His True Colors Chapter 1908

 Everyone present was so shocked to hear this that they even wondered if they had heard it wrong.


        And to call this group of people all rubbish?

        Isn't that just arrogant? Not to mention him, Han Qianqian, even if the highest cultivator outside the palace, the Seerling Grandmaster, came over, she would never dare to say such a thing, would she?

        It must be known that this Union of Light not only has an unearthly expert like Old Man Tianguo, but also a group of heroes and heroines, and if they were to fight together, even the Seer Shidai would find it difficult to fight.

        However, this fellow in front of him actually dared to speak wildly.

        Did he really have ungodly strength, or was he just a braggart who didn't know whether to live or die!

        The old man, the Heavenly Tortoise, now pressed down on his endless anger, frowned and said coldly, "Young man, didn't your father teach you to keep a low profile?"

        Han Qianqiang laughed scornfully, "Didn't your father teach you that being excessively low-key is showing off?"

        "You!!!" The old man was once again dumbfounded and speechless, so he didn't speak nonsense and directly pounced with a single hand, followed by his entire body like a bolt of lightning. ,.

        Han Qianli laughed coldly, facing the old man of the Heavenly Turtle who was like an electric lightning bolt and didn't move.

        "This guy, is he crazy?"

        "Faced with such a blow from Old Man Sky Turtle, this guy doesn't even dodge?"

        "Fuck, he's too crazy, isn't he?!"

        "You're too slow!" Han 3,000 snapped, and in the next second, a palm struck out directly at the incoming punch of the Old Man, the Heavenly Turtle!

        The fists and palms collided, and a strong wave of air was released from it, and those who were close were blown apart on the spot, even those with high cultivation staggered backwards.

        The old man, the Heavenly Turtle, smiled fiercely, "Boy, you're really looking for death, you dare to palm against me?"

        "This kid, this is silly, Old Man Heavenly Turtle's defence is extremely strong, thanks to his unique internal heart technique, his power is profound and exceptionally stable, playing palm to palm with him, isn't that like taking an egg to a stone?"

        "Sometimes one has to pay the price for one's arrogance and ignorance, it's just that this boy, the karmic retribution came so quickly!"

        "I'm really looking forward to the image of him vomiting blood and dying later."

        A group of people were now filled with disdain as they exchanged hands, and in their eyes, the death sentence had already been pronounced on Han Marchant.

        It was just a matter of when he would die.

        Under the mask, Han 3,000 did not panic in the slightest, and even laughed a little inside: "I don't know where you got the courage to say such things to me? Do you think that your internal strength can be higher than mine?"

        As the words fell, Old Man Sky Turtle suddenly felt the energy in Han Giangli's hands intensify and then break in an instant to strike him directly in the heart.


        The old man felt a sweet sensation in his chest, and a strong taste of blood rose up in his mouth. He looked at Han 3,000 incredulously, and pressed all his energy towards it.

        But in just a few moments, he felt incredulous as he discovered to his dismay that Han Qianqian's energy had been steadily resting at the tip of his heart, and no matter how hard he pushed, he was unable to stop it from happening.

        His pride in his steady internal breathing was like taking a child's arm and twisting an adult's thigh in comparison to Han Qianqian's. This was not on the same level at all.

        It was simply not on the same level, let alone a quantum level.

        "You ...... you ...... this, this is impossible, how can you ...... you, who the hell are you." Old Man Sky Turtle looked incredulously at Han Qianli, his eyes full of shock and puzzlement.

        Han Qianli smiled disdainfully, "I told you long ago that you're all trash." After saying that, Han 3,000 pushed his hand so hard that the old man flew straight out of the sky, smashing over a dozen people before finally collapsing to the ground with a mouthful of blood and vomiting all over his clothes.

        At this time, the whole place was suddenly silent, with only the rapid breathing of many could be heard as needles fell.

        The only sound that could be heard was the rapid breathing of many people. Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the old man, the Heavenly Tortoise, being knocked flying by a direct palm to palm.

        This was an expert of the upper Kongdong realm, yet he was blown away by this mysterious man in just a few seconds, how could one not feel terrifying and numb?

        "Is there anyone else?" Han Qianli coldly said.

        But the voice was hard enough to make everyone tremble, and the group of guys who had just been with Old Man Sky Turtle were even sweating and kept backing away.

        "If no one is there, don't hinder me from finding someone." Han Qianli said, pulling Su Yingxia and carrying Han Nian on his back as he slowly walked forward.

        Everywhere Han Qianli passed was originally filled with people, but at this point, seeing Han Qianli coming, no one hurriedly backed away to make way.

        The first thing I noticed was that, as I was walking through the city, I was so excited that I couldn't help but notice that my heart was rekindled.