His True Colors Chapter 1841-1843

 Chapter 1841

From the manor, the servant wanted to see Han Qianxiang off, but Han Qianxiang refused.

        It had been a long time since he'd had a relaxing time. After coming to the Eightfold World, there were many dangers, and most importantly, the life and death of Su Yingxia at that time was unknown, and safety was unpredictable.

        He has been in the Eightfold World for such a long time, but he really hasn't seen everything in the Eightfold World properly.

        Walking on the street, hearing the hustle and bustle and watching the crowds, Han Qianli also felt that this was actually a very comfortable life.

        Thinking of all this, the corner of Han 3,000's mouth hung up in a sweet smile, walking to a nearby stall selling clay figures, Han 3,000 fell in love with a set of clay figures.

        A man, a woman and a child, how like herself, Su Yingxia and Nian Er.

        "Boss, how much is it?"

        "Oh, young master, three amethysts."

        Han Qianli nodded and was paying out the money.

        At this moment, a gong sounded, and then, like a tidal wave, a group of Jiang Hu people frantically rushed towards the fierce one.

        Han 3,000 looked at them strangely, wondering for a moment what they were up to.

        "Oh, young master, that's the black market opening." The boss explained to Han Three Thousand as he bagged something for him.

        "Black market?"

        "Although Dew City is a small town, because of its remote location, it is very often the preferred place for those underground traders, and over time, more people have come here, which has led to the formation of a black market, plus the recent tournament at the top of Toki Mountain is about to begin, and many people from the rivers and lakes are passing through the city, so the black market will be lively." The owner smiled.

        Han Qianli nodded, which was somewhat interesting.

        "Here, your things." The boss handed the packed items to Han Qianli's hand, and after retrieving the money, he smiled, "If you're interested, young master, you can go and have a look instead, and if your luck is right, you'll be able to buy a lot of good things."

        "Fine, I'll go and take a look." Han Qianli smiled, placed the items at his chest and rushed towards the black market along with the crowd.

        Although people like Han 3,000 were never the kind of people who took chances on good things from their bosses, Han 3,000's bag had always been wealthy, and the large amount of treasures that had been scavenged from the four dragons, Han 3,000 had never known how to spend them, nor had he had the time to spend them.

        When the time came, he would buy some jade liquids or immortal grasses that could improve his cultivation, laying a good foundation for his tournament.

        In the west of Dew City, there is a barren area of land in the small town that lacks development, so although the western part of the town is surrounded by walls, it is barren and shaded only by large trees, forming a forest of varying sizes.

        This rough forest is also where the black market is located.

        When Han Qianli arrived, the entire forest was almost completely illuminated, with all sorts of shouts of selling rising and falling amidst the hustle and bustle, and pedestrians sometimes stopping to observe, sometimes inquiring for estimates.

        The main purpose of Han's visit was to see some jade liquids or immortal grasses that he could take to boost his own energy.


        After searching the area, Han Qianqian stopped at an old man's stall, attracted by a five-coloured flower on the boss's stall, which was brightly coloured and good-looking, but also emitted a pale glow around it, making it something with a strong aura.

        "Old man, this flower is quite pretty." Han Qianli, who had not long been in the Eight Directions World and had little knowledge of such things, simply asked.

        "Young Master, this is a five-coloured flower, it's the best material for practicing top quality Concentration Pills, if you like it, the old man wants you to get it cheaper, one thousand purple crystals will do." The old man smiled slightly, then handed the five-coloured flower to Han Qianli so that he could examine it with ease.

        Han Qianli held the flower with a frown on his brow, this thing didn't look this expensive.

        Just as Han Three Thousand was in a dilemma, two figures suddenly stood next to him, a man and a woman, the man was refined and elegant, dressed in a white bouquet of fans, so unrestrained, and the woman was sedate, although only light make-up, but still could not hide her beautiful fragrance, the man snatched the five-coloured flower away, smiled contemptuously and looked at the boss: "I'll take this five-coloured flower. "

        The old man was slightly stunned and embarrassed, "But, it was this gentleman who first ......"

