His True Colors Chapter 1859-1860

(Note: I was not mistaken, this is exactly what was released as chapter 1859-1860.)

 Chapter 1859

After Han 3,000 knelt down, the breeze lightly stopped and the candle glowed slightly brighter as it settled down, and after Han 3,000's sight slowly adjusted, Han 3,000 realized that he was several metres away. Half a metre below the candlestick, on the ground, was a coffin.

        Could it be which ancestor was in it?

        But just as Han Qianqiang thought this, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded: "Han Fei, do you need something?"

        Han Qianli was shocked by the voice, he clearly hadn't thought there were other people here and, although the voice was female, it was as if it was being spoken at the throat, extremely harsh to the ears and most importantly. Han Qianli was startled to discover that the voice was actually coming from the coffin.

        "Disciple Han Fei, who has taken Han Three Thousand as a disciple, has come to report to the teacher's wife." Finished. Han Fan gently patted Han Qianqian with his hand, gesturing for him to call someone quickly.

        Han Qianqian bowed his head: "Disciple Han Qianqian, meet Shishu!"

        The coffin was silent for a long time before a voice was heard: "Okay, Fei'er, come here."

        Han Fan nodded, got up and walked towards the coffin, then leaned over as if to say something to the inside of the coffin, before standing up straight and looking back at Han Qianqian a moment later.

        Then, with a slight smile, he walked up to Han Qianqian and said, "Your grandmother said. There's nothing to give you on your first meeting, so this ring will be a gift."

        After saying that, he held a ring in his right hand, pulled up Han Qianli's left hand and brought a ring onto Han Qianli's tail finger.

        The ring was bronze-coloured, with some dappled darkness around it, but the light was too dim for Han Qianli to see it clearly, but overall, it could basically be judged as an ordinary object.

        However, in the end, it was a gift, and Han Qianli was grateful, "Thank you, Granny."

        Han Jian gave a light laugh, now looking at Han Three Thousand, and handed over the book of Fang to Han Three Thousand, "This is the secret book of this sect, from now on, you will practice diligently according to the techniques and algorithms in this secret book. Got it?"

        Han 3,000 nodded, "Yes, Master."

        "Alright, it's getting late, ah 3000. Don't disturb your master's rest, you go back first." Han Qiao Dao.

        Han Three Thousand nodded: "Good, right, Master, I'm staying in the city's restaurant for the time being, but tomorrow I'll be heading to the summit of Mount Qi. Also, there is one thing that I will definitely explain to you, and that is my identity ......"

        "It doesn't matter, I don't look at the person, only the heart. If you have something to do, just go ahead and get busy, and come and see this old man when you have time." Han消 interrupted Han Qianqian's words.

        Originally, Han Qianli had wanted to tell Han消 about his situation. After all, with his current situation, Han Qianqian was afraid of causing Han消 unnecessary trouble, so he hoped that although he had worshipped his master, it would be best for Han消 not to mention that he was his apprentice, for his own safety.

        "But ......" Han Three Thousand was a bit helpless, but finally sighed, "Okay, then Three Thousand will take his leave first."

        After Han Three Thousand Thousand said that, he turned around and left.

        It was only after confirming Han Three Thousand's departure that the coffin suddenly emitted sounds again at this point.

        "Han Fei, didn't you make a vow on your master's grave that you would never accept a disciple? Why are you breaking your promise today?"

        Han Chuan nodded: "Yes, it is true that I swore an oath back then that I would never accept a disciple, but breaking that oath is nothing more than a thunderbolt from heaven. But if I don't accept Han Qianqian, I will never be able to face my master in eternity."

        "Han Chuan, what do you mean by that?"

        "Master and the main scroll of the island once said that if you meet a poisonous person, you will be able to return to the island and be a great talent. Auntie. I'm not going to lie to you, I saw that this boy has a good heart, so I wanted to give him the Double Dragon Tripod and teach him how to use it. But when I was instilling the technique, I suddenly noticed that my palm had turned black." Han Ran said.

        Hearing this, the coffin was silent for a moment, not quite believing it: "You mean, Han 3000 is a poisonous person?"

        "I don't know about that, but he was highly poisoned and there was no antidote in his body. Even if he is not a poisonous person, he is at least a person with a golden body. If he is not a poisoner, he is at least a person with a golden body, and such a talent is the one our Immortal Spirit Island has been dreaming of. If I can't take him in, how will I face my master after I die?"

        "Those who want to refine pills are bound to be attacked by poisonous fire, so if they have a golden body or a poisonous person, they can definitely do twice as much with half the effort. This is indeed a blessing for my Immortal Spirit Island, Fei'er. It is said that there is a will of God in the underworld, but the cycle of the Koshi. I didn't expect things to be so unpredictable. If your master had known this in the spring, I'm sure he would have understood it."

        Han Fei nodded and raised his gaze slightly. Gazing into the darkness, he murmured thoughtfully, "Yes, Master, I've harmed Immortal Spirit Island, but in the end, I've collected an unearthly talent for Immortal Spirit Island, and that's my compensation for my master in this life."

