His True Colors Chapter 1887-1888

 Chapter 1887

Han Giangli smiled and went straight into the air, leaping to the top of the bamboo forest after passing through it.

        "It really is."

        Han 3,000 smiled lightly, and in the next second, he held the Pangu Axe in his hand. Aiming at the dark clouds above him, he slashed directly at the axe.

        The golden light of the Pan Gu axe suddenly struck straight at the black cloud, hard enough to cut an opening in the cloud, and the sunlight above the black cloud was now scattered onto the earth through there.

        As the sunlight sprinkled back onto the earth, the blackness in the bamboo forest began to slowly disperse.

        "Not the souls of the true gods at all, just an illusion you created, too boring, right?" Han Qianqiang smiled fiercely, then leapt down again.

        Aim at the bamboo forest. Using the Pangu Axe, he took one strike.

        The bamboo forest crumbled to the ground and sunlight spread into it. The souls of the dead, after letting out a shriek, flew out in smoke on the spot.

        When all was quiet, Linlong still hadn't woken up from his shock. He really didn't understand how Han Qiangan had managed to instantly break the spirits of the dead.

        How did he think that he could avert the crisis by breaking the dark clouds overhead?

        Han Giangli smiled slightly and looked at the Linlong. Then, he pointed to the first grave: "How about a little help?"

        "What are you doing?" Linlong's strange way.

        "Digging graves." Han Giangli smiled.

        "Digging graves? Three thousand, although those dead souls did come to attack you just now, you also fought them all off, so let's leave it at that, it's not a good thing to dig someone else's grave."

        "Cut the crap, if you want to get out of here, then do as I say." Han Qianli smiled.

        Although Lin Long was surprised by Han Qianli's actions, but being here, Lin Long had no choice but to follow Han Qianli's instructions and proceeded to dig the graves directly.

        It only took a moment, when the grave was dug up. As the coffin was being opened, the Linlong closed his eyes and softly said sorry. It was not his intention to be so disrespectful to the deceased.

        Han Giangli gave it a funny look, then opened the coffin lid directly on the surface.

        "You can open your eyes now." Han Qianli smiled.

        When Lin Long heard this, he was nervous and very guilty at the same time, but still opened his eyes with trepidation, but when he saw what was going on inside the coffin, Lin Long's entire dragon was capitalistically confused.

        It wasn't even the bones of the deceased god he had imagined, instead it was a staircase leading underground.

        "What ...... is going on here?" Linlong's mouth was strangely open.

        Wasn't this a tomb? Isn't this a coffin? How did ...... turn into an entrance equipped with stairs.

        "What are you waiting for? Go." Han Giangli smiled. Then, he fell in through the entrance first and slowly descended through the stairs.

        Lin Long was soon the only one left in the bamboo forest. After a moment's thought and a quick glance around, he remained resolute and followed Han Qianqian down together.

        Before he took a few steps, Han Qianqian suddenly said, "What do you think?".

        "How about what? We're obviously going down, but I'm feeling so tired! Linlong said, looking up at his feet, where the stairs were completely hidden in darkness and there was no end in sight.

        "Tired is right." Han Qianli smiled.

        At almost the same time, after Han Giangli had fallen into the abyss, the so-called Righteous Alliance had already attacked the light pillar.

        The surroundings of the pillar were like a bloody battlefield, and after dealing with the demons, the Righteous Alliance began to brutally fight among themselves.

        The surrounding area of the light pillar was littered with corpses. Blood flowed into rivers, and countless Righteous Alliance people were already covered in blood as they slashed and killed each other. Their eyes were red, and like devils, they were frantically slaughtering all the living people they could see around them.

        The Seer Spirit Master and his group were watching from afar.

        They were waiting, waiting for the time when this group of people had killed enough of each other to reap the benefits of their fishing.

        Only. All of them failed to notice that the blood flowing out of the slain corpses was now following the ground. It had become countless gullies, flowing slowly in a certain direction.

        In a certain cave, the blood went through a complicated flow path. From the gap at the top of the cave, drop by drop, it falls into the pool of blood in the centre of the cave.

