His True Colors Chapter 1874-1876

 Chapter 1874

Compared to the bustling, singing and dancing outside, Han Qianxiang's place was filled with sadness.

        The closer he got to the red light, the more uneasy Han Qianli's heart became, a feeling that made him feel very strange, but he couldn't say what was strange about it.

        He had been observing the pillar of light all along the journey, but to be honest, it looked normal, without any evil aura, and indeed seemed like the arrival of a foreign treasure.

        However, Han Giangli still felt that he was strange.

        After taking a sip of wine, the tent's curtain was lifted, and Han 3,000 was slightly surprised to see the visitor.

        A hundred miles away from the tent, in a cave somewhere, a white light flashed, and the old man, who was busy on the blood pool, stood up quickly.

        "Meet the princess."

        "Get up, are things going well?" The white light falls away, and Lu Ruoxin falls slowly, like a fairy.

        "A hundred miles away, there are already people from the eight directions of the world, and I have already set up a curious ghost formation.

        "The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the range of products available. Lu Ruoxin faintly smiled, a smile that captivated the city, but those beautiful and feminine eyes were filled with a solemn coldness.

        "Yes, Princess."

        The old man accompanied her with a cold smile.

        Inside the tent.

        Han Qianli frowned slightly and looked at the visitor, not wondering.

        It was a person who was quite surprising to Han Three Thousand, Daoist True Floater.

        "Brother, everyone is drinking very happily outside, so why are you here alone, drinking mulled wine all by yourself?" The real floater laughed and looked like he had already had a lot to drink and was wobbling as he walked along.

        When he reached Han Qianli, he grabbed the glass Han Qianli had poured wine into, tilted his head and drank it down, then looked at Han Qianli with a drunken smile.

        "I like quiet." Han Three Thousand smiled slightly.

        True Floater shook his head: "No, no, no."

        Han Three Thousand was dumbfounded by him: "Then what does Senior think?"

        "You!" The real floater pointed his hand in front of Han Marchant's nose, then laughed and said after a burp, "You're afraid, you're worried, am I right?"

        When he said that, Han Qianqianton frowned and wondered, "Senior, what do you mean?"

        "Oh, young man, you are not honest, you can't hide it from others, but from the eyes of the old Daoist, I've been watching you for a long time, the closer you get to this red pillar, the more uneasy you feel, the more afraid you are, am I right?" After the True Floater finished speaking, he took another gulp of Han 3,000's wine.

        Han Qianli didn't deny this, he was just surprised that the old Taoist priest seemed to be so calm and collected, but he was quite meticulous in his observation of people.

        "I'm afraid it's normal." True Fauzi lowered his head, smiling as he poured himself some wine.

        Han Qianli looked at him with some surprise, what did this mean? It always felt as if he had something to say. "Senior, just say what you have to say."

        "Oh, between you and me, what else is there to say?" Lifting the glass, True Float took a sip, then harrumphed out a drum of alcohol, "What you're worried about, what you're afraid of, what you feel is wrong, all of that, is right."

        "Senior, do you mean to say that there is something wrong with that pillar of light?" Han 3000 Road.

        "Not only is there a problem, but it's a big problem." True Floater smiled.

        "The Heaven and the Earth should have been the same as the sun and the moon, but once they are turned upside down, there will be a sea of blood, and this pillar of light is the phase of reversal, not to mention exotic treasures, but a whole lot of evil demons." When he finished speaking, he drank the rest of the wine and laughed, "By then, there will be a mountain of corpses and a pile of bones."

        Hearing True Float's words, Han Giangli's entire body was dismayed, so was his intuition correct? But there was one thing that Han Qianqian was very confused about.

        "If senior knew that there was something wrong with the light pillar, why did he propose that we come here together as a team? Aren't you pushing everyone to their deaths?" Han Qianqiang wondered.

        "You're right, I'm suggesting that we form a team to look out for each other, but I didn't say anything about coming here or not, and besides, can I decide if they're coming or not?" The True Floater smiled.

        Han Giangli nodded, that was true, it was true that True Floater didn't call for everyone to come here, but simply for everyone to form teams.

        "But even so, if you knew there was a problem here, why didn't you stop it?"

        "And why didn't you stop it, young man?"

        Han Qianqiang was dumbfounded by his rhetorical question, yes, the crowd was so excited, everyone was so eager for the baby that stopping them would only provoke a siege of their efforts.

        "Besides, there are some things that are meant to be, how do you and I want to change them on our own?" True Floater smiled.

        Han Giangli nodded and continued, "Then the last question, even if you couldn't persuade the crowd to leave, but you knew there was a problem, why didn't you leave quickly and instead came in to join in the fun?"

        Speaking of which, True Fauzi suddenly withdrew his smile, looked at Han Qianqian and said coldly, "That's why I'm looking for you tonight."

Chapter 1875

Han Qianqiang is very strange, what's it to do with herself?

        I've never met him before, not even once, but he came at me, which really made Han Qianqian very strange.

        "Senior, please express your opinion."

