His True Colors Chapter 1906

 The summit of Mount Qi, the palace of Mount Qi.

        After seeing Su Yingxia jump off the cliff, Fu Tian's thoughts were all-consuming, as far as he was concerned, Fu Tian had lost everything at that moment, lost everything.

        The future of the Fu family can therefore be predicted. Once tomorrow's tournament arrives, the Fu family will be officially kicked out of the ranks of the three great families, and will even be suppressed to the point where it will only become a small family that no one knows about, and will then be ridiculed and humiliated.

        These are all things that Futian would never want to see.

        In contrast to Foutian's loss, the undercurrent at the top of Mount Qishan is now leaping.

        Everyone knows that the Fu family is finished, only the final form is missing, so the position of the third family is a coveted dream of countless heroes and giants.

        After dark, each of the 72 rooms in the Hall of Toki Mountain has their own agenda, either by quietly meeting with dependent forces or by forming alliances with each other without forces.

        Among them, the Yang and Liu families, which belong to the top of the Blue Mountain, are naturally the biggest alliance. Many small families or small sects cannot climb to the top of the Blue Mountain, but it is also a good idea to rely on the Yang and Liu families to enjoy the shade under a tree.

        The Chen family, a long-established family in the Eight Directions World, is the biggest family after the three big families and has been ambitious for many years to replace one of the three big families.

        Both the Eternal Sea and the summit of the Blue Mountain know very well that whoever has the power to seize the last seat of the Big Three will have a two-to-one advantage in this three-legged battle.

        The smaller sects, although not favoured by the two families, are also eyeing the seats of the three families, so they have formed several small alliances with each other.

        Among them, a loose alliance called the Mad Sea Alliance was the strongest, which was the first alliance of the nobles in the Hall of Toki Mountain.

        The alliance led by Mrs. Schering was the most prominent of these alliances, and was popular with many due to the Schering's demon control training and her reputation from the Battle of Dew City.

        In the Pillar of Red Light accident, it was also this team that led the original large group of casuals, who managed to escape and arrive here in style.

        Although they were the most scattered of all, and many of them did not deserve to be in the 72nd Hall of Qishan, not to mention not having the qualifications to enter the Hall of Qishan, they were more than matched by their numbers.

        In the darkness, three secretive teams also lurked in the corners of the night, either dressed in black, with strange looks, or with an evil aura.

        After nightfall, the entire summit of Mount Qishan was illuminated, but each had hostile intentions towards the other and was divided into separate camps.

        Just now, when the moon was overhanging, under the bonfires, the camps were talking and talking, or dancing with swords and guns, spending the last night before the war on their own turf.

        A man and a woman carrying a child on their backs slowly walked up from under the Ky Mountains.

        The three were strangely dressed, and what was even stranger was that unlike the group of people outside the palace, who were each staying in their own territory for fear that the well might offend and cause trouble, the three of him instead wandered around easily, seemingly looking for someone.

        "Hey, stop!" Just at this time, not far beside the campfire, a few people are eating meat and drinking wine, after drinking three people, inside the head of the big brother now two gulps of wine on his back, swaying, eyes full of banter came over, looked at the man, and then looked at the woman, suddenly, his face showed a smile.

        "Yo, this little lady, why are you wearing a mask in the middle of the night?" Afterwards, he looked cheerfully at his brothers and sisters behind him and coaxed, "In my experience, it's either a very ugly ugly girl or a very pretty girl who has to wear a mask at this point! How about we place a bet?"

        "Okay, I'll bet a hundred amethysts, it's bound to be a super ugly girl."

        "Isn't that right, someone who can wear a mask at this time must be so ugly that she can't be seen with her looks, I'll bet one hundred too."

        "Since you all bet on her being ugly, I'll bet on her being a beautiful woman, I'll bet five hundred!"

        Several senior brothers heard their senior brother's words, and now one by one they laughed and joked.

        Obviously, the purpose of these guys, who had stopped the three people in front of them, was nothing more than a show to help them with their drinking.

        There were also a few kind-hearted people who, although not watching the show, were more likely to mourn for the mysterious masked man, who was, after all, the famous Twelve Sons of Junshan of the Righteous Path Alliance.

        Although the Twelve Sons of Junshan are not entitled to a lodging seat in the Hall of Qishan, they are still a prominent figure among the 10,000 people outside the hall.

        Now that the mysterious masked men were stopped, they could only feel sad for them.

        There were a few people who felt sorry for the woman in the mask, because it was almost impossible to be targeted by the twelve scum.

        If she were really an ugly woman, some of the disciples who had lost would have beaten and scolded him for taking out their anger on her, but if she were a beautiful woman, the gang would have become so horny that they would have found an excuse to insult her.

        They have seen a lot of these tricks of the trade.

        So, some people watch the show, some shake their heads and sigh, daring to be angry, and even if they do, they don't want to, so why get themselves into trouble at this point?

        "Is it beautiful or ugly, I'll know if I look at it, won't I?" The lead big brother looked around proudly, no one daring to help was simply what he expected, so he reached his greasy hand straight out towards the woman's mask.


        Suddenly, a cold light flashed, and in the next moment, Big Brother Junshan, who was still wearing a jocular smile on his face, was now staring at his hand, which had broken at the same wrist!

        The incision was neatly made and even then the blood in the body did not reflect that it had forgotten to bleed into the wound.

        "Ah ...... ah ...... ah!"

        Then, the pain of Junshan's big brother hit his brain, and with his other hand holding his severed hand, he squatted down and screamed in pain.

        At this point, a group of people who had been smiling and trying to watch the fun all looked shocked.

        Underneath the mask, Han Qianqian's face was cold.