His True Colors Chapter 1849-1850

 Chapter 1849

With an announcement from Lang Yu, the auction officially began.

        The first part was mostly just some small fiddling stuff, Han Qianqian had no interest, everyone present had little interest either, and many people didn't find a single detail at this point, because to them, these things were irrelevant.

        "Stinky trash, come here, buy a souvenir back somehow, at least then you can take it out to brag, don't you buy any of these things? Beware of the back you can't afford." Zhou Shao coldly mocked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian didn't bother to pay any attention at all, while at this time, Long Yu slowly walked up, "I believe all the guests present are both drowsy and excited at the same time, and now, I announce that we have officially entered our theme tonight, firstly, the first 24 treasures, from the top of the snowy mountain, the best of the rare in 10,000 years, the Ten Thousand Suffering Snow Lotus."

        With Long Yu's announcement, the scene, which had been somewhat peaceful, erupted into a thunderous roar, and everyone was now in high spirits.

        The reason was that an extremely high-quality material like the Ten Thousand Bitter Snow Lotus was really something that was easy to obtain and hard to find, and it was extremely attractive to everyone present.

        "Starting bid, half a million purple crystals."

        "Eight hundred thousand!"

        "One million!"

        "1.2 million!"


        Almost as soon as the bids were revealed, the VIPs at the venue raised their hands in a frenzy, and in just a few rounds, the price had soared to three million.

        After all, three million amethysts is already a considerable amount of money, and although things are good, wallets are not always so bulging.

        "Three and a half million."

        At this moment, Zhou Shao, who hadn't made a sound, suddenly raised his hand with one hand and shouted.

        As soon as Zhou Shao shouted, all the eyes of the audience were drawn over.

        Everyone couldn't help but look back to see which of the gold owners had suddenly added half a million to an already extremely high price.

           "I'm not sure if this is the right price, but I'm not sure if it's the right one.

        The audience was dumbfounded, although the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus was indeed precious, three and a half million amethysts was already a considerable amount of money, not to mention that many people, after seeing that it was Zhou Shao's bid, had basically laid down their arms and were ready to snap up the other twenty-three treasures.

        "Okay, three and a half million for the first time."

        "Three million five hundred and fifty thousand for the second time."

        "Four million seven hundred and fifty thousand!" Suddenly, just as Long Yu was about to smash the hammer, he suddenly shouted out a price.

        As soon as the price came out, everyone present was shocked, and Zhou Shao, who already thought he was a sure winner, was even more completely stunned.

        Four million seven hundred and fifty thousand?

        That's a full 1.25 million dollars more than the 3.5 million that we just paid for it.

        That's not how the price increase works, is it?

        People are looking around in a panic, trying to find this auction "white guy" who doesn't know how to play at once, after all, is it fun to inflate prices like that?

        But everyone searched round and could not find who actually raised the price.

        "Four million seven hundred and fifty thousand for the first time!"

        Bai Ling'er reluctantly pulled Zhou Shao's arm, "Zhou Shao, you promised to buy the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus for someone."

        The Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus is not only an important material that Bai Ling'er needs to train her energy pills, it is also an important material that Bai Ling'er's huge vanity has swelled and cannot be taken back, just now Zhou Shao's astonishing shout has attracted the attention of the whole audience, she does not want to be eclipsed so quickly.

        Zhou Shao apparently had the same thoughts. He looked at Bai Ling'er, a beauty, and bit his teeth, "Five million.

        This shout was met with an uproar!

        "My goodness, Zhou Shao is really a rich man, he even threw five million at buying a Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus, he really is rich."

        "Oh, it's obvious that Shao Zhou is spending such a large sum of money, but it's just to get a smile on his face, didn't you see that he has a beautiful woman with him?"

        At this time, the people next to Zhou Shao were discussing a lot, many of them were casting adoring glances at Zhou Shao and at the same time casting envious glances at Bai Ling'er, a beautiful woman, especially some women, who were simply envious and jealous to the extreme.

        Bai Ling'er enjoyed the feeling of being the best actress, but was also secretly happy to have Zhou Shao as an enthusiastic and wealthy suitor. She had even begun to fantasise about becoming the centre of attention when she took the Ten Thousand Year Bitter Lotus later on, and was even looking forward to marrying into the luxurious life of the Zhou family in the future.

        "Seven and a half million."

        Suddenly, a light drink from the stage interrupted Bai Ling'er's dream!

        Lang Yu shouted the price with a faint bow of his head.

        "Anyone else higher than seven and a half million?"

        7.5 million!

        The boiling audience was mute and silent, save for the sound of rapid breathing.

        Seven and a half million!

        Just when everyone had been shocked by the huge high price of five million, an even higher and more outrageous price suddenly came out of nowhere, leaving everyone unable to reflect.

        Zhou Shao was similarly shocked, and cold sweat even fell slightly on his forehead, because five million was already a price he had quoted with a great deal of determination, but ...... but just for a moment, he was spiked again.

        "Zhou Shao ......" Bai Ling'er looked at Zhou Shao with a touch of emotion.

        Obviously, the two of them were now somewhat cavalier, to continue to follow, too expensive, not to follow, it was obvious that they were being targeted, and if they just admitted defeat, how could they hang on to their face!

        "Seven hundred ...... seven hundred and sixty thousand." Zhou Shao bit his teeth and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

        "Eleven million four hundred thousand!"

