His True Colors Chapter 1891-1893

 Chapter 1891

When the figure came in, a group of people in the palace were instantly attracted by her beauty, and what had been a very noisy scene a moment ago was now a pin drop.

        It was Su Yingxia who came in.

        "Is she the Fu family's goddess Fuyan? It really is the best of women, this look, this body. Damn, it simply makes me dream."

        "Beautiful indeed, no wonder so many people squeezed their heads together to get her."

        After being surprised, a group of people commented on the situation.

        Seeing Su Yingxia, Fudian's entire body was shocked, wasn't Fuyang in the Fuyang family? Why are you here all of a sudden?

        Futian's intuition told him that something must have happened to the Fu family.

        Futian looked sharply at Ao Yong!

        At this point, Ao Yong smiled faintly. It didn't seem to want to explain.

        "Man, I'm the one who found it."

        Just at this moment, a young and powerful voice came out. Immediately afterwards, a white figure slammed through the crowd and headed straight for the centre of the main hall.

        A group of disciples from the Hall of Toki Mountain hurriedly drew their swords and panicked, about to rush forward.

        As the figure settled, a white-clothed young man stood proudly holding a white fan.

        "What? The son of the top of the Blue Mountain, Lu Ruoxuan!"

        "Oh sh*t, even he's here?"

        "It seems that the Lu family is taking this tournament quite seriously, I thought everyone was just going through the motions. But I didn't expect ......"

        "Hmph, if it were really like you said, their true gods would just enter the battle, so it's more like they are paying attention to the tournament than they are being imperative to the Pangaea Axe."

        "That's right."

        At this point, Gu Yue waved his hand, signalling his disciples to quickly retreat, turned around, smiled at Lu Ruoxuan, and said, "Xuan'er, you're here?"

        "Xuan'er has met senior Gu Yue." Lu Ruoxuan respectfully said.

        Then, Lu Ruoxuan turned around and looked at Fu Tian, "I brought the person here, I'm really sorry, Senior Fu. If you have any comments, just look for me."

        Fu Tian turned pale as dirt, Lu Ruoxuan was the most valued son at the top of the Blue Mountain. He was also a future cultivator who raised the Blue Mountain's power, wanting strength and background, who would dare to provoke a character like this in this Eight Directions World?

        To provoke him would be to sh*t on the face of the Blue Mountains and would inevitably provoke retaliation from the entire clan at the top of the Blue Mountains, who could afford to provoke such a character?

        Fu Tian's face was gloomy: "What have you done to my Fu family?"

        "Don't worry, Fu Clan Leader. The Fu Family is, after all, the Three Great Families of the Eight Parties World, and before the tournament is over, according to the rules of the Eight Parties World. I should still treat your Fu Family with courtesy. Therefore, the Fu Family is now safe, and I am only inviting Fuyao over individually, for the purpose of, and for the good of the world's majors." Lu Ruoxuan chuckled softly.

        Ao Yong nodded, "What Shao Xuan said is right, if you are very dissatisfied with the Fuyutian Clan Leader, you can put this account on my Eternal Sea's head as well, because this matter was planned by me and Shao Xuan."

        "You guys!" Fu Qi was furious, his entire body furious.

        The meaning of the Eternal Sea and the summit of the Blue Mountain blatantly intruding into the Fu family could not have been more obvious, this was a complete disregard for the Fu family.

        If it wasn't for the rules of the Eight Directions World, I'm afraid that these people would have slaughtered his family in blood.

        Insolent, insolent, really too insolent. Where would his Fu Family's dignity be in the future!

        "Fu Clan Chief, please don't misunderstand, Fuyue is just thinking of you deeply. We are all three big families and are good friends with each other, so we are just caring for each other and bringing Fuyue out to look for him.". Ao Yong smiled.

        "Yes, Fu Clan Leader. You can see that Fuyue has tears in her eyes, so it's better to let Han Qianxiang come out, as she is also the goddess of your Fuyuan family. You have to feel sorry for her ah." Lu Ruoxuan also said at this time.

        The first time I was in the hospital was when I was in the middle of the night.

        When hearing the words of Lu Ruoxuan. Su Yingxia's heart was tight, although she did not know about the incident, but there was no sign of Han Qiangli at the scene. She already knew that something wasn't right, as well as Fu Mei, who was covered in blood. Locking her eyes on Fu Tian's body, Su Ying Xia wanted to know the answer.

