His True Colors Chapter 1917

  As soon as the words left his mouth, he only felt a fierce flash of golden light in the sky, and in the next second, an invisible air pressure came directly over the top.

        Before the gang could reflect, they felt that their knees were already helpless against the inexplicable pressure, bending desperately without listening to their commands.

        "What the ...... hell kind of power is this?"

        "Is it just a breath? Just a breath can actually be so powerful?"

        "Fuck, this can't be? It's simply impossible, how could such an expert exist near us?"

        "Fuck, we're all going to die anyway, let's not be afraid, let's fight him."

        I don't know who in the crowd shouted, then a group of people with bloodshot eyes, carrying swords and slashing at the sky.


        The man standing in the middle of the crowd, holding a red and blue token in his hand, felt that his face was suddenly blown by the wind, and when he opened his eyes again, the token he was holding in his hand had disappeared.

        In the distance, the black shadows disappeared, and a group of people could only see the end of the forest, a man pulled up a woman, carrying a child on his back, followed by a dwarf, slowly walking towards the Hall of Qishan.

        The brothers next to the man with the token were about to chase after him, but he stopped them with a hand: "Why are you still chasing? Are you going to die? That man's cultivation level is far higher than ours, not to mention us going after him, even if all of us here were to go together, we wouldn't be a match for him."

        "Damn it, but after fighting for the token for half a day, only to give it to him like this, I really don't like it."

        "Yes, Zhang Yang, are we, the Thirty-Six Han of the Big Dipper, just going to be slaughtered like this?"

        The man laughed disdainfully, "Didn't you hear what they said? They have no intention of reasoning with us, they are just going to beat us into submission with their fists straight away, do we have any other choice but to be beaten up? Let's disperse, we've lost."

        "But ...... can we really just let it go?"

        "Yeah, it's too much to resign ourselves to, isn't it? We don't even know who we've lost to."

        "I know." The man smiled, then gently raised towards his left hand, and on top of his left hand, was a small leaf.

        This leaf, obviously, was from the middle of this forest, however, its shape had been deliberately changed.

        Inside the tiny leaf, a strange symbol had actually been painted on it.

        "What is this?" The bystander said curiously.

        "It's painted on, like a bucket hat."

        "It's really strong, but a leaf the size of a thumb can actually carve such a lifelike painting on it, moreover, the leaf is very thin, yet, it didn't pierce a bit, it was clearly carved with profound inner strength."

        When the group of people saw the design on the leaf, they could not help but sigh in amazement, it was obvious that to make such a bold painting on a small and thin leaf was not something ordinary people could do.

        "But what does the bucket hat design on this leaf represent?" The man looked up strangely at his brother beside him, very confused for a moment.

        And elsewhere within the energy knot.

        Although the smoke was gone on the northern side, there were still beacons of smoke elsewhere, and there was still fierce fighting between each other for the last three tokens.

        On a high tree outside the Qishan Temple, Han Qianqian, with Su Yingxia and the others, landed at the top of the tree, looking at the continuous battle in three directions, half lying on his back, swaying with the wind, at ease.

        The breeze was so relaxing, and this poetic mood was clearly in stark contrast to the killing outside.

        "Although we have already called it a day early, the situation is not favourable, ah, the situation in the east seems to have started to stabilise, the south is also doing the final harvest, but it is the west that is surprising." On the side, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng had not let down his guard, observing the situation elsewhere for Han Qian Qian.

        "That side is surrounded by black Qi, could it be that the devils are out?" Su Yingxia also took off her mask at this time because she was on top of the big tree, when no one was around.

        "Even if it's not the devil race, but it's likely to be someone related to the devil race, I've heard rumours in Jianghu that there are people from the righteous path who have been practicing devil kung fu recently, it's likely that the devil race and people on our side are colluding with each other, the devil race wants to use the shell of the righteous alliance to have the chance to participate in the tournament, while the people from the righteous alliance use the devil race to give themselves a fighting chance." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.

        "Then I'm afraid that this tournament will be more difficult than we thought." Hearing this, Su Yingxia couldn't help but frown at the willow.

        "That's right, the fire may have burned down to the eyebrows, it's just a pity that some people are sleeping soundly right now and don't seem to take it into account at all." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng at this point glanced rather helplessly at Han Qian Qian who had even snorted next to him.

        Seemingly sensing that someone was talking about him, Han Qianqian did not open his eyes, but the corners of his mouth smiled slightly: "What's the hurry? I never care about the actions of a group of defeated men."

        "It's like, you don't care about what ants are doing!"

        After saying that, Han Qianqian sat up slightly and looked towards the sky, "It's sunset!"