        As the blood drips down, the pool of blood is now like boiling water. Like boiling water, the bubbles of blood gurgle and bulge and quickly burst. It bursts again and bulges again, and in the midst of these, a bloody object. It was also tumbling inside at the same time.

        The hunchbacked old man now moved in his hand, smiled coldly, and took out from his bosom a gourd covered by a black cloth, blackened, with four skulls carved on it, and when he lifted the black cloth off, the mouth of the gourd, the black air was suddenly like smoke, curling out.

        "Enjoy the body that these bloods have forged for you, now I will reward you with those dead souls and you will be able to transform yourself into a demon." After saying that, the old man threw the gourd into the pool of blood.

        The entire pool of blood stopped boiling, and in the next second, a loud explosion!

        "Han Qianxiang, I want you to die a horrible death!"

        Then a bloody thing suddenly jumped out of the pool of blood with an angry mouth.

Chapter 1888

"Don't worry, with your current cultivation, he, Han Qianxiang, is going to die a horrible death. However, you should also remember that in Han Three Thousand's hands, he has the King of Ten Thousand Weapons, the Pan Gu Axe, although he can't fully use it yet. A skinny camel is bigger than a horse." The old man smiled gloomily.

        "You are originally a sword spirit, so I forged your body with the blood of ten thousand people, and used the souls of ten thousand people to help you shape your cultivation, which can be invisible and shadowless, like a ghost, and can avoid the Pan Gu Axe's attacks to the greatest extent possible." After saying that, the old man inserted a fiery red bead into its heart.

        "This is the Blood Soul Bead, it is also your life-preserving bead, if it shatters, your life will end and you will never be able to reincarnate, so be very careful. However. As long as it exists, you can remain immortal and immortal, both together. Even if Han Qianli has the Pan Gu Axe, it's not that simple to destroy you."

        Chi Meng nodded in satisfaction, "Don't worry, I need to take the head of that dog thief."

        "Destroy him completely before he gets hold of the Pan Gu Axe, our Lord wants the Pan Gu Axe, and you will be able to devour his flesh, and once you succeed, you will become the dominant demon in the Eight Directions World." The old man smiled gloomily.

        When Chi Meng heard this, he smiled hideously, his face bloody. Completely devoid of face, the laugh was like a pile of mud twisted together.

        In order to deal with Han Qianqian, in order to avenge his deep revenge, Chi Meng didn't care what method he used.

        The summit of Mount Toki!

        Blanketed in white snow.

        At the highest peak, there is a magnificent palace, blue jade and ink stone, ancient and fragrant.

        The central courtyard is the size of two football pitches, and the four beasts stand at four corners, tall and majestic, not angry at themselves.

        There is a plaque on the main hall, which is also the name of the whole hall, sitting at the top of Mount Qishan, the largest of the four beasts.

        In the hall, heroes from the larger sects or families are seated on either side, and in the upper position, representatives of the three great families and the master of the Hall of Toki Mountain are seated at ease.

        At this moment, a junior gatekeeper ran in panting under the stage, "Reporting to the Hall Master, there is someone outside the Hall who wants to see you."

        The Hall Master of the Palace of Qishan called himself Gu Yue, who was over 80,000 years old this year. He is the oldest and most qualified person in the Eight Directions, and none other.

        In addition, he manages the Hall of Toki Mountain, which is an extremely independent and dignified place in the Eight Directions. This is why Gu Yue's reputation in the Eight Directions has always been low-profile but at the same time respectable to all.

        "The top of Mt. Toki is mandated by heaven to hold a tournament to determine the best of the best. Gu Yue chuckled.

        Although his hair and beard were all white and shiny from his old age, he was full of energy and had a torch-like gaze, just like a young boy.

        There are legends that Gu Yue's cultivation is almost at the level of a True God, but he has never had the will to compete for the position of True God.

