His True Colors Chapter 1851-1853

 Chapter 1851

"Is this the Pokémon found in the Land of Extreme Cold? Jesus, what the hell is that? Even though it's in a box, I can even feel its scent."

        "The scent, it's so f*cking strong!"

        "No way, right? What exactly is this?"

        Lang Yu gently smiled and waved his hand, and in a flash, the gold box opened, and inside was a colourful egg.

        But even though it was only an egg, everyone present could feel the magical energy blossoming from the egg.

        "Ladies and gentlemen, today's bidder is the youngest pet of the Extreme Cold Land Overlord, the Golden Divine Beast Tianlu Brave, starting at ten million!"

        This was not only because of the exorbitant price, but also because of the presence of a high-level beast like Tianluo's brave soldier in the auction room.

        This beast is the king of the extremely cold lands, with a body like a tiger, a head and tail like a dragon, a head with two horns, a back with two wings, and fur as beautiful as gold and jade.

        "It is said that if this beast fights with its master, it can call the wind and rain, and its sharp four claws are an excellent weapon for breaking enemies.

        "But this beast feeds on gold, silver and jewellery, so it's really hard to cultivate it, so forget it, I'll give it up and you guys can play."

        Some people who knew about this beast chose to give it up on the spot, as although the Tianluo brave are strong, they need a lot of money to support them, and for those who are not particularly rich, it is tasteless to eat and a pity to discard.

        But more people chose to hold on to it because it was a golden beast, something that could be found but not sought.

        After all, in the Eight Directions World, having a good divine weapon or a good divine beast was the greatest improvement for anyone other than one's own cultivation.

        Bai Ling'er was even more excited as she tugged on Zhou Shao's arm, "Zhou Shao, you must help me get this little guy, didn't you hear what he said? With this beast, even if my cultivation is low, I can still escape, and if one day in the future I encounter any danger, won't it protect me?"

        "This ......" Zhou Yingtian also could not help but frown at this time, the starting auction is 10 million, this is not a small amount of money, even for most of the gentry, it is also a huge amount of money that makes one's flesh ache.

        "At worst, I'll be yours from now on and marry you, okay?"

        Hearing this, Zhou Shao toned like a chicken and raised his big hand, "Thirteen million."

        "Okay, thirteen million!"

        "Fourteen million."

        "Fifteen million."


        A new round of price increases began anew.

        After several rounds, the price rose from the initial 10 million to 25 million. For most people, the cost of raising this beast was extremely high, but the proceeds were also quite lucrative, not to mention the fact that it was a golden divine beast in the final grade. You know that in the Eight Directions World, a red beast was already very rare, and a golden beast was unthinkable.

        But the cost of raising this beast was there, and more importantly, the risk.

        It was only an egg, whether it would hatch or not was a huge unknown, if it didn't hatch, it would be equivalent to more than 20 million smashed into the water, and secondly, just because it was an egg, its origin was very unclear, and there was a high possibility that it would attract some unnecessary dangers.

        This was also the fundamental reason why the Golden Beast, at twenty-five million, had suddenly stagnated.

        Zhou Shao's twenty-five million had steadily stopped at the first, but just as it was about to reach twenty-five million for the second time, the voice that had given Zhou Shao nightmares all night once again rang out.

        "Thirty-seven and a half million!"

        The crowd roared.

        That voice, as if it might be late, but never absent.

        "Forty million!"

        "Sixty million!"

        "You ......" Zhou Shao was so angry that his brain was rushing blood, he really didn't know what the f*ck was going on: "Well, want to play, yes? I'll play a big game with you, one hundred million!"

        The whole room was in an uproar... Zhou Shao, he'd offered 100 million!

        It was fine to buy one of the other golden beasts at this price, but buying this one was clearly not worth it.

        "One hundred and fifty million!"

        The other end of Long Yu, at this time suddenly cold voice.