        Just as Zhou Shao had gritted his teeth and had not yet regained consciousness, Lang Yu spoke out again on stage.

        The entire audience, even more so, was on pins and needles, and at the same time, everyone was focused on Zhou Shao, anticipating his next move.

        Eleven hundred and forty thousand!

        Zhou Shao's forehead was sweating like rain, obviously, this price was far too much beyond his heart's expectations, and most importantly, Zhou Shao was a little scared because the other party had increased the price too much.

        The most important thing is that Zhou Shao is a little scared because the other party has raised the price too much. If he raises the price now, he will have to spend more than 10 million to buy it once the other party withdraws the bid.

        If his father knew that he had spent more than 10 million to buy the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus, he would probably die of anger on the spot.

        It's not like having money to play like this.

        "Zhou Shao ...... "Bai Ling'er was even more anxious to tug on Zhou Shao's arm at this point, the money wasn't hers, she naturally didn't feel bad, but the face was hers, of course she didn't want to concede defeat.

        Zhou Shao panicked and opened her hand, his face pale, breathing rapidly, at a loss for words.

Chapter 1850

Han Giangli smiled slightly, his eyes now closed, nourishing his spirit.

        "Eleven hundred and forty thousand for the first time!"

        "11.4 million for the second time!"

        "Zhou Shao!!!" Bai Ling'er looked at the gazes cast across the room and made a final show of pettiness.

        "11.4 million for the third time, deal!"

        As Long Yu hammered home his decision, Zhou Shao buried his head in frustration, and the audience was finally in an uproar, while Bai Ling'er was so angry that she turned sideways and ignored Long Yu.

        It was only after a long time that Zhou Shao raised his head in resignation, looked at Bai Ling'er next to him and said comfortingly, "Ling'er, it's not worth more than 10 million to buy a 10,000 Bitter Cold Lotus. Although I have money, it's pointless to waste it like this. Isn't it different if we take this money and buy other supreme treasures later on?"

        Bai Ling'er snorted, but Zhou Shao's words were not unreasonable, and what could be done about it! "I'm afraid you won't be able to buy anything then."

        Zhou Shao saw that Bai Ling'er's tone had softened, smiled, looked at Han Qianqiang and said, "How can that be? Do you think I'm that loser? Can't afford to come here for the fun?"

        Hearing this, Bai Ling'er swept a glance at Han Qianqian and saw that Han Qianqian had his eyes closed, thinking that he was all asleep, and couldn't help but smile, "That's right. I'll forgive you first, then, stay a while, you must really buy it for me, otherwise, just like that piece of trash, coming in empty-handed and going out empty-handed, how humiliating."

        Zhou Shao patted his chest and suddenly assured, "Don't worry, how can I be the same as that kind of trash?"

        If anyone were to look closely at Han Sanliang, they would have noticed that he was not sleeping at all, but had the appearance of a wise man in the middle of a coup and was winning the game.

        As time went by, the other 23 treasures slowly made their way onto the auction platform, but it was clear that compared to the main event, the Ten Thousand Dying Cold Lotus, the subsequent treasures were not quite as interesting, so the competition was not too strong.

        But then, some people suddenly noticed a shocking fact.

        That was that all auctions, when it came to the final sale price, would always suddenly come up with an incomparably astonishing price, and those who were even more attentive noticed that these prices would always be one hundred and fifty percent of the previous price!

        Bai Ling'er is now furious because Zhou Shao's promise to buy her at least one item has simply not been fulfilled.

        In the end, none of the twenty-four treasures fell into Zhou Shao's lap.

        Zhou Shao was also very frustrated. In these dozens of times, it wasn't that he hadn't taken the initiative to raise the price, and even like the first time he bought the Lotus of Ten Thousand Bitter Colds, he sometimes raised the price very high, but in the end, he couldn't beat that guy's crazy price increase.

        Who the hell could afford to play with such a madman?

        At this point, everyone present began to speculate and search for who the mystery buyer was who had raised the price of 24 treasures in a row.

      "Yeah, it's simply trenchant, so rich, are they from the three big families?"

        "How could it be, if it was the three big families, with their wealth and status, they would have to get something delivered to their doorstep, wouldn't they? Who would come to the auction house for the fun."

        "But if it's not someone from one of the three families, then who would it be? Who else has a family that can trench like that?"

        A group of people were extremely speculative, but Han Qiangiang, who was really the party in question, had been faintly closing his eyes and resting his mind, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

        "Zhou Tianying, the next is already the last bidder, are you really planning to let me return empty-handed today?" Bai Ling'er could no longer maintain her reserve and cursed angrily.

        Happy to be here, even confident that she could at least make a splash here today, but by now, Zhou Shao had still left her empty-handed, those price increases now making them look even more like a joke.

        When Zhou Shao heard Bai Ling'er's dissatisfaction, he sobered up from his uncertainty and gritted his teeth, "Don't worry, Ling'er, I, Zhou Tianying, am bound to take the King of Bids.

        "Fine, if you can't do it, Zhou Tianying, you'll be your bachelor, along with that loser sleeping there." Bai Ling'er viciously said.

        Zhou Shao nodded and glared at Han Qianqiang, how could he be that kind of trash? That kind of waste is not even worthy of lifting a shoe for itself.

        And almost immediately, Long Yu re-entered the stage with a mysterious smile: "Now, to enter the highest court stage of this rehearsal, bring up today's bidder."

        As Long Yu shouted, several servants slowly walked up carrying a gleaming box.