        There are also legends. Gu Yue's own cultivation actually exceeded that of the Three Great True Gods, so he had been the master of the Hall of Toki Mountain, as everyone knew. The election of the Eight Directions World's True Gods required a tournament, which was inevitably hosted by the Top of Mount Qishan, and in a sense, the power of the Top of Mount Qishan was sometimes no less than that of the Three Great True Gods.

        However, no matter what kind of legend it was, it was only a legend, but what was certain was that Gu Yue's own cultivation was very high, and after all, legends were legends, but they also had to be based on certain facts.

        The disciple's head bowed: "But ......"

        "But what?" Gu Yue ton was dissatisfied, his disciple's low promises in front of so many people really made him feel uncomfortable.

        "However, the visitors called themselves Fu family members, but their bodies were full of blood and their demonic energy was extremely heavy. I'm worried ......" said the disciple, who lowered his eyebrows.

        "Fu family members?" Gu Yue frowned lightly and looked at Fu Tian.

        When Fu Tian heard this, he naturally smiled, "Senior Gu. My Fu family has already arrived, and there is no one who has not arrived, and I heard that there is still someone with demonic energy, so I'm afraid there is someone pretending to be him, so let's send him away."

        On such an occasion, Fu Tian naturally didn't want to associate the Fu Family with people of the Devil's Way and hurriedly left the relationship.

        Moreover, his Fu Family had indeed arrived in full numbers. Where was the Fu Family!

        "Hey, with all the heroes of the Eight Directions gathered here, even if it is a demon, are we not still afraid of him? Let them in?" At this moment. Ao Yong, the representative steward of the Eternal Sea at the side, said in a cold voice.

        It was obvious that Ao Yong was doing this on purpose, the purpose, naturally, was to refuse to let go of any opportunity to humiliate the Fu family.

        Fu Tian's face turned cold. But there was no way to argue, Gu Yue waved his hand, the disciple nodded and hurriedly retreated.

        In less than a moment. A few people covered in blood, now supported by a group of disciples on top of Mount Qishan, slowly entered the palace.

        When he saw the visitors, Futian was shocked and his entire body was even uglier than if he had eaten Shang. It was because the person who came was none other than Fu Mei and the others who were travelling with Han Qianqian.

        "Fumei, how come it's you?" Fu Tian gradually became anxious, if Fu Mei is like this. Could it be that there was something wrong with Han Qianqian?

        Fu Mei was about to speak when Ao Yong directly sneered, "Look at that bloody appearance, it's obvious that you've gone to explore the treasures near Qishan Mountain." Fu Mei wanted to make an excuse that there had been an accident halfway through the journey.

        Fu Mei wanted to make an excuse that there had been an accident halfway through the trip, but she didn't expect to be directly exposed by Ao Yong and choked on her throat for a moment.

        However, Fu Mei soon found an even better excuse: "Reporting to the clan head, Han Qianli insisted on going treasure hunting, but I couldn't persuade him, and as a result ......".

        "The result ...... was an accident."

        Obviously Fu Mei herself was greedy and forced Han 3000 to go, and after the accident, she promptly dumped Han 3000, and now, in order to evade Fu Tian's punishment, she is even backstabbing Han 3000, which is really despicable and shameless, and lowly in the extreme.

        "Accident? What could have gone wrong?" Fu Tian was puzzled and resigned, he had made extremely detailed arrangements to specifically let Fu Mei and Han Qianqian take the path, while his own side built up momentum, along the way to resist the number of people who wanted to kill Han Qianqian halfway, and now ......

        Now, you're telling yourself that Han 3,000 was still an accident?

        Even Fu Tian's mentality was a bit broken at this point, looking at Fu Mei, his entire body agitated, hands trembling, eyes on the verge of erupting with cannibalistic fury: "What about Han 3000?!"

        Fu Mei lowered his head for half a day before he dared to murmur, "He was knocked down into the Endless Abyss."

        "He was knocked down into the Endless Abyss?" Fu Tian stumbled with a shaken look, then, his expression gradually distorted, he gritted his teeth and took a few steps to Fu Mei's face.


        With a muffled sound, Fu Tian smacked Fu Mei directly in the face!