        He was too weak to shout at the price, because his family's assets had been sold for a maximum of 200 million, so how could he have the courage to raise the price?

        "Is there anything higher than $150 million? 150 million for the first time, 150 million for the second time, 150 million for the third time, deal!"

        As Long Yu knocked gently, Bai Ling'er knew that the momentum was gone, and stood up from her seat in anger: "Zhou Yingtian, I knew it, you're no different from that trash, I'm leaving."

        Just as Bai Ling'er turned to leave, at that moment, Long Yu suddenly and quickly rushed over from under the stage and quickly walked over towards this side.

        Bai Ling'er was slightly stunned, unsure of what to expect as she looked at the approaching Long Yu, could it be that there was still a chance for things to turn around?

        But while Bai Ling'er was stunned, Long Yu suddenly walked past him, and then, as she couldn't believe her eyes, Long Yu stepped in front of Han Qianqian and bent down respectfully.

Chapter 1852

Bai Ling'er was stunned to see Long Yu bending over in front of Han Qianqian, Zhou Shao's mouth was equally wide open in shock, and the other VIPs on the sidelines also had their eyes wide open.

        "Rongyu, are you crazy? Do you have any idea what you're doing? You're groveling to a piece of trash?" Zhou Shao's angry voice.

        Long Yu turned back slightly, looking at Zhou Shao with some disdain and coldness.

        On a normal day, when facing these noble guests, Long Yu must have great respect. But respect didn't mean that he could act recklessly, especially in front of Han Qianqian.

        "This guest, please be careful with your words, or else I will be rude to you." Long Yu said coldly.

        Hearing these words, Zhou Shao's already ugly face was even more furious at this time, being robbed of all kinds of shots was already very annoying, but now, even a f*cking auctioneer was so rude to himself, which made Zhou Shao's face no face at all, a slap on the chair, Zhou Shao rose up in anger: "F*ck. What kind of attitude is this, Long Yu, do you know who I am?"

        "Zhou's house, right?" Lang Yu sneered.

        "Know who I am. How dare you still have this attitude? I'm telling you, Long Yu, give me an apology right now, and along with that piece of trash, I don't know what you're doing, but you're being respectful to a piece of trash." Zhou Shao raged.

        "Zhou Shao, an apology is not an apology, and if you are upset in any way, then you can only be advised to hold it in, otherwise, what can you do."

        "F*ck, Lang Yu. What does this mean?" Zhou Shao couldn't hold back any longer and his face was even more distraught.

        Lang Yu, however, smiled slightly, "Is it not clear what I mean? I'm recounting once again that although you, Zhou Shao, are an honoured guest of our auction house and we respect you very much, you, in front of this gentleman, are nothing but trash. So, please pay attention to your wording, and if you dare to make any further disrespectful remarks to this gentleman, I will immediately make you unable to even cry."

        Zhou Shao's face paled as he said this, and the group of spectators were in an uproar.

        You are our guest of honour, but in front of this gentleman, you are just rubbish.

        These words shook everyone to the core, and they all locked their eyes on Han Qianqian, who had been resting with his eyes closed, and guessed what kind of identity this young man, who looked like an ordinary person, had.

        "OK." At this moment, Han Three Thousand Slightly opened his eyes and slowly stood up. Looking towards Lang Yu, he said, "Did you want to see me for something?"

        Lang Yu Dong slightly owed, then, took out a black card from his bosom. With both hands, he presented it to you: "Distinguished guest, the master of the house has an order to present this black VIP card to you."

        Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed and he gently received it, "What does this mean?"

        "However, we have a special black card for some VIPs who have made great contributions to our auction house. With this card, not only do they become super VIPs without asset verification at our 72 branches in the Octagon World, but they are also VIPs of the seven affiliated families behind our auction house." Lang Yu lightly smiled.

        Hearing this, all the spectators were suddenly shocked. They looked at each other in disbelief.

