His True Colors Chapter 1907

 After coming down from the summit, Han Three Thousand brought Su Yingxia and Nian'er down from the summit of Mount Toki.

        It was Su Yingxia's idea to wear a mask, after all, after Han Nian's time in the Eight Wilderness World after coming out of the Eight Wilderness Book, the toxicity began to spread soon after, so it was imperative for the two to first find the Medical Sage Wang Jiaozhi, not wanting to cause unnecessary trouble because of their identities.

        They came to look around the area precisely to find someone, but didn't expect to be followed by the Twelve Sons of Junshan.

        "Damn it, what are you all standing around for? Kill this son of a bitch for me." Looking at his severed hand, the Grand Senior Brother of Junshan looked at Han Qianxiang in pain and anger.

        Eleven brothers and sisters looked at each other, manipulated the knives on the ground, and surrounded Han Qiangli in an instant.

        "Fuck, boy, you're really crazy enough, you even dare to attack our big senior brother? You're afraid you don't know the power of our Twelve Sons of Junshan, right?"

        "Fuck, if you dare to cut my brother's hand, I'll kill you!"

        "Guys, let's go!"

        The remaining eleven men were now holding swords and attacking directly at Han 3,000 with a furious voice!

        "Get out of here!"

        Han Qianli suddenly shouted furiously, without even lifting his hand, his entire body suddenly released a huge amount of energy, and the eleven people rushing towards him only felt a strange force suddenly hit their chests, and in the next second, the eleven people flew backwards towards the surroundings like an exploded wave of water.

        "Bang bang!"

        Eleven clean, muffled bangs smashed the surrounding chaos, and the fire they had been sitting around was now scattered all over the floor.


        "This ......"

        "This ......"

        Just now, the group of onlookers were quite surprised to see Junshan Senior Brother break his hand, but they were only surprised that Han Qianli dared to suddenly take the initiative, but now, they were completely stunned by Han Qianli's strength and couldn't calm their hearts for a long time.

        These were the twelve youngsters of Junshan Mountain, who in the end were considered powerful little experts, but ...... these twelve people were suddenly and directly killed before everyone's eyes!

        The scariest thing was that the spike in front of him hadn't even made a move.

        "Fuck, who is this masked man? Twelve young men from Junshan hanged up without even a single fight?"

        "We didn't even see how he just cut off the hand of Big Brother Junshan, and now ...... now can just blow the other eleven away without even lifting his hand, is this so fucking perverted?"

        While the crowd was whispering, Han 3,000 had taken Su Yingxia's hand and slowly rushed towards the crowd.

        Almost at the same time, an old man, leading a large group of disciples, rushed over at fire speed, and Han 3,000 was surrounded by them just a few steps away.

        The old man's long eyebrows furrowed, "Brother, killing twelve of my Junshan brothers, and this is how you want to leave?"

        "It's over, Old Man Sky Turtle is here, this guy is in trouble."

        "Yeah, Old Man Sky Turtle is the Master of the Alliance of Light where the Twelve Sons of Junshan are located, an expert in the upper part of the Kongdong Realm, one of the big names outside of our Qi Mountain Palace, he personally came, even if that kid is somewhat capable, but what can he do?"

        "Hey, this kid is also quite unlucky to meet this sufferer."

        "Isn't that right, the upper Kongdong realm, coupled with the perverted defences of Old Man Sky Turtle, it's very difficult for even the people of the Exorcist Realm to deal with him, otherwise, why would people pull up an alliance on their own."

        A group of people whispered, and the shock they had just felt at Han Qianqian was now all gone because of the appearance of Old Man Sky Turtle. For in the eyes of all, it was basically impossible to leave the palace alive from the hands of the old man, the Heavenly Tortoise.

        Wearing a mask, Han Qianqian's face was ashen, "He provoked my wife, so he deserves to be taught a lesson, but I don't want to cause any more trouble, so please get out of my way."

        Obviously, Han Qianqian didn't want to dwell on it too much, and finding someone was more important.

        "Even if you provoke your wife, brother, women are like clothes, brothers are like brothers, for a woman, don't you want a brother? Do you realise that you are making a big mistake? It's called going out with friends, not women," he said. Old man Sky Turtle laughed coldly.

        "Your mother is a woman too!" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Han Qianli's words were so hard that the old man of the Heavenly Turtle was dumb and speechless, and his face was burning with rage, wishing he could slash Han Qianli to death.

        "Brother, you're really arrogant." Although Old Man Heavenly Turtle was angry, however, years of being an old jianghu would always remain an old jianghu and wouldn't be as impulsive as the others: "I can ask a nosy question, what sect and who are you from, brother?"

        "There are no doors or factions, and as for who I am, you have no right to know." Han Qianli said coldly.

        "I'm afraid that's out of your hands." Old Man Sky Turtle smiled grimly, since Han Qianli had no door or faction, he had nothing to worry about.

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly and let out a long sigh "Fine, I have a request."

        "What? Afraid?" Old Man Sky Turtle smiled proudly.

        "I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'll trouble you rubes to come along, shall I?"