His True Colors Chapter 1844-1846

 Chapter 1844

If this continues, stall number one will be bursting at the seams with jewellery.

        The middle-aged man hurriedly cast his eyes towards the person in charge of stall number two, who was obviously also in a state of confusion.

        As the jewellery piled up more and more, the middle-aged man couldn't hold back any longer and hurriedly said, "Young Master, stop, stop, there's too much, too much."

        The items scavenged from the four dragons were enough to fill an incomparably huge cave, and with the space of this exchange house, Han 3,000 could have burst a dozen of them.

        Looking at the jewellery that was clattering like running water, the three girls were pale, and their eyes were about to pop out in shock, and their insides were even blue with remorse.

        They were all looking forward to a super-rich man who would handle the exchange business and give them a large percentage of the profits. So they wait day and night for something lucky to happen to them.

        But after waiting for so long, the gods of luck suddenly did descend on their heads.

        You know, with Han Qianqian's current financial strength, she wouldn't have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of her life just by drawing commissions. But it was such a heaven-sent opportunity that the three of them even gave in to each other and pushed the God of Fortune away.

        In particular, the lady in the very middle stumbled straight away and almost fainted, for she was undoubtedly the one closest to this opportunity, but she did push it away ruthlessly, and, almost in an offending manner!

        She regretted it so much that she wanted to ki ll herself.

        The jewellery was still clinking inside the exchange house, stall number one was bursting in anticipation and more jewellery began to slowly spread across the floor of the exchange house like water, spreading larger and larger.

        "Who the f*ck is this? So much jewellery? Which young master of a great family is so rich?"

        "Sh*t, I thought he was a slinky by the way he was dressed, but he's f*cking handsome." A couple of customers, who were also considered to be well-to-do, but saw the jewellery that was already half a room, also let out an exclamation.

        The person in charge of stall number two opened the door of stall number two fiercely at this time, hurriedly ran to Han Qianqian, just wanted to speak, suddenly remembered something, then took a few steps to the middle of the female Lang, slapped a heavy slap on the female Lang's face, and cursed angrily: "What the f*ck are you still standing there for? Why don't you go and apologise to the guests?"

        The girl's tender face was red from the slap, and her whole body was dizzy and unconscious, but before she knew it she was pulled in front of Han Qianli by the person in charge. The woman in charge threw her to the ground, and the girl fell to the ground, only then did she reflect, and was unable to ignore the pain and climbed up, kneeling in front of Han 3,000 yuan: "I'm sorry, young master, I'm sorry."

        "Young warrior, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, that ...... that you stop can you? If this goes on, the house won't be able to hold it." The person in charge was sweating profusely at this point, and if Han 3,000 kept going like this, the exchange house would burst.

        If this were to go viral in Jianghu, their peers would probably laugh them to death.

        "Good!" Han Three Thousand nodded, energy in his hand closed, "Then change these."

        The person in charge saw Han Qianli finally close his hand, and only then did he let out a long sigh of relief, his back, already wet with sweat, looked at Han Qianli, and the person in charge said respectfully, "Are you going to exchange all of these for Amethyst?"

        Half a room full of jewellery, how many amethysts would this be worth.

        "Yes. Can these be exchanged for a million?" Han Qianli said.

        Hearing Han Qianli's answer, the person in charge looked pale.

        "What's wrong? Not enough? If it's not enough, I have plenty more." Han Marchant.

        "Enough is enough!" The person in charge was busy holding Han Qianqian's hand, on this pile of things on the floor, with his eyes closed it was enough for a million amethysts, the reason why he looked so pale was because there were so many things, each piece of jewellery to assess the pending price, also needed a long time, this was simply a huge project.

        "By the way, VIP, are you exchanging amethysts to attend an auction?" The head asked.

        Han Three Thousand nodded.

        "You guys, what are you waiting for? Why don't you take care of the guests?" The person in charge smiled warmly and respectfully at Han 3,000 after giving instructions in a cold voice towards a few girls, "VIP, please wait for a moment, I'll get your admission ticket right away."

        After saying this, the person in charge quickly retired and walked towards stall number two, while the girls, all wearing sweet smiles, walked towards Han 3,000.

        A few of them even intentionally or unintentionally put some of their own proud troops in front of Han 3,000, in an attempt to attract Han's attention. After all, if they could charm such a rich gentleman, the rest of their lives would be carefree.

Chapter 1845

At this moment, the woman who had just been carrying a cup of tea with trepidation approached Han Qianli, "Young Master, please have some tea."

        Han Qianli looked at her trembling hands and smiled disdainfully. Just now, she was so high and mighty in front of herself, but now she knew how to write fear so quickly.

        The girl lowered her head, fearing very much that offending such rich people was doomed to a miserable end.

        After all, rich people were arrogant and arrogant by nature, and if they were offended, it was inevitable that they would take revenge.

        Although it took her a lot of effort to find the job, she only has one thought now, and that is, just don't pursue Han Qianyang, and it's better than anything else to be alive.

