His True Colors Chapter 1913

 The fact that the person is beautiful and talented makes Ao Jun even more delighted: "Good, good, you have such young talents, it really makes my Ao family feel more at ease. Let's do this, I have a ten thousand year true spirit pill here, a pill that is not passed down from my Ao family, just take one, this girl will be able to go from the Netherworld Beginner stage up to the upper stage, and even, vaguely reach the Kongdong realm is also possible, a big battle is coming up, I don't want this girl to get hurt."

        After saying this, Ao Jun took out a white jade coloured pill from his bosom, just by its appearance, one could see the flow of spiritual energy on the dan, it was truly a top quality product.

        The group of people instantly looked at it with greed.

        After all, a single Dan could go from the beginning of the Netherworld realm to the upper level, or even break through the Netherworld realm to come to the Kongdong realm, saving ordinary people years or even decades of time, something like this, to anyone is a treasure ah.

        As Ye Gucheng watched, his throat could not help but swallow, he had now barely reached the Kongdong realm, and was currently the highest realm disciple of the Voidless Sect, if he could have had one of these pills, perhaps, he would have been able to reach a higher level of cultivation, but instead, it had been obtained by Qin Shannon, in which case, Qin Shannon's cultivation would most likely be as high as his own.

        To the greedy and vain Ye Gucheng, this was really a bit hard to accept, but, in front of the Eternal Sea, he did not dare to make a fuss.

        "No need, thank you." After saying that, Qin Shannon looked at Master Sanyong next to her, "Master, I'm tired, I'll go down to rest first."

        Sanyong faintly stared, feeling somewhat sorry for Qin Shoung's approach, after all, she could be favoured by a figure of Ao Jun's calibre, it was indeed a blessing she had cultivated.

        With Ao Jun's support, the resources Qin Shannon received would be endless, and she could even rely on marrying Ao Jun to enter the Eternal Sea in the future, something that many girls could only dream of, yet she refused.

        Sanyong nodded and looked at Qinshang with difficulty: "Why break your liver for someone who is already dead? People, one has to look ahead."

        "Yes, Frosty, a scum of the devil race, a waste, and a garrison captain of the Ao Clan, there is no comparison at all, why are you so stupid?" At this moment, Wu Yan at the side was also anxious to advise quietly.

        "He's not a waste." Dropping a sentence, Qin Shannon angrily got up and rushed out.

        She would not allow anyone to speak ill of Han Qianqian.

        Watching Qin Shoung leave, Sanyong shook his head helplessly, Qin Shoung should have been the best disciple of the Voidless Sect, but now she might lose everything because of that guy, it was simply too worthless.

        Only, Sanyong could never have dreamed that if it wasn't for Qin Shant's persistence and his kindness to him, the Voidless Clan would have been in for a disaster of annihilation in the near future.

        After Qin Shantou left, Ao Jun's face was filled with discontent in addition to puzzlement. He was the garrison captain of the Eternal Sea, and no woman had ever dared to reject him in such a dignified manner, especially in front of so many people.

        The corners of Ye Gucheng's mouth twitched violently at this moment, Qin Shou refused, which was just what he wanted, however, the greedy man did not intend to stop there, with a slight smile, he sat down, gently took that pill from Ao Jun and said, "Captain Ao, there is no need to take it personally, there are women that you will naturally not behave unless you get them into bed."

        "By the way, let me introduce myself, my name is one of the Three Masters of the Voidless Sect, Ye Gucheng, and I am also the Vice President of this alliance. Most importantly, I am Qin Shuang's senior brother!"

        Hearing these words and glancing at the evil smile on Cool-Son Ye's face, Ao Jun instantly smiled coldly and tilted his head to take a sip from his wine cup, "That's right, for Ao, the harder the woman is to get hold of, the more fun she is."

        Ye Gucheng smiled, "Then I'll drink to Captain Ao first?"

        Ao Jun smiled gently, although Cool-Son Yeh didn't say much, but being the same man and with those hints from his eyes, Ao Jun already understood that Cool-Son Yeh would help out when it came to Qin Sharon.

        With a condescending clink of his cup, Ao Jun drank the glass of wine, and Cool-Son Yeh, at that moment, also revealed a satisfied smile.

        "Alright, what needs to be said has been said, I should also go back." Ao Jun put down his cup of wine, took his servant with him, and left with a big stride under the respectful send-off of a group of people.

        Seeing Ao Jun leave, Elder Sanyong discontentedly swept a quiet glance at the smug Cool-Son Yeh, saying those flowery words in front of himself, and even more to the detriment of his own disciple, it was obvious that today Cool-Son Yeh no longer put himself in his eyes.

        However, Sanyong now also dares not speak out in anger, despite the fact that Cool-Son Yeh's wolfish ambition has become more and more exposed and his behaviour more and more disgusting, almost running at the sight of his legs, if he had stronger legs, he would even throw away his front without even thinking about it, at first Qin Qingfeng was an example, it seems that soon, the Voidless Clan may also become an example, even the Precious Spirit Master, there is a high possibility that she will become an example again, but, apart from conniving, what can he do? But what could he do but connive?

        Of the three sons of the Voidless Clan, Qin Shannon had the highest talent and the highest ceiling, but unfortunately, she was heading towards sinking for a waste, and Lu Yunfeng had relatively poor qualifications, so the only hope could only be Ye Kucheng.

        San Yong can only pray that he does not do things too cross the line just fine.

        And at this time Han three thousand there ......