His True Colors Chapter 1899-1900

 Chapter 1899

"Isn't that the little silver dragon?" Seeing the Linlong, Su Yingxia was pleasantly surprised.

        "Yes, when you were on the eight sides, didn't you have it follow me, and it's been following me ever since, and I can't get rid of it." Han Giangli said helplessly.

        "You ...... you ...... you, good you Han 3,000 ah, you really are a scum ah, you treachery ah, if it wasn't for my dragon heart, you would have been in the Void Ancestor, okay? Where are you today? Won't your conscience hurt if you say now that I can't get rid of it?" The Linlong cried out strangely.

        Han Qianqiang laughed, of course he didn't deny that the Linlong had done all this for him, so he had already considered the Linlong his good friend, and there was no harm in joking about it.

        "It won't hurt, because you're really like a dog's skin," Han Giangli smiled.

        "You ......"

        "Alright, I'll thank you on behalf of 3000." Su Yingxia smiled happily, then said, "Right, don't listen to his interruptions, tell me what's going on with the Linglong Tower."

        Lin Long looked at Han Qianqian and saw that Han Qianqian was reluctant, then he put his eyes on Su Yingxia, then he shook his head at Han Qianqian, "It seems that you don't have the final say at home, so I'll listen to your wife in law."

        So, Lin Long told Su Yingxia everything about Han Qianli's stay at Linglong Tower, and Su Yingxia listened with an incomparably happy smile on her face the whole time.

        She even felt that she was the happiest woman in the world, that her man was willing to give up everything for her, even when his own phantom attacked him, he was not willing to break up his own phantom, and having a husband like that, she had no regrets in this life.

        Raising her eyes to look at Han 3,000, she reached out and touched his wounded chest, both touched and heartbroken, and tears flowed down without a fight.

        "Thank you, Three Thousand, you let me know that I am the happiest woman in the world, and you also let me know that choosing you was the best decision I made in my life, Su Yingxia."

        "Sometimes, it turns out that after a person chooses the most important and correct decision, it doesn't matter even if all the other choices are wrong, at least, you have made me believe this deeply."

        Han Giangli smiled slightly and gently embraced Su Yingxia in her arms, "And what about you? I, Han Qianqian, have you, and I'm content in this life. By the way, you still haven't told me, why are you here?"

        Su Yingxia smiled through her tears, "Do you want to know? Then you promise me."


        "From now on, not to mention my phantom, even if I am a real person and stab you one day, you will have to ki ll me, because if I know that I ki lled you with my own hands, it will be much more painful for me to live than to die."

        "Fool, and how can you ki ll me?" Han Giangli smiles.

        "Promise me!"

        Han Qianqian smiled without saying a word, even if Su Yingxia did ki ll himself one day, he would never fight back, to Han Qianqian, this life of his was no longer his, it was Su Yingxia's. She was very happy with the way he was treated.

        Su Yingxia took a blank look at Han Qianli, although she wanted Han Qianli to agree to her request, but she understood that Han Qianli could never agree, which also showed how much Han Qianli loved her.

        "After you left, the Eternal Sea and the summit of the Blue Mountain jointly attacked the Fu Family, and the Fu Family was unable to stop the combined attack even in its heyday, let alone the Fu Family today. The entire Fu Family was almost defeated without a fight, and Nian'er and I were taken away by them."

        Su Yingxia then told Han Qianli about what had happened that day.

        After hearing this, Han Qianqian remained silent and Lin Long snorted coldly, "The most disgusting people in this world are hypocrites. A group of decent people who boast of their righteousness every day, but all they do are despicable and shameless things, threatening women and children.

        "Don't worry, I, Han Qianli, will definitely seek revenge on them for this." Han Qianqian raised his head slightly at this point, his eyes full of solemnity.

        To him, Su Yingxia was a backbone of his body that no one could touch.

        The gang of scum at the top of the Blue Mountain had actually forced Su Yingxia to die, and it would not do to take revenge.

        "Three thousand, forget it, the power at the summit of the Blue Mountain is now too great, and they have the True God behind them, I ......" Su Yingxia wanted to stop talking.

        She knew Han Qianqian's personality well, but fighting with the Top of the Blue Mountain was like hitting a stone with an egg.

        Han Three thousand disdainfully laughed, "Not to mention a summit of the Blue Mountain, even this day, touching my woman, I would have to poke a hole in him!"

        Linlong felt Han Qianqian's icy kil ling intent and was so frightened that he didn't know what to say for a moment.

        Su Yingxia's heart was warm, and she was naturally very content with Han Qianli's statement, but at the same time she couldn't help but feel worried for Han Qianli.

        "Huh? Why is it raining all of a sudden when the weather was fine just now? There was no sign of rain before it started, is the weather so random in the Eight Wastelands?" Lin Long was now suddenly looking up at the sudden downpour and wondering.

Chapter 1900

"Yes, it was fine just now, why is it just raining?" Su Yingxia was equally confused and picked up Han Nian so that she wouldn't get wet.

        Only Han Qianqian, looking helplessly at something in the air, smiled bitterly.

        The night was cold, so Han Qianqian made a fire to take care of the two mothers and daughters, and early the next morning, he cut down bamboo trees, found a place with a backdrop of mountains and water, and started to build a house.

        Su Yingxia was busy picking wild berries, and the Linlong was even requisitioned by Su Yingxia to catch fish as a cormorant in the water.

        After a night's rest, Han Nian, although her face is not too good and her body has little strength, but at last she is awake and has no major problems for the time being, and has spent the whole day around Su Yingxia, making a fuss about making a big cake for her father.

