His True Colors Chapter 1867-1868

 Chapter 1867

When it comes to the matter of Little Peach, in connection with what is happening nowadays, a group of Void Sect disciples nod their heads incessantly.

        Sometimes prejudice itself is such that when they think you are like that, all the blame is thrown at you, and sometimes even when the facts are in front of them, they automatically ignore them and believe their own prejudices.

        Facts are hard to predict, but it is the human heart that is more sinister.

        The human heart is complex and more sinister.

        "Master Master, I believe that Han Qianxiang is not such a person." Qin Frost's mind was so complicated when she saw Han 3,000 again that she couldn't regain consciousness for a long time, but when she heard them say that about Han 3,000, Qin Frost sobered up and rushed at Master San Yong anxiously.

        "The first time you didn't see what happened to Xiaotao with your own eyes, you could have said you didn't believe it, but now that we've seen it with our own eyes, do you want to stop believing it? That's simply obsession." Ye Guocheng said in a cold voice.

        "Yes, Sister, you have to understand the truth of raising a tiger as an enemy, if you hadn't helped him in the Void Sect, how would he have had a chance to escape? There would be no more rampant kidnapping of groups of women like today." Lu Yunfeng also shook his head helplessly.

        Qin Shang hurriedly looked at Master San Yong, and seeing that he too was bowing his head, his face embarrassed, she looked at Han Qianqian for a moment, naturally hoping that Han Qianqian would explain a few words.

        Han Three Thousand only smiled, in fact, what's the harm in wanting to add to the crime!

        Moreover, Han Qianxi never bothered to explain to a group of unimportant people, and he would only explain to one person in this world, namely Su Yingxia.

        As for the others, Han Qianqian didn't care.

        A slight smile at Qin Lang was Han Qianli's one-sided explanation to her.

        "You're an undercover agent, right?" Han Qianqian looked at Gentleness next to him and said softly.

        Wen Rou was very proud of herself and said, "That's right, I'm an undercover agent. We all deserve to be punished for the unconscionable things you've done, so we've formed an alliance with the righteous to secretly send Miss Ben as an undercover agent, with the aim of wiping out your lair in one fell swoop, what do you think? Didn't expect it, did you?"

        Looking incredibly smug, Han Giangli was simply dumbfounded: "Next time you want to go undercover, use your brain more."

        "What do you mean by that?" Gentle and angry and strange.

        In Gentle's eyes, she had been preparing this plan for a long time, and Willow City Master's gang had arrested too many people, thus attracting the attention of the righteous side long ago.

        When several small sects came together, it was a matter that others may not have taken to heart, but their interests were on a par with theirs. Since small sects don't have much of an existence themselves, it would be a rare good thing for anyone to join forces and do something that would strengthen their reputation.

        This was their best chance to make a name for themselves.

        So, a few of them got together as a makeshift alliance, and Gentle, being clever and clever with a good background, acted as the temporary alliance mastermind for the entire undercover rescue.

        But being too eager for success and very proud of herself made her ill-considered, at least compared to Han 3000's perception.

        It was obvious that this was not just an ordinary kidnapping case, so the basement was just minions, and the real mastermind behind it should at least be tracked down to Tian Long City, but unfortunately, Gentle seemed to have already been unable to hold back and informed her own people in advance, causing a snake in the grass.

        Although, she might be able to save more than 400 girls tonight, it would also sow the seeds of trouble in the future.

        If something goes wrong, the real mastermind behind the scenes will only be more careful in the future, and it will be almost impossible to pursue clues and enter old holes.

        But in Gentle's eyes, this was a seamless show, and he was complacent about it, naturally annoyed at Han Jiangxi's words.

        "What? Did I see through your trick? Now annoyed, do you really think you can think you're clever just because you naively hit someone with a few blows? If that's the case, then I'll do as you wish, and my plan has succeeded anyway." Mildly smug, she didn't take Han Qianli's words seriously at all.

        Han Qianli snorted bitterly between his nostrils, really not knowing where he got his confidence.

        "Gentle, what nonsense is there to talk to this kind of beast, I'll ki ll this beast, you save the others, so you can learn the power of my Two-sided Mad Saber, look at the knife." Someone suddenly spoke out, followed by a step forward, rushing directly towards Han Qiangli.

        Faced with this middle-aged man rushing up, Han 3,000 shook his head helplessly, smiled bitterly and dodged with a sideways glance.

        "What do you mean? Still not hitting back? Are you looking down on my son?" The man with the two knives missed a blow and turned back to Han 3,000 with an angry voice.

        Although this group of people had some IQ deficiencies, Han 3,000 was not one to ki ll innocents indiscriminately, and what they were doing was good.

        Faced with the man with two knives who came up again, Han 3,000 only dodged, but everyone present could see that the difference in strength between the two sides was too great.

        The man with the twin knives attacked a man with a full head of hair, but Han 3,000 dodged unharmed.

        If it wasn't for the fact that Han was reluctant to touch them in the slightest, I'm afraid a single move would have made them all lie down.

        Ye Guocheng's face was as frosty as ice, he couldn't bear to see Han Qianxiang with such a calm and serene dog face, to him, only he himself could deserve such treatment, apart from that, no one else was qualified.

        "Master Master, we can't raise tigers to become trouble, today, I must eradicate the root of misfortune for the righteous path." Saying that, Ye Guocheng fiercely rushed out as well.

        Ye Lone City's progress had to be very fast, compared to the last time he had fought, the current Ye Lone City was clearly much stronger, which was also the root cause of his complacency, only, in comparison to the next Han Qianqian, he was clearly even faster than him.

