His True Colors Chapter 1847-1848

 Chapter 1847

A private venue?

        The auctioneer had seen all sorts of big scenes, and was stunned by him for a moment before he came back to his senses and said, somewhat embarrassed, "VIP, are you kidding me?"

        The items on offer at this auction are as numerous as a feather, from small top quality items, to 24 treasures, to the highest of all, the King of Bidders, and everything is worth a fortune.

        In any previous auction, almost all of the 24 treasures were treasures, and in the past, they would have been the king of the day's bidding.

        But this man in front of me said he wanted to book the venue?

        Even most of the nobles in the Octagon wouldn't dare to boast of such a thing, would they? Because apparently it's just too much money to burn.

        But Han Qianxiang smiled seriously, "Not bad."

        The auctioneer took a careful look at Han Qianxiang, his mind racing to search his past memories, trying to remember which noble family's son Han Qianxiang was, but after a long day of thinking, he couldn't recall.

        However, the auctioneer was, after all, a person of quality, and even though he had never met Han Qianli, he saw that Han Qianli was very serious, so to be prudent, he hurriedly said, "Then trouble your distinguished guest to wait for a moment."

        Han Three thousand nodded, and in less than a moment, an assistant walked up to Han Three thousand: "VIP, please follow me."

        Han Three thousand answered and followed behind the assistant to the backstage.

        At the high stage, seeing these actions of Han Three Thousand, Zhou Shao made a mockery of it: "Look, look at that loser, he must have just tried to take the opportunity to get in touch with the auctioneer and then tried to get some benefits, but he was ruthlessly blown out of the room."

        "What a big dumbass, does he really think that stealing an entry ticket makes him a superior person? By stealing and cheating, sooner or later you'll only end up in your original form."

        As soon as the words came out, the next few guests finally understood what was going on, and were surprised and despised, saying: "After half a day, it turns out that guy just came in with a stolen admission ticket.

        "The first time I saw that boy with a thief's eyebrow and rat's eye, I knew he was no good, but I didn't expect him to be a thief.

        "I heard that recently in the Eight Directions World, there is a group of lowly men who specialise in using despicable methods to pretend to be handsome and rich and then deceive some girls who are well off. This girl, I think that boy has been following you around, so it's very likely that he's targeting you." The kind-hearted crowd warned.

        Hearing this, Bai Ling'er's face was suddenly proud, and for her, having flies around proved that she could be charming.

        But Zhou Shao's face was filled with disdain, and at the same time, even more contempt for Han Qianqian, Bai Ling'er now appropriately said, "Don't worry, why would I be attracted to that kind of trash? Compared to that kind of trash, our Dazhou Zhou is a far cry from that kind of trash, and although I'm a woman, I'm not blind."

        At the remark, everyone smiled, and Zhou Shao's vanity was greatly satisfied.

        At that moment, Han Qianqian, who had walked backstage, met Lang Yu, the person in charge of the auction, who had come all the way over for the occasion.

        As the person in charge of the auction house in Dew City, it was clear that Lang Yu was treating tonight as a special night, because although Dew City is a small town, under the influence of the tournament, there were a lot of experts and oddballs here today, so naturally there was no shortage of rare and exotic items to buy and sell.

        Even such a rare treasure as the Lotus of Ten Thousand Bitterness and Cold can only be ranked among the twenty-four treasures today.

        But the only thing he hadn't expected was that someone had offered to book the auction at this time.

        When he saw Han Qianli, Lang Yu was slightly stunned, because this young man, whom Lang Yu had never met before, had been dealing with nobles for years and naturally knew a lot about the nobles of the Eight Directions World, but Han Qianli, he had never met.

        "Distinguished guest, I heard you want to wrap up the show?" Even so, Lang Yu asked cautiously.

        Han Three Thousand nodded.

        "But the auction house, it's always impossible to wrap up the auction, and as you know, there's no way for us to price each item." Lang Yu had almost never encountered such a situation before and didn't know how to handle it for a moment.

        After all, who would come to a private auction for nothing, and this is not how money is spent.

        Han Qianqiang smiled slightly, "There's nothing in this world that can't be priced, let's say, I have a package, I don't know if you'll accept it."

        Long Yu nodded, "VIP, please speak."

        Han Qianqian hooked his hand, and Lang Yu hurriedly put his ears over, but the more he listened, the whiter Lang Yu's whole face became, and finally his eyes even fell out, looking at Han Qianqian in disbelief: "Are you ...... really sure you want this?"

