His True Colors Chapter 1881-1883

 Chapter 1881

It was indeed a little upset with Han Three Thousand's decision, because the Endless Abyss was truly a place where you couldn't get out, and although it wouldn't kill you, it was even more unpleasant than death.

        Han 3,000 nodded, which made sense, there was no way that someone like True Floating Zi, who was a dead friend of the Dao but not a poor man, would be able to sacrifice his life to come to him.

        However, if not him, who else could it be?

        Is there anyone else in this endless abyss?

        But soon, Han Qianli himself ruled out the idea.

        How could there be anyone but himself in a place like this?

        Neither here nor there, are there ghosts here?

        "Who exactly are the seniors? Please also show up and speak." Han Qianli now spoke out and asked.

        As soon as the shout was uttered, within seconds, there was nothing but a silken echo in the empty, endless abyss.


        After a few more shouts, there was still no answer from anyone in the abyss. Han 3,000 was very frustrated, but he chose to try the method described by the voice, biting through his finger and placing his blood directly on top of the yellow talisman.

        The yellow talisman suddenly flashed with a fierce golden light, and Han 3,000 was too close to it to open his eyes, then the yellow talisman flew straight towards Han 3,000's eyebrow and finally dug into it.

        After the yellow talisman flew in, Han Qianqian didn't notice anything unusual until he opened his eyes and suddenly realised that the almost grey scene that had been speeding past in front of him had completely changed into seven colours.

        It was as if he was in the middle of a rainbow, and when he looked down, there was no longer a deep, dark pitch, but instead, a green meadow.

        Even though you are very far away from the grass!

        What is this ...... all about?

        Could it be an illusion?

        Just then, that voice rang out once more: "I've already said that the flesh eye and the heart eye will deviate in perception with the seven emotions and six desires, but the Heaven's Eye talisman will not, so now, take a good look at this world that was always misunderstood."

        This time, Han Giang could be very sure that the voice was that of the dead Taoist, True Floater, including his words about the flesh eye and the heart eye, Han Giang also remembered that these, were the words he had told himself last night.

        "True Floating Son, where are you? What the hell are you up to?" Han Qianqian looked up towards the place above his head, where there was a blue sky and white clouds, but not a single person in sight.

        Only his own echoes echoed back to Han 3,000.

        "True to the Hua Shi, but floating in the heavens and earth, this is true floating."

        A moment later, a cheerful laugh sounded, and then there was no more movement.

        It really was True Floating, and although he did not answer himself, explaining the meaning of his name to the world was already telling.

        "It's simply not possible, there's no way anyone else could be heard in the Endless Abyss, unless someone is specifically jumping in the same abyss as us, and they have to be very close." After Lin Long was also sure that it was a real floater, his whole body could not believe this was true at all.

        Each Endless Abyss was an independent system, in which it was impossible to communicate unless one was in the same abyss. It had been several full hours since Han Qianqian and the others had fallen into it, and its distance from the top of the mountain was already very far, which was all ......

        But then again, this is indeed the voice of the True Floater.

        "How on earth does this real floater do it?" The Linlong is strange.

        "The most important thing is that it gave me this talisman, and after using it, I seem to have seen a different light in it." Han Giangli shook his head, his heart also very surprised.

        "A different light scene? What else could be different in the endless abyss of light?" Linlong is strange.

        "Grass, blue skies and white clouds, even around us, there are rainbows!" Han Giangli told Lin Long about the wonders he had seen.

        Hearing this, Lin Long looked at Han Qianqian in disbelief: "Are you serious?"

        "No falsehoods whatsoever!"

        "How is this possible? At the bottom of the endless abyss is an abyssal black hole, where are the other colours? Han 3000, what is this all about?" Lin Longchamp.

        Obviously, this is now beyond his knowledge as well.

        Han Giangli shook his head, "Tell me one more thing that surprises you even more."

        "What is it?"

        "We've been dropping down to the bottom of the grass, but we're almost at the bottom." Han 3,000 yuan.