        In a day's time, for an expert like Han Qiangli, building a simple three-room hut was a very easy task. In the evening, the hut was completed and the family had a temporary landing point.

        At the evening table, Han Nian carried a strange cake up to the table, with a pair of big, watery eyes looking at Han Qianli, and said excitedly: "Daddy, today is your birthday, Nian'er made the cake for you."

        Su Yingxia put the food down beside him and said with a bitter smile, "Your daughter spent a day making you a cake with the wooden beans in it, try it."

        Han Qianli smiled slightly, his heart warmed, even he was about to forget his own birthday, but didn't expect Nian'er, the little girl, to remember.

        The taste in her mouth no longer mattered, as her heart was already sweet anyway.

        After dinner, Su Yingxia was busy cleaning up the household chores, while Han Qianli held Nian'er in her arms and sat under the night sky, looking up at the stars in the sky and listening to the stories Han Qianli told, with a happy smile on her slightly pale face.

        "Daddy, when Nian'er is fine, can we stay here forever?" Han Nian tilted her little face up and suddenly asked.

        Hearing this, Han 3000 was a little bitter and smiled slightly, "Okay, daddy promises you."

        After telling a few more stories and lulling Nian'er to sleep, Han Three thousand carried her back to her room, when Su Yingxia walked in and saw that Nian'er was asleep, she crept up on Han Three thousand's hand and walked to the back room.

        After lying back on the bed, Su Yingxia gently massaged Han 3,000 and said, "Is it hard? We built such a big house today."

        "What's so hard about building a home?" Han Qianli smiled and took Su Yingxia's hand, hugging her in his arms, his whole body in deep thought.

        Seeing Han Qianli was silent, Su Yingxia knew that Han Qianli was thinking about how to get out of here again.

        "Don't be so stressed, in fact, my greatest wish in this life is to live this kind of life with you and Nian'er, with no competition from the world. So it doesn't really matter if we don't get out or not, didn't that who said that? The time here is not the same as in the Eightfold World, so how can we have a few decades of peace and stability, life is short, if we were all mortals, who wouldn't have decades to live?" Su Yingxia gently touched Han Qianli's hand and said softly.

        Han Qianli knew that these were Su Yingxia's words to comfort herself, that they were able to live a long period of leisurely and peaceful time, and then, to watch her daughter die so painfully in front of her?

        Han Nian was born into a miserable life and has experienced many hardships at such a young age. If she has to die like this, how can Han Qianqian's father have peace of mind in his life?

        Moreover, those who harmed Nian Er and Su Ying Xia have yet to be avenged, so how could he not be anxious?

        Han Qianli purses her lips and pulls Su Yingxia's hand, which is an acceptance of her goodwill.

        Su Yingxia smiled gently and placed a shallow kiss on Han Qianli's lips, "I know you have your own decisions, and I've never stopped you, all I can do is support you, this kiss, count it as a reward, come on."

        "There's no point of other rewards?" Han 3,000 mouths chattered, not quite content.

        "No, are you in the mood for that?" Su Yingxia.

        "You're the one who told me to calm down, so life goes on and so does pork." Han Giangli said.

        Su Yingxia was stunned, and when she understood, a pear storm fist hit Han Three Thousand's body: "Looking for death, ah, who are you calling a pig."

        Within a few moments, the small wooden hut was filled with the sound of two people laughing and playing.

        In the following period of time, Han 3,000 began his so-called road out of the world, he flew through the sky, even escaped from the earth, and even in the water he sent his dragons to look around.

        Su Yingxia took Nian'er with him every day, and in his spare time, he would also meditate here, where the spiritual energy was abundant.

        Time passed, and it was already one year.

        Although the Fu family had "recruited" Han Qianqian and pretended to cure Su Yingxia of the poison, the results were not satisfactory.

        Han Qianqian also understands that the Fu family cannot be sincere in curing Su Yingxia, what they want is to control themselves and Su Yingxia, so how can they be sincere?

        But the good news is that here, Su Yingxia's toxicity is slowly being dissipated and his cultivation is slowly recovering.

        As for Han 3,000, for the first time in his life, he was breathing heavily in a world that was like an oxygen tank, and his most disadvantaged cultivation had been greatly replenished in the Tianshu world.

        However, Han 3,000 did not know exactly what realm he had reached, but if he simply counted his cultivation, he might have reached the Saint realm.

        It was just that Han 3,000's Saint realm was almost unlike anyone else's, because at first he was only at the Ordinary Comprehension realm, and he could leap several levels to fight someone from the Kongdong realm.

        Now that his cultivation had risen by another realm, his strength had naturally increased geometrically.

        However, Han Qianxiang still couldn't be happier.

        On this day, seeing that Han Qianli had been moping for several days, Su Yingxia pulled Nian'er along and watched Nian'er play with butterflies on the lawn, Su Yingxia smiled and said, "What's wrong? I see you've been growing fast lately and you still look like you're moping around."

        "It's already been a year, but I'm just barely at the Saint realm, but that's far from enough." Han Qianli was annoyed.

        Within a year, his cultivation had indeed risen quickly, but lately, he felt like he'd hit a bottleneck and remained stagnant.

        "You're not kidding, are you? It took you a year to reach the Holy Land? And what was your previous training?"

        "It's like the realm of comprehension, the lowest level." Han Giangli said.

        "Comprehension realm? So when you came to rescue me, you even knocked over the Kongdong realm directly?" Su Yingxia was stunned.

        "What's so strange about it?" Han 3,000 is innocent.