His True Colors Chapter 1915

 Han Qianqian smiled slightly, gently held Su Yingxia's hand, looked at Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, and said, "How do you want me to be this ascending dragon?"

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng smiled confidently, "I think that the situation under the world is changing in a complicated way, although the eight worlds have relied on the three true gods to establish order a long, long time ago, and there are even various sects subordinated to the situation, forming the so-called righteous alliance, but in essence, it is no different from the past, but many people have put on a veneer of moral righteousness, in fact, at heart, it is still an outer dark forest."

        "In this forest, they are hidden within like a single butcher, killing, and once someone jumps out and shouts I was wrong, you will see those plain cold sword shadows from all sides. And when it's over, they'll still count you out as the victor, high and mighty, and put all the fault on you, that's how they look and that's how it is today."

        "So, if you want to get rid of this completely, there is no other way but for your fists to be hard enough."

        After saying that, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Han Qian Qian, sincere and incomparable: "Form a small alliance and challenge this tournament in the name of the alliance, so that you can avoid being associated with the name Han Qian Qian, and at the same time, if your fist is hard enough, you can make your own alliance rise to fame, and when the time comes, not to mention that Wang Ju Zhi can help you, or even if you raise your arms, you can form your own forces."

        Su Yingxia nodded and looked at Han Qianqian, saying, "What do you think, Qianqian?"

        Han Qianqian's brow had been furrowed tightly, Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng's words were indeed somewhat true, if you wanted to survive in this weak world, the best way was to have a hard enough fist.

        Han Qianqian, no matter how strong he was, was still only one person, if he fought with these big families at the top of Blue Mountain, he would appear to be alone and weak, and if he wanted to sit big, he really needed to have enough helpers to help him.

        "Do you want to be a strong man where everyone wants to explode your equipment and be hunted around, or do you want to be a king who raises his arms and has all the people respond?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng knew that Han Qian Qian had his heart set on it.

        In fact, it was a path that no one could refuse, and Han Qianqian could even more never refuse, because he had no choice.

        "But the problem is, three thousand he is only a new arrival, will those people really follow sincerely? The several great clans are firmly established, and I'm afraid that I'll trust the wrong people when the time comes." Su Yingxia said.

        "Hehe, you don't need to worry about that, isn't this with me?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.

        Hearing this, Su Yingxia was slightly shocked, as this was clearly beyond her perception.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, to know the affairs of the world of Jiang Hu, what he did, was inevitably to keep to himself, that is to say, he was not allowed to join any faction. Remaining neutral, this is the key practice for him to obtain information.

        However, he was actually willing to join Han Qianqian's organisation?

        This naturally caused Su Yingxia to be surprised and delighted, but very confused at the same time.

        "Madam Sister-in-law need not be surprised, a good bird chooses a good tree, I am just looking for a good big tree." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng laughed.

        "Good, since even you, the king of neutrality, are willing to join me, there seems to be even less reason for me to refuse." At this moment, Han Qianqian stood up slightly, "Then I will do as you say."

        "Greetings, League Master!" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng smiled gently.

        "Then should I also meet the Vice-Alliance Master?" Han Qianqian also joked.

        "Deputy Alliance Master?" Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng was stunned.

        The reason why he wanted to facilitate Han Qianqian's opening of the alliance was, on the one hand, really for Han Qianqian's sake, after all, he dared to fight so many people hard to save himself just now, which made Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng quite touched, as a Jianghu person, he knew too well the warmth of human feelings, how could Han Qianqian not be moved by the fact that he could do that?!

        On the other hand, this also shows that Han Qianqian is a good person and his cultivation is very strong, so he is a person who can be relied on.

        If Han Qianqian has the Pan Gu Axe, he will definitely soar to great heights once the dragon emerges from the sea one day, and to be able to invest in such a potential stock is a great opportunity for anyone to miss.

        But Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng never thought that Han Qianqian's alliance would give him a vice alliance as soon as he arrived.

        Even though there wasn't much in this alliance at the moment, but as a speculator's point of view, if the alliance sat large in the future, then the position of deputy alliance leader would be quite rewarding.

        "Are you sure you want me, a famous do-nothing in Jianghu, to be the deputy alliance leader?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng confirmed again.

        "How can you call yourself a do-nothing if you know everything under the sun?" Han Qianqian laughed.

        "Now that it's settled, what's our alliance going to be called?" Su Yingxia said excitedly at this point.

        "We're being so secretive and don't want others to find out who we are, so we'll simply call it the Mystics." Han Qianqian laughed.

        "Mystic?" Su Yingxia frowned slightly.

        "Good, let's call it Mystic." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said, then took out a book from his pocket and lifted it with a light pen as he smiled, "Then let me use this pen to record the newborn alliance born in the Eight Worlds."

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and grabbed his pen, and when he saw that Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng was puzzled, he smiled, "It is the strongest alliance of the eight worlds."

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Han Qian Qian in amazement, he had seen bragging, but never seen such a bragger.

        He had just founded the alliance, but there were only two of them, and he was already bragging about the strongest alliance?

        However, seeing Han Qianqian's confident eyes, Jiang Hu Bai Xiaosheng obediently wrote down the words "The Strongest Alliance".

        After putting away the pen, Han Qianqian slowly laughed at this time, "Since we are all in the same boat from now on, correct your wrong record."

        "I, Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng, never make mistakes, Han Qianqian, what are you correcting?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.

        "The matter of Han Qianqian falling into the Endless Abyss is indeed true, and not a rumour." Han Qianqian smiled, pulled Su Yingxia and got up to leave, leaving only Jianghu Baixiao Sheng who was more than stunned in place.

        Falling down into the endless abyss is a true matter? This ...... how is this possible?!

        Impossible, impossible, this is absolutely impossible ah.


        As the afterglow of the morning gently sprinkled down and the last dawn struggled to hold on to the final break of dawn, at that moment, the entire top of Mount Qishan also ushered in its own moment in history.

        Inside the Qishan Temple, dark currents were swirling, and outside the Qishan Temple, several alliances began to gear up for battle.

        In the darkness, the three mysterious teams, which had been lurking for a long time, were quietly bracing themselves from the fatigue of the night and moving ahead.

        At that moment, with a loud rumble, the doors of the Qishan Palace slowly opened.