His True Colors Chapter 1864-1866

 Chapter 1864

"Those soldiers at your door betrayed you." Han Giangli laughed.

        "Soldiers?" The middle-aged man was slightly stunned.

        "Although you made them deliberately wear the clothes of an ordinary family member, there's one thing you forgot to hide." Han Qianli smiled, looked at the middle-aged man staring intently at him, and said, "The tiger's mouth! When I entered Dew City, I had looked twice because I was curious about the weapons in the hands of the Dew City soldiers. The weapon they were holding was a giant spear, and holding it for a long time would leave round and wide calluses at the tiger's mouth."

        "The guards at your gate, however, also have round and broad calluses on their mouths, which is enough to show that they are no different from the soldiers outside. Think about it, is there anyone else in this city who can move soldiers other than you, Lord Liu." Han Qianli smiled slightly.

        As soon as the words were spoken, the four people behind them paled, never dreaming that their elaborate disguises would reveal themselves in such a deadly disguise in front of Han Qianli.

        They had never imagined that Han 3,000 could observe with such subtlety, not even letting go of such details that ordinary people would overlook.

        Seeing their very wary eyes, just then, Han Qianli smiled benevolently and said, "There's no need for you to be so nervous, since we're all in the same boat from now on, it's not a bad thing for me to know a little bit about you."


        The middle-aged man suddenly burst out laughing, breaking the tense atmosphere: "Good, good, good, it's really a blessing for me, Liu, to have a brother with such high cultivation and observation, and a delicate mind.

        The man in black nodded and went off to get some wine, and Han Qianli cooperated with him with a smile, but his mind observed the terrain around him.

        To save one person, Han 3,000 thought he had no problem with his own skills, but to save more than 400 people was obviously impossible.

        So, the only way out was to be wise.

        After the wine was served, a group of people exchanged cups and glasses, and it was so lively that Han 3000 gave himself a fake name, Han Xia.

        It was a combination of his own name and Su Yingxia's name.

        After thirty years of drinking, the Lord of the City of Willow was drunk, and he was happy today because if he had someone like Han Qianqian to help him, then his great work would certainly go further.

        After sending off the five people, only Han Qianli remained in the entire secret passage.

        A group of women looked at Han 3,000 as he walked up to the cell, each with a fearful heart, their bodies shrinking inside the cell.

        One man, however, looked at Han 3,000 with angry eyes, as if he wanted to swallow Han 3,000 alive through the cage.

        This made Han 3,000 take an interest, stop and look at her, who had also been hating Han 3,000 with a hatred for her.

        "Beast, come at me if you have something to say, don't scourge the innocent." The woman snapped coldly.

        This woman was pure in appearance, beautiful in appearance, sweet but also somewhat heroic and cold, a real beauty that could be salted or sweetened, and Han Qianli had seen quite a few beauties, but still couldn't help but take a second look at her.

        Han Qianli smiled slightly and opened the lock of the cell with a push of his hand, then, with a slight smile on his face, he looked at the woman.

        "What are you looking at? Animals?" The woman snapped.

        "Aren't you going to save them? As you wish, I'll scourge you, won't you come out?" Han Qianli smiled slightly.

        The woman clenched her teeth, but with a slight hesitation, she walked out from inside.

        She came in front of Han 3,000, looked at Han 3,000 icily and followed Han 3,000 all the way into the transparent house, where Han 3,000 sat on the tea table and was pouring tea, but she walked straight towards the bed, then angrily took off her coat and said coldly, "If you want to come, hurry up, I'll pretend I'm being squashed by a ghost."

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, drank a mouthful of tea and smiled, "What's your name?"

        "None of your business." The woman said coldly.

        Han Qianqian laughed bitterly and met a powder gun, who cursed at every word.

        Looking at Han Three Thousand's back, after a moment, she said promisingly, "My name is Gentle."

        A mouthful of old tea spewed out from Han Three Thousand's mouth: "What?"

        "Surname Wen, first name Zoe!" Wenjun was exasperated because this was not the first time she had encountered such a reaction from Han Qiangli.

        Han Qianli shook her head, but I really can't see where you're involved with Gentle. Sometimes, names really are poison.

        Han Three thousand wiped her mouth, stood up, took a cup of tea and returned to hand it to her.

        Looking at Han Qianqian's tea, not only did Gentleness not appreciate it in the slightest, but she was annoyed, "Are you sick, you're forcing me, do you think I'm talking about love with you?"

        Han Qianqian heard this and frowned quite a bit, "Although you are indeed quite brave, being brainless is also a troublesome thing." Han Three thousand said, drinking down the tea handed to him himself, and sat back down in his own seat in depression.

        Wen Rou couldn't understand what Han Qianli was doing, pretending to be gentle in front of her even though she was a beast? But is that interesting?

        "You can do whatever you want to me, and I'll behave myself, but can you leave the other girls alone?" Wen Rou said at this point.

        If she didn't want to beg Han Marchant for this, she wouldn't have been willing to bullsh*t with Han Marchant at all.

        "Okay, I'll think about it, before I do, let me ask you a question, how long have you been here?" Han Giangli answered the question.

