His True Colors Chapter 1869-1870

 Chapter 1869

After Qin Frost said this, she panted and looked at Han Qianli, her heart beating abnormally fast.

        Qin Frost, who had never been cold, was not good at expressing her feelings at all, and this included her mother, Lin Mengxi.

        But this time, Qin Frost mustered up all the courage she could muster.

        From the time she thought Han Qianqian was dead, she realised how painful her heart was, how much her God was in a trance, and how dark the days were for her, as if the sky was falling apart.

        She deeply understood that she had fallen in love with the slave who had been following her.

        However, at that time, Han Qiangxi had already died, and she wanted to tell Han Qiangxi, but she never had the chance again.

        Now, seeing Han Qianxiang again, Qin Frost felt that she couldn't regret her life any longer, and she had to speak to him clearly about her heart's truest thoughts.

        "Three thousand, if you're willing, we can be together, and I can also give up my identity as an Entered Disciple of the Void Sect, and find a place of seclusion with you to live our own lives, okay?" Qin Frost endured her shyness and sadly waited for Han Marchant's reply.

        This was the voice of her heart, but she also hoped that at this moment she could pull Han Third Thousand not to indulge in the devil's path and turn back the prodigal son.

        Han Qiangli didn't say anything, but his heart was in turmoil. For him, it was impossible for him to like Qinshang, because his heart only had Su Yingxia and couldn't tolerate anyone else.

        Qi Yiyun has been a follower for two lifetimes, and Han Qianli has never been tempted, so as far as Qin Frost is concerned, Han Qianli can only reject her.

        Although Qin Frost was the most beautiful woman Han Qianqian had ever seen, and had even sacrificed too much for her own sake, Han Qianqian had no choice but to reject her.

        But for Qin Frost, Han 3,000 couldn't refuse at all. He knew Qin Frost's personality well, and to get her to open her mouth and say these words, she was obviously very open-minded, so if she refused at this time, Han 3,000 could imagine how sad and upset she would be.

        Therefore, there was no way for him to hurt Qin Frost.

        But the more he didn't want to hurt her, the more Han 3000 should let her die, but a refusal to let her die shouldn't be a straightforward attempt to hurt her.

        When Han Qianli thought of this, he let out a long, cold breath and smiled coldly, "Sister Qinshang, I think you've made a mistake, I'm Han Qianli was born poor, so how could I go with you to play seclusion and live those bitter days again? I'm having a good time, I'm happy, I'm surrounded by money, I'm surrounded by women, I'm free and uninhibited, and you want me to give up an entire forest for a tree? Sister, you're a bit too ruthless, aren't you?"

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Qinshang's entire face was ashen and his heart was strangled with madness, "Han Qianqian, you lied to me! Am I no match for those women, given my good looks?"

        "Sister, of course you are more beautiful than anyone else, but as beautiful as you are, you will always get tired of playing, but I am different now, I can play with a different woman every day, so why should I give up?" Han Qianqian endured her guilt, but on the surface she put on a cynical appearance.

        In order to make Qin Frost believe it, Han 3,000 specially turned back at this time, but Qin Frost had tears falling from her eyes like pearls, continuously sliding down her beautiful white face, falling slowly.

        For Qin Frost, what was most upsetting at the moment was not the rejection of her confession, but the fact that she felt bad about Han Qiangnian's self-indulgence now.

        "Go back, go back and admit your mistake, I'm not worth it." Han Qianqian looked at her face, his heart really couldn't bear it, even if he wanted to put on a good show, he still couldn't face his heart's sadness, a trace of panic flashed across his eyes before he said coldly.

        Qin Frost shook his head resolutely, Han Qianli sighed in his heart and turned around to leave.

        "Han Qianxiang!" Qin Frost cried out sadly at Han Qianqian.

        Han 3,000 was slightly stunned, bit his teeth and continued to walk forward.

        After taking just two steps, Han Qianqian suddenly stopped again, making Qin Frost suddenly feel slightly happy inside, but Han Qianqian's next words shattered her entire being.

        "That's right, from today onwards, there is no longer any relationship between you and me, you are no longer my senior sister, and I am no longer your slave." After saying that, Han Qianli threw down a sword and turned away.

        Looking at the familiar jade sword that had fallen to the ground and pinged, Qin Frost felt even more that the sound was the sound of a broken heart.

        That was the sword she had given to Han Qianxiang, but at this point Han Qianxiang had discarded the sword, and it was already obvious what it meant.

        Tears, like pearls, finally slid desperately and indisputably, as Qin Frost looked at the sword that was no longer moving on the ground, squatted down slightly and cried with her whole body hugging her knees.

        For the first time in her life of over twenty years, Qin Frost cried in front of people, and she could never have imagined that her first grief would be so painful and so engraved in her heart.

        She also could not have imagined that the first time in her cold life that she opened her heart for a man, what she got in return was so full of bitterness.

Chapter 1870

On the way back to the inn, Han Qianli was in a bad mood.

        "Cruelty, cruelty, really cruel, never thin fortunate male generation, really unexpected ah." The Linlong suddenly sighed at this point.

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed slightly and ignored it.

        Seeing Han Qianli ignoring him, the Linlong continued to grin, "What? Do you dare not admit that you have done something wrong?"

        "I, Han Three Thousand, have never done anything wrong, so what do I dare not admit?" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        "Still no loss, huh? So ruthless towards Qinshang." Lin Long whispered.

