His True Colors Chapter 1884-1886

 Chapter 1884

There was even a hint of a smile on Han Qianqian's face.

        In the art of gambling, the most important skill is the gambling mentality.

        If one loses in mentality, one has no momentum and will undoubtedly lose.

        This is what Han Qianqian was gambling on.

        Just as the boulder man's fist was about to reach Han 3,000, suddenly the whole world changed, and the raging boulder fist in front of him disintegrated and scattered in an instant.

        What replaced them was a dazzling golden glow.

        Looking around, Han Qianqian's eyes were almost blinding, and the Linlong had even closed its eyes.

        What the two of them were in was a huge golden palace, in which all the materials were made of metal, so huge and imposing that just a single step was as big as a mountain.

        At this point, the palace began to slowly shrink, and in no time at all, it would turn the two of them into meat pies.

        Han Qianliang, however, wasn't worried at all and let out a breath of relief, a genuine smile on his face: "It's true."

        Puzzled, Lin Long said, "What is so?"

        "Oh, to invite us to tea, with trees and water, to make us into screaming chickens, with fire and earth, I think this next palace might be the vessel that will eat us, am I right?" Han Qianqian smiled evilly and lifted his gaze slightly.

        Lin Long was stunned, not knowing what Han Qianli was talking about, and as he followed Han Qianli's eyes, the air was empty again.

        For a long time, he suddenly smiled dumbly in mid-air: "Correct."

        "Three thousand, what does it mean?" Linlong's strange way of saying, "Why is it right?"

        Han Qianqiang smiled: "If you connect these five things together, isn't it exactly one metal, wood, water, fire and earth?" After saying that, Han Qianqian looked into the air again: "Using the five elements of phase and gram, so among the various lines, the birth is never ending, never wearing out, destroy one and the other four lines will come to support it, so I can't even get those things to destroy."

        "But the phase of birth allows them to support each other, so what about the opposite?"

        With a ghostly smile, Han Qianli flicked his body and flew straight towards the air, and when he was in mid-air, a flame suddenly appeared from Han Qianli's hand.

        "This is ......" in the air, the voice was slightly surprised.

        "The fire of the last world." Han Qianli smiled, "It burns me quite painfully, but I don't know if it's the fire that's powerful, or if these metals in your golden palace are even tougher!"

        Afterwards, Han Qianli suddenly pushed all the energy in his body, expanding the flames in his hands to the maximum, and with a single wave of his hand, the flames in his hands suddenly turned directly into a fire dragon, which attacked the golden palace with a roar as Han Qianli waved.

        As the fire dragon went, everywhere it passed was incinerated, and the metal that shone with golden light was instantly turned into black gas.

        In just a few moments, half of the seemingly impregnable palace was burned to the ground.

        As the black light arrived, the world changed abruptly, and in the next second, Han 3,000 was standing in the original world, on an endless expanse of golden grass.

        At that moment, a small pearl suddenly floated up in the sky, then flew quickly to Han 3,000's face and finally turned into a dot of light that entered Han 3,000's eyebrow.

        "Interesting, interesting, really interesting, it can break the Five Elements Formation."

        "Young man, you have somewhat impressed me." He smiled slightly.

        Lin Long's heart palpitated as he looked at Han Qianqian, "Qianqian, bull, I'm proud of you."

        If it wasn't for Han Three Thousand's discovery of the flaw, they would have surely died in it, after all, each individual realm was enough to kill them.

        "What's there to be impressed about, but having your barking chickens shattered." Han Giangli laughed.

        "Oh, come what may, we have plenty of time." The voice laughed.

        "Yeah? I don't think so!" After Han Qianli finished speaking, he smiled fiercely and suddenly directed his enormous energy, which had already been transported, at the fierce point in mid-air, and blasted it away.

        Almost as soon as the energy was released, Han Qianqian, with his Pangu Axe in hand, leapt and slashed at it with a thunderous momentum!

        "Han 3,000, what are you doing?!"