        "What?!" The Linlong is even more shocked, there is no bottom to the Endless Abyss, so how could it fall to the bottom?

        It was completely unbelievable.

        "Five seconds to go!"

        Han Qianqiang also has a quick sweat on her eyebrows, her eyes like a torch staring at the approaching ground, to the bottom, is it really the bottom?

        Is there really a bottom to the endless abyss?

        Isn't that the legendary one that goes on falling for all eternity, with no end in sight? How can it have a bottom?

        But what we saw before us was incomparably real, the green grass, and as we got closer and closer, Han 3,000 could even see the glistening dewdrops on the tips of the grass.

        Is there really a bottom to the Endless Abyss?

Chapter 1882


        Before Han Qiang's entire body could reflect, his body suddenly hit the ground defencelessly, in a rapid descent that was indistinguishable between illusion and reality.

        Immediately afterwards, Han 3,000 went black and fainted.

        Han 3,000 hardened on the green ground, smashing a huge hole more than two metres deep......

        When he woke up again, Han 3000 did not know how long it had been, but the grass on the ground had wilted, and as far as the eye could see, it was as vast as a field of gold under the sunlight.

        At this time, the sun hanging in the sky was golden with red, it was already a good sunset, but the autumn wind was rising.

        Shaking his head and touching his head, Han Giangli felt a splitting headache: "Where is this?".

        Climbing out of the pit, Han Qianli moved his muscles and looked around curiously, is this the bottom of the Endless Abyss?

        "What a life, falling from such a high place, and I'm not even dead, Han 3000?" Han Giangli's heart palpitated as he looked up at the sky, wondering if it was a blessing or a curse.

        "What is this?" Suddenly, Han 3,000 Hertz discovered that there was a stone stele standing next to the pit, not large, around twenty centimetres.

        On it were three large characters written in a strange, but flowing font: Heavenly Book World.

        "Lin Long, are you still alive? Tell me, if you can't die, what is the realm of heavenly books?" Looking at the tablet, Han Giangli's brows furrowed slightly.

        "Is there any writing on it?" Linlong asked weakly.


        Linlongton was very strange, "Why can you see things I can't?"

        "I don't know, could it be the Heaven's Eye talisman that True Floater gave me?" Han Qianliang was strange.

        Lin Long nodded, murmured for a moment, and asked, "Who exactly is this True Floater? How can you see things differently with just a charm? And it will get us out of the endless abyss?"

        Lin Long's words were actually what Han Qianqian was considering. This old Taoist priest was only giving a yellow talisman, but it was actually so magical.

        Was he really as simple as a Taoist priest?

        At this moment, a loud voice was heard in the sky, joyful and beautiful: "One hundred and seventy-one million years and forty-one days, here, at last, is a new guest, hello, children."

        "Who is it?! Who's speaking again?"

        "Makofuku-chan, is that you?"

        Hearing a voice, Han Giangxi looked east and west in a hurry.

        "There is no need to look, the sky is me, the earth is me, the air is me, the trees are me, everything is me, and I am everything here." The air laughed aloud.

        "And who are you?" Han Giangli frowned.

        "Me? My name is Tianshu, the Eight Wilderness Heavenly Books."

        Han Qianqian was puzzled, but Lin Long was suddenly and violently shocked: "What, you are the Eight Wilderness Heavenly Books?"

        A slight smile in the sky: "Exactly."

        Han Qianqian peeked inwardly at the Lin Long at this time, but clearly saw that his entire face was pale and clearly shocked, even his body was trembling slightly.

        "Lin Long, what's wrong?" Han Qianliang frowned.

        Lin Long smiled miserably, "Three thousand, I really don't know whether to say that you've lucked out or that you've had great bad luck, do you know what the Eight Wilderness Books are?"

        Han Qianli shook his head in puzzlement.