        "If you don't want others to be implicated, answer my question honestly," Han Three Thousand added.

        Wen Rou was furious and could not wait to bite Han Third Thousand to de a th: "Three days!"

        "Look at you, you're not rich, you're not rich, you're dressed completely differently from the other women, how did you end up here too?" Han Qianqiang wondered.

        Hearing this, a trace of imperceptible panic flashed in her gentle eyes, and in the next second, she returned: "If you get caught, you get caught, what's so strange about it? Otherwise, can you get it cheap?"

        "Okay, forget I asked, next question, since you've been here for three days, tell me exactly what you've seen in those three days." Han Qianqiandao.

        Wen Rong felt very disgusted, is this guy a pervert, actually let himself dictate those disgusting past events of these three days?

        Why does he need to hear this? She was soon relieved that some perverts will always have a different and special fetish, and this untouchable man in front of her was like that.

        And at the same time as the gentle narrative, outside the other courtyard, a group of people now sneakily came outside the manor! If Han Qiangiang had been there, he would have been surprised to see the visitors.

Chapter 1865

"Is everything ready?" The leader of the group, now in a cold voice, drank.

        In the night, the breeze gusts, and behind him, a group of nesting men, now nodding incessantly.

        "Well, for glory, on!"

        And now, in the basement.

        Despite her reluctance, Gentle still told Han Qianli, in front of him, everything she had seen in the past three days.

        During these three days, it was as if she had stayed in a hell on earth, where every day many women were brought here and then quickly sent away, and those who were sent away, she almost never saw again. Only some pretty-looking women would be left here temporarily to be tortured and humiliated by them, and these days, she had seen countless tragedies happen almost every night, and even now when she recalled them, all she could think of were their ghastly cries and screams, after which they would be kil led by the gang after being tortured.

        Nodding his head, Han 3,000 was pretty much the same as he had expected, with a large number of women locked up here, the lesser ones being disposed of the same day, and the pretty ones being treated as a treat. But the only discrepancy was that, after insulting the pretty ones, the gang did not dispose of them again, but simply kil led them.

        It's a bit illogical for a human trafficker, isn't it?

        Could it be that these are not ordinary human traffickers at all?

        "Do you know, then, where the women who are sent away will be sent?"

        Shaking her head incessantly, she retorted, "Why do you ask?"

        "I have a lot of energy and if you..."

        "That's enough." When Gentle heard Han Qianqian's words, she was both shy and angry, in the end she was just a girl, although, she came with the attitude of a certain sacrifice, but that didn't mean that she didn't have the restraint that a girl had.

        She was somewhat embarrassed when she repeated those disgusting images in front of Han Marchant, and now Han Marchant was saying such things.

        "Although they were deeply hidden, I heard from a woman who had been taken away before and then brought back, that there was a leftover item inside their carriage with the logo of Flying General City on it, so it was most likely transported to Flying General City."

        The City of Flying Generals?

        Isn't this the city of the Old Man of Sol?

        Could it be that the old man has something to do with this?

        But why does the old man need so many young women? Even if he's horny, with his old body, he's not that bad, is he? Still a dead son, and so many women for his wife? Having a son?

        Looking at Han Qianqian's frowning and thoughtful appearance, Gentleness was full of puzzlement, she didn't know why Han Qianqian wanted to ask this, could it be that Han Qianqian, the untouchable, wanted to ask these things clearly so that she could work alone later?

        We all think different things, and sometimes the focus is naturally different.

        It was the fact that Han 3,000 was thinking that the kidnapping was extraordinary that made it special, and even thought it might be the root cause.

        But to the gentle eye, it is not important to ask where the shipment is going, but in reality it is nothing more than a source of goods for outbound customers.

        "Well, you've asked enough questions, haven't you? It's time for that." Gentle glared at Han Qianli, then, lay down on the bed.

        Han Qianli looked at this woman and really thought that she was quite cute sometimes in her stupidity, but she was also willing to sacrifice herself in order to save others, Han Qianli still admired this kind of person, so he stood up and walked towards the cell.

        Of course, he wouldn't have any idea about gentleness, he just wanted to know something about the place, and since he knew, it was only natural that he would release her.

        But as soon as Han Marchant opened one of the cells, Gentleness, who was wearing only her inner plain clothes, rushed out, grabbed Han Marchant, and scolded him in both haste and anger: "You beast, I've told you everything you need to ask me, so just come at me if you have anything to say, why are you still causing trouble to the innocents?".

        Han Giangli shook her head helplessly and swept a glance at one of her parts, which really was a boob, "I'm just letting them out."

        "If you let them out, isn't that just spoiling them? You're a beast, I'll fight you!" Afterwards, Gentleness pulled Han Qianqian and tore her straight up, like a shrew.

        Han 3,000 was tossing her head, and was trying to calm her down so that he could explain, but at that moment.

        Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and then, before Han 3,000 yuan could reflect, a group of people rushed in menacingly.

        These people, dressed in different outfits, were obviously not the people of Lord Liu, but more like an army formed temporarily by various gangs and factions, and they were the first to rush in front of Han 3,000, each of them vigilantly pointing their swords at him.

