His True Colors Chapter 1854-1856

 Chapter 1854

At this time, Han 3,000, accompanied by Long Yu, walked into the backstage.

        In the backstage, more than a dozen servants had already put all the items in the auction into boxes, and each box was opened, waiting for Han 3,000 yuan to examine them.

        Seeing Han 3,000 come in, a group of people all bowed low. Respectfully, they said: "Good evening, distinguished guest."

        Han 3,000 nodded politely, "Thank you all for your hard work, right, I won't inspect the items, I trust you, as for the money, is it still enough?"

        Lang Yu smiled, "The exchange house has estimated your pile of treasures, and after you spend tonight's, you still have 700,000 amethysts left."

        Han 3,000 nodded, and with a movement of energy in his hand, he took back all the auction items.

        Lang Yu smiled at this point and said, "That's right, VIP. Many of the items you bought at our auction this time were used in pill refining and medicine practice, so forgive me for taking the liberty to ask, but you are looking to refine something, right?"

        Han Qianqiang smiled bitterly. It was obvious that Long Yu was asking a question knowingly, and said, "If you have something to say, you may as well say it straight, talk to me without beating about the bush."

        But when he saw that Han Qianli was not angry, he said, "To refine things, you naturally need a good fireplace, and as the saying goes, "Sharpening a knife does not delay the work of chopping wood. You are a black card VIP in our auction house, so we have a batch of treasures for the next auction. Some of these are excellent pottery furnaces, so I wonder if you would be interested. If you have it, we can sell it to you in advance."

        When Han Qianli heard this, he smiled even more bitterly, this auction house routine was really deep, selling materials first, then tools next time, really good at capturing people's hearts and making you keep attending.

        However, Han 3,000 didn't deny that he was really lacking these things at the moment, nodding his head: "Good."

        Lang Yu was very happy and led Han 3,000 yuan around the backstage to a large room next to it.

        In the large room, there were quite a few things placed there, several different coloured and shaped pill furnaces lined up neatly, and judging from their appearance, one could tell that they were of great value. However. What surprised Han Qianli the most was the space in this room.

        From the outside, it looked like a modest house, but once inside, there was not only an extremely huge shopping mall, but also a large number of shops. Not only was there an extremely large shopping mall, but there were also backstage rooms, and even the large house in front of him.

        It looked no bigger than a palm on the outside, but inside it was a giant elephant, which was really something.

        Seeming to see Han Qianli's concern, Lang Yu smiled gently and explained, "It's all illusions, but it's also a feature of the 72 branches of my auction house, the House of Heaven, huh?".

        Han Qianqian smiled slightly, "A house in the sky? It's quite apt and interesting."

        "You flatter me, distinguished guest. Let me introduce you to the red furnace in front of you, which is a molten molten metal furnace that can withstand high temperatures without melting. It is made of meteoric iron, so if you have this furnace to practice your pills, you will definitely get twice the results with half the effort."

        Han 3,000 nodded and was about to speak, when suddenly there was a burst of noise outside the house, and Lang Yu was dissatisfied, shouting at the outside, "What's the noise?"

        The servant hurried into the house and said, "Mr. Lang, I'm sorry, but an old man suddenly came outside and had to find us to sell the furnace."

        "Can't you see there are VIPs in the house? Why don't you let him go?" Lang Yu raged.


        "No need." Han Qianqian raised her hand at this point and smiled slightly, "It's all business, there's buying and selling, there's no such thing as expensive or cheap, I'm not in a hurry, so you can go about your business first."

        Long Yu was stunned, but since Han Qianqian had spoken, he dared not disobey. Nodding his head, he said to his servant, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and let someone in."

        The servant nodded and retreated, a moment later. The old man walked in with an old man in a simple cloth coat, covered with various patches, the years of wear and tear and the pollution of the earth, the coat was old and dirty.

        In his hand, the old man held a green stove, which was small, the size of a three-year-old child. There was a blue dragon around it, but the thing that was missing was that the stove was covered in dirt and grime and there was even a lot of water in it. Obviously, the stove had been left somewhere randomly all the time and had suffered from the ravages of wind and rain, leaving it just as old and dirty as the old man.