        One could even say, pervert!

        After a few rounds, it was actually very difficult for Han 3,000 to just evade, especially when an expert like Ye Guocheng joined in, circling around in front of Han 3,000 like a fly, annoying him.

        Moreover, Cool-Son Yeh's moves were really deadly, and he was bound to ki ll Han 3,000 to the point of death.

        Even though Han Qianqian was in a strong state of mind, he was still distracted by the flies that were trying to ki ll him, and he let go of his anger when he returned, instantly flicking away several people around him. Do you really think I won't dare to ki ll you?"

Chapter 1868

At this time, Han Changan's face was cold, holding a long sword, his energy radiating, his anger even setting off gusts of wind, coupled with Han Changan's already handsome face, which made Han Changan look like a handsome god of war.

        There were even some women in the small league of the righteous path who looked at him with rippling hearts and grieving hearts.

        Wouldn't it be nice if this man wasn't from the Devil's Path? At least, they will have a chance.

        Ye Guocheng was scolded by Han Qianqian for being a fool, a lonely and arrogant man like him could only accept honeyed words, not evil ones, and gnashed his teeth as he glared at Han Qianqian: "You dare to call me a fool? What are your qualifications? Damn waste! Dead slaves!"

        "Aren't you stupid? Wasting your time fighting me here, have you forgotten what you're here for?" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Grandmaster San Yong was reminded of this by Han Qianli, and with a big wave of his hand, he ordered his disciples to hurry up and open the prison to save the people.

        "Brother Ye, Han Qianli is right, we are here to rescue people, don't get attached to the battle." Qin Frost spoke out at this point.

        "You shut up, you save people, my duty is to eliminate demons and defend the Way, Han Qianqian, you b*tch, suffer death." With an annoyed shout, Ye Liao Cheng charged straight at Han Qianqian.

        "Bother!" Han Qianqian shouted violently, his body fiercely flashed with golden light and energy in his hand, since you have to d i e, then don't blame me for being ruthless.

        But just as Han 3,000 was about to raise his hand and deliver a fatal blow to Ye Guocheng, a figure suddenly flew past, then blocked Han 3,000's body, bringing up his sword and then directly facing Ye Guocheng's attack.

        "Qin Frost?!"



        After seeing the beautiful silhouette blocking in front of Han 3,000, the side of the Righteous Alliance was shocked.

        Although there were quite a few people in the alliance, Qin Frost was definitely one of the few stalwarts, and with her fairy-like appearance, she was even a popular figure in this temporary alliance.

        Han 3,000 was also slightly surprised, and his heart was even warmer.

        This was the first time that Qin Frost had stepped forward several times, although the Han 3000 of today was no longer the same Han 3000 of the past, and dealing with a Lone Leaf was just a piece of cake in Han 3000's eyes.

        However, Qin Frost's behaviour still made Han Three Thousand feel warmer, and this was also the reason why Han Three Thousand had always regarded Qin Frost as a friend.

        Seeing Qin Frost rushing up, Ye Guocheng was fierce and furious, roaring coldly as he resisted, "Qin Frost, are you crazy? Do you have any idea what you're doing? And now, you're helping that bloody punk? You're aiding and abetting, you know that? How many women do you have to watch die at his hands before she will stop?"

        Qin Frost bit her lips tightly, not speaking or listening, just desperately attacking towards Ye Lone City.

        "Go!" Qin Frost repelled Ye Lone City with a single sword strike and shouted fiercely towards Han Three Thousand.

        Han 3,000 was stunned, withdrew his energy, shook his head and opened the palm of his hand to open the door to the rushing Righteous Alliance, then flew straight towards the entrance.

        Although he knew that Qin Frost was an important disciple of the Void Sect, and that even if he blocked the sword for her, his life would not be in danger, Han 3,000 also understood that Qin Frost was undoubtedly wasting her future and future, so even if she escaped punishment for being so blatantly rebellious, she would lose people's hearts and not be able to cultivate them.

        But Han Qianli also understood that staying would only make the scene even more chaotic, so leaving was the most logical choice.

        It wasn't that he was worried that he wouldn't be able to defeat the group, but that they would waste a lot of effort on him, and wouldn't be able to rescue the 400-odd women when the time came.

        By the time he exited the entrance again, the manor was already filled with shouts of death, the disciples of the Righteous Path Alliance and the guards of the manor had already fought to a standstill, corpses were everywhere, and the lake was also dyed red under the night light.

        From the manor, Han Qianqian left at speed. Han did not go back to the inn, but instead flew towards an empty alleyway.

        Sure enough, as soon as he landed, there was a soft sound behind him, followed by a cold shout: "Stop!".

        Familiar with the incomparably unique scent, Han Three Thousand knew who the visitor was.

        "I know that the Void Sect incident has hit you hard, but 3,000,000, you still have me, why did you want to degrade yourself and go with those demons and kidnap those innocent girls?"

        Looking at Han 3,000's back, Qin Frost's eyes were filled with sadness.

        Although she didn't want to believe that Han Qianli had kidnapped Xiaotao, tonight's fact was something Qin Frost had to acknowledge, Han Qianli had fallen and was caught red-handed.

        Hearing this, Han 3,000 was slightly stunned and disappointed, "Then why did you help me? And you're offering your own future and future to help me?"

        "Because ...... Han 3000, I like you!"

        Qin Frost gritted her teeth, looked at Han Qianqian and spoke up.