His True Colors Chapter 1837-1838

 Chapter 1837

Han Giangli is stunned!

        What do you mean? Do you still have to have a blade before you can take it? What kind of operation is this?

        With a flip, he blocked all of the gang of youngsters and pulled Chu Feng out.

        "Stay on the side."

        Shouting softly, Han Qianqian's Heavenly Yin Technique shook in his hand, and a golden-black power instantly erupted from his hand, and the group of little brothers fell to the ground in response.

        "This is ......," the Smiling Devil was shocked.

        It was because what Han Qianqian was using was black energy, which instantly made his brows furrow, but his heart was happy.

        Black energy, isn't that the same thing!

        "No more fighting." The Smiling Devil withdrew with a slight smile, "Almost flooded the Dragon King Temple, I'll come back for you, let's go." After saying that, the Smiling Devil waved his hand and turned around with his own little brother.

        The drinkers present were startled by the sudden departure of the Smiling Devil, who was raging to take revenge on Han Qianqian, yet suddenly sounded the alarm.

        "What's the situation, is the Smiling Devil admitting defeat?"

        "This can't be right, even a human slaughter of smiling demons would swallow a defeat?"

        "The smiling devil had a glorious life, but never thought he would one day flop in such a gutter."

        "By the way, who the hell is that guy? He was able to defeat Tiger Idiot and Smiling Demon successively, the Eightfold World has never heard of this figure."

        "Oh, it should be the young master of some big family, heavenly talent, plus ungodly talent, otherwise, with such a young age, how could he beat these two gods?"

        "Yes, and he's a disciple of a big family, with pure blood."

        "Oh, the young people nowadays are really not to be underestimated. That Han Qianqian from before was also a young man, and I heard that he also performed extremely well in the Fu Family's first battle, this Yangtze River's backwash is really higher than the waves."

        "What kind of trash is Han Qianxiang, can he also be compared to this gentleman? A mere trash trash from the Azure World, you're comparing the Ancient Bird to the Phoenix."

        "That's right, I've also heard of Han Qianqian's goods, but he's just a trash who won the secret treasure of Pan Gu with some dog luck, can he be compared to this gentleman? At a glance, I can tell that this gentleman has a remarkable magnanimity, he is a dragon and phoenix among men."

        "Yes, gentleman, I am Lu Haijun of Sky Tiger City, I wonder if I could be rewarded with a casual meal with you?"

        "Oh, what's Sky Tiger City got to do with it? I am an elder of the Bagua Valley, Prince, would an old friend like to invite you for a chat?"

        The drinkers off the stage were all praising Han 3,000. Han 3,000 had completely convinced these people by retreating two masters in a row, and they were so flattered that they could not wait to lick Han 3,000's shoes.

        Han Qianxiang disdainfully swept away the group of drinkers and turned around to go back to his own room.

        Xiaotao had been quietly watching Han 3,000 from behind the door. When Han 3,000 was fighting with the Smiling Devil, she was so anxious that her hands were full of sweat and she could not wait to rush up and help Han 3,000. Seeing Han 3,000 back, Xiaotao quickly shrank back into bed, bleating asleep.

        The first thing I noticed was that the newest member of the team was the first woman to have a drink of water.

        Han Three Thousand swept a glance at her, really disgusted at her hypocritical appearance, and shook his head with a sunken face, not wanting to drink.

        "Brother Three Thousand, aren't you happy that you won the fight?" Fumei sensed Han Qianqian's attitude and pretended to be a little aggrieved.

        "Yeah, overly low-key, that's cowhide showing off." Chu Feng sat by the window in a bad mood.

        To Han Qianli, a person Chu Feng regarded as a rival, however, Han Qianli did help him a lot, but he was just unable to bow out due to his feelings.

        Han Three Thousand Year sighed, "Is there anything to be happy about? Is it?"

        "Brother Three Thousand, how do you say that?" Fu Mei said strangely, "Of course we should be happy that we have won, and that too in front of so many people.

        Han Qianli didn't say anything, smiling bitterly, how could things be so simple? Ignoring Fumei, Han Qianqian swept a glance at Peach on the bed and looked at Chu Feng: "If it's all right, quickly take Peach out of here first."

        "What? Afraid to pay for your room?" Chu Feng Dao.

        Han Qianli placed the gold pen on the table and asked, "What do you think of this gold pen?"

        Chu Feng was unsure, but he had heard about the Smiling Devil's Golden Pen and nodded, "Of course it's an excellent weapon, what's the point of asking."

        "Since you also know that it is a good item, why don't you hurry up and leave? Do you think the smiling devil would really leave the divine weapon on which he has made his name, unheard of, with me?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "You mean, the smiling demon will come back to us?" Chu Feng Dao.

        Han Qianli nodded his head, but which way the Smiling Demon used to come to the door, Han Qianli couldn't guess for the time being, but one thing was certain, the Smiling Demon knew that he was no match for him, but he still put his divine weapon in his hands with ease, which meant that the Smiling Demon was fully confident of getting it back.

        Therefore, the next time he came to the door, it would definitely be to destroy and pull down the decay.

        Letting Chu Feng take Little Peach away was for their safety, and also to not drag Han Qianli's leg.

        "In addition, Fu Mei, you should also go." Han Qianli said.

        Hearing this, Fu Mei wanted to stop talking, of course she didn't want to be in danger, but if she left as soon as Han Qianli let her go, would this make her appear too exposed and thus lose her trust in front of Han Qianli.

        "No, this is because of me, let me run away halfway, Han Three Thousand, what kind of person do you think Chu Feng is?" Chu Feng is determined.