        Lang Yu was very uninterested in the cooker at first glance. But since Han Qianqian was present, he still said politely, "Old man, I heard you're selling the stove, right?".

        The old man nodded, though his beard was all over. With shaggy hair, he looked like a beggar, but his eyes were full of determination: "Yes."

        "Oh, old man. Although our auction house does the buying and selling of goods, if you want to sell something, you should go to the exchange house, where there are professionals who will do the valuation for you." Lang Yu Road.

        The duties of an exchange house are similar to pawn trading. Assessing the value and then buying it at a low price, the auction house's duty is to sort and classify the items and auction them to maximise the profit of the goods.

        So, clearly, the old man has come to the wrong place.

        "It's because I've been to that exchange house of yours that I've come over here." The old man said.

        Langton was stunned and looked at the servant, "What's the situation?"

Chapter 1855

"The people over at the auction house didn't think his cooker was worth anything, so they didn't give a price." The servant now whispered.

        "That's just a bunch of mediocre people who don't even know the treasure and have nothing to say to them." The old man was a little dissatisfied when he spoke of this.

        Lang Yu chuckled, naturally a little disdainful of the old man's words, the exchange house's judging criteria were very professional. If it is said there that it is not worth anything, it is not worth anything, but because of the hindrance, Long Yu still smiled, "In that case, why don't the old man give the cooker to me to take a look at it?"

        The old man nodded and handed over the cooker with his dirty, old hands. After receiving the cooker, Long Yu did not actually take a closer look at it, just a cursory glance, and then shook his head: "Old man, this green stove is indeed a bit roughly made. Coupled with its age and rust, it's really ...... not worth much? However, since the old man has found his way here. How about this, I'll give you ten amethysts, are you selling or not?"

        Naturally, Long Yu had no interest in this item, and buying it was just throwing it into the rubbish heap, so the reason why he was willing to bid was just to create some good influence on the auction house.

        Upon hearing this, the old man was slightly angry: "Since even you don't know the goods, then forget I ever came." After saying that, the old man picked up the vase and turned around to leave.

        "Wait a minute." It was at this moment that Han Qianli spoke.

        Although this old man, had been quite difficult. But one, Han Three Thousand was attentive, two, smart, and three, he had long since trained this guy to be subtle, so Han Three Thousand saw that there was actually a hint of urgency in the old man's angry eyes.

        "Old man, how much do you plan to sell this cooker for?" Han Qianli smiled.

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, the old man was slightly stunned and said, dissatisfied, "Priceless treasure, but I have an urgent need, if you can afford one million, I can consider selling you."

        Hearing this price, although Lang Yu had always been extremely ethical, he couldn't help but puff out a laugh at this point, "Old man, you're joking too much, aren't you? A broken tripod? A million? Look around you at the good cookers. Nothing is good enough to sell at your price.

        The servant couldn't help but laugh out loud at this point, too. The old man turned slightly red in the face and said angrily, "What do you know, a bunch of vulgarities? Are these junky things qualified to compete with my Green Dragon Tripod?"

        The two men shook their heads in disdain and laughed. Afraid of a crazy old man.

        The old man endured the anger of being laughed at and put his last hope on Han Marchant.

        "Fine, I'll buy." Han Qianli smiled.

        The old man let out a long sigh of relief, but Lang Yu and his servant now exploded as if a bomb had been thrown at them, and Lang Yu even took a few steps to Han 3000 and said urgently, "VIP, you mustn't be fooled by the old man, this green furnace is just trash from a long time ago, not to mention a million amethysts, even if it's ten amethysts, it's not worth it."

        "Yes. Your Excellency, don't be fooled, this has been appraised by a number of our professionals, you have to trust us."

        Han Qianli shook his head. Smiling, he said, "Of course I trust you, but I also trust this old man, Master of Ceremonies Lang, please give him one million amethysts." After saying that, Han Three Thousand Thousand casually threw out a pile of jewellery, which was a way of replenishing his account.

