His True Colors Chapter 1861-1863

 Chapter 1861

Looking down at the middle of the tripod again, Han Qianqian was somewhat unsettled. After looking around and confirming that no one was around, Han 3,000 took out the black, shadowy object in the centre of the tripod.

        It was the size of a thumb, already like a ball of carbon, and emitted a fierce burnt smell all over its body.

        Han 3,000 was incomparably overwhelmed, hadn't this followed the steps in the book exactly? How did you come up with such a thing the first time? What could have gone wrong?

        With the intention of giving it a try, Han Giangli put the black thing into his mouth. Then, his features quickly twisted together.

        The taste of this stuff was simply the best of life, making you fly up into the sky and then stay there forever, suffering from the soreness of the wind in your crotch.

        Shaking his head, Han Three Thousand's own first round was a complete failure.

        However, a person like Han 3,000 was not one to concede defeat easily, so he once again took out the materials and tossed them up in the same way as before.

        The day soon came to midnight, and the bright moon was already overhanging.

        Beneath the trees. Emitting a pungent paste and burnt smell, there were already more than a dozen black coals beside Han Qianqian, but the taste had not improved, though. The appearance hadn't changed at all, but after Han 3,000 had eaten until his mouth was full of charcoal, he was surprised to find that some energy had begun to faintly exist within these pills.

        This also meant that Han Three Thousand's alchemy was starting to become successful.

        "Big brother, other people's alchemy is saving lives, but your damn pills are clearly murdering lives, okay?"

        Just at this moment, a sudden overhead spitting sound was heard.

        Hearing this familiar voice, Han Qianliang helplessly said, "Get away from me, and criticize me as soon as you f*cking wake up."

        Lin Long shook his head helplessly, "The reason why I've been sleeping lately, isn't it because of someone?"

        Ever since the last time, in order to save Han Qianqian. Almost all of the energy in his body was poured into Han 3,000, and with the absence of the Dragon Heart, almost his entire dragon was emptied, and after being attached to Han 3,000's body, he had fallen into a deep sleep, the purpose of which was not only to rest, but also to rely on the Dragon Heart in Han 3,000's body to replenish himself.

        But who knew, as soon as the Linlong woke up, he saw Han Third Thousand's amazing work and spat out.

        "Yeah, yeah, so I'm touched too, so I've decided to give you all these pills that I first concocted to heal you, come on, don't be shy." Han Gianglian saw that Lin Long had woken up and was in quite a good mood, so he joked.

        The Qilin was guilty of refusing, "You don't have to come, take my Dragon Clan Heart. You used my dragon's treasure and now you want to murder my dragon's life? Han Qianqian, don't be too shameless. Also, I'd like to ask a question. Who gave you the courage to drum up all this?"

        "You think I want it, it's all forced." Han Giangli shook his head and sighed, then he got up and packed his things, heading towards the city.

        Along the way, he told Lin Long everything that had happened recently, and after hearing it, Lin Long shook his head and laughed bitterly, "Oh, it's another tournament, another midnight Hongmen Banquet. Han Qianqian, I really don't know whether to praise you for your luck or what to say about you."

        "Right, Lin Long. How much do you know about the Demon Race?" Han Three Thousand Years Road.

        Lin Long explained, "The Eightfold World has four special domains, the Land of Extreme Cold in the extreme north, the Land of Swamps in the extreme east, the Forbidden Land of Fire and Rock in the extreme south, and the Land of the Dead in the extreme west. After being defeated ten thousand years ago by the combined efforts of the Three True Gods of the Eightfold World, the Demon Race has been driven to the Land of the Dead, and after years of birth and reproduction, the Demon Race has now established three palaces and four halls and has infiltrated the Eightfold World."

        "Since it has infiltrated, don't the Three True Gods and the Righteousnesses care?" Han Three Thousand Years Road.