        "I really didn't hide Han 3,000, his fall into the Endless Abyss. I didn't know about it until now." Futian was anxious and angry.

        With Han Three Thousand's whereabouts unknown, and now that Fuyuan had been jointly kidnapped by the two families, it was clear that the future of the Fuyuan family had reached a life-or-death moment.

        "What? You say Han 3,000 has fallen into the Endless Abyss?" When Su Yingxia heard this, her entire face paled, and after stumbling back a few steps, she suddenly turned around and ran out of the main hall.

        Ao Yong also wanted to call his men to stop her, but Lu Ruoxuan gently reached out her hand to stop Ao Yong, smiling proudly, and followed Su Yingxia's footsteps, walking out of the palace slowly and comfortably.

        The crowd looked at each other, but when they saw Lu Ruoxuan's calm countenance, they thought about it and rushed out together.

        The peak of the light pillar.

        The pillar of light was now extinguished, leaving only the wreckage piled up into a mountain, covered by smoke, with Fuyan standing broken-heartedly on top of the peak.

Chapter 1892

"Mum! Where's Dad? Aren't we out looking for Dad?"

        At this moment, a small figure, hobbling, walked over to the cliff, where the terrain was complicated, and she jumped and walked with great difficulty.

        Hearing the shout, Fuyue turned around and watched as Han Nian came to her side. A pair of small hands, hugging Fuyue's thighs tightly, although there was some obvious fear in her eyes because of the high terrain, she still gritted her small teeth and held on.

        As the child of Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia, Han Nian's age is not great, but her bones have inherited Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia's tenacity intact. Even at such a high altitude, even if the wind is bitterly cold, where there is a mother, Han Nian will follow, as long as she can find her father. Han Nian will not hesitate.

        Looking at Han Nian, who was so young and innocent, the soulless Su Yingxia's eyes were now glowing and tender as she gently held Han Nian in her arms and looked out over the cliff. Su Yingxia's eyes were filled with sadness: "Nian'er, do you miss Daddy?"

        "Mum, Nian'er misses daddy very much, daddy said that he would play with Nian'er, when is daddy coming back?"

        "Daddy's not coming back." Su Yingxia's face was filled with sadness, and her tears slid down gently, but instead, she laughed softly and bitterly, "But we can go together to find daddy, Nian'er, okay?"

        "Yes!" Nian'er nodded her head obediently.

        Su Yingxia touched Nian'er's head and gently took two steps forward.

        "Fuyu. Don't!"

        Fu Tian anxiously arrived from the rear, and behind him, there was a group of righteous heroes.

        "Futian, Fuyuan is the foundation of the Fuyuan family, if there is no Fuyuan, the Fuyuan family will not only lose its position as one of the three great families, but even, it won't even be a small family, so what's the point? Hurry up and hand over Han Three Thousand." Ao Yong said coldly.

        "That's right, hand over Han Three Thousand, we just want to have a fair fight with him, Fu Tian you are hiding it, could it be that you want to swallow the Pan Gu Axe alone?"

        "The Pangu Axe is strong, but don't forget that the fundamental of the Fuyu family is the Fuyu, and if you don't have the Fuyu, what can you do with the Pangu Axe?"

        A group of heroes rose up in a sudden crusade.

        Futian ignored them, but looked at Fuyue and shouted, "I didn't hide Han 3,000 at all."

        Han 3,000 was gone, and if Fuyao was no longer there, it was even worse than kil ling Fudian. This was even worse than kil ling Fountain.

        "Fubu Tian, you are still arguing at this point, who doesn't know your Fubu Tian's wolf ambition, wanting to get the Pan Gu Axe again. The purpose of wanting to breed true gods again is to have your Fu family unify the Eight Directions World, am I right." Ao Yong shouted coldly.

        As soon as this was said, a kil ling intent appeared in Lu Ruoxuan's eyes.

        It was precisely because of this consideration that the Top of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea suddenly joined forces to pressure the Fu Family to participate in the tournament, and even more so, shortly after the Fu Family departed, the two families jointly attacked the Fu Family and captured Fuyuan and Han Nian.