        Lang Yu was a little anxious for Han 3,000 for a moment, but after all, the money was Han 3,000's and it was their freedom to decide how they wanted to make their own decisions, so with a long sigh, he instructed his servant, "Take this old gentleman and go over to the exchange house to do the formalities to get the money."

        The servant nodded, and the old man looked at Han 3,000 with a very raw gratitude in his eyes, as if he wasn't very good at thanking people, and after handing over the cooker to Han 3,000, he followed the servant out.

        After sending the old man away, Han 3,000 spent more than 1.4 million yuan on a fiery red qilin tripod on the recommendation of Long Yu. Only then did he stride out of the auction house.

        As soon as he came out, Han 3,000 met an unexpected person, Bai Ling'er.

        After Han 3,000 left, Bai Ling'er was shocked and regretted it for a long time. Finally, she came to her senses and had a completely new plan.

        Although Zhou Shao was a good choice for the future, compared to someone of Han Qianqian's calibre, it was simply incomparable.

        A woman like Bai Ling'er was quite attractive in her own right, with many men surrounding her on a daily basis. Therefore, she was naturally very confident in her looks, so she wanted to take Han Qianli.

        She was close enough to know that Han 3,000 had gone to the back of the auction house. Therefore, she pretended to be very angry and said she was going home to rest after separating from Zhou Shao, but in reality she was at the entrance to the backyard. She was waiting for Han 3,000.

        It had been more than an hour since she had waited, and while she was anxious, Han Qianxiang finally came out slowly at this point.

        "Gongzi." Upon seeing Han Qianqian. Bai Ling'er greeted him warmly.

        Han Qianqian swept a glance at Bai Ling'er and said indifferently, "Something wrong?"

        Seeing Han Qianqian so indifferent, Bai Ling'er's head fell and her mouth pouted. Picturing an aggrieved expression, Bai Ling'er said, "Duke, are you still angry with someone? I'm sorry, but at worst they'll compensate you, okay?"

        Finish. With a red face, Bai Ling'er deliberately lowered her neckline in an attempt to seduce Han Qianqian. In the past, when dealing with other men, Bai Ling'er could get away with almost nothing more than a few ambiguous glances, but Bai Ling'er felt that with someone of Han Qianqian's higher status, she had to do her best.

        Han Qianqian sneered disdainfully, and without even looking, directly pushed Bai Ling'er away, "Sorry, I don't know you well, so I don't care to be angry with you at all, you're better off without this."

        Watching Han Qianli turn around and walk away, especially with that sneer, which was simply full of mockery and contempt, caused Bai Ling'er, who had always been arrogant and lonely, to suffer great humiliation, standing there like a thunderbolt, she had already given up her dignity for Han Qianli, but what she didn't expect to get in return was Han Qianli's indifference and ridicule.

        "You've gone too far, how dare you treat me like this when I'm like this?" Watching Han Qianqian's back as he left, Bai Ling'er roared at him with reluctance.

        It seemed that in her eyes, as long as she let down a man a little bit, she wanted him to be obedient to her.

        Han 3,000 left the suburbs and did not return to the city, instead heading deeper into the more isolated forest.

Chapter 1856

At the end of the old yellow trees, there is an ancient temple, which has fallen into disrepair during the storm, with crumbling walls and a leaning roof. The walls are leaning and the roof is leaking. Weeds are growing.

        In front of the temple, a wooden plaque has been hung obliquely, revealing endless desolate and lonely feelings.

        In the courtyard, the old man from the party, now rickety, slowly walked into the temple.

        It was the first time I'd ever been to a school. He lifted the curtain, which was already somewhat broken, and entered the inner hall.

        Han Qianli also went in now, through the night. At the main hall, the four fierce and malevolent statues in the palace, instead of becoming gentler due to the erosion of age, appeared even more hideous due to their absence, like four evil ghosts with fangs and claws in the night.