        "Firstly, your wife's family's True God has fallen, and the three major True Gods now exist in name only; the remaining two major True Gods are conserving their strength in order to deal with each other, so naturally no one is willing to go out to confront the Demon Race; secondly, the sky is high and the emperor is far away, so as long as the Demon Race doesn't do evil under the noses of the three major families, will the three major families still do their best to find the Demon Race to ki ll them? Third point ......"

        Han Giangli smiled slightly. Dao: "The third point, humanity!"

        "That's right, there is only ever profit in this world, where is there ever good and evil? As long as it's profitable. It's only natural for the righteous demons to collude." Lin Long nodded.

        Han Giangli nodded, "Okay, I know."

        "Why are you asking this?" Lin Long wondered.

        Han Qianqian smiled confidently, "You'll know in a moment."

        A few moments later, Han Three thousand arrived at the front door of the manor again, and when he saw Han Three thousand, the servant on guard at the door naturally recognised him and welcomed him, "Young Master, my master has been waiting for a long time, please follow me."

        Following behind the man. Han 3,000 once again got back on the boat to the pavilion in the centre of the lake, and when he arrived at the pavilion, the banquet had been withdrawn and the entire pavilion was empty.

        Han 3,000 was suddenly confused. Where was the man who had made an appointment for the hour?

        Seeming to see Han Qianli's confusion, the servant smiled gently, then. Walking to the centre of the pavilion, he gently drummed it, then with a muffled sound, he directly put it on the ground. An iron plate was pulled up.

        Han Qianli was slightly stunned, looking at the openings that revealed light after the iron plate was pulled apart, not expecting there to be a secret passage on this pavilion.

        Hehe. Lakshin Pavilion, Secret Dao!

        It's quite a game, but who would think that a place like this would have secret passages, according to normal human logic? After all. It's a lake underneath this pavilion, and underneath the lake, that's mud, too.

        However, it did show one thing, and that was that these people were delicate and cunning.

        It seemed that Han Qianqian had to be even more careful.

        "Young Master, please come inside."

        After saying that, the servant took the lead and walked in, followed closely by Han Qianli.

        When I walked into the secret passage, although it was only the width of two people, there was still plenty of light, and there was no mouldy smell that should be found underground.

        From a distance, Han 3,000 could see the middle-aged man and four of his subordinates sitting there drinking and chatting, and what was most unbelievable to Han was that the entire house had a line extending from each of the four sides of the roof, supporting a huge overhead bed that floated in the small half-space in the middle of the house.

        Outside the house was a plaque written in eye-catching red material: The Pavilion of the Chopping Man.

        What does this mean, when compared with the mood of the whole house, which presents a completely polarised stance!

Chapter 1862

If the Crystal House is full of romantic drapery and style, then the three characters of the Zhangshen Pavilion, with its gory lettering style and colours, could be described as the house sign of hell and the kil ling blade of the slaughterhouse.

        Such a different style made Han Qianqian believe that this was no coincidence, but seemed to have another meaning.

        Looking around, the area was covered with white cloths, but Han Qianli's consciousness could clearly feel the slight breathing sounds behind the white cloths, even though they were silent, and his intuition told him that there must be quite a few people behind them.

        It seemed that it really was the Hongmen Banquet, sending so many people to conspire against him.

        Han Qianli smiled darkly and walked up, the middle-aged man saw Han Qianli come over and brought four people to welcome him warmly, "Come, come, young master, sit inside, sit inside."

        After sitting down, the middle-aged man got up and poured a pot of tea for Han Three Thousand and laughed softly, "I've really kept you waiting, brother, come, have some tea."

        Han Qianqian smiled leisurely, "Is it possible that your Excellency has asked me to drink tea in the middle of the night?"

        After Han Qianqian said that, he raised his hand to raise the cup and drank a sip of tea with a smile, leaving his mouth open, "The taste of this tea is so-so."

        "Kid, don't scream if you can't drink the tea, do you know that what you are drinking is a fine jade Luo Han, ordinary people can't even drink it even if they want to, and you say it doesn't taste good." The man in black snapped.