        "There's no need for tea, just don't wear tinted glasses to look at people from now on." After saying that, Han Qianli stood up and took a look at stall number two.

        Hearing this, the girl finally breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Han 3,000 with great gratitude.

        At this time, the person in charge also walked quickly out of the stall, holding a red, delicate card in his hand.

        When he reached Han 3,000, he bent over respectfully and presented it with both hands: "VIP, this is your admission ticket."

        Han 3,000 received the card and took the admission ticket, flipping it over and taking a look at it, five words were vaguely written on it in a strange kind of paint: "Your Excellency, do not be slow to enter.

        It was obvious that the five characters had just been added, and even the traces of paint were fresh: "What does this mean?"

        The person in charge smiled obsequiously, "With your assets, you are definitely the VIP of this auction, but we really don't have any tickets for higher specifications, so ......, please don't take offense."

        Han Qianli was a little disdainful, these people's attitudes, but they could change really fast.

        "Okay, then I'll go to the auction first, and as for my stuff ......"

        "VIP, don't worry, we will start counting immediately and do the inventory, this is the Purple Spirit Stone, it is your account on our side, later on we will finish the inventory and the exact amount will be sent to the top of the Purple Spirit Stone."

        Han Qianli nodded, received the Purple Spirit Stone, turned around and walked towards the shop.

        Seeing Han 3,000 leave, the group of girls were very disappointed. From start to finish, even though they tried their best, Han 3,000 didn't linger on them for even a second, which also meant that their wish to land in the big house was completely dashed.

        The person in charge couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief at this point, finally sending Han 3,000 out in peace.

        "What are you all still standing around for? Close the door, thank you, and take an inventory of these properties, ah."

        "And you, Chan Hyun Sook, from tomorrow you don't have to come here to work, do you know that you almost made us exchange houses, a big disaster?"

        After saying this, the person in charge looked incredulously at Han Qianqian's departing back and touched his head strangely, "What? Are all the rich people nowadays so low key?"

        When Han 3,000 came out of the exchange house, he saw Zhou Shao and Bai Ling'er waiting at the entrance of the auction house from afar, and sighed helplessly, he really had met the God of Plague.

        When they saw Han 3,000's expression, Zhou Shao and Bai Ling'er mistakenly thought that Han 3,000 had hit a wall, which was within their expectations.

        Therefore, the three of them were very proud of themselves and waited for Han Qiangli to come over and then ruthlessly mocked him.

        Soon, Han Qiangli came over and Zhou Shao laughed disdainfully, "What's wrong, fool? Do you want to keep pretending?"

        Bai Ling'er swept Han Qianqian with a disdainful glance: "If you can't go on, don't pretend, is it hard to admit it? Anyway, in our eyes, you're nothing more than a monkey jumping up and down."

        Han 3,000 sighed and shook his head, he really didn't want to pay attention to these two flies, with his status and the various hardships he had undergone for so long, he really had no interest in these matters, with a shake of his hand, he threw the admission ticket directly to the gatekeeper, then got up and walked towards the auction house.

        The gatekeeper just wanted to stop him, but when he saw what Han 3,000 had thrown at him, he subconsciously hurried to take it, and when he did, the gatekeeper froze in place: "Entrance ticket?"

        When he saw the admission ticket, Zhou Shao ton's face froze in a playful grin and pulled the goalie's hand, and when he actually saw the admission ticket in the goalie's hand, he locked eyes, "No way, no way, that idiot, how could he have an admission ticket?"

        Bai Ling'er was also incredulous at this point: "Yes, he's simply a poor bastard, the entrance ticket costs a million purple crystals, how could he ...... him?"

        At this moment, Zhou Shao suddenly saw the exchange house from a distance, drove out all the guests, and then closed the door to thank the guests: "I know, this guy must have stolen, you see the exchange house over there, suddenly closed, must have lost something, this will self-censorship.".

        At this thought, Zhou Shao's shock quickly turned into a hideous smile: "Go, follow that idiot, I want him to reveal his true form."

        Looking at the departing Zhou Shao and Bai Ling'er, the gatekeeper felt justified in opening the ticket, but when he saw the five words on it, he went pale with fear!

Chapter 1846

"Be of good cheer, my lord!"

        It was just five simple words, but in the goalkeeper's eyes, it was like a bolt from the blue.

        He knew better than anyone what those five words meant.

        In order not to offend any power or nobility, the auction house almost always implemented a uniform VIP admission ticket, but it wasn't unheard of for the auction house to write special remarks on the ticket.

        However, it was not unheard of for the auction house to come across special notations on the admission tickets. But every time, the person who was specially notated was inevitably a well-known noble in the Eight Directions.

        And Han Qianqian's ticket contained just such a note.

        At this thought, the gatekeeper's entire face was pale white, and his heart was so terrified that cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and this kind of guest would never dare to offend even the head of his own family, but ...... he was the only one who not only ate his words, but even ...... even insulted him to his face.