        The man in white swept a disdainful glance at Han Qianqian, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, and sneered contemptuously, "But what? Who dares to rob me of what I like? Is that right? Rubbish?!"

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, originally, he was hesitant to buy the five-coloured flower, after all, the old man had also said that it was the main material for training pills, and Han Qianli didn't know how to train pills at all, so he wasn't too interested in it.

        "What are you looking at, stinking trash? If you're not convinced, you can grab it from me. I'm offering 3,000 amethysts for it, can you afford it? If you can't afford it, get out of here." Seeing Han Qianqian frowning and staring at him, the white-clothed man snapped at him in discontent.

Chapter 1842

He didn't want to cause any trouble, so he turned around and left, when the man in white became very proud and threw the five-coloured flower at the old man, "Wrap it up for this young master."

        The old man swept a glance at Han Qianqian, but eventually smiled and responded, quickly wrapping it up for him, 1,000 amethysts was almost enough, but he didn't expect people to be rich and generous, directly 3,000 amethysts.

        "Young Master Zhou, three thousand amethysts, isn't that too expensive? You don't have to be so hard on people, do you? You don't look like someone who has three thousand purple crystals even if he has all his possessions." The beautiful woman beside the white-clothed man, who had now received the five-coloured flower handed over by the old man, said to the white-clothed man in a pretentious manner as she looked at Han Qianlian full of mockery.

        "Oh, treat this kind of trash, you have to step in the mud, don't be polite to him. Moreover, if you like something, even if it's a mountain of gold or silver, this young master will buy it for you." The man in white was atmospheric.

        The beauty was suddenly coaxed into a bright smile: "Then thank you, Young Master Zhou."

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly and turned towards the other stalls, but after a lap, Han Qianli hesitated to make his move, for no other reason than the fact that many of the materials on these stalls were materials used for pill training, but Han Qianli wouldn't, so even if he bought a whole bunch of them, at least for now, there wasn't any sexual comparison.

        The tournament was getting closer and closer, and he didn't have the time to learn these alchemy methods, nor did he have the time to grow and make useful pills or jade liquids, what he needed was still the finished product.

        But in Zhou Shao's eyes, Han Qianqian's actions were simply the kind of poor trash trash that came to the party, attempting to hang around for a while and then have nothing to brag about while drinking, there were quite a few of them present.

        The reason why Zhou Shao stared at Han Qianqian was because he had the same needs as Han Qianqian.

        The pretty girl beside him, Bai Ling'er, was a little beauty he had just courted, with a beautiful body, but unfortunately an average talent for cultivation, so in order to attack home plate tonight, he deliberately took advantage of her and brought Bai Ling'er to the black market to buy materials to help her improve her cultivation.

        So, over the course of several rounds, he and Han Qianxiang always met, intentionally or unintentionally.

        Just when Han 3,000 had become bored and was about to leave, a group of people in uniform, holding trays, passed by Han 3,000 in a single file.

        Han Qianxiang looked straight at the contents of the tray and couldn't help but swallow her saliva.

        The trays in the hands of these waiters contained not only some items in boxes that were invisible to Han 3,000, but also several trays containing the items Han 3,000 had been searching for, pills and jade liquids, in plain sight.

        Han Qianqian became interested and hurriedly followed them.

        The group of waiters passed through the crowd and soon entered a large room in the forest. Han 3,000 had just reached the door when a middle-aged man stretched out his hand to block Han 3,000's path and, after sizing up Han 3,000 for a moment, he suppressed his dissatisfaction and said, "Young Master, please stay, this is the auction house.

        Han Qianli was stunned and shook his head, "No."

        The man gave a professional fake smile while scowling at Han Three Thousand's heart, "Then I'm sorry sir, according to our rules, it's forbidden to enter the venue without an admission ticket, so please leave."

        "How do I get an admission ticket?" Han Giangli said.