        As far as the summit of the Blue Mountain and the Sea of Eternal Life were concerned, they would not allow the Fu Family to grow so savagely and become an existence beyond them, so they would. They would also cooperate when necessary.

        There were no eternal friends or enemies between the three great families, only interests.

        "I didn't. I didn't, I really didn't!" The first time in his life that he experienced the feeling of being wrongly accused was when he was very annoyed, and it was really unbearable.

        "Well, if Han 3,000 really fell into a cliff, Fuyan, I've heard that you are deeply in love as husband and wife, so let's accompany him together, at least it won't be a waste for Han 3,000 to come to you alone." Ao Yong said coldly.

        "Hehe, Ao Supervisor, that's not right, as the saying goes, husband and wife are birds of the same feather, each flying their own flight in the face of disaster, if Han Qianqian dies, it's just a dead piece of rubbish from the Azure Planet, people Fuyan is a generation of goddesses, so why would they take it to heart." The minion beside Ao Yong sneered softly.

        Fu Tian nodded his head and looked at Su Ying Xia pitifully, "Fuyue, he's right. In the end, Han 3,000 is just an Earthling, and I've treated him well during his time in the Fu family, so the Fu family has done right by him. He should also rest in peace. You mustn't do anything foolish, the future of the entire Fuyuan family rests on you."

        "If you can't hand over Han Qianqian, do you think, Fuyuan has a choice?"

        Right at this moment, Lu Ruoxuan suddenly said in a cold voice.

        Not only was Fu Tian shocked by these words, but even Ao Yong, who was on the side, was slightly shocked as well. It was because this was clearly completely different from what they had originally envisioned.

        They only wanted to use Fuyuan to force Fudian to hand over Han Three Thousand, not thinking of kil ling Fuyuan, after all, if Fuyuan were to die. And if Han 3000 died and the Fuyuan family fell, it would mean very little to the Eternal Sea.

        What they wanted. Just for the Fu family to be weaker, so weak that they had no choice, and then have to become a dog for them in the Eternal Sea, then. The Eternal Sea could then use this dog, along with their own strength, to suppress the top of the Blue Mountain.

        But obviously, that wasn't what Lu Ruoxuan was considering. As the strongest of the three families today, the summit of the Blue Mountain was naturally more fearless, and there were only two things they had to do: one was to not let the other two families have a chance to fly across the sea. The second was to prevent the two big families from joining forces.

        As long as these two points were kept in check, the summit of the Blue Mountain could grow bigger and bigger, and even swallow the two families in the future, becoming the true controller of the Eight Directions World.

        Therefore, with Han Qianqian's corpse nowhere to be seen, the safest scenario was to see Fuyue die with his own eyes. Only in this way could he ensure that the Fuyue family would not be able to sit on the two major reversals, and only then could the summit of the Blue Mountain remain in the number one position.

        Naturally, even if Han Qianqiang died, using today's excuse to force Fuyao to die and finish off the Fuyuan family would be the best opportunity for the top of the Blue Mountain, as there would be one less competitor, and the Eternal Sea, which was left alone, would also be swallowed sooner or later.

        As the most valued young master at the summit of the Blue Mountain, Lu Ruoxuan certainly did not rely only on his own fluttering jade face, but also on his superior talent and deep city knowledge.

        Fu Tian's body trembled slightly with anger, but he dared not speak out.

        Ao Yong was about to say something when Lu Ruoxuan's energy suddenly dissipated, shaking Ao Yong apart.

        This action surprised everyone, as almost everyone present was a good fighter from the Eight Directions, especially the head of the Eternal Sea, Ao, who was just as shocked by Lu Ruoxuan's shock, and what kind of terrifying cultivation was this.

        "Do you have the qualifications to speak here as a lackey?" Lu Ruoxuan snapped coldly.


        "Fuyan, for the sake of you being a goddess, I'll give you the last decency, don't force me to do anything." Lu Ruoxuan snapped in a cold voice.

Chapter 1893

Fuyu laughed coldly, "I'm not even afraid of death, do you think, I'll be afraid of your threats!"

        "Nian'er, close your eyes and mama will take you to daddy." Finished, Fuyuki took a step forward.

        "Fuyuki. Don't!" Fu Tian hurriedly shouted.