        There was a stench in the air and the ground was very dirty. Hay was all over the place and there was some thatch piled up in the innermost part, which should have been where the old man slept.

        Han 3,000 was about to move in, but he didn't notice when his foot suddenly moved and he kicked a cauldron that had fallen to the ground, making a piercing sound.

        When Han 3,000 squatted down to pick up the cauldron, his brow furrowed, because the cauldron he had kicked over was almost identical to the one he had bought earlier.

        At this moment, the curtain opened and the old man came out with a cold, solemn look on his face, seeing that it was Han Qianqian. Only after seeing that it was Han 3,000 did he soften a little: "It's you?"

        Han Qianli nodded, this old man was the same old man who had just sold the tripod to him.

        "What do you mean? Are you backing out? Sorry. I've spent the money." The old man said coldly.

        Han Qianqian smiled, "A cauldron sold for a million amethysts, you could have taken that money and been free, but it was to the herb shop and bought all kinds of expensive herbs, with your body, you shouldn't have to."

        "You followed me? Also, this is my business, so there's no need for you to interfere."

        Han Qianli shook his head, "Don't worry. Senior, I have no intention of following you, I came. Nor am I returning anything, nor do I have any malicious intent, I'm here to deliver the cauldron."

        After saying that, Han Third Thousand took out the previous Green Dragon Tripod and handed it to the old man. In fact, he was also reluctant to take the broken tripod, but he had bought it because he had seen an anxiety in the old man's eyes that he was trying to hide, and his intuition told him that the old man must be in need of the money, otherwise he wouldn't have taken his most precious tripod out to sell it.

        Although this cauldron did not strike Han 3,000 as rare or precious, the old man's eyes told him that it was at least very important to him.

        So the one million was actually more of a kind of aid to the old man.

        According to Han 3,000's intuition, the old man was by no means a man of the city. On the contrary, he was very spirited, so he would never do so unless he had to.

        "What do you mean? Pity me?" The old man's brow furrows.

        "I know. It's important to you, a gentleman doesn't take away from others, and although I'm not much of a gentleman, I want to lean towards the direction of a gentleman, so I don't know if you'll give this a chance, senior." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Sensing Han Qianli's goodwill, the old man's guard slackened considerably. One side of his body turned sideways to the other, "I, Han Fei, will never take back what I have sold. Not to mention this tripod, even if it costs me my life, I won't regret it in the slightest. Things. You can take it back, but as for your kindness, I'm grateful."

        Han Qianli smiled. Nodding, he turned around and prepared to leave, though he was well-intentioned. But he didn't want to force anyone to do anything.

        As soon as he arrived at the temple entrance, suddenly, Han Qiang said, "Are you really here to deliver the tripod?"

        Han 3000 did not speak.

        "Good. Since you have feelings, I'll have feelings, and you come back." Han消 said.

        Han Three Thousand's eyebrows furrowed, not knowing what the old man was up to, but he walked over honestly.

        The old man squatted down and picked up the cauldron that Han 3,000 had kicked down earlier, then threw it directly at Han 3,000.

        Han 3,000 smiled helplessly, "Senior, is it the same price as before?" Said Han Qianqian, who was about to pay for it.

        "No need, this tripod is a gift from me." The old man said.

        Han Qianli shook his head, "No merit."

        The old man swept a glance at Han Qianqian and said coldly, "This is a double-dragon tripod. A single tripod may not be worth much, but once the two dragons merge, it will be the strongest tripod in the world, worth a fortune."

        After saying that, the old man's hands were so powerful that the two tripods in Han Qianqian's hands suddenly flew up, and then in mid-air, they spun wildly under the old man's control.

        As the blue light of the two tripods flourished, they turned more and more fiercely in a gossip-like pattern, and finally, with a bang, a tripod as thick as a man's hug landed in front of Han 3,000 with a bang.

        Unlike the other tripods, the tripod had a new face, and even under the moonlight, it shone with a burst of blue light.

        When Han Qianli saw this, his brows furrowed in disbelief as he gazed at the huge tripod in front of him.