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, looked at the teacup and slowly said, "Whether the tea is good or bad doesn't depend on the quality of the tea, but on who it's drunk with."

        It was clear that Han Three Thousand was not talking about the tea, but about the sarcasm of these people.

        Han Qianqian had never had much affection for these people.

        When the black-clothed man heard Han Qianqian's words, he rushed forward angrily, but the middle-aged man raised his hand slightly and smiled, "Hey, why hurt the peace?".

        Then he sat down facing Han Qianli and smiled slightly, "What brother said is not unreasonable, this tea tasting is not only about tea, but also about those hearts, but it doesn't matter if you don't like this tea, I have plenty of other teas, and I also believe that you will be able to find the one you like."

        After saying that, the middle-aged man smiled mysteriously and looked at the smiling devil, seeing the smiling devil nodding his head, he smiled slightly and clapped his hands.


        When the palm fell, the white cloth around Han 3,000 yuan suddenly puffed out, and the white cloth was pulled straight away, Han 3,000 yuan was on guard with both hands, ready for any sudden situation.

        Only, when the white cloth fell, the strength in Han 3,000's hands was stopped, and he was filled with incredulity instead.

        Behind the white cloth were rows of densely packed, neatly arranged cells, and what stunned Han 3,000 most was that in each of the hundreds of cells, there were at least a few innocent-looking women of tender age, dressed either in ordinary clothes or slightly more respectable ones.

        But it was obvious that these women were all children of ordinary families or wealthy families with a little money.

        Moreover, they were all young, but with delicate looks and soft white skin, and although the cell was a little dirty, it still couldn't overwhelm their beauty.

        Especially when the white cloth was pulled away and the girls were frightened, one could not help but love and pity them all.

        Han Qianqian was stunned. He had sensed the presence of many people behind the white cloth when he entered the room, but at one point he thought it was an ambush of kil lers or guards, but who would have thought that it would be a group of young girls with no hands.

        Thinking back to the Tiger Idiot's capture of Peach, Han 3,000 suddenly felt that it was not an isolated case, but rather a gang that had kidnapped young girls.

        However, there was one thing Han Qianqian did not understand: what did the gang want with so many girls?

        If it's simply for pleasure, with just a few of him, it's obvious that it's not. Could it be that they are human traffickers?

        Seeing Han Qianqian's surprise, the middle-aged man seemed to have predicted it and smiled gently, "Brother, there aren't many here, but there are 412 women, all of them pure daughters who have never left the court. Pick a favourite, right?"

        Han Qianqiang's face was as pale as a sink, forcing down the anger in his heart and smiling, "Is this what you call a midnight surprise?"

        "In life, you either love money or you love beautiful women, and since you don't care for the gold, silver and jewellery I give you, you can't refuse these beautiful women of mine, can you?" The middle-aged man smiled quite confidently.

        This move, he had tried repeatedly, how many big bones that were hard to chew, in the end, were bought by his two wonderful moves, Han Qianli, he naturally also found it easy.

        Han Qianli smiled. Originally, he was only well water to these people, not despise to reject them as demons, but also had no idea to get together with them, so he had no interest in their invitation, but unexpectedly, until now he found out that these guys had imprisoned so many innocent girls, can Han Qianli not save them?

        With Han's personality, it's impossible.

        However, the more you have to save someone, the less reckless you can be.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian smiled, "How do you taste this tea?"

Chapter 1863

Hearing Han Marchant's words, the middle-aged man thought Han Marchant was interested, and with a laugh, he pointed to the crystal house behind him and said, "Brother, see that hammock in the middle of the house!"

        Han Qianli nodded.

        The middle-aged man was so proud that he looked towards the plaque and continued, "This is the Zhangshi Pavilion, brother, you must be wondering why it's called by that name."

        The man in black laughed coldly at this point, "The meaning of the Beheading Court, however, is not the beheading of a person's head, nor is the tea to be drunk, but ......."

