His True Colors Chapter 1897-1898

 Chapter 1897

Qin Frost smiled bitterly, then the body transformed and in the blink of an eye had dissipated, and in the next second, the body was already where an imaginary shadow was.

        "Do you want to hear a story?"

        "Don't want to." Han Qianli said coldly, when he heard this guy's words about Su Yingxia's martyrdom jumping into the endless abyss, he was already anxious inside, so how could he have any interest in listening to him nagging.

        When the universe was first born, there were two little brothers, I don't know when they were born, but I only remember that since birth they have lived together in the Ten Thousand Stars universe, both the older brother and the younger brother protecting each other, but soon afterwards, the older brother was no longer there, he incarnated into a world, using his body and the energy within his body to protect and nourish the tiny humans within his body, the younger brother, although he has since lost the older brother," he said. Protecting, but also deciding, to silently help his brother, to protect those humans inside him, to help him record all that he has done."

        "But, recording more, the younger brother discovered the blandness and ugliness of humanity, and the younger brother began to feel that what the older brother was doing was not worth it, that it was not worth protecting those greedy, even hypocritical humans, and that it was not worth providing for them with everything he had, so that they could suck everything out of his body until he withered away."

        "So when my brother laid out the Endless Abyss at the link with the Eight Worlds and selected the strongest humans in the Eight Worlds for trials, he wanted my brother to see properly what kind of greedy ants and scum he was protecting."

        "Over the years, when those top strongest humans from the Eight Directions entered here, they were all trapped here because of greed, the darkness of human nature, or stupidity."

        "You are that brother, and the Eightfold World is that brother, right?" Han 3,000 yuan.

        "That's right, when I took this report card to report to him, Han Qianli, you rashly barged in, and what's even more unexpected is that you passed my test, you said, should I be happy? Or should you be sad?" The virtual shadow was just like a shadow, his miserable smile, although it was only a slight sketch of the shadow's head, but Han 3000 could feel its frustration and bitterness.

        "Whether you're happy or not has nothing to do with me, I can only tell you that I'm not the only one who can pass these tests, my friends and brothers around me can all pass. You are the Eight Wilderness Books, you should know better than me that everything good in this world has its bad side, and even the worst has its good side, and so do people," he said. Han Qianli explained lightly.

        "You're bragging, there aren't even that many people in this world who could pass the test, over the years I've picked almost half of the top strongest people in the Eight Wonders World, but what's the result? They are greedy, all people are greedy too, when they are not strong enough they always imagine that they are just a little bit stronger, but when they actually get to that point they are counting on being stronger, they are simply greedy."

        "Greed isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's greed that gives you motivation, isn't it? If you have no desire, you can only be a useless person." Han Giangli said, "Besides, just because those top-ranked strong people are just strong doesn't mean their feelings are excellent, and the fact that you're testing humanity rather than strength is a paradox in itself, because a person's strength or weakness has nothing to do with his emotional world."

        "So, I should still go on believing in feelings, shouldn't I?" Black Shadow.

        "There are things that you believe exist, and if you don't believe, they don't exist." Han Giangli said.

        "As a reward for passing the test, you can get a wish, but I don't think I need to ask about this wish, go up, Su Yingxia is waiting for you."

        After the black shadow said that, his figure suddenly disappeared, then the surroundings suddenly flashed, and when he opened his eyes, what Han Qianli was in wasn't any tower at all, but a ladder standing in mid-air.

        The ladder reached into the sky!

        After ripping off his dagger and using energy to simply treat his wound, Han Qiangiang quickly climbed towards the sky with his nervousness for Su Yingxia.

        Half an hour later, Han 3,000 had passed through the layers of clouds and reached the top of the ladder.

        When he crossed the last ladder, the sky suddenly disappeared before his eyes, and what caught his eye was the previously familiar grassland.

        It was just that, compared to when he first arrived, the grassland now had more forests, more animals and more of what nature should have been like.

        Han Giangli knew that this might have unlocked some of the knots in his heart for the Eight Wilderness Book, and that was why his world was a little more colourful.

        In mid-air, a white circle of light slowly appeared, and when Han Qianli raised his eyes to look at it, he couldn't help but smile from his heart, and his eyes were filled with excitement.

        Within the circle of light, Su Yingxia was holding Han Nian in her arms, apparently still unable to detach herself from the endless abyss of darkness into this natural and refreshing world, but when her eyes caught sight of Han Qianli on the ground, looking up at herself, she was overjoyed.

        She patted Han Nian in her arms and pointed excitedly with her hand at Han 3,000 on the ground, when Han Nian looked back at Han 3,000 on the ground and jumped and jumped in Su Yingxia's arms with a sudden burst of excitement.

        "Thank you." Han Three Thousand Year's Warrior smiled slightly in a certain direction in mid-air.

        When the aperture landed on the lawn and dissipated, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia looked at each other with deep affection, and Han Nian looked at her mum and then her dad, grinning with a happy, boyish smile.

        "Daddy, daddy!"

        Han Qianli couldn't hold back any longer and rushed up with quick steps, hugging the two mothers and daughters tightly.

        Su Yingxia cried tears of joy, for her, when she jumped into the endless abyss, she was already determined to die, because in her heart, she already thought that Han Qianxiang was dead.

        She had no other wish but that when she died, she would die in the same place as her man.

        But what she hadn't expected was that not only would they not die, but that they would be here, seeing Han Changnian again.

        "Three thousand, is this true? Am I not dreaming?" Holding Han Qianli tightly and feeling the warmth of Han Qianli's body, Su Yingxia was thrilled.

        "It's true, you're not dreaming, welcome to the Eight Wastes World." Han Qianqian smiled.