        "The Book of the Eight Wastelands is said to be a divine object that existed at the birth of the Eight Directions, on which are recorded the names of all the true gods of the Eight Directions, be they past, present or future. But unfortunately, it is an unknown object, and according to legend, all those who have encountered it will eventually die, and as it is both good and evil, it has been forgotten for tens of millions of years," he says. Lin Long explained.

        After hearing these words, Han Qianqian was a little worried, it seemed that he really didn't know whether he was lucky or unlucky to have met it.

        "O little snake, you are misunderstanding me, those who don't deserve me are naturally damned, this is the normal result, how can you say that this is unknown? Secondly, in the world of life, who can tell what is good and what is evil and what is evil and what is good?" The voice boomed with laughter, not angry at what Lin Long had said.

        "But a guest is a guest. According to my rules of hospitality, I'll start with a pot of tea, okay?"

        As soon as the words fell, the world around him suddenly distorted, then the whole world changed, and in the blink of an eye, the whole world suddenly turned into a huge forest.

        Before Han 3,000 could get used to it, the surrounding area suddenly moved, and all the trees around him twisted like a pack of wolves, their branches transforming into long hands and frantically pouncing towards Han 3,000.

        Not daring to take it lightly, Han 3,000 held his jade sword in his hand, aimed it at the onrushing tree trunks and leapt straight into the air!


        The trunk was suddenly cut in half with a sword!


        But what Han Qianli hadn't expected was that the tree trunks, which had just been cut in two by Han Qianli, were now suddenly connected again.

        Damn it, these tree trunks could regenerate, and instantly at that!

        There was no time to think, as the surrounding trees were now as dense as cobwebs, attacking Han 3,000 once again.

        An hour passed, and Han 3,000 was panting and exhausted, but not only had the surrounding trees not diminished in the slightest, not even a single leaf had been lost.

        These things were simply inexhaustible.

        Just as Han Qianli became extremely annoyed, suddenly the whole world distorted once again.

        He stood somewhat reflective in the middle, staring at the drastically changing world.



        Suddenly, there was a sound of water, as if there was a sea in the sky, then it was turned upside down and poured down, and the water suddenly fell from the sky, and in the midst of the waves, there were even waves that became dragons, roaring and rushing down towards Han Qianli.

        Cursing in his heart, Han Qianli held his long sword in his hand, aiming it directly at the water dragons.

        But almost as Han Qianli had expected, these water dragons were identical to the trees and could not be swept away or cut inexhaustibly.

        Despite his empty cultivation, Han 3,000 had no strength at all against these seemingly weak defences, which were in fact constantly reborn, as if he was punching cotton.

        Soon, the water in the sky was getting closer and closer to overwhelming Han 3,000, and when the water dragon was cut off it would always burst into some water spray, which had already made Han 3,000 soaked to the skin, as if he had been swimming in the water with his clothes on.

        "It's a f*cking tree, it's got water, and it's really a good pot of tea." Han Qianqiang smiled grimly, so angry that his lungs hurt.

        "What do you think about some barking chickens after the tea?" In the sky, the voice suddenly spoke again.

        Calling chickens?!

Chapter 1883

Without waiting for Han 3,000 to speak, the world distorted once again, a water-coloured world, but suddenly, Han 3,000 seemed to have entered a barren, grass-covered land with a blazing sun baking the ground, surrounded by mountains and piles of steep rocks.


        Suddenly, several of the surrounding mountains moved, and only then did Han Qianli see clearly that it was not an expert at all, but a man of boulders.

        It was mountain-high, but its entire body was humanoid, with stony soil piled up in distinct lines!


        Several roars, the giants, now roaring, rushed straight towards Han 3,000.

        Han 3,000 almost laughed bitterly, knowing that they were as certain as before that they couldn't be destroyed, and that they could be reborn instantly.

        So, Han 3,000 closed his eyes and waited quietly.

        "Han Third Thousand, be careful, this is not an illusion!"

        The Linlong shouted fiercely, then rushed out of Han Qianli's body, using its dragon body to crash directly into the giant in front of Han Qianli.


