His True Colors Chapter 1857-1858

 Chapter 1857

At this point, Han fei patted the dust from his hands, swept a glance at the tripod and said, "This is the true double-dragon tripod, capable of melting all things and nurturing all fires, unique in the world."

        Han Qianli sucked in a breath of cold air. In no way could he have imagined that the two rotten tripods, which had been in tatters just a moment ago, would turn into a godly tripod with a dark blue glow.

        Its appearance alone had already predetermined it to be extraordinary, not to mention the dragon tattoo on its tripod body, which roamed slowly like two true dragons.

        No matter how little knowledge Han Qianli had, he could still be certain from its appearance that it was definitely a treasure, compared to the red tripod he had bought for over a million. It was simply a world of difference.

        "Take it and get going before I change my mind," Han Fan said.

        "No, don't." After Han Qianli was surprised. He shook his head in succession.

        Han Xiaotong's brows furrowed, and it was clear that Han Qianli's words had surprised his entire body: "You don't want it?"

        "That's right, I don't want it." Han Giangli firmly shook his head.

        "Are you an idiot? You don't want such a good thing?" Han Fandao.

        "As I said, no merit, obviously, the more noble this tripod is, the more I can't take it, Senior. Please take it back, and today, forget I was ever here." Han Qianli said, turning around and leaving.

        This tripod was obviously a rare treasure, and Han Qianli thought that his one million amethysts to buy it was just a joke.

        "You're a stubborn person, but I'm even more stubborn than you are." Han Fang saw that Han Qianqian was leaving and snapped in anger.

        Finished speaking. With a movement of his hand, the gate in front of the temple slammed shut.

        Han Qianli turned back helplessly and said, "Senior. What are you doing this for?"

        Han Xiaoxiao laughed scornfully, "Do you think you're the only one who talks about principles? I, Han Fei, am more principled than you, and since I sold it to you, I have no intention of taking it back." "But " is a bit of a dilemma for Han Qianli.

        "But ...... "Han Qianqian was in a difficult position.

        Han消 looked at Han Qianli coldly and saw the difficulty in Han Qianli's eyes before his tone softened a little, "You're also a nice young man, my husband is very pleased with you, so I gave you the other part of the Double Dragon Tripod. But it's just used to hold some leaking rain."

        "Having been able to seek out the Ming Lord, it should have continued to serve its purpose instead of following me, the old man. It has sunk since then."

        "If Senior insists on giving it to me, then this way, I'll make up some price for you, otherwise I'll feel uneasy in my heart." Han Qianli sincerely said.

        "There's no need, that million has already fulfilled my greatest wish, money isn't of any use to me, I've already gotten used to this kind of bitter life." Han Qiang said softly.

        Han Three Thousand was confused by his words, and had no interest in money, but yet he wanted to exchange his beloved things for money, what kind of logic is this!

        "Boy, what's your name?" Han Qiang asked.

        Han Kuanyuan was hesitant, but after a moment, he was righteous, "Han Kuanyuan."

        "Well. Counting up, our real surnames, tens of thousands of years ago. I'm not sure if we're still family." Han Fei gave a rare smile, then he looked at Han Qianli, "Okay, Han Qianli, come over here and I'll teach you how to use this Double Dragon Tripod."

        Han Three Thousand nodded. He walked over to Han Kuo's side, then Han Kuo suddenly slammed his palm directly onto Han Three Thousand's back. Suddenly, Han Three Thousand only felt a lot of memories popping up wildly in his head, and then in the next second. Han Kuai had withdrawn the peak of his palm.

        After withdrawing his palm, Han Kuang looked at his palm and frowned. This was because there was now a faint hint of black on his palm.

        He looked at Han Qianqian with complicated eyes, then lowered his head to think about something.

        "Senior. What's wrong?"

        "Could it be that this is really destiny?" Looking at his palm, Han Xia seems to be talking to Han Qianqian. Without waiting for Han Qianqian to speak, he hurriedly entered the inner hall beside Han Xiaoli.

        Just as Han Qianqian was about to enter the inner hall to look for Han Fan, Han Fan had already come out, holding an old, yellow and mouldy book in his hand, looking up at Han Qianqian from time to time as he walked along.

        Han Qianli was completely bewildered by him and stood dumbfounded in his place.

        After a few moments, Han Xiaoxiang breathed a sigh of relief, closed his book and looked at Han 3,000 without moving a muscle, making Han 3,000's hair stand on end.

        "Senior, what's going on?" Han Qianli couldn't stand it any longer and couldn't help but ask again.

        However, Han Fan did not answer, looking at Han Three Thousand's despondent expression, but then suddenly relaxed, and then a bitter smile piled up on his face.

        "Fate, fate, it really is fate." Han Kuang looked at the black spot on his palm again and shook his head and laughed bitterly.

        "Senior ...... "Han Qianli was very depressed, what was Han Xiaoxiang up to? What fate

Chapter 1858

After looking at his own palm, he looked up at the roof with a mumbled look, as if he was meditating on something, and after a moment, he smiled, looked at Han Qianli and said, "Han Qianli, being able to make the Double Dragon Tripod is nothing new, but how to make all kinds of materials. Extreme refining into top-grade pills is the way of the king of this eight-sided world."

        Han Qianli nodded in confusion and said, "Senior, I understand."

        "So, do you want to master this King's Way technique?"

        It is the easiest, quickest and most brutal method of self-improvement, and is even the dream of many people in the Eight Directions, but because the threshold of materials and refining techniques is so high, many people are often able to peek in but not enter.

        Otherwise, how could the various sects and schools give out the various elixirs needed for cultivation as wages? This speaks volumes about its importance. In a sense, it's even a universal currency, so it's difficult to manufacture it. Naturally, it was extremely difficult.