        This ...... what has he done?

        The goalkeeper thought about this and staggered backwards in disbelief, finally sitting on the floor on his buttocks and forgetting to greet the following guests.

        It was all over, everything was over, and he felt that his world had collapsed.

        Zhou Shao, unaware of the impending disaster, followed Han Qianxiang into the venue, wishing he could immediately rip off Han's disguised face in front of everyone and make him feel ashamed.

        Although the outside of the auction house looked small, the inside had a different look. The outside looked like an ordinary room, but the inside was glorious, like a palace.

        When Han Qianli came in, the entire auction room was already crowded, with many guests sitting together, chatting happily and discussing tonight's big deal.

        Han 3,000 casually sat down on an empty seat, and at this point, Zhou Shao also followed suit.

        As soon as he sat down, Zhou Shao suddenly pretended to be very loud and pinched his nose, saying to Bai Ling'er on the side, "Yo, can you smell it, it stinks."

        Zhou Shao deliberately shouted very loudly, suddenly attracting the attention of the surrounding people.

        Bai Ling'er also pretended to be in distress, gently pinching her nose and saying amusedly, "Yes, it really stinks."

        Hearing these words, a group of people involuntarily sniffed themselves, fearing that they were talking about themselves.

        "A poor smell, what the f*ck is this auction house doing." Zhou Shao(Shao means Young Master) now deliberately looked over at Han Qianqian and cursed.

        Zhou Shao's words instantly made the onlookers understand where the stench he was referring to was coming from. Because almost everyone present was dressed in luxurious clothing, only Han Qianli was dressed in ordinary.

        All of a sudden, the onlookers sneered at Han 3,000 and stared at him with disgusted eyes.

        "Stay away from him, it's a disgrace to sit with such people."

        The customers on the other side of Han 3,000, who had leaned closer to him, hurriedly moved to the other side as well, fearing that they would be sitting too close to a plague god like Han 3,000.

           The auctioneer's eyes were always fixed on the centre stage of the auction. Perhaps others would have been embarrassed or annoyed by Zhou Shao's words, but in Han's eyes, that was just the behaviour of a clown.

        At this moment, a middle-aged man in a grey uniform stepped onto the central auction platform: "Welcome to our Xu's Auction House No. 7098, and I am honoured to be tonight's auctioneer for all the distinguished guests present. As usual, without further ado, let's start with a brief introduction of tonight's auction list."

        "Heard about it? Tonight this is not only the debut of twenty-four divine objects, but also the appearance of an ungodly object, which I have heard was found by someone in the land of extreme cold."

        "I've heard, but the gods are mysterious and I don't know what it is."

        "Yes, it's quite promising, tonight is destined to be a fishy fight, because just in the twenty-four treasures ahead, there is a divine material such as the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus, which is an extremely rare universal material that can be found once in ten thousand years, and it can be transformed into whatever you lack."

        "The Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus? No? This is the kind of thing that could have been the king of the tender anywhere, but today it's only relegated to the 24 jewels?"

        "So, this time, the King of Tenders is very mysterious, otherwise, how could the 10,000-seat seat be empty this evening? After all, the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus is already superb for the top, but it's not even enough to be a bidder."

        In the front row, several guests were now whispering.

        And their voices were almost the same as those of most of the audience, just one Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus was already enough to bring tonight's auction to the highest dynasty stage, but such things were all auctioned in the twenty-four treasures, so it was clear that the final bidder's item must be strong as well as strong.

        The stronger the item, the more ferocious the competition, and for everyone, it was a real bloodbath.

        Zhou Shao smiled slightly, patted Bai Ling'er's shoulder and said, "Don't worry, tonight's King of Bidders will definitely be me, I've brought my family's fortune with me, and such things as the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus, I'll definitely take it for you.".

        After saying that, Commander Zhou himself secretly gave a glance at the figures on the Violet Spirit Stone to Bai Ling'er, and Bai Ling'er was suddenly delighted and said, "Good, if you help me take it, then tonight, my father might go out oh."

        Hearing this, Zhou Shao tonton smiled proudly.

        Just at this moment, Han Qianli suddenly got up slightly.

        "What? Dead rubbish, scared to run away when you hear the competition is big tonight?" Zhou Shao now scoffed.

        "Even if you can't afford it, don't come here to join the fun. Even if you steal a ticket to come in, there are some places you can't just come in if you don't have the right to, otherwise you'll only be a disgrace to yourself." Bai Ling'er also said coldly.

        If white eyes could ki ll, she would have been able to ki ll Han 3,000 countless times.

        Han Three Thousand smiled bitterly and didn't pay any attention to the two of them, turning from the aisle, all the way directly towards the auction table.

        "Hello, I'd like to find the person in charge of your auction." Han Marchian arrived at the auction table and waited for the auctioneer to come down, but he was serious.

        The people who entered were all non-rich and noble, but the auctioneer was very polite to Han Three Thousand: "Hello, VIP, what can I do for you?"

        "I'd like to wrap it up."