        A giant pounced on Han Qianqian, aiming at his chest with a fierce circle.

        Han 3,000 felt a heart-rending pain in his chest, and his entire body retreated several metres, spurting out a mouthful of blood directly from his throat.

        Han 3,000 was dismayed and couldn't believe the scene before him.

        No matter how formidable an opponent he had faced since he had possessed the Indestructible Xuan Armour, Han 3000 had never been directly defenestrated and suffered such serious injuries.

        Just some stone phantom giants, where did they get the ability to injure themselves?

        Although Han 3,000 had just wrongly judged that it could be an illusion and so didn't do much to defend itself, it didn't mean that Han 3,000's indestructible Xuan Armour had also stopped ah.

        "What the hell is this thing?" Lin Long looked at Han Qianqiang's injury and was now in shock.

        "Ghost knows." Han 3,000 roared inwardly, no longer daring to slacken in his heart, bringing up all his energy and rushing directly towards the giant.

        In just a few moments, Han 3,000 was in a wretched state, and the Linlong was no better, its prideful body, originally silvery, was now grey-headed and ashen, like a large earthworm from afar.

        "Han 3,000, if this continues, we will surely die." Lin Long said coldly.

        "I know, and I'm thinking of a way." Han Qianli said coldly, and although he was very tired, his eyes were like eagle eyes, staring around.

        He was looking for a flaw!

        "Oh, what the hell are you thinking, you've got enough material, you're about to add fire." Suddenly, the world changed instantly again.

        Suddenly, the world was red hot, and before Han 3,000 could even reflect from the giants, the soles of his feet, the top of his head, and even as far as the eye could see, were all ablaze with fire.

        Han 3,000 instantly felt that his body was unbearably hot, and his sweat was unbearably hot.

        Suddenly, out of the burning flames leaped a number of fire wolves, interspersed with sharp roars, densely rushing in from all directions.

        Han Qianqiang's face was cold: "Damn, I do understand, calling a sister a chicken, this is clearly treating us like chickens, this is doing us."

        Linlong was suddenly furious at this, as it was clearly an insult.

        "Damn it, I'll fight you." Lin Long shouted furiously, ignoring his injuries and fiercely attacked towards the fire wolves.

        Han Qianli tried to call out to him, but it was too late.

        Looking at the fight between the Linlong and those fire wolves, Han 3000 did not choose to immediately support them, but instead watched quietly, calmed down, and was now thinking seriously.

        These things could all be reborn the same, four times so far.

        And, carefully associating these together, Han Three Thousand had an exceptionally shocking fact.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianli smiled slightly, his entire body turning inexplicably confident.

        "I think I know how to break these fire wolves." Han Qianli laughed coldly.

        Lin Long let out a sigh of relief when he heard this, in fact, he already regretted it as soon as he rushed in, because it was obvious that he was just acting on impulse, and if he really wanted to go up against the fire wolves with their extremely fast speed and fierce teeth, not to mention that he didn't have the heart of the dragon race today, even if he did, this small flesh skin of his couldn't resist the bite of these fire wolves, and it didn't hurt to bite, but it burned like a pain in the heart.

        As soon as he entered, the Linlong was dizzy from the burning, and when he wanted to attack, he often hit the air as if it were air, and his mind was on the verge of exploding with anger.

        With the words of Han Qianqian, Linlong retreated and waited for Han to come and help.

        "Three thousand, get him y." Linlong shouted excitedly at Han 3,000, looking as if the street thugs had suddenly found a leading brother as a backer.

        "What are you yelling at." Han 3,000 glared at Lin Long, "Get? How does it work? Han 3000 couldn't get it right.

        The reason he says he has a solution is actually a gamble.

        He was betting that his perception and judgement was right.

        At that moment, several fire wolves were already rushing towards Han 3,000 with their fangs and bloody mouths open, and if they bit him, they would certainly be close to death!

        But Han Qiangqiang remains unmoved.