        "There's no such thing as expressing or not expressing, Poverty Dao has always been the one who is willing to die Daoist friends and not the one who wants the poor to die, and finding you is only for the sake of profit." After saying that, he stood up, gently touched a yellow talisman from his hand and said calmly, "Some things, since you can't change its outcome, then go and face it bravely."

        "Senior, I don't quite understand what you mean." Han Qianli was puzzled.

        "In the future, you'll naturally understand that you and I are destined for each other, and I'll give you this yellow talisman." After saying that, he handed the yellow talisman to Han Three Thousand.

        It wasn't big, about a finger's width, several times smaller than an ordinary yellow talisman, and it was entirely a yellow talisman, without a single word written on it.

        What kind of yellow talisman is this? According to Han Qianqian's knowledge, yellow talismans need to be written with cinnabar and then enlightened in order to be effective.

        What the old Taoist minister gave, not to mention enlightenment, was not even a bit of perfunctory cinnabar, which couldn't help but make people feel as if it was a fake talisman.

        If the old Taoist priest were to take it out on others, it would be perfectly reasonable for them to call him a fake Taoist priest.

        But Han 3,000 couldn't, because the Old Taoist Master had indeed hit the nail on the head with his fears, and he had even seen something he hadn't seen himself.

        Therefore, he should be a Daoist.

        He couldn't send a fake talisman to play with himself in the middle of the night, he wasn't that bored, was he!

        Seemingly seeing Han Qianqian's doubts, True Floater smiled helplessly, "Young man, this talisman is called the Eye Hunting Talisman, which opens the Heaven's Eye and sees the essence. Your unseen eyes should not be filled with doubt."

        "Opening the Heaven's Eye?" Han Qianqian was stunned.

        "People, no matter what level or stage they are at, their hearts are always flesh and blood, and naturally people are not just plants or trees. "

        "Of course, don't take this amulet to do some dirty deeds, such as looking at other people's bodies, or anything like that, although I'm a scruffy man, I'm never nasty. After saying that, True Floater stood up shakily, picked up Han Qianli's wine jug, and walked out with a sway.

        Han 3,000 was inexplicably holding this yellow talisman, completely stunned in place for a moment, his whole body in a cloud.

        What was this about?

        Suddenly, as the real floater pulled up the curtain, he steadied himself, but without looking back, smiled and said, "Han Qianli, it's getting late, get some rest, or else, tomorrow, I'm afraid you won't have the energy to deal with so many people."

        After saying that, he laughed a few times and walked out.

        Han Qianli wanted to chase after him, his eyes full of vigilance and incredulity.

        He actually knew his own name!

        Along the way, apart from the people she knew, Han Qianqian had never mentioned her name to anyone, especially not after meeting this Old Daoist.

        But how on earth did this old Taoist know her name?

        Could it be that he was betrayed by someone on his own side?

        But it's impossible to think about it. If the people on their side expose themselves, they will undoubtedly be increasing their own risk, and no one would be so stupid as to do that.

        So, the Fu family, at least now, would not betray themselves, could it be Chu Tian?

        Although this kid is unrestrained, Han Qianqian doesn't think he's a man with a broken mouth, and it's not as if he won't use such dirty tricks to betray others.

        Could it be that this son of a b*tch was drunk tonight, drifted off and accidentally spoke out?

        But no, if he were to say it, Han 3,000 would not be able to stay here alone, and those who knew his identity would have come rushing to steal his Pangu Axe.

        But if it wasn't the words of someone close to him, then how did the old Taoist priest find out about it?

        Moreover, what is the purpose of the yellow talisman that he gave himself?

        It's a bit strange that a complete stranger has asked for something specifically for himself.

        And strangest of all, what does he mean by the fact that he has to face a lot of people tomorrow?

        With a deep exhale, Han Qianli really thought that his brain was about to explode. This Daoist minister, who seemed foolish and godless, always seemed to be able to speak in surprising ways, and had some sort of Daoist appearance.

        Han Qianli shook her head helplessly and sat back down on the bed, holding the strange yellow talisman in her hand, her mind constantly recalling his words: "Get some rest early, tomorrow, you'll have to deal with so many people.

Chapter 1876

After a sleepless night, True Floater's words acted as a compulsion to Han 3,000, leaving Han tossing and turning throughout the night.

        Who exactly is the real floater?

        What do these words mean, exactly?

        The next morning, the provisional alliance had already blown their horns, assembled their men and headed towards their destination.

        After last night's drinking party, Chu Tian was already in a frenzy with a few of the temporary team leaders, walking in the front with a springy face and laughing with the gang.

        How could Fumei miss this opportunity to get a head start? Following next to Chu Tian, he acted like a deputy captain of the treasure detachment.

        Han Qianqian followed at the end of the crowd, always preferring to keep a low profile, he himself was not willing to stand out at such a time, and he also did not care to be around those people.

        Xiaotao was also next to Chu Tian, turning back from time to time along the way to look for Han Qiangang in the crowd, but was too far away to see where Han Qiangang was at all.

        At noon, the troops finally ascended a high mountain near the pillar of light.