        "I've heard that although the auction house claims that it doesn't classify any VIPs into classes, and its purpose is not to divide customers into three classes or nine classes, there is actually a kind of hidden super VIP behind the scenes. This kind of VIP can not only directly enjoy the treatment of a super VIP at the major branches, but can also be a seated VIP of the seven families, I didn't expect this to be true."

        "My God, I didn't expect that something that has been legendary for so long would be lucky enough to be seen today, but ...... was indeed brought to my attention by an unassuming young man."

        "Damn, I just thought he was a waste and a piece of trash, but I didn't expect it to be nothing more than a diving dragon swimming in the water and teasing us with a bunch of shrimps and crabs ah."

        "That's right, no wonder Long Yu has good respect for this person, even Young Master Zhou didn't give face at all, so he and we are not on the same level at all."

        A group of guests shook their heads and sighed in surprise.

        Bai Ling'er, who was standing on the aisle and was about to leave, was completely stunned when she saw this scene, and her mood could no longer be described as shocked. She only felt a thunder, directly from the sky, fiercely thundered on top of her heart.

        "How ...... could this happen?" Bai Ling'er muttered.

        In her eyes, Han Third Thousand was nothing more than a petty thief and trash. A person who couldn't even afford to buy anything at an outside stall, she even kept comparing Han 3,000 with Zhou Shao in her heart, glad that she had found a rich young master instead of that useless, useless trash.

        At one point, she was so confident that she was mourning for a woman who would find someone like Han Qianxiang as her husband, mourning how miserable the rest of her life would be.

        But now, the plot has suddenly reversed itself in an unexpected way.

        That loser is actually the hidden black card VIP at the auction house.

        High and low. A verdict!

        "It's just a black card, isn't it? Ronald, is this the f*cking difference in attitude you have towards him and me? Let me tell you, I, Young Master Zhou, have plenty of money, a small black card. I'll do it." Zhou Shao saw the loser he had been suppressing suddenly shake himself and ride on top of him, and at the same time envied the adoring eyes of the people around him at this point. At once, Lang sounded.

        Hearing this, Bai Ling'er and all the audience, could not help but look at Zhou Shao.

        Bai Ling'er also left hope for Zhou Shao, for the last time.

        But just then. Long Yu was smiling slightly and did not comment at all.

        "Long Yu, can't you hear me? I want a black card, how much is it. Name a price." Zhou Shao forced himself to act tough and skimmed a glance at Long Yu.

        Lang Yu shook his head helplessly, "Zhou Shao, I'm afraid you have some misunderstanding about our Black Super VIP card, in terms of your status. I'm afraid that you are not qualified to apply for it."

        "The Laozi Zhou family has plenty of money, he, a piece of trash, can handle it, you dare to say that I am not qualified to handle it?"

        "He?" Lang Yu looked at Han Qianqiang and shook his head.

        Just then, an assistant quickly ran over from the backstage, holding a piece of paper and a pen in his hand.

        Lang Yu didn't reply to Zhou Shao, taking the paper and pen, he said to Han 3,000, "VIP, this is a list of all the items in this auction, the total number of items is seventy-three, including twenty-four treasures and the king of this auction, the total cost is 470 million, please have a look, if there is no problem, you sign and these items in this auction are yours."

        Hearing these words, all the spectators were shocked, and their mouths, one by one, opened wide enough to fit an egg in.

Chapter 1853

470 million!

        What a number!

        For many people present, even if they were also nobles, this was clearly a huge astronomical figure.

        After all, as the Fu Family's top Zhong Lang Shen Martial General, Han Qianqiang's monthly salary was only 300,000, and 470 million was indeed outrageously expensive for most people.

        "Long Yu. What do you mean by that? Are you saying that ...... was the one who offered the high bid for the auction this evening?"

        At this point, a member of the audience stared with eyes as big as bulls, unable to believe the question.

        Lang Yu smiled slightly and nodded, "Yes, it was this gentleman who instructed me to help with the bidding."

