His True Colors Chapter 1831-1833

 Chapter 1831

Han Three thousand wanted to catch up and explain, when Fumei reached out and stopped him: "Brother Three thousand, forget it, she won't listen to anything you say at this time, we have work to do."

        Looking at Peach, who had already walked away, Han Three Thousand sighed, "Fine. Let's go."

        After saying that, Han Three Thousand slowly walked forward with her head down.

        Fu Mei revealed a smug smile, all of this planning was clearly her meticulous plan, and as soon as the bitter trick was played, it was straightforward to disentangle Han 3,000 and Little Peach.

        On the way, Han 3,000 was gloomy, and after spending so much time with Xiaotao, Han 3,000 had already treated her as his sister, it is not that Han 3,000 did not expect that the day would come when they would be separated, but that they would end up in such a way. This is why he could not help but sigh in his heart.

        "Let's go there first to rest for a day and replenish our dry food." Fu Mei walked to Han Qianqian's side at this time. She was in a good mood.

        Han 3,000 nodded as he looked at a modest castle beneath a group of mountains.

        Dew City was a small town on the road to Qishan Mountain, small but the only one in the 800-mile wilderness, and these days, Dew City was experiencing a period of heavy traffic, with most of the tournament participants travelling to the vicinity to recuperate.

        By the time Han Qianli and his party entered the city, it was already boiling with people, some laughing, some hurrying, and the streets were filled with people carrying