        "I really wanted to see this child with my own eyes, but unfortunately ......" the coffin heaved a sigh.

        Han Fan said with a slight bitterness, "Madam, there may be a chance in the future, it's time to administer your medicine."

        After saying this, Han消 brought the candle flame down and shone it towards the coffin, which turned out to be a pile of rotten, stinking flesh.

Chapter 1860

Han Qianqian's heart was still unsettled when he came out of the broken temple.

        He had only wanted to return the tripod, but he hadn't expected that he would end up worshipping a master for no reason at all.

        What had happened this evening was simply unexpected to him.

        Especially that Han Fan. In Han 3,000's eyes, he was just an ordinary old man, but he didn't expect to know how to make pills, and it was ironic that whoever would have thought of such an awesome technique would never have imagined that someone who knew it would live in such a shabby place.

        After all, it's all about this kind of technology. As long as he was willing to do so, with a single word, all the sects in the eight directions of the world. In some ways, they are pharmaceutical machines, but they are also money printing machines.

        Even Han Qianqian, a newcomer to the Eight Directions World, understood how precious pills were, and naturally, those who could concoct them were even more precious.

        But there are times when such a good thing actually happens to Han 3,000. Things happen as they do, and what you may not be able to find even after stepping on an iron shoe, someone else has it with ease.

        Perhaps this is the same kind of gap between the second generation rich and the ordinary people.

        Things are sometimes so unfair, and that is why people want fairness.

        After leaving the broken temple, Han Qianqian was in no hurry to get to the centre of the city, although it was getting close to midnight.

        The time was drawing nearer and nearer to midnight, but Han Sanxian was in no hurry either.

        On this matter, Han 3,000 was so sure that if he didn't go to his appointment tonight, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to leave Dew City tomorrow.

        One thing that also supported Han 3,000's opinion was that after coming out of the courtyard, the other party could not even send someone to follow him. The other party had even managed not to send anyone to follow him, and was obviously very confident that Han 3,000 would not be able to leave Dew City.

        Moreover. He had never been a coward, and as the saying goes, when an army comes, it's a force to be fought, when water comes, it's a force to be confronted, and Han 3,000 was never the slightest bit weak.

        Therefore, Han 3,000's current thoughts were all about the Double Dragon Tripod and Han消.

        Han消 had already said that the tripod was the one at hand, which sounded like it was very powerful. But how powerful it was, Han 3,000 had never seen it before.

        So the bag contained a large amount of materials just bought from the auction house, as well as the tripod. And with the technique given by Master Han Fei, why not give it a try?

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian saw that there was no one around, so he simply followed the method in his memory and waved his hands, and the Double Dragon Tripod instantly appeared in front of him.

        Then, he picked up the book given to him by his master, Han Kuo, and slowly studied it.

        The book's name called the Four Phases of Zhi, the so-called Four Phases, the book's preface has a cloud: namely, the phase of food, lust, medicine and heart, the so-called food phase refers to the healing, tonic medicine served by all sentient beings, the remaining three phases Han 3000 has not yet read. His focus was clearly drawn to the food physiognomy.

        In the end, Han 3,000 decided to give the elementary method a try.

        Although it was only the most rudimentary type of pill. There was only a tiny bit of energy in it, but it wasn't too wasteful and was the best choice for a beginner like Han Qianqian.

        As soon as the energy in his hand was stirred, a blazing fire burned under the Double Dragon Tripod, and then the entire tripod began to slowly rotate itself.

        "The book says. Use a three-minute fire and simmer it slowly for three minutes, then explode it with an eight-minute fire for ten minutes. Sh*t, why does it sound like we're cooking?" Han Qiangiang's eyebrows furrowed!

        Why is there always a sense of déjà vu about cooking on Earth? If it wasn't for the fact that the Double Dragon Tripod did look very impressive. Han Qianli would have felt like a cook or an alchemist!

        "Well, now there remains the most important stage. That is, becoming a dan. With a slight force in the left hand and a fierce force in the right hand, form the double fire of Wen and Wu. Adjusting the momentum of the eight trigrams to cause the raw materials in the tripod to become pills."

        Han Qianqiang put down the book after reading it. Then, following the method instructed in the book, Han Three Thousand pushed the force.

        A few minutes later, Han 3,000 withdrew his power and looked at the Double Dragon Cauldron, which gradually stopped spinning, with a little excitement inside.

        At the same time, it was also, in a way, his first step in the Eight Directions World, which naturally had a different meaning.

        After the Double Dragon Tripod had completely and utterly stopped, Han 3,000 swallowed his saliva and walked slowly towards the Tripod.

        After biting his teeth, Han Qianqian grasped the lid directly and opened it abruptly, ready to meet his "masterpiece" once again.


        Suddenly, right at this moment, when the lid was lifted, a huge explosion shook the entire forest violently.

        The face of Han Qianqiang, who was in the very centre, was now as black as dirt, leaving only the whites of his eyes still white, and his mouth opened, and a sudden stream of white eyes came out of his mouth: "F*ck, no?"