        Although Long Yu spoke very softly, it was like a bomb dropped into a calm lake, with Han Qianqian as a radius of several metres. Everyone in the audience who could hear their conversation paled in shock.

        Zhou Shao, who had just recently regained his feet, stumbled in shock. He fell back on his chair.

        It turned out that the supercaller, who had made everyone very strange, was ...... actually sitting peacefully beside them.

        "No wonder, no wonder he just closed his eyes the whole time, so ...... it turns out someone else was a steady winner."

        "Oh, I was just told by some idiot that people are bored to sleep because they can't afford to buy anything, now that I think about it. It's not sleeping, it's not bothering us," he said.

        "The one who is as quiet as a virgin is the one who moves like a rabbit, obey, I am really convinced."

        After being shocked, a group of the crowd all cast their respectful gaze on Han Qianli at this point, what is a true superior, that in itself is a gesture of the wind and clouds, and Han Qianli perfectly illustrates this king's breath.

        Bai Ling'er's figure swayed, a pretty face like white paper.

        How could this be? How is this possible?

        The mystery buyer who has been bidding like crazy throughout the whole show, and it could be him!

        But it's true. It had to be believed, and it was true.

        At this point, Bai Ling'er was cracking up inside.

        Earlier, she had mocked Han Qianqian. Thinking back on it now, it was more like an insult to herself, and it made her blush to think about it.

        What right did she have to mock such a tycoon?

        Han Giangli didn't even look at the list and stood up: "No need to look, can I go get my stuff now?"

        Lang Yu smiled lightly, "Of course."

        After saying that, Long Yu gave a slight yawn and made a gesture of invitation.

        Bai Ling'er's breathing stopped when she saw Han Qianqian approaching, and then looked at Han Qianqian again. Suddenly, she noticed that he was wise, upright and quite handsome. More importantly, he was rich.

        Bai Ling'er blushed as she watched Han Qianqian get closer and closer until she was right in front of him, holding back her courage: "I ......"

        But as the words came to her lips, she didn't know what to say. More importantly, Han Qiangli ignored her and walked straight towards the backstage of the auction house.

        As Han 3,000 walked away, everyone in the vicinity of where he was sitting stood up, eager to take a second look at who this top landowner was.

        The spectators in other seats saw a flurry of activity over there, and they all got up to watch. They did not know what was happening at that end.

        At the very end, two men and one woman also stood up along with the crowd.

        Of the two men, one was older and looked serious. One was old and serious, the other was young and handsome, with a strong physique, causing a few young women sitting next to him to look at him secretly. The other woman, on the other hand, looked like a celestial being, with her own halo, even in the crowd. She was always the focus of attention in the neighbourhood.

        This woman was so beautiful that many people in the surrounding area had no time for the auction. They had no time to worry about the auction, but were always looking at her.

        "What's going on up ahead? What's all the fuss about?" The older man stood up and looked away. Not surprisingly.

        "I heard that there's a mysterious guest over there, the auction king tonight, and all the things in the auction. All of them were bought by him." A nearby spectator said.

        The young man's sword-like good-looking eyebrows wrinkled slightly, his handsome face carrying a slight anger, his gaze staring intently at the figure that was heading towards the backstage.

        Originally. He had wanted to come to the auction tonight to buy something, after all, such things as rising cultivation, everyone needs, but did not expect that the whole night had fallen through, the price was raised to outrageously high, so he had been waiting in defeat.

        Now that he saw that this figure was the culprit, he was naturally a little dissatisfied.

        The big beauty next to him also rose slightly, locked her eyes there and opened her mouth for the first time, murmuring, her voice like heavenly music: "This back, seems like a familiar sight."

        "Forget it, Senior Sister Qin Frost, let's go back." The young man shook his head, if Han Qianqian was there, he would certainly recognise, this man, is Ye Liao Cheng.