        Han 3,000 was slightly surprised when the crowd suddenly took the initiative to make way for a road, and then a dozen or so people came from those roads.

        But when the gang approached, Han Three Thousand's entire body frowned in disbelief.

        "Han Three Thousand?"

        At this point, some of those at the front of the line were also stunned.

Chapter 1866

Han 3,000 was also very surprised, not expecting to meet the wrong kind of people at such a time and in such a place.

        The head of the group was an old nun whom Han 3,000 did not know, but the second person to the left of the nun and the group of people behind him, Han 3,000 could not forget.

        Master San Yong, the head of the Void Sect, Elder Wu Yan, the head of the precepts, Ye Kucheng, Lu Yunfeng and Qin Shang, whom Han 3,000 could not forget!

        Seeing Han 3,000, Master San Yong and his group were also clearly stunned, they would never have imagined that Han 3,000 was still alive and that they would meet Han 3,000 here.

        "Han Three Thousand Year? Could it be that he's the guy with the Pangaea axe?"

        Most of the people who could come here, whether they were good or evil, had gone for the tournament, and although they all boasted that they were there for the tournament, it was clear to everyone that they were there for the Pan Gu Axe, but they just didn't know each other.

        At this point, when they heard the name, a group of people were surprised and at the same time excited.

        "He's just a former disciple of the Void Sect, not that Han 3000." Master San Yong explained softly.

        It was rumoured that it was the Fu family's son-in-law Han Three Thousand, and that Han Three Thousand and the Fu family's Fu Shou had been married for many years, plus Han Three Thousand's battle in Tian Long City had shaken the four corners of the earth, so most people in the Void Sect didn't think that the Han Three Thousand in their sect was the Fu family's Han Three Thousand who held the Pan Gu axe, or at most, was just a renamed Han Three Thousand.

        After all, in the eyes of the Void Sect, although Han 3,000's cultivation in the Void Sect did have some bright spots, it was far from being able to confront a big shot of the level of Lone Su Fengtian, and most importantly, most people thought that Han 3,000 had died in the last battle.

        Secondly, even if he was still alive, many people of the Void Sect were reluctant to admit that this was a fact, because one was a slave in their eyes, and the other was a valiant man with a Pan Gu axe, and the two couldn't possibly be the same person, at least, not many people were willing to be much lower than themselves and suddenly be much higher than themselves.

        San Yong was the only one who knew that Han Qianqiang had the Faceless Divine Merit, which was similar to the rumours, but based on his suspicions, he hadn't been sure that these two Han Qianqiang could be the same person.

        From a certain point of view, he was even more convinced that this Han 3,000 might have been the one who taught him the Face-less Divine Gong because his name overlapped with that of the Fu Family's Han 3,000.

        "Isn't it that Han Three Thousand?" Someone paused to feel a little sorry for him.

        "Of course not, one Han Qianqian is the Fu family's son-in-law, a Zhonglang divine warrior general, a mighty man, and one, however, is just a traitor of my Void Sect." Ye Gucheng said coldly at this point.

        When he saw Han Qianqian again, there was only cold kil ling intent in Ye Guocheng's eyes.

        The last battle of the Voidless Sect on that day was still fresh in his mind, and the humiliation he had suffered at that time was always engraved on his heart. After the departure of Han Qiangli, Qinshang had been in tears almost every day and had been depressed for a long time.

        Encountering Han Giang again and seeing that he was not dead, he naturally wanted to be full of revenge and avenge his past shame.

        In particular, when he saw Qin Lang staring at Han 3,000, his eyes were filled with tears of joy and emotion, and he did not even blink his eyes, Ye Guocheng gnashed his teeth in anger.

        Han Qianli smiled slightly, his eyes, however, were staring at Qin Lang's.

        For the people of the Void Sect, Han 3,000 didn't have any good feelings towards them. Qin Frost was the only good friend, or senior sister, that he recognised in his heart.

        Within the sect, she was the only one who was extremely good to herself, and even risked being removed from the Void Sect in the final battle to help herself instead.

        Naturally, Han Qianli was grateful to Qin Frost.

        With tears in her eyes, Qin Frost held a smile.

        "Han Qianxiang, you're not dead? And why are you ...... here?" Master Sanyong was full of puzzlement.

        He was about to say something when a gentle man on the side pointed at Han 3,000 and said: "He is in cahoots with that gang, and this is even a forbidden room where many women are held for their enjoyment, so this beast wanted to do it just now, and was just about to let some people out to play when you arrived just in time, otherwise, they and I would have been ...... on ......".

        At this point, the gentle anger and aggravation was overwhelming.

        "Han 3,000, are you one of them?" San Yongton's white brows furrowed in disbelief.

        In San Yong's eyes, he was always still more or less biased towards Han Qianqiang, who, after all, could do Phantomless Divine Gong, and he somehow believed in the boy.

        "What's so strange about this? Don't forget, Master Teacher, that the reason why Han Third Thousand was expelled from our Void Sect itself was because he was a devil, and also, do you remember what happened to Peach?" It was at this moment that Elder Wu Yan spoke coldly.