        "Fu Tian, I've told you long ago that Fu Shou is long dead, there is only Su Ying Xia in this world." Fu Tian left a sad smile, then, hugging Han Nian, leapt down!

        "No!!!" Looking at the Fuyuan, who leapt off the cliff, the whole of Fudian let out a hoarse cry of pain.

        Her jumping off the cliff was tantamount to taking the Fuyutian family with her. Having jumped off the cliff, how could Fuyutian not be in despair!

        The corner of Lu Ruoxuan's mouth curved in a faint smile, this ending. He was very satisfied.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. He actually played straight into the real thing.

        At the same time, he had to admire Lu Ruoxuan, a young man with such a delicate mind and ruthless tactics.

        And at this time, Han Qiangiang.

        When going down the ladder all the way in the coffin, one of the dragons finally reached the bottom, lifted a tin lid at the bottom and entered through it.

        The dragon was suddenly lost in a vast and beautiful land, with high mountains and flowing water, green trees, birds and flowers, and insects and birds flying around.

        But what was different was the sky, which was below the exit.

        This means that the two sides of the cave entrance are two completely opposite worlds. The two sides of the cave entrance are two completely opposite worlds.

        Or, if the cave entrance is the sky, the sky above the cemetery is also the sky. Below the cave entrance, there is also the sky!

        "What's going on here ......? Where is this again?" Linlong simply couldn't believe the wide open dragon mouth.

        "This is my graveyard." Han Giangli smiled slightly, "Haven't you noticed that all the cemetery wooden monuments have names on them, and it's precisely the first grave that doesn't have a name? Obviously, it's for me."

        "So you asked me to dig a grave?"

        "If people have been kind enough to dig a grave for me, how can I be fair to others if I don't come in and lie down?" Han 3,000 smiled slightly.

        Another reason Han Giang's decision to dig the tomb was that when Han Giang rushed up to the bamboo forest to break the clouds, he suddenly discovered something strange.

        The world around him was huge. It could not even be seen at a glance, but the scene around it was very similar. So upon closer inspection, Han Qianli discovered that it wasn't just similar, but clearly overlapped constantly, as if it had been copied and pasted.

        This also meant that the world might just be an illusion.

        "Now it seems that the real floater might not be a bad guy," Han Qianli suddenly smiled.

        The other most important reason was that Han 3,000 found that he could see things that weren't easy to see, such as when he was dealing with the graveyard group of souls, he suddenly noticed that the blackness in the air was like rainwater with tiny bubbles, and all of these bubbles were falling slightly from above.

        So, Han 3,000 suddenly had an idea at that time, could this black air be coming from above!

        Han Giang's idea was proved right, and the cemetery had to be dug. And because Han 3,000 could see right through the ground to the essence of the coffin!

        Han Giangli believes that it may all be related to the True Float's Heaven's Eye talisman.

        "You say that. I also find it so strange that the Heaven's Eye talisman he gave you can let you out of the Endless Abyss, which in itself is another unbelievable thing." Lin Long finished, shaking his head.

        "Who the hell is this True Floater, why do I feel he is mysterious now? Is he really just a small Taoist priest? If so, how could he have such a strong charm?

        "But if not. Who would he be? Honestly, what he did was really nothing more than a gangster do-gooder."

        Linlong came with a soul triple question.

        Actually. These were also Han Qianli's questions, and this true floater was an incredibly huge question mark.

        However. Han Third Thousand now had some answers in his heart, smiling confidently, "I'm about to guess who he is."

        After saying that, Han 3,000 left behind a bewildered-looking Lin Long. He walked into the cave entrance under the iron cover.

        Jumping down from the mouth of the cave, he was ushered into a world of clarity.

        At the very centre of the grassland, there was a tower. The tower is a hundred metres high and seems to have a thousand storeys, and it is ten metres wide. It is very sturdy, towering into the clouds from a distance, and very powerful.

        The door of the tower has the words Linglong Pagoda.

        "How can there be a tower here?" Lin Long said, "Are we going in?"

        "Enter, you must," Han 3,000 said, looking at the Lunar Dragon, "but it's not a tower, it's a ladder."

        "A ladder?!" Linlong touched his head strangely, wiped his eyes suspiciously and muttered to himself: "Is this ...... this ...... not a tower?"

        When the tower door is pushed open, a faint aroma hits the nose.