        After spending so much money, Han Qianli had only bought a few materials, but wanting to refine them into spirit pills to replenish his cultivation, Han Qianli hadn't even thought about when he'd get to that point, but planned to stockpile them first. He was just going to stockpile them first and plan for the next day.

        After all, the basic art of cultivating pills was already a difficult technique, and it was even more difficult if one wanted to push the various materials to their limits, and to call it a technique of the King's Way was indeed not an exaggeration at all.

        "However, in the Eight Directions World, among the things that can be concocted with humans, the art of alchemy is the most precious. Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

        The pills required by various sects, including the Void Sect where Han Qianqian had stayed, were all distributed by the sects on a fixed quota, and outsiders had no access to the alchemy techniques. It is easy to imagine how treasured they are.

        In some ways, the quality of the pills is even one of the essential factors in determining the size of a sect.

        Therefore, those who make pills, cherish peculiarities.

        "Just be willing to learn." Han Fei smiled slightly, then he leaned over and suddenly rushed towards Han Qianqian, towering on his feet a dark strength came in front of Han Qianqian, grabbed Han Qianqian's hand and pulled up his sleeve, from the elbow a caress of the hands, down to the palm of the hand, Han Qianqian suddenly only felt his arm suddenly green veins and hidden black.

        "Pill refiners, from yin to poisonous, from yang to pure, need to blend in, need to be insane and persistent, and need to have a heart like water." After Han Fan finished speaking, he put down Han Qianqian's hand and tapped his two fingers on Han Qianqian's nose, ears and eyes, causing a sudden red glow to appear in three places.

        "The art of alchemy is concerned with refining the various characteristics of a material and making it knead into a new characteristic, thus. The eyes have to be sharp, the ears have to be sharp, and the nose has to be sharp in order to make the best choice at the best moment. You will be able to use all three spirits together."

        Han fei then abruptly turned behind Han Qianqian, and with a palm in his hand, imprinted directly on Han Qianqian's back, and Han Qianqian suddenly felt the same as he did last time, with countless images flashing through his mind, and more importantly, this time, a warm power entered from behind and poured into Han Qianqian's acupuncture points.


        There was a loud bang, and Han Fei's entire body suddenly flew out, hitting the ground several metres away with a heavy crash, puffing out blood from his mouth.

        Han Qianli anxiously ran over and helped him up, "Senior. Are you alright?"

        Despite spitting blood from his mouth, Han Fei couldn't stop smiling: "I have spent my life's cultivation on opening the Three Links and the Hundred Spiritual Tendons for you, and you still call me senior? Han Qianqian, aren't you too ignorant of what it means to respect your teachers?"

        Hearing these words. Han Qianqiang's entire body was stunned, what Han消 had just done was to spend his entire life's cultivation to open up the meridians for himself?

        "Senior this ......" Han Qianqian was stunned, then questioned, "But Han Qianqian already has a master ......".

        "What? Do you want to turn your back on me?" Han Xiaodun gave a disgruntled drink, shook off Han Qianli's hand, reluctantly stood up himself, turned his back on Han Qianli and said, "Do you know how many people in the Eight Directions want to become my disciples? And you don't know what you're getting into?"

        "That's not what I meant, just ......"

        "In short, whether you acknowledge it or not, you are my disciple Han Fei." Han Fan's domineering sip was followed by a slightly slower tone: "In the world of eight directions, there are many things to learn, and naturally there are many masters to worship. It's not like you to be so pedantic as to have only one master in your life. However, this also shows that you are a dedicated and conscientious person, so if I was wrong and passed on the skills of my school to an outsider, I would no longer be able to face my ancestors. Today, I'll die as a token of my apology."

        After saying that, Han消 slapped himself on the head with a stroke of strength.

        Han Qianqian rushed over and grabbed Han Fan's hand. Distressed, he said, "Senior, why are you doing this? I'm not saying no, but I have my master first, so can you at least let me ask my master?"

        "Don't stop me." Upon hearing this, Han消's hands used force again.

        "Alright, alright, Master." Han 3000 had no choice but to compromise, from a practical point of view, he had indeed received Han消's true legacy and had been kind to himself, which could never be denied. From an emotional point of view, he couldn't stand by and watch Han消 commit suicide in front of him either.

        Hearing Han Qianqian call out to himself, Han消 smiled slightly and patted Han Qianqian's shoulder, "Don't worry, your former master knows that you worship me as your master. Not only will he not say anything, but he'll be happy, and it's an honour he's been seeking all his life to be my equal."

        "Yes." Han Three Thousand nodded, the matter had come to this. The only thing to do is to wish.

        "Okay, Han Three Thousand, from today onwards, you are the only disciple of my Immortal Spirit Island, and the only successor to my Han Fu. You can come with me." Han Kuai was clearly very happy.

        Han Three Thousand nodded and followed behind Han消, heading towards the inner hall.

        When he reached the door, Han消 suddenly stopped and looked at Han Qianli. Smiling bitterly, he said, "A man is a man, there's nothing to be afraid of."

        Han Three Thousand was confused by his words, why did he suddenly come to this inexplicable phrase?

        Han消 nodded and pulled back the curtain. An even stronger stench came directly from inside.

        Walking into the inner hall, the smell was even more pungent around the nose, making one's head smell a little big, the house was dark, only at the front of the room, there was a candle glowing slightly, as the two of them entered, driving a silky breeze, the light of the candle jumping, making the house look a little strange.

        "Three thousand, kneel down." Han Kuang commanded softly at this point.

        Han Three Thousand was completely confused as to what was going on, but his master had orders, so he eventually gave an oh-so-sweet cry, then knelt down on the floor in all honesty.