        Seeing Han Qianqian's sudden rampage, the Linlong shouted anxiously, naturally it didn't know what Han Qianqian was doing, releasing two spells into the air one after another, wasn't this a waste of stamina and energy?


        And almost simultaneously, there was a sudden bang in mid-air, and then the whole world shook slightly!

        Han Three Thousand Year held a Pan Gu axe and looked coldly into the air.

        "Three thousand, what's wrong?" Lin Long was puzzled as he looked at Han Qianqian, but when he saw that his face was ashen and he was just staring at the air, he looked up strangely, but there was nothing in the air.

        Lin Long stroked his head strangely, what on earth was going on?

        It's like an ectoplasmic dragon, it doesn't know any better!

        For a long time, there was a sudden burst of tiny sounds in the quiet surroundings.

        The Linlong turned back abruptly, but found that there were threads of golden liquid, now falling slightly from mid-air, dripping down onto the grass.

        Lin Long was shocked, but only Han Qianqian, who was now smiling slightly, was incomparably confident.

Chapter 1885

"How is this ...... this ...... possible? Can you...can you see me?" In mid-air, now appalled, a voice rang out.

        "What's so hard about this?" Han Giangli smiled slightly.

        "Difficult?" The air voice laughs dumbly: "Do you have any idea how long it took the last person to see me?"

        "1.76 billion years!!!"

        1.76 billion?

        Hearing this figure, Han Three Thousand Ton's eyebrows furrowed.

        What concept is this? A year, even if it's just counted casually, a second is a year, and that's nearly 80 years! Han Qianli was shocked. And dumbly some sympathy for the last person who actually spent a whole seventeen billion years.

        Seeing Han 3,000's expression, Mid-air snorted, "Why do you have to look down on him so much, although he's also one of those wastes, it must be admitted that he's already the fastest of all the wastes I've met."

        Han Giangli heard this and laughed scornfully, though he was reluctant to call anyone a punk. But trapping someone who spends so much time here really isn't very smart either: "You're lifting me up? After all, I've only been using it for an hour. Am I that strong?"

        "An hour? It's been almost a year since you came in, and I really don't know where you got your enchanted confidence, but you can really be proud of yourself, because you were indeed the fastest one." The air was cold.

        "I was in a coma for close to a year?" Han 3,000 was unbelievable.


        Come to think of it, when we first came in, the grass was green. Now, the grass is yellow, as if it has indeed undergone a spring/autumn transition, and Han Three Thousand is suddenly shocked, damn, didn't that miss the tournament!

        "I want out!" Han Three Thousand Castles said urgently.

        The voice in the air laughed fiercely, "Get out? It took the last guy 1.76 billion years to see me and then 6.7 billion years to get out of here, you think? Is it that easy?"

        "But I'm interested in you, after all, you're far better than that bunch of losers! Moreover, you even possess the Pan Gu Axe and the Indestructible Xuan Armour, I would like to see whether you are the Chosen One or a misnomer." The words fell.

        A spiritual light suddenly flashed in the sky. Immediately afterwards, it flew directly into Han Qianli's eyebrows.

        Han Qianqian was shocked and looked vigilantly up into the air, "What have you done to me?"

        "Why so nervous? You should be happy. This is the Five Elements Divine Stone, and in my world, you deserve to be rewarded for winning the game." The air laughed softly.

        As the words fell, the world changed abruptly once again.

        What Han Qianli was in was still a primitive world, with green trees reaching into the sky, a cloudless blue sky and green grasslands. Exotic flowers and grasses of all colours were mixed in with some huge colourful mushrooms.

        In the distant grasslands, all sorts of giant beasts that Han Qianli had never seen before walked slowly.

        "Three thousand. The aura of this place is so abundant." Lin Long said at this point.

        Han Three Thousand also nodded, this place indeed had plenty of spiritual qi, it was a good place to cultivate, if you stayed in a place like this for a year or six months, your cultivation would probably improve quite a bit.

        "Oh, if people from the Eightfold World knew there was such a place for cultivation, they'd probably have their heads squeezed. I didn't expect that a mere heavenly book could have such an otherworldly cave." Han Three Thousand smiled bitterly.