        "Ruthless?" Han Giangli smiled bitterly, "I, however, feel that this is the only option I have and the only thing I can bear for her. Why let her waste her youth on me when she knows it won't work out?"

        "Although Qin Shang's cultivation is not as good as Su Yingxia's, his posture is definitely even superior, and he is definitely one of the best even in the entire Eight Directions World, I really don't understand why you have to reject him." The Linlong was strange.

        In its perception, the dragon race could take many wives, and even for humans, as long as you were strong, wasn't it normal to have three wives and four concubines?

        Having a beautiful woman like Qin Lang as a wife is a blessing that many men have cultivated in their eight lifetimes, but Han Qianqian actually rejected it straight away.

        "If you're not me, how would you know how much I love Su Yingxia? Apart from her, there is no other woman in the world that I can take to heart. Not the former Qi Yiyun, not Qin Shang, not either." Han Qianli smiled slightly, unlike the desolation he felt just now, when he talked about Su Yingxia, he would always have a slight smile on his lips.

        Lin Long sighed, clearly, he had underestimated Han Qianli's loyalty to Su Yingxia: "So, reject Qinshang in this way?"

        "Qin Frost is a good girl, she can just as well find many good men without me, and if I didn't know Su Yingxia before, I would have been one of the fervent suitors, so she can just as well live without me, while Su Yingxia and I, without each other, no one can live."

        Linlong shook his head, "Then why don't you make it clear to her, she at least has the right to know, right?"

        It's impossible for Han Marchant to say that everything is fine about Qi Yi Yun's case. On the contrary, it has been like a hanging thorn in the heart for many years, and at the beginning, Han Marchant also thought so about Lin Long, but what happened?

        Even though Qi Yiyun has reincarnated in two lifetimes, she has always been in love with Han Qiangan, but Han Qiangan could only let her down by mistake.

        Han Qianqian doesn't want tragedy to happen again, so the best way is to make a person completely dead to a person.

        "Only when she is completely disappointed in me will she start a new life." Han Giangli said.

        "But if you admit you are a demon like this, Qin Frost is dead to you, but have you ever thought about how many enemies you will make? Or, what will people outside think of you?" Lin Long was worried.

        At the very least, the future side of the Righteous Alliance was bound to attack Han 3,000 once they saw him.

        "Between friends, there will always be something to give, that is righteousness, as for what others think of me, does it matter? I, Han 3,000, never live for strangers, I only live for my friends and my loved ones." Han Qianqian is determined.

        The eyes of others would only make his own life more tiring, so he might as well be unrestrained and unrestrained, with friends and loved ones.

        Back at the inn, Fu Mei and Chutian were thrilled to see Han Qianqian return safely, while Xiaotao followed at the end of the crowd and quietly looked at him.

        "Brother Three Thousand, are you alright?" Fu Mei now acted as if she was more urgently concerned than Han Qianqian.

        "Yeah, those guys are clearly a Hongmen Banquet, how could they let you back in peace, Han Qianli, you wouldn't have promised them anything, would you?" Chu Tian was surprised, but soon became a little skeptical.

        After all, if Han Qianyan didn't promise them anything, it would be hard to imagine retreating with their whole bodies.

        What Chu Tian doubted even more was that Han Qianxiang had joined them.

        "Brother Three Thousand, you mustn't agree to them, the Smiling Devil is a well-known devil in the Eight Directions World, burning, killing, looting and doing nothing evil, and associating with that kind of person will only bring your reputation into disrepute along with it, and most importantly, at night, I have ears to hear that someone from the righteous side has formed an alliance with the goal of dealing with the Smiling Devil. " Fu Mei rushed.

        Han Giangli smiled slightly and walked straight through the crowd to his room, "Pack your things and get ready to go."

        "Now?" Chu Tian looked at Han Qianqiang in puzzlement, "This is the early hours of the night."

        "It is now." Han Qianxiang knew that now was the best opportunity, as if something happened to the manor, Lord Liu would definitely send a large number of troops to support it, so now was also the time when the city's defences were at their weakest.

        If we don't leave now, I'm afraid we won't have a chance.

        Several people looked at each other, completely bewildered, not knowing what drug Han Qiangli was selling.

        However, since Han 3,000 had given the order, the group could only do what he wanted. Taking advantage of the night, the group of people hurriedly packed up their things, settled their accounts and headed out of the city.

        The city was now full of noise and bustle, with many black-clothed people killing towards the manor, obviously disguised by the soldiers of Dew City, unknown to others, but known to Han Qianqian.

        A number of people from the Jiang Hu community were also awakened by the movement in the city, and many either stopped to watch, or decided to go and join in the fun, or, like Han Qianxiang, chose to leave the city for fear of getting into trouble.

        By early morning, more and more people were already making their way from Dew City to the summit of Mount Qishan.

        As the time of departure was similar, the road was bustling with people.

        As a result, Han Qianli was always surrounded by a large number of "aspirants" from the rivers and lakes, who either wanted to get close to the two women because of their beauty or wanted to curry favour with Han Qianli because they coveted her strength.

        At noon, Han 3,000 and the others found a place to sit down, and the group of people around them also sat down with them.

        At this point, the group of people each took out a variety of exquisite dried food that they had prepared, and offered their hospitality to Han 3,000 people.

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, took out his own steamed buns and was about to eat them when the bright sunlight above his head suddenly dimmed, followed by the whole ground shaking violently.