His True Colors Chapter 1903

 Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian with confusion, who is this?

        Han Qianqian smiled without speaking, picked up her chopsticks and ate her meal directly, paying no attention to the sounds outside.

        Su Yingxia wanted to say something to remind Han Qianli, but Han Qianli implied with her eyes that there was no need to do so, and that she should just continue eating.

        Although she didn't know what kind of drugs were in Han Qianxiang's gourd, Su Yingxia hesitated for a moment and then picked up the bowl and ate her meal, half wondering, half wondering.

        A few minutes passed, and after a long period of silence outside the house, she finally couldn't help herself: "Han Qianli, didn't I tell you to come out and talk?"

        Han Three Thousand Thousand didn't speak, still eating her own food.

        After a few moments, the outside of the house finally became unbearable: "Han Three Thousand Years!"

        "What for?"

        "I'm calling you out, you can't hear me can you?" The voices outside the house were now a little impatient and even a little angry.

        "So what if you heard it? If you tell me to come out, do I have to come out?" Han Qianqian coldly and disdainfully laughed.

        "You ......" the house was in a knot of anger outside: "I called you, you dare not come out?"

        "You have to have a begging attitude, you want to talk, go ahead, come in yourself." Han Giangli said.

        There was no sound outside the house, but Su Yingxia saw that the sky was red hot outside, and it was clear that someone outside the house was furious.

        "Han Qianli, you ate my food, lived in my house, used my money, and now you dare to talk to me in such a tone? Well, you're not coming out are you? Then don't chat."

        Hearing this, Su Yingxia was clearly in a hurry and tried to tug Han Qianli, but Han Qianli had already laughed in a loud voice and said, "Take care, I won't see you off." After saying that, Han Qianqian asked Su Yingxia to help herself to the rice.

        Su Yingxia nodded, but chose to serve Han Qianli's meal.

        Lin Long gave Han Three Thousand a strange look.

        Just as the two of them ate for a few more minutes, Su Yingxia and Lin Long once felt that the people outside had left, when a knock sounded at the door again.

        Han Qianli smiled at the corner of his mouth, but ignored the knock.

        "Han Three Thousand, open the door, I'm coming in."

        "Do you want to come in? Stay here until I finish my meal." Han Three Thousand Years calmly said.

        Lin Long couldn't help it at this point: "Three thousand, the people outside, it's not ...... Heavenly Books, is it?"

        "Do you think there's anyone else here besides him?" Han Qianglian laughed.

        Lin Long's forehead was slightly sweaty: "Big brother, you're playing too big then. At any rate, this is someone else's territory, it's not too good to play with him like this ......, in case he gets angry, we won't have a good time either."

        Han Qianli smiled confidently, "Don't worry, he can't afford to be angry, and he's even more afraid of me being angry. Do you believe that even if I ask him to kneel down and call me grandfather, he'll have to do it?!"

        Linlong was stunned: "So awesome?"

        Then, Han Qianli looked at Su Yingxia, who was now in a state of complete confusion, "Daughter-in-law, you take Nian'er and pack up your things, we're going to get ready to go back to the Eightfold World."

        "Ah?" Su Yingxia was stunned: "Back to the Octagon? Have you found a way out yet?"

        Han Qianli shook his head, "No, but someone will escort us out in a palanquin with eight people."

        Su Yingxia didn't quite understand Han Qianqian's words, "How can we get out without finding an exit? And in a palanquin with eight people in it?

        However, Su Yingxia nodded and went to pack her things, she had always had great faith in Han Giangli, and since he said it was okay to go out, it must be okay to go out, even though Su Yingxia couldn't figure out the underlying reason.

        It was only after a few more minutes that Han Qianli smiled, "Linlong, open the door for him."

        Lin Long nodded, and as soon as he went over and opened the door, a white whirlwind swept right through the doorway, blowing dust all over the house, and in the next second, a white shadow sat across from Han Three Thousand, slamming the table and saying angrily, "Han Three Thousand, that's enough, isn't it? Are you playing with me?"

        "So what if I play you?" Han Giangli was not angry and smiled slightly.

        "You!!! Han 3,000, I am the Eight Wilderness Book, this is my world, you ......"

        "So what? Like, I asked you to clean up the table, hard to say, do you dare to say a single word of no to ......?" Han Qianqian suddenly smiled wickedly and deliberately made the second half of her sentence very long.

        Linlong's scalp was numb from hearing it, how Han Qianli's words sounded like a death sentence.

        "Cleaning up the table?" White Shadow was stunned, and in the next second he clapped his hands, "Han Qianli, don't go too far, you actually let me clean up this rubbish for you? What are you?!"

        "So do you clean up or not?" Han Giangli was not in the least afraid of his anger and was still laughing at this point.

        "You!!!" White Shadow was furious, but in the next second, he suddenly bent over: "Let's pack it up, I'm not afraid of you?"

        With Lin Long and Su Yingxia stunned, White Shadow just cleaned up the table honestly.

        "Well, seeing as you're such a good boy, let's have a chat with you, but I'm a bit thirsty and I don't really like drinking cold and raw food." After saying that, Han Qianqian lay down on the bed next to him and crossed his legs like a grandfather.

        The white shadow froze in place, with no wind rising from his body, obviously very angry, but in the next second, he was still skilled at boiling water to make tea, and finally, obediently carried the tea to the bed in front of Han 3,000 yuan.

        A mouthful of tea down, Han 3,000 squeezed his mouth, shaking his head: "This person is old is not useful, the tea brewed insipid and tasteless." "Han 3,000, you've had enough.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, you've had enough, I ......"

        "Tell me, what did you want to talk to me about?" Han Qianli's words instantly extinguished the furious White Shadow's fire.

        "...... This man has been here for almost two years, and in these two years, I've seen you work very hard, actively and diligently, plus your couple's love and affection are stronger than gold, and this man is really touched. So ...... I felt that if I had to deliberately leave you here, wouldn't it be too ruthless of me, I mean ...... I decided to pardon you and let your family out.". White Shadow said with some muttering at this point.

        I'm afraid that using the softest breath and saying the hardest words is the true portrayal of him today.

        Su Yingxia's eyes glowed with joy when she heard this, even though life here was very peaceful, she also knew that in order to save Nian'er, she had to go out.

        When Han Qianqian was preparing to go out, she was still very confused, but now that she heard the white shadow say this, she was overjoyed.

        "Then won't I have to thank you?" Han Three Thousand suddenly laughed with disdain, "However, no merit, no gain, I appreciate your kindness, I, Han Three Thousand, have always been a person who follows the rules, since I haven't found an exit, I won't go out for a day."