        "Three thousand, it's an Eight Wilderness Heavenly Book, what's so strange about it." Speaking of which, Lin Long's eyes were very complicated.

        As a high-grade divine object conceived and nurtured with the Eightfold World, it was more like a little brother to the Eightfold World, and the Eightfold World was a world. As a brother, it naturally could also create its own world, which was not unusual.

        "Right. What was the Five Elements Divine Stone it was talking about just now?" Han Three Thousand Years Road.

        Lin Long shook his head: "I'm not sure about its stuff. No one has understood it, no one knows what functions and abilities it has, everyone who has seen it has died, and the only legend that has been passed down is that it records the names of all the true gods in the Eight Directions."

        Han Qianli suddenly became interested: "Then it seems. I'll be the first person to know its secrets and leave here alive."

        The Linlong looked at Han Three Thousand for no apparent reason, "I don't know where you get your confidence, but this is the Eight Wonders Heavenly Book. Didn't you hear what it just said? Where it takes billions of years for others to get out."

        "Didn't you listen to him either? Those are all rubbish and I'm the only one who saw it coming after less than a year." Han Qianli is confident.

        Han 3000 has never been a very floaty person and has never bragged. But this time, he was very confident, as it was obvious. The difference between Han Three Thousand and those before him was too great.

        One had taken less than a year, while the fastest had taken billions of years, a gap of over a billion years. It was already obvious.

        Moreover, Han Three Thousand must leave from here no matter what.

        The Linlong also nodded its head. It couldn't argue with that, "Then what now?"

        Han Qianli raised his eyes to the distance, "I don't know, let's walk and see."

        After saying that, Han Qianli followed his senses and walked onwards, and far above the grasslands, there was a caged, unusually dense forest, which was exceptionally different from the towering trees here.

        A few minutes later, Han 3,000 walked into this small, low-growing forest.

        The further we went in, the darker the light became, and the surrounding trees were gradually replaced by a green bamboo grove, the ground full of yellow and fallen bamboo leaves, which made a rustling sound as one walked on them.

        All the way in, it is almost as dark as night, and the breeze patrols between the bamboo groves.

        In the middle of the bamboo grove, a dozen or so earthbags stood in a row. The bamboo grove was shaking gently at this time, and some sunlight was streaming in.

        Han Qianli's brow furrowed, why were there graves here?

        With this curiosity, Han Qianqian walked up to the graves, which were about a dozen randomly stacked tombs, so simple that even under the cover of bamboo leaves, the grave grass still sprouted several metres high.

        The graves were roughly the same, with the only difference perhaps being the inscriptions on the wooden steles in front of the graves.

        "Tomb of Cheng Yongshi."

        "The tomb of Liang Han."

        Han Qianli casually recited a few grave names, then furrowed his brows, "Why are there so many graves here?"

        Just then, Lin Long's voice rang out, full of bitter laughter and sighs, "Han 3,000 yuan, we might be miserable, but it turns out that these trash, ...... surprisingly, are them."

        "If they are all trash, then we ......"

        At this point, the Linlong closed his voice and was no longer able to say more.

Chapter 1886

If bitterness could be described as a taste, then the bitterness of the Linlong right now could be described as yellow lily.

        Han Qianliang frowned strangely, "What do you mean?"

        "Do you know who's buried here?" Linlong laughed bitterly.

        "I don't know." Han Giangli shook his head.

        "Let's start with this Cheng Yong, two hundred million years ago, when the Eternal Sea was not a True God family, and Cheng Shiyong was one of the three True Gods of the Eightfold World. As for this Liang Han, he is even more famous as the pioneering god of the Eight Directions World, and Fu Juntian, the third True God of the Fu Family."

        "There are also these latter ones, who are even more great, each of them was once a figure of great fame and prestige in the World of the Eight Directions, Han Qianqian, is this the trash in that population?"

        Lin Long shook his head and laughed bitterly. Anyone in it was a pivotal figure, and even more so, a true god with an extremely high reputation in the Eight Directions World.