        Saying that, the man in black placed his gaze on the crowd of wonderful women held in the cell, Han Qianli suddenly understood what exactly they meant.

        "We deliberately made the room transparent so that we could taste the tea and watch all the people, it's exciting." The man in white also laughed.

        Han Qianli cursed a pervert in his heart, never imagining that this house would be an alternative place that they were incredibly disgusted by, Han Qianli even felt that every second spent in this place would be one more minute of disgust, "Wouldn't it be too cruel to do that? Look at them, they're all so young, what a psychological impact we're going to have on them by doing this."

        "Hey man, isn't a woman's most touching moment one of those moments?"

        "That's right, you have to be happy in life, but if you're not, how can you be happy?" The man in black laughs.

        "Here, you can have as much tea as you want."

        Han Qianqiang's face was ashen, these people were very evil, but they had no shame, instead they were proud of it and wanted to give them a knife each.

        The smiling devil now laughed, "With this brother being so young and with such a high cultivation, it's not surprising that he's beheaded a hundred people tonight."

        Han Qianqiang managed to squeeze out a smile and said, "That wouldn't dare, what would you do if I beheaded so many?"

        The smiling devil obviously didn't hear Han Qianli's words and said cheerfully, "Don't worry brother, every night we'll bring in more than 400 women, and every day we'll have different goods, not to mention a hundred, even if it's more than that, it'll be enough."

        Han Qianqian was astonished, his eyebrows furrowed, "More than four hundred every day? Wouldn't it be a pity if we couldn't finish it?"

        The Smiling Devil laughed, "What's the pity, they'll all die anyway because ......".

        "Hey!" At the most crucial moment, the middle-aged man suddenly raised his hand and interrupted the Smiley Devil.

        The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Brother, this is not important, what is important is that you have fun, how about it? Would you be interested in working for me? If you want, you can stay here every night and play, and I guarantee that every day will be a different beauty."

        Han Qianli smiled and didn't reply right away, but her heart was wildly rippling, originally Han Qianli wanted to ask exactly where these women would end up being sold, but never would have expected to overhear the message that they were all going to die from the smiling devil's mouth.

        What does this mean?

        It's OK to ki ll people after you've finished playing, but shouldn't you keep what you can't finish playing? Just ki ll it?

        Intuition told Han 3,000 that things might not be as simple as they seemed.

        Although it looked like a group of traffickers buying and selling human beings and, incidentally, feeding themselves before the sale, it was clear that this was not the case now, judging from the analysis of the Smiling Devil's words.

        But exactly what it was, Han 3,000 didn't know.

        The middle-aged man seemed to be very sensitive to this, and was instantly interrupted by the smiling devil when he mentioned it.

        Han Qianli smiled, "Oh, if Your Excellency is so sincere, I can't seem to refuse? Most importantly, I'm afraid it would be difficult for me to get out of Dew Drop if I didn't agree, wouldn't it?"

        The middle-aged man's eyes flashed with alarm, but his mouth laughed, "Brother, I don't quite understand what you mean by that."

        Han Qianqian smiled, "Don't you understand what I mean? Dew City, but your Lord Willow's territory, wouldn't it be difficult for me to walk out without your permission?"

        Hearing Han Qianli's words, the middle-aged man was shocked, completely disbelieving and wary.

        The four men behind him were also dumbfounded. They had never expected Han Qianli to suddenly say such words, knowing that they had always concealed their identities so well that they had even chosen this place to meet Han Qianli.

        It could be said that they had concealed their boss's identity to perfection, with absolutely no mistakes, so where did Han Qianli find out about it?

        "Ba sta rd, what are you talking about?" The man in black looked at Han Qianqian in a cold voice, at this time they were quite vicious after being revealed.

        The middle-aged man waved his hand with an icy face, indicating that the man in black did not have to do so, and stared at Han Qianli for a long time, the corners of his mouth slightly drawn out in a cold smile, looking at Han Qianli and saying, "Brother, why is that?"