        "What can you do to help by staying?" Han Three Thousand Year was helpless.

        "Han Three Thousand, don't look down on people, don't forget that you used to be my defeated general too." Chu Feng said.

        Although this guy Chu Feng really didn't have much cultivation, he had many strange moves in his hands, and last time, not only was he trapped by him, but this time, he was able to block the Smiling Devil's Ten Thousand Rain Sword Pen, which was truly astonishing, and at the same time, he was laughing and crying because of his strange moves.

        "By the way, what exactly are those things of yours ......?" Han Qianqian was quite interested.

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Chu Tian smiled proudly, "You want to know?"

        Han Qianli thought about it and simply nodded, he did want to know, he wasn't denying this.

        Chu Tian became even more proud, sitting on his butt in front of Han Three Thousand, snatching Han Three Thousand's water and drinking it down, smiling mysteriously, "Have you heard of the organ parasites."

        The machineries Han Three thousand had heard of them, and so had the parasites, but what the hell were machineries!

Chapter 1838

"Hmph, looking at your ignorant and curious little eyes, I knew that you don't understand." Chu Feng smiled proudly.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but be a little speechless, this guy really was the type of person who would shine if given some sunshine, however, Han Qianli didn't want to beat his ambition, shaking his head and smiling bitterly, not speaking.

        "I'll make all kinds of organs in advance, and use the talisman to lock the organs' souls in the talisman, and when I need to use a certain organ, I just need to burn the yellow talisman, and I'll be able to get the ability of that organ, so to speak, do you understand?"

        Han Qianli nodded in sudden comprehension, simply put, it was actually a kind of organ divine beating technique, but the divine beating invited the gods, while the organ parasites invited the organs, and these organs could be created.

        It's no wonder that when the boy attacked himself, he would first burn a talisman each time.

        What's even more hilarious is that it's only possible to take a white blade with an empty hand, which is what the organs set up early on, so he understands why he can be so strong at one time and so weak at the next to burst into juice.

        "Understood, kind of funny." Han Qianli smiled.

        Hearing Han Qianli's praise, Chu Feng became even more proud, "This is all just carving insects, let me tell you, as the only personal disciple of my master, his old man, I can do more than that, I have even more powerful organ techniques."

        "Such as?"

        "I can't tell you this, my master said that what is needed is the unexpected.

        Han Qianli nodded, "Okay, since you don't want to talk about it, I don't want to ask any more questions, so let's take the next step and trouble you, the master organist, to protect them properly."

        "What about you?"

        Han Qianli smiles: "Sleep!"

        At this time on top of the Blue Mountain.

        Lu Ruoxin led Knife Twelve, Mo Yang and Liu Fang slowly into the main palace in mid-air.

        Knife Twelve and Mo Yang were looking around, such a brilliant and magnificent palace simply made them feel like rural people entering the city, marveling at it while being curious at the same time.

        "Where's Han Qianli?" Knife 12 looked around, asking questions as he walked.

        The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the top of the screen, and then you'll see the whole screen.

        The man in the curtain spoke faintly, "Core, well done."

        "Who are you again? Where is Han 3,000?" Knife Twelve spoke out at this point and asked.

        Mo Yang hurriedly pulled Knife Twelve, his eyes kept staring at the curtain in the palace, his brows locked, and his intuition told him that the person behind the curtain was a very unusual person.

        The scent and pressure he exuded was a person at the top of the hierarchy.

        "Take them down to rest." The man in the curtain whispered.

        "Yes." Lu Ruoxin nodded, and with a light wave of his hand, several guards suddenly appeared next to Mo Yang and the other three, politely making a gesture of invitation at them.

        Knife Twelve naturally didn't want to go down there, they had come here looking for Han Qianqian, but there was no sign of him in the palace, how could Knife Twelve not be anxious.

        Mo Yang shook his head at him, pulled him along, and followed the guards down.

        When the three of them left, only then did Lu Ruoxin return, bowing slightly at the curtain: "Father, there's one more thing."

        "Xin'er, you say."

        "This time when I went to Xuanyuan World, apart from bringing back these three people, I also had an unexpected gain. In addition to his friends, Han 3,000 has an enemy in Xuanyuan World who is also a friend and foe, and I want to use it as our preferred plan to deal with Han 3,000."

        The man in the curtain nodded, "Who is it?"

        Lu Ruoxin didn't say anything, clapping her hands, and soon, her enemy slowly walked in with her illusory body, followed by Fei Ling Sheng.

        "Meet the master."

        Once in the palace, Chi Meng and Fei Lingsheng kneeled down respectfully.

        For the people in the curtain, one person and one spirit were only a short distance away, and they were already as strong as Mo Yang, who could feel his strength from within his breath.

        This kind of power was something that one person and one spirit had never seen before.

        But at the same time, one person and one spirit were very happy, because if you work with such a person, are you still afraid of not having a future?

        "A sword spirit and a useless talent? Core, you've always done things in a measured way, can you explain why?" The man in the curtain.

        "Father, they both have a different relationship with Han 3,000, both hatred for wanting to ki ll Han 3,000, but also the ability to approach Han 3,000 without much defense, and most importantly, they understand Han 3,000." Lu Ruoxin said confidently.

        "Knowing oneself and one's enemy is the only way to win a hundred battles, this method is good, however, these two are extremely weak, do you have any arrangements." The man in the curtain said.

        Lu Ruoxin smiled calmly, confidently, "Yes!".

        "Good, then let go of it."

        Lu Ruoxin smiled mysteriously, nodded her head, and took the two of them with her, instantly disappearing into the palace.

        In the next second, the three had appeared in a mountain range somewhere!