        The terrain was extremely complex, with the pillar of light in the middle of rolling hills and a basin surrounded by four peaks, and the high mountain where Han Qiangli and the others were currently standing was the only highest of the four.

        Although there is an abyss behind it, it is also the best place to observe the pillar of light, so it is almost a must for those who come in search of treasure.

        The entire pillar of light stands like a giant sword, and within a few hundred metres of it, the sand is flying and the leaves are spinning wildly with it.

        "Exotic treasures, exotic treasures, my God, I've never seen such a powerful vision in a hundred years, there must be a treasure of the Heavens beneath this pillar of light."

        Someone couldn't help but exclaim, even though they were still some distance away from the pillar of light, everyone present could feel the terrifying energy that destroyed heaven and earth.

        Almost at this moment, several huge teams from other directions also arrived.

        Naturally, such a huge heaven-dropped treasure was coveted by many people in the Eight Directions, many of whom, like Han Qianli's small alliance, arrived in droves.

        Everyone met and greeted each other, knowing each other by heart, but as people of the righteous path, they were dirty inside, but they still did their best to keep up appearances.

        Although everyone hated each other's presence, because every additional person meant that they would lose a little chance and could not wait for the other to die, on the surface, they were respectful and smiling.

        "Come, come, this, is Ma Daoist."

        "This is the head of the Void Realm Palace, Mr. Chu."

        "This one, is our Chu Tian, Mr. Chu."

        The crowd introduced their leaders to each other and then saluted each other, while Han Qianqian hid in the crowd and kept his eyes fixed on the pillar of light at the bottom of the hill.

        Only then did Han Qianqian, who was close by, indifferently discover that there seemed to be something really wrong with these pillars of light.

        Although the pillars of light were red, the red inside was distinctly red. It was only because the pillars themselves were rotating and the thousands of fallen leaves around them that they were not easy to spot.

        At this point, the True Floater said from the front, "Gentlemen, since you have all come here to search for treasure, I have a suggestion.

        It was only when everyone was stunned that the True Floating Son said, "This time, a strange treasure has fallen from the sky, as you all know, shocking the eight directions, so all the people of the world will come. "

        "On the way here, I did see some sneaky shadows pass by. Apparently, the demons were also surprised by this strange treasure and sent their men and horses to snatch it.

        "Hmph, those scum of the devil's way are always like flies, they burrow wherever there is a fishy smell, it is simply disgusting."

        "Although the Demon Race is disgusting, the most shameful thing is that these people have nasty and despicable methods, and there are even a few vicious traitors, if these people are allowed to get hold of the exotic treasures, will the World of the Eight Directions still have peace in the future?"

        The words of the True Floater were quickly recognised by many.

        As a righteous person, it is natural to keep these names on your lips, to make your position clear and to gain fame at the same time, so why not do so? At the same time, it is an opportunity to weed out dissenters and increase the chances of winning the treasure.

        "So, I suggest that all of us from the righteous path, regardless of our small alliance, form a bigger alliance first, after all, it's fate that we met. " The corner of True Floating Zi's mouth now wiped out a hint of a sneer and suggested.

        Han Qianli heard a frown on his brow, this True Floater really is pulling together gangs wherever he goes, he really is a dead daoist, not a dead poor daoist.

        The captains of a group of sub-teams now looked at each other, and right now, this did seem to be the best way to go about it.

        "Good! It is our duty to eliminate evil spirits and defend the Way, and we can let go of the treasures for a while, but we must do our duty in life." "I agree."

        "I also agree."

        "Killing those damned demons first is considered doing what we should do for the righteousness of the earth."

        A group of people who boast of eliminating demons and defending the Tao, but have their own agendas in mind, it is naturally beneficial for anyone to work together to clarify some goals. It's just that the so-called "righteous man" has to be famous.

        "However, with so many of us dealing with so many people, who will lead the charge? Someone said strangely.

        At this moment, a certain captain's attendant next to him said, "To say this leader, naturally not this Mr. Zhu from the Void Realm Palace next to me."

        Hearing this, the person called Mr. Zhu burst out laughing, shaking his head and waving his hand in a fake manner.

        "Hmph, what does the Void Realm Palace count for? According to me, that should be this Elder Chen from the Heavenly Flame Quotation beside me." Someone immediately rebutted and retorted.

        Mr. Zhu was unhappy, but instead it was Elder Chen next to that person, who now smiled falsely, "I don't dare, I don't dare."

        "Grass, what is Elder Chen again? According to me, this Mr. Chu Tianchu is the last to qualify, on that day, he broke the Smiling Devil's divine brush, are the people here qualified to compete with him?"

        "Damn, Chu Tian is nothing, we, Mr. Zhang, the Giant Knife King, are the real dragon and phoenix among men."

        A group of people argued incessantly, but at this moment, a sneer was heard.

        "It's not that I'm targeting anyone, but I'm saying that everyone here is rubbish, the so-called leader, apart from us can do it, who else is qualified?"

        As people looked back, there was another procession, including a fantastic woman of fairy-like beauty.