His True Colors Chapter 1905

 The Heart of the Dragon is the energy output of the entire dragon race, ensuring its growth, so when it is lost, the entire race is headed for annihilation, the reason being that the dragon race can no longer rely on its own cultivation to quickly compensate for its own disadvantage.

        But this can also be explained in reverse by the fact that the capacity of the Dragon Heart is enormous, otherwise how could it supply the growth needs of the entire Dragon Race?

        Moreover, to meet the absorption needs of a dragon, the absorption capacity of the Dragon Heart itself was naturally strong.

        Therefore, at the last moment, Han Qianli directly stimulated the Heart of the Dragon Race and sucked the Heavenly Book of the Eight Wilderness World.

        "If I continue to suck like this, in just a few years, the aura of my world will be sucked up by this bitch, and without it, can I still live?" At this point, White Shadow once again couldn't help but speak out.

        "I understand that this world is the Eight Wonders Heavenly Book, and the Eight Wonders Heavenly Book is also this world, so if you suck up the aura of this world, it's the same as gnawing on his body all the time." Lin Long excitedly said.

        Han Qianli nodded, "So, you now know why this guy suddenly came to visit and said he would send me out."

        "Wonderful, wonderful, Three Thousand Year, your trick really is wonderful enough." Lin Long couldn't help but clap his hands.

        "It can't be helped, so many deceased martyrs died here, which means that finding the exit is simply difficult, this world is this guy's world, so he is the maker of all the rules, following this guy to play with the rules, isn't that looking for death? If you were on Earth, you wouldn't believe his so-called rules if you'd only heard one sentence." Han Giangli smiled.

        "What words?"

        "The final interpretation of this event belongs to the organisers." Han Qianliang smiled.

        Although Lin Long hadn't heard the phrase, he understood what it meant, and talking about rules with the person who made them was like playing a big sword in front of a public official, wasn't it? He can play you any way he wants, but if it's not right, he can say it's against the rules, or if it's right, he can say the rules don't allow it, he's in charge of everything.

        Han Giangli also believed that it was because of this that so many pioneers had died here and could never get out.

        "Although you're cheap, you're right," White Shadow said without good grace.

        Su Yingxia smiled slightly, "So, from the very beginning, you decided that it would come to you, no wonder you told me to pack my things and prepare to leave."

        "He made all the rules, so if I wanted to win, I had to become the one who made the rules, turning passivity into initiative." Han Three Thousand smiled.

        Then, Han Giangli looked at White Shadow, "From now on, I'll give you a name, I'll call you Xiaoba."

        "Xiaoba, why don't you call me Wangba?"

        "Then if you like it, I have no problem with it."


        Then, Han Qianli walked up to Su Yingxia and took her hand, "Get ready, let's go out."

        Su Yingxia nodded, "En, good!"

        The energy in Han 3,000's hand moved, and then the Dragon Heart, which had been wildly absorbing outside the house, suddenly stopped spinning and flew over towards Han 3,000.

        The white shadowed royal eight just nailed Han 3,000 nakedly and took the heart of the dragon race back into his body: "You ...... are just finished?"

        Han Qianqiang's eyebrows raised: "What else?"

        "You've been sucking me for a whole day, sucking up almost a third of my aura run, how much of it can you give back to me? I put up with whatever strange beasts you were sucking with earlier, but this ......"

        Wang Ba was incomparably fleshy, being a Heavenly Book, it could even independently incarnate into another world, and although a third of its aura might not seem like much, in reality, these auras were immense.

        To a certain extent, his aura was much higher than any of the True Gods in the Eight Worlds, otherwise, it wouldn't have been able to trap a True God.

        So, Han 3,000 yuan sucked up a third of it, which didn't seem like much, but in reality it would be painful for anyone else.

        "I still have use," Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        In fact, the retreat plan Han 3,000 thought about was that, in case the Dragon Heart couldn't suck the guy out until he went bankrupt, at least the Dragon Heart would be able to absorb most of his aura as Han 3,000's reserve, so that when he encountered a master or a group attack, at least Han 3,000 would have a bottom line.

        This has always been Han 3,000's style of doing things, always leaving an extra way out.

        "But ......" Wang Ba was still incomparably fleshy.

        "But what the hell, I'm your master now, what's yours isn't mine, stop talking nonsense, send us out quickly, if you talk nonsense, I'm sucking you!" Han Three Thousand Thousand also played a rogue at this point.

        Wang Ba was so aggrieved that he nodded his head.

        At that moment, the sky suddenly changed colour, the ground shook with sand and trees, and then a thunderclap struck down from the sky, directly hitting the three men and one dragon present.

        In the next second, a thunderbolt flashed across the peak near the summit of Mount Toki, followed by the silhouettes of the three men and the dragon, who also appeared after the thunderbolt.

        Looking at the summit of Mount Toki, not far away, Han Three Thousand's face was now ashen.

        He had finally returned.