His True Colors Chapter 1879-1880

 Chapter 1879

Han 3,000 gritted his teeth, his heart greeted True Floating Zi's ancestor for the ten thousandth time.

        Obviously, the True Floater was reminding himself that at such a time, he should never fight back rashly, and that once he over-consumed in such a place, not to mention whether or not he could retreat in one piece, even if he could, as far as Han 3000's heavy consumption at that time was concerned, going to the tournament would be like sending equipment to a special place.

        The real floater really hit Han 3,000 right on the head with his words, making Han suddenly hesitate.

        But at the same time, Han 3,000 was confused, what on earth was this True Floater doing?

        First he mysteriously gave away the amulet, then he told himself that he had to be careful with many people today, and now he is really operating as fierce as a tiger and has put himself on the opposite side of everyone.

        What is his intention in doing this?

        Han Qianqian wanted to know, but at this point, it was clear that there was no chance to pursue the matter any further. Faced with a crowd of people coming up like a flood, Han Qianqian had no other choice but to put up a small amount of energy to put up a little resistance.

        After retreating several times, Han 3,000 was directly approached by the crowd.

        If he didn't use his full strength, Han 3,000 would not be able to withstand the onslaught of so many people, and it would be death now.

        Thinking about it, just as Han 3,000 was about to fight them, the real floater spoke out again, "Chu Tian, the best way to prove that you're not with him is to take action yourself and destroy him."

        Chu Tian was clearly stunned, but in the next second, he still snorted coldly, "I'm naturally not in cahoots with him."

        "That's good, use your previous immobilisation mechanism to immobilise Han Qianli." True Float smiled heedlessly.

        Hearing this, Chu Tian and Han Qianxiang looked at the old man almost simultaneously in great confusion, how did he know that Chu Tian had the immobilising mechanism?

        Moreover, looking at his confident appearance, it was as if he knew that Chu Tian had once made a move to trap Han Qianqian.

        However, that was a long time ago, so how on earth did this old man know?

        At this time, an extremely terrifying thought suddenly came to Han Qianqian's mind, that the old man, True Floater, had been secretly following him, otherwise, why did he seem to know so much about it? But the problem is, with one's own cultivation and the vigilance of the Fu Family guards, especially after what happened to Chu Tian and the tighter guard embankments, it's obviously impossible to track oneself without being discovered.

        Looking at this old daoist day God, could it be that he had some kind of unpredictable ability!

        "What are you waiting for? Hurry up." The True Floating Zi smiled heedlessly.

        Chu Tian nodded, and with the yellow talisman in his hand, he was about to burn in the air, when the True Floater suddenly raised his voice again and said to Han Qianli, "Han Qianli, you can't retreat anymore, unless you jump to the cliff behind you."

        "It's a bit higher, but it's far better to fall to pieces than to be beaten to a pulp."

        "Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll pick up a life!"

        Han Giangli gave a cold look at the real floater, what the hell is this damn guy up to!

        However, his words somewhat reminded Han 3,000 that although there was a deep abyss behind him, there was also a chance for him to escape.

        Although the abyss behind him was so deep that it was almost impossible to see the bottom, ordinary people wouldn't dare.

        But ordinary people don't dare, Han 3,000 dared.

        Of course, this kind of confidence was not in Han 3,000 himself, but in his Immortal Armour. Even if the depth was too deep, Han 3,000 believed that the Immortal Armour was capable of protecting his body from too much damage under a heavy fall.

        What's more, Han 3,000 felt that there was something in True Floater's words. Although he still doesn't know exactly what the old man meant by "ghosts" and "gods", Han 3,000 felt as if he was helping himself again at times.

        Although this feeling was unfounded, Han 3,000 didn't have much choice at the moment.

        After thinking of this, Han 3,000 suddenly used a force in his hand to forcefully beat back everyone in front of him, and without thinking about it any further, he turned over and jumped off the cliff.

        Han 3,000's sudden leap off the cliff left everyone present unaware.

        Xiaotao and Qin Simin were dumbstruck, as if they had lost their souls the moment Han 3,000 jumped off the cliff.

        Although their attitudes towards Han Qianli were different, they shared one thing in common - their deep love for him.

        "F*ck, this dog b*tch has jumped off the cliff." Someone was unhappy.

        "Oh, anyway, below this cliff, it's 10,000 meters, I'm afraid this kid doesn't know, but this place is in the vicinity of Toki Mountain, the top of the world, which cliff in this vicinity isn't 10,000 feet, even, many abysses are endless, jumping into this, if it's not asking for death, what is it?"

        "That's right, the abyss near Mount QI is no different from the cliffs in other places, where one can escape by using energy to fly up into the sky. In the abyss, under the influence of Mount QI, there are complicated and dark currents and black holes.

        "Maybe ten thousand years later, he'll still be in the abyss and keep falling down."


        After a moment's shock at Han Qianxiang's jump off the cliff, the group of "aspirants" were met with endless ridicule. Anyone with a little common sense in the Eight Directions knows that jumping off a cliff in any mountain range a hundred miles from the summit of Mount Qishan is the same as pushing an ordinary person without any cultivation off a height of ten thousand miles.

        There is simply no chance of survival.

        This is not to mention the endless abysses, which are countless.

