        Han Qianqian and the others nodded and followed behind Gu Ri, walking all the way into the hall. After the group had entered the hall, the doors closed once again, at which point, the few attendants who had followed Gu Ri out remained where they were.

        As soon as this pre-show of survival elimination was over, the martial artists entered the climactic battle of ranking, and these unsuccessful candidates, too, entered another climactic battle!

        The Gate of Life and Death!

        The so-called Life and Death Gate, also known as the God of Wealth Gate, was simply a way to place bets on the battle for the ranking battle. The Qishan Palace would evaluate each participant based on the overall situation and then work out the odds, and anyone could place a bet accordingly.

        Han Qianqian's mystery man is naturally on the list, but, according to the ranking, is currently the bottom one, although the odds are quite high.

        These attendants were the ones responsible for all bets on the Life and Death Gate outside the hall, and for a while bettors abounded, and the buzz was extraordinary, but the buzz had nothing to do with Han Qianqian's Mystic.

        Entering the inner hall.

        Despite the fact that it was already night, the Qishan Palace was brightly lit.

        In the courtyard, which was as big as a football field, a high platform had been forged, and several rootless flames were floating in mid-air, illuminating the entire Qishan Hall.

        Beneath the high platform, all the masters were seated, buzzing with excitement and exchanging pleasantries.

        At that moment, Gu Yue slowly stepped onto the high platform, and with a movement of his true energy, his voice was as loud as a bell: "I believe that all of you are already rubbing your fists together and can hardly resist the foolishness in your hearts, so I will make it short."

        "According to the rules of Qishan Peak, this time, a ranking tournament will be held within the Qishan Temple, and the three top rankings will naturally be the three great clans of the Eight Directions World."

        "The ranking is not limited to individual participation or group participation! The original three clans will be protected by the ranking tournament and will automatically advance to the finals. As for the other 68 halls and the 72 teams formed by the four newly selected teams from the elimination survival tournament, they will be automatically allocated into nine sub-groups by drawing lots, and the winners of these nine sub-groups will be combined with the final three clans into twelve groups for the finals to compete for the final ranking. "

        "Now, all of you can hit your energy into the hanging fire above your heads, the hanging fire, will assign you the sign and group to belong to, the lingering wall at the door of Qishan Palace, will also announce your corresponding tournament in time, good luck to all of you."

        Gu Yue finished speaking and slowly stepped down from the stage.

        Han Qianqian gently raised his hand and, together with the others, slowly injected his energy into the hanging fire above his head.

        A moment later, a white light suddenly burst forth at the gate of the Hall of Qishan, and a wall of emptiness appeared in front of everyone at that moment.