        Han Qianli was also completely dumbfounded. It was impossible for him to have imagined that the group of trash the voice was referring to could be these big shots.

        It wasn't that Han 3,000 had drifted away, or that they couldn't lift their swords, but that Han 3,000 had never expected it.

        "Oh, I didn't expect that the world of the Eight Wilderness Book would be the final place where so many True Gods had fallen." Lin Long was incredulous.

        "How did they end up here?" Han 3000 Road.

        "Perhaps, for them. Being a true god in the Eightfold World means that they are already invincible in the Eightfold World, so the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, something outside the realm, might be their pursuit, but they never expected that this would be the place where their lives would end." Lin Long shook his head and sighed.

        "No wonder the true gods of the Eight Worlds always disappear unnoticed, perhaps even their families don't know why they've suddenly disappeared."

        Han Giangli sighed.

        But apart from sighing for them, Han Three Thousand's heart was suddenly like a mountain on top of them.

        How enigmatic and confident she had been, and now, how helpless and uncertain she felt.

        So many big names were hanging on here. What confidence did Han Qianxiang have to get out of here?

        "Han Three Thousand Years, I feel so cold." Lin Long quietly looked at Han Qianxiang.

        Seeing the graves of so many great gods, Lin Long had no confidence.

        "I feel it too." Han Three Thousand was embarrassed.

        The atmosphere. Suddenly turned extremely cold.

        It wasn't clear whether it was the coldness around the graves or the fact that one person had a heart dragon.

        After a moment, Han Three Thousand Year smiled gently, "Then I have to play with it to the end."

        Seeing that the dragon was puzzled, Han Third Thousand smiled, "What does it mean that so many great gods are coming here? It means that this Eight Wilderness Book may be more than just a record of the names of the gods, it must have something transcendent about it, and that is why they tend to follow it."

        "What you say is certain. But the problem is that they all died here, you ......" Lin Long shook his head.

        These ancient True Gods. Far more powerful than any of the current True Gods, and even exaggerated, they could be a dozen or three, because the aura of the Eightfold World had become thinner and thinner over the past millions of years, and the further back you went, the harder it was to cultivate to a higher level. The second thing is that there are different types of True Gods: those who are unknown and those who have achieved remarkable success in battle.

        In particular, gods such as Zhang Juntian were unparalleled war gods who had vanquished the demon race.

        "Oh, it took them a long time to see it, but what about me? There is nothing in this world that can stop me, Han Qianli." Han Three Thousand Thousand smiles confidently.

        No matter how difficult it is here, Han Three Thousand will walk out alive, and there will never be a place for him in this tomb.

        Because Su Yingxia and Nian'er were still waiting for him.

        "Come on." Han Qianli gazed confidently at the sky in the gap in the bamboo forest.

        And almost immediately. The mountain rain was about to come, and the entire sky changed colour, with black clouds rolling in. What was only a moment ago was as bright as day and night.

        The bamboo forest also became dark and terrifyingly dark.

        At this moment, Han Qianli heard the rustle of falling leaves in the bamboo forest.

        Han 3,000 fixed his eyes on several graves. The grass shook lightly and the leaves on the graves moved remotely, then. A ghostly hand stretched out from the grave and grasped the ground. Dragging their broken Grylls' bodies slowly crawled out.

        "Oh no!" Lin Long's heart was cold, these people who crawled out from their graves were obviously the dead souls of those dead True Gods. It was obviously difficult to deal with them!

        Han Giangli also had sweaty palms; he had never fought a True God before. He knew nothing about the abilities of the True Gods, even though these were all dead souls. What kind of abilities they had, or how much energy they had inherited in life, Han 3000 knew nothing.

        With the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, Han 3000 no longer cared about that much and took the lead in attacking.

        In just an instant, Han 3,000 fought with the ghostly figures in the bamboo forest.

        A few minutes later, with a sudden movement of his eyes, Han 3,000 suddenly closed in and, with an unimaginable gesture, rushed towards the top of the bamboo forest.

        "Han Three Thousand Year, what are you doing?" Lin Long Chido.