        The most terrifying thing is that this endless abyss, as its name suggests, will never end.

        The most terrifying thing is that this endless abyss, as its name suggests, is never-ending. One will continue to fall into the abyss forever and ever.

        For many people, falling into this abyss is tantamount to suffering the most cruel torture in the world.

        This was the case for Han Qianxiang.

        After jumping off the cliff and falling several hundred metres, he saw no one chasing him and only then was he able to transport his energy and try to soar up, but just as he did, his entire body suddenly felt completely out of control.

Chapter 1880

Immediately afterwards, Han 3,000 was like a plane that had run out of fuel and lost lift, its body falling at an extremely high speed.

        Han 3,000 was so distraught that he couldn't figure out what was happening and could only try again and again to stimulate the energy.

        Several minutes passed, but Han 3,000 still found that all his attempts were useless.

        "You idiot, you jumped off the cliff when you were told to, don't you even think about where this is, if I'm right, we've fallen into the Endless Abyss."

        At this moment, the voice of the Lin Long came out, slightly reproachful.

        Seeing Han 3,000 puzzled, Lin Long told Han 3,000 about the Endless Abyss, and Han 3,000's heart was ashen after hearing it, which meant that he would keep falling into it endlessly, forever and ever?

        "People are obviously trying to trap you, you're a guy who's always been smart, but you believe that bull-nosed old man at such a critical time. Now well, you've surrendered yourself, and others, outwitting you, will have a reputation for it later!" Lin Long grumbled.

        In the last few days, he had been recuperating in Han 3,000's body almost as much as Xiaobai, both beasts had been injured because of saving Han 3,000's life, and Xiaobai's Void Sect had called upon the Beast of Thousands to come and help, the energy drain was enormous, plus it had just recently been born itself.

        "So what now?" Han Giangli said, "Is there a way to crack it?"

        In fact, even now, Han Qianqian doesn't think that the old man wasn't to blame for what happened, because he really doesn't think that the old man, Zhenfauzi, was deliberately trying to trap him.

        But Linlong's words did make sense, which left Han 3,000 unable to argue.

        "What else can I do? Waiting to die!" Lin Long didn't have the good sense to say, "In the Endless Abyss, all energy will be immune, but of course, your body can still move, and of course you think you can flutter up there with a froggy swim, that's not impossible."

        Obviously, the latter sentence was Lin Long's way of ridiculing Han Qianqian, how can you swim up there in a swimming stance, air is not water? Moreover, the most important thing is that even if he could swim, Han 3,000 has already fallen down to unknown depths in the past ten minutes, and it's unlikely that he would be able to scrape his way up in a few years just by swimming with his frog.

        Han 3,000 didn't bother with this guy, and still refused to give up trying every possible way, because Han knew that he couldn't be trapped here.

        After several hours, Han 3,000 was exhausted and lay directly in the air, letting his body fall freely.

        It wasn't that he refused to give up, but he really had no choice.

        He had tried any way he could think of, but it was all useless, and nothing had changed except for wasting his energy in vain.

        At this point, he was staring at the yellow talisman given by True Floater, and only then did Han Qianli really feel that Lin Long's words might really be unfortunately true.

        Damn it, could it be that he had really misjudged someone and had been trapped by that old thing, True Floating Zi? But what's the point of screwing himself?

        Do you just want to get ahead by kil ling yourself? It didn't seem very likely, thought Han Giangiang. When he knew his identity, taking the Pan Gu Axe should have been his goal.

        To go all the way around the world just to get a position in that temporary alliance? Obviously not.

        Han Qianli couldn't figure it out and only found the real floater to be odd.

        Even this talisman was odd.

        With nothing else to do, Han 3,000 decided to give the yellow talisman a try; anyway, having fallen completely under the True Floater's spell, he wasn't far off.

        However, how to use this yellow talisman, Han 3,000 really didn't know, he tried to put it on his forehead, on his hands, and even on his waist, but it really didn't seem to have any hanging power.

        "No way, did that old man really get the drop on us?" Han Qianli was depressed.

        Remembering that he had been a wise man for decades and had finally capsized in a gutter, Han Qianli was still a little depressed.

        Just then, a speechless voice suddenly floated in the air.

        "Use your blood to stain the yellow talisman so that it can be used for your benefit. Even if you are, this charm isn't for zombies."

        Hearing the voice, Han Qianqian was stunned: "Linlong, do you f*cking know how to use it? You won't tell my son?"

        "Do you think that's my voice?" Lin Long Dao.

        Hearing the words and voice of the Linlong, Han Qianli's entire body was fiercely shocked and his eyebrows furrowed wildly, it was obvious that the two voices from earlier were completely different.

        This meant that it wasn't the Linlong speaking at all just now, but if it wasn't it, who else could it be!

        Beast King Sebastian was resting, and even if he had just happened to be awake, his voice was far from it.

        That voice was more like that of an old man, and speaking of old men, Han Qianqian suddenly felt that the voice of the True Floating Son was very similar to his.

        Could it be that it was the Man Fauzi?

        "Big brother, you've been falling into the endless abyss for hours, and you're a good few hundred thousand kilometres from the top of the cliff, do you think you can hear him talking from up there? Or are you still naive enough to think that he jumped with you when you jumped? I'm afraid you're out of your mind." Linlong was dissatisfied.