Chapter 1848

Han Qianqiang laughed softly, "Do I look like I'm joking?"

        "But ...... "Lang Yu was so shocked that he couldn't speak, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes today, he would never have believed that there were people like this in the world.

        But even if he had seen it with his own eyes, he still thought Han Qianli was crazy.

        He had seen too many rich people, but he had never heard of or seen Han Qianxiang's trenchant and inhumane way of spending money.

        "Just do as I say." Han 3,000 said, tossing his purple spirit stone and turning to leave.

        Receiving Han 3,000's purple spirit stone, Lang Yu, however, furrowed his brow, it didn't show the amount, but just a pending amount, and he quickly sent a communication technique to the exchange house.

        "Lao Ma, owner of Purple Spirit Stone No. 7998252, why is there a pending amount on it?" Long Yu Road.

        The exchange house and the auction object, the same family, itself is a linked enterprise, at this time, the exchange house over there, the person in charge of the old horse is busy, after hearing the number read out by Long Yu, he was stunned: "No. 7998252?"


        "Oh, we're estimating what he's exchanging for us today, so if he wants to buy anything, you can just give it to him, there's enough money!" Old Ma's memories of Han 3,000 are still fresh.

        Lang Yu's eyebrows furrowed, "But what he wants to buy is the entire auction house."

        "He wants to buy the entire auction house?" Old Ma was stunned, then he was relieved, he had been surprised by Han Marchan, this would have been very natural: "Yes, that person, don't worry about not enough money."

        Hearing the old horse, Lang Yu felt that he had heard wrong: "Are you sure?"

        "O Lang, I am sure as well as certain, even, to take my head assurance, do you know how much money that man has?" Old Horse smiled.

        Long Yu shook his head and guessed, "Tens of millions of amethysts? Or maybe hundreds of millions?"

        The old horse laughed, "Guess again."

        "Sh*t, it's not a billion, is it?"

        "Old Lang ah, you are considered to have dealt with rich people a lot, when did you become so short-sighted."

        When Lang Yu heard this, he was so angry that his beard was almost crooked, billions of dollars, and this is still f*cking short-sighted?

        "Okay, old horse, don't sell out, say what you have to say quickly."

        "Four words, rich and powerful." Lao Ma smiled, although Han Qianli's half of the house's gold, silver and jewellery didn't talk about that level, but Lao Ma believed that these things must be a dime a dozen to Han Qianli. The reason is that when Han 3,000 placed so many jewels in the house, it was so unassuming that an ordinary person would have given a few words of advice or left a subordinate to accompany him throughout the count, but he just walked away, and with this unrestrained attitude, it would have been impossible for him to do so if he wasn't rich enough.

        So, the old horse so judged, after saying the old horse hung up on the speech art.

        And Lang Yu, Muna's stood there, enjoying the windless clutter.

        Rich and powerful, what a concept!

        Zhou Shao was slightly surprised when he saw Han Qianli return and said, "Yo, the skill of stealing chickens and dogs is really good enough, they have been blown out of the stands.

        Han Giangli smiled slightly, stopping slightly as he passed by, "I don't know where you get your enchanted confidence, but if you're making noise, I don't mind letting them throw you out."

        "What the f*ck did you say?!" When Zhou Shao heard this, he became furious: "If you have the guts, say it again."

        "Don't I have the guts to let the woman next to you try it and find out?" Han Giangli smiled coldly, then he suddenly smiled again, "But I've changed my mind and let you stay, after all, I want to see how twisted and hideous your face will be later!"

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Zhou Shao was furious. This piece of trash dared to contradict and humiliate himself, and even cursed Bai Ling'er, which made Zhou Shao want to take action.

        But as soon as he raised his fist, Zhou Shao suddenly smiled fiercely, "Ba sta rd, I almost fell for your trick, I can't make it here, so you want to drag your grandfather down with you, don't you? Don't worry, I won't have any conflict with you, and when the auction is over, Grandpa will make you kneel down and apologise for what you just said and did."

        Han Qianli smiled mysteriously, "Yes?"

        Bai Ling'er was a little shaken by Han Qianli's laugh, and she was equally furious, but then she suddenly stopped laughing.

        At that moment, under the gaze of everyone around him, Han Qiangli sat back down in his seat, his entire expression unruffled, even giving everyone the illusion that he was the one who was truly on top.

        On the auction field, Lang Yu slowly walked up to the stage: "Ladies and gentlemen, today's auction, I declare, officially begins!"