        "Eight Wilderness Worlds?" Su Yingxia was incomparably strange.

        "I think it's time for me to choose to close the door and rest." Lin Long's words suddenly popped up in his head, followed by a flash of Han Qianqian's arm, and Lin Long knowingly chose to leave temporarily.

        "That's right, Eight Wastes World." Han Giangli smiled slightly.

        Su Yingxia took a curious glance at the world around her, where the sky was blue and the clouds were white and the birds were singing flowers, it was indeed a rare paradise.

        "Daddy, it's so beautiful here, Nian Er is ...... very happy," suddenly, just as Nian Er was dancing with joy, she suddenly vomited blood straight out of her mouth uncontrollably.

Chapter 1898

Blood like syrup was pouring out of Han Nian's mouth, closing her small throat and making it impossible for her to speak, but even though it was so uncomfortable, the lack of pain was still written all over the tiny Han Nian's eyes.

        It was as if she was telling Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia that she was fine.

        She was so strong at such a young age, but the stronger she became, the more her heart broke for Han Qianli and Su Yingxia.

        "It must have been a severe poison attack." Su Yingxia looked anxiously at Han Qianqian and held Han Nian in her arms.

        It had been too long since she had left the Fu family, and Han Nian hadn't been able to take the medicine in time for the poison to strike.

        In order to save Han Nian, Han Qianqian poured almost all of his energy into her body without hesitation.

        However, no matter how much energy was poured in, Han Nian had no reaction at all.

        Han Qianli became extremely anxious, looked into the air and said urgently, "Can you get us out of here? My daughter is in danger! She is poisoned and needs a specific antidote."

        "Three thousand, who are you talking to?" Su Yingxia looked worriedly at Han Qianli and looked around, but found no one at all.

        "Although you passed the Exquisite Tower, you've already received the reward you deserve, which should have been your endless cultivation, but you gave up and chose them, and although I'm also touched by your choice, unfortunately, the fact that you gave up those cultivations also means that you might not be able to find out where to leave this place. Therefore, you cannot leave."

        The voice that suddenly appeared in mid-air clearly startled Su Yingxia, and Han Qianli's brows furrowed at this point, "I can stay, but can you send them away?"

        "They are merely your rewards for clearing the Exquisite Tower, and naturally they belong to you, so if you stay, it's the same as if they stay, in other words, if you want them out, you have to leave here."

        Han Qianqian's teeth clenched, fuming with anger.

        It had been hard to be happy about the reunion, so Han Three Thousand was originally happy, but before it could come but enjoy it, there was a thunderbolt from the blue.

        If Han Nian was safe and sound, he really wanted the three of them to simply stay here and live their own lives, but Han Nian's poison was destined to be a pipe dream.

        "Then how am I going to get out?" Han Three Thousand Chanson.

        "The Dao of Nature, the cycle of Heaven, and how you want to get out, it's up to you, Han Three Thousand, not me." The voice whispered.

        What is this?

        There are no hints, not even a checkpoint, so how does one get out? Flying out?

        "Although this baby is heavily poisoned, you don't have to worry too much, in the Eight Wastelands World, there is ample spiritual energy, the toxicity in her body can be temporarily suppressed, moreover, her poison was developed in the Eight Wastelands World, the time it takes to strike is naturally calculated according to the Eight Wastelands, and you are in the Eight Wastelands World."

        A word to wake up the dreamer, yes, it's the Eightfold World, and Han Nian's poison will re-eat her body when she loses control of the antidote, but this will take at least a few days. But in the Eight Wastelands World, a few days in the Eight Wastelands World was equivalent to years, even decades.

        This also meant that Han 3,000 still had some time to figure out how to get out of here.

        "Alright, I don't want to talk nonsense with you, I'm going to rest." After saying that, the voice made a yawning appearance, and for a moment, the sky darkened, and the entire bright world, entered a darkness.

        "Find a place to rest." Han Qianli looked at Han Nian, hugged her in his arms, pulled up Su Yingxia and headed towards a forest in the distance.

        After finding a place sheltered from the wind and putting Han Nian down, Han Three Thousand squatted beside her and looked at her tenderly for a long time, making sure she was fine for the time being, and then the whole body breathed a sigh of relief.

        "It's not a big problem, it's just a momentary poisonous gas attack, rest for a night and you'll be fine tomorrow." Han Giangli gently pulled on Su Yingxia's hand, signalling to her not to worry.

        Only then did Su Yingxia let out a sigh of relief, "It's good that Nian'er is fine."

        "By the way, why did you run here?"

        "By the way, why are you here?"

        The two of them spoke out almost simultaneously, and even the words they spoke were almost exactly the same, and it was not clear when they had been like this for so long that all they had in their hearts was each other.

        They then looked at each other and smiled helplessly, Su Yingxia gently sat down and leaned her head on Han Qianli's shoulder: "You speak first."

        Han Marchant smiled and told Su Yingxia exactly what happened after he left from the Fu family, Su Yingxia listened with gritted teeth, and when the love was dense, he even took Han Marchant's hand as if Fu Mei was pinching, Han Marchant was pained, but seeing his wife's lovely jealous look, he eventually chose to endure.

        "What is this? Some people go to the Linglong Tower, that's what's so disgusting, so disgusting that I didn't dare to pit a word the whole time.".

        Just at this moment, Lin Long suddenly said sour words beside him.

        Han Qianli rolled her eyes and was about to make a move on Lin Long: "Didn't you say you had escaped? Why are you everywhere?"

        "I also want to escape, brother, but the problem is that Mrs Sister-in-Law just pinched your left arm so hard that it woke me up." A dragon body appeared after Linlong's rather aggrieved speech.