        "Admission tickets can be obtained for free, but according to the rules of this venue, you need to guarantee at least 100,000 amethyst coins to be eligible, so ......" the man made another gesture of invitation.

        Obviously, he didn't think Han Qianli was the one with 100,000 amethyst coins.

        As the gatekeeper of the auction house, although his official position was very small, he had seen countless people, and most people who could possess such wealth were the children of big families, and Han 3,000, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, was not in this category at all.


        "There are places where you can punch a clock and take it out to put on a show, but there are places that are simply untouchable by rubbish, auction gold houses, no dogs allowed in, OK?"

        Just at this moment, a cold drink came from Zhou Shao, dressed in white, who was now slowly walking over with Bai Xiaoling, then unrestrainedly pulled out his admission ticket and gave it to the gatekeeper, his eyes full of disdain as he looked at Han 3,000 yuan.

        In the outside world, rich or poor, you can rely on hard work, but in the auction house, those poor, useless people will have no place to hide.

        And this was precisely the time for him, Zhou Shao, to show off his might.

        When he saw Zhou Shao, the gatekeeper bent his body to 90 degrees and received the admission ticket with both hands in respect, "Good evening, Master Zhou.

        Zhou Shao smiled disdainfully: "OK, don't come to this with me, your auction house is now getting worse and worse, let a dog in front of the door to get in the way."

        As Zhou Shao spoke, the gatekeeper naturally didn't dare to slow down and hurriedly dragged Han Qianli out, saying, "Young Master, you are not welcome here, so please leave immediately."

        Han 3,000 yuan's body moved, bouncing the gatekeeper off at once, and his whole body looked at Zhou Shao with a cold look.

        All night, this grandson has been making things difficult for himself, he already did not want to cause trouble, three or five times did not want to get along with him, but how do you know that he is becoming more and more excessive, Shi can tolerate, your uncle can not tolerate, besides, those pills and jade liquid, Han Three thousand desperately need.

        "I have to enter this house today." Han Three Thousand years ago, he said.

Chapter 1843

Not only did Zhou Shao not feel threatened in the slightest by Han Qianqian's words, he even wanted to laugh a little.

        As Zhou Shao pulled his ears out with his hands, he looked at Han Marchant in amusement and said to the gatekeeper, "Did you ...... just hear something? Did some idiot say he had to come in here?"

        The gatekeeper laughed helplessly, and like Zhou Shao, he simply laughed at Han Marchant's words. "Zhou Shao, as you know, there's not much in this world, but there's the most idiots. There are always some idiots who obviously don't have the strength, but they jump up and down like clowns."

        Han Qianqiang's face was frosty: "Is this the attitude of your auction house service?"

        "Joke, you're telling me about service attitude? Our auction house has a 100-year reputation and naturally we have plenty of guests, but that's also about the people, so do you think that a piece of trash like you deserves our service? No big stick to serve you, already give you face, know better and get out." The gatekeeper cursed angrily.

        Hearing this, Han Qianli smiled instead of anger, "OK, stay, you must not ask me, do you have a place to exchange amethysts?"

        "Can't you see that the hut next to it is where we exchange our money? Do you think I'm scared? Have the guts to change it." The gatekeeper was annoyed.

        Of course he wouldn't believe what Han Qianli had said, but more so just took it as a bluff.

        Looking at Han 3,000's clothes, he was no aristocrat at all, and with Zhou Shao's disdain for him, if he was really some invisible landowner, could it be that he was wrong about him and Zhou Shao too?

        Han 3,000 nodded and turned towards the side of the exchange room.

        "I pooh!" The gatekeeper spat at Han Qianqian's back, then greeted Zhou Shao with a smile, bowing and scraping like a dog: "Zhou Shao, ignore this idiot, it's cold outside, go sit in the venue."

        Zhou Shao smiled coldly and gently looked at Bai Ling'er, who was not in a hurry to enter the auction venue: "There's no hurry, it's idle anyway, since that idiot wants to pretend, we'll accompany him."

        Bai Ling'er revealed a sweet smile: "That's right, it's rare for someone to perform a monkey show for us before an auction, so how can we do justice to someone's hard work if we don't finish it."

        As soon as Bai Ling'er's voice fell, the three of them burst out laughing.

        At this time, Han Qianli walked into the exchange house.

        A number of scantily clad women in fancy dresses were entertaining him, and inside there were a few rich men dressed in luxury, conducting business in the company of the women.

        When Han 3,000 went in, there were three empty girls, but when they saw what Han was wearing, the three girls' customary smiles froze on their faces, and then they pushed me and me and then they pushed you.

        Although the Eightfold World is a few notches above Xuanyuan or Earth, human nature does not change.

        Where there are people, there will be such differential treatment.

        "Hello, I'd like to exchange the Amethyst." Han Qianlian walked up to the three people and said softly.

        The girl standing in the middle was embarrassed because she was the one facing Han 3,000 and had no choice but to say, "If you'd like to exchange your amethyst, please go to stall number one."

        There were two stalls in the centre of the house, but apparently there wasn't even a single person near stall number one, and the tycoons were all in stall number two, Han 3,000 asked, "Is stall number one also available? I see they're all at number two ah."

        "Young Master, anything under 100,000 purple crystals can be exchanged at stall number one."

        Han Three Thousand nodded, "Then I'll go to stall number two."

        Obviously, less than 100,000 was simply not enough for Han 3,000, so Han 3,000 could only choose number two.

        As soon as the words came out, the two girls next to the girl lifted their jade hands lightly and hid their smiles, secretly glad that they hadn't received Han 3,000 just now, otherwise they would have really made a fool of themselves.

        A few customers in the distance also heard the sound and couldn't help but look at Han 3,000, then laughed, and the girl in the middle's white eyes were about to roll up into the sky.

        Every girl in the exchange house had business requirements, so naturally everyone hoped to meet some rich people so that they could get more commission, but she was really unlucky today, as she hadn't picked up any of the rich people just now, but now she had met a poor man with a questionable IQ.

        "Young Master, stall number two is a VIP area, it's very busy, if you don't have one million to exchange, please go to stall number one, thank you."

        In the eyes of the three girls, Han 3,000 was the kind of poor boy who was very poor, who didn't know what treasures he had won, and who came here to exchange some amethysts and live a small life of drinking this morning.

        After all, he was dressed in such a way that he really couldn't get along with rich people, and it was only natural that he would provoke laughter by saying such things as going to stall number two.

        "Fine, then I'll go to stall number one, and you'll be responsible for any consequences then." Han Qianli left a sentence and turned around to go to stall number one.

        The girl snorted coldly, her heart was higher than the sky, what consequences could there be for a poor kid? What a joke.

        At stall number one, because it wasn't a VIP area, the middle-aged man sitting inside the stall was lazy, and when he saw Han Qianqian coming over, he knocked on the table carelessly, "If you have anything of value, just take it out."

        "Put it on the table?" Han 3,000.

        "Nonsense." The middle-aged man glared at Han Three Thousand.

        Han Marchan smiled, energy in his hand for a moment, then aimed the spatial ring he'd taken from the Four Dragons at the table.


        With a loud bang, countless gold and silver treasures poured out of the ring like a flood and piled up on the table.

        What was even more maddening was that after several people had reflected, several seconds had passed, but the gold and silver jewellery in Han 3,000's hands was still pouring out, with no sign of stopping.

        By this time, the table had been piled up into a small mountain of jewellery, and even started to fall to the floor because of the excessive pile.

        The three girls were stunned, their mouths slightly agape in disbelief at the scene in front of them, and several of the guests who had just mocked Han Qianli also stood up in shock.

        "The middle-aged man on the ...... stall, who had been carefree a moment ago, also looked at Han Qiangli in astonishment.

        He had thought that he was just a poor boy, but who would have thought that he would be ushering in a rich man.

        But just as he reflected his shock, he suddenly turned pale with fear, for stall number one was soon filled to the brim with jewellery as more and more became available, but Han 3,000 had no intention of stopping.