His True Colors Chapter 1910

 This man was less than one metre tall, like a dwarf, but because he was not tall, Han Qianqian could vaguely see that the man who had just withdrawn had been holding a dagger in his hand against the dwarf's shoulder.

        Although it was very concealed, it could not escape Han Qianqian's eyes.

        Han Qianqian immediately laughed bitterly in dumbness, without thinking, he knew that this so-called they have Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, was just using his own way to intimidate others.

        "Brother, this is Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, if you have questions, feel free to ask them instead." Ye Lucheng said, barely polite, as he forced down his anger.

        Han Qianqian smiled, stood up, pulled Su Yingxia, walked to the front of Jianghu Hundred Xiaosheng, a slight movement of energy in his hand, and the man behind him was directly bounced away several meters.

        Seeing this, several people around him were immediately nervous and about to rush up, but they were stopped by a look from Master Xian Ling.

        "It doesn't seem too good to hold a sword over someone's shoulder when you have a request from them." Han Qianqian looked back at the First Spirit Master Dowager.

        She didn't expect Han Qianqian to see through that little trick and even reveal it on the spot, so she squeezed out a smile that was worse than crying, "Little brother, you don't know that this guy, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, is sinister and cunning, sometimes he has no choice but to use some unconventional means."

        Han Qianqian sneered disdainfully, I'm afraid I can tell who the sinister and cunning person is at a glance.

        "Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, this little brother is our guest of honour, he has questions, you need to answer honestly, understand?" Master Seerling hurriedly changed the subject at this point.

        Jianghu Baixiao Sheng looked at Han Qianqian and then at the Prevailing Spirit Master Teacher, and although he was dissatisfied in his heart, he still nodded, "What do you want to know?"

        "Healing Saint Wang Juzhi!"

        "You're looking for the Healing Saint Wang Juzhi?!"


        "He did come here, but, with his status, you can't see him." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.


        "This brother, Medical Saint Wang Juzhi is a celebrity in the Eight Directions world, so naturally he enjoys his place within the Hall of Qishan, so how could he stay in a place like this outside the Hall!" Ye Kucheng interjected.

        Su Yingxia nodded, looked at Han Qianqian, and said, "No wonder we couldn't find him outside."

        "Then go inside and look." Han Qianqian finished speaking and was about to get up.

        But Su Yingxia pulled Han Qianqian back, and seeing Han Qianqian's confusion, Su Yingxia shook her head, "We are not qualified to enter the Hall of Qishan."

        Upon hearing this, the people within the tent were both shocked and delighted. The shock was that such an expert did not have the qualifications to enter the Hall, and the joy was that it was because he did not have the qualifications to enter the Hall that it was easier to pull him into the group.

        "Brother, if you don't have the qualification to enter the hall, you cannot barge into the Hall of Qishan, there is a strict hierarchy in the Hall of Qishan, and there are even extremely strong defensive formations, so even if you are a True God, it would be difficult to break in hard without permission." Ye Gucheng smiled.

        "Yes, to get in, unless we can win the qualification to enter the hall at the tournament tomorrow, how about this, in fact, we have formed an alliance this time, also mainly for the competition tomorrow, if you don't mind, brother, you can join us, so that we can take care of each other, and can maximize to kill into the final." Lu Yunfeng also seized the opportunity at this point and threw out an olive branch.

        "No need, the paths are different, even if I have to enter the hall, I only want to rely on myself." It was obvious that Han Qianqian was not ashamed to be in the company of these people.

        "Brother, is that enough for you? We have served you well and treated you with courtesy, and even helped you to find the Hundred Xiaosheng of Jianghu, yet you are so arrogant and do not take us into consideration. Ye Kucheng at this point dissatisfied angry voice shouted.

        "Leave a line for a man? Cool-Son Yeh, have you ever left a line in the sand?" Han Qianqian responded with amusement.

        "You ......, what do you mean by that?" Ye Gucheng was furious, he had always done whatever he could to achieve his goal, there was no such thing as leaving a line or not.

        "What I mean, you can't be clearer." Han Qianqian laughed coldly, ignoring the others, and then looked at Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng: "You helped me, I can take you safely out of here, want to go?"

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng froze for a moment, at first, he thought Han Qian Qian was with those people, so he was very disdainful, however, after listening to their conversation, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng obviously already knew the general picture of things, he just didn't expect Han Qian Qian to suddenly speak up and help him at this time.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng nodded his head.

        Seeing this, several people inside the tent immediately drew their matching swords directly and blocked the door.

        "Brother, do you really think that just because you defeated the Heavenly Turtle Elder, we are not afraid of you? Although you are capable, however, we are not weak either, and there is even a Xian Ling Master Tai, an expert in the field of evil extermination, do you really want to drink to the gods and not eat the punishment?" Cool-Son Yeh was furious at this moment, gnashing his teeth.

        He had never been soft on those who could not be used, and at this moment, he had also started to kill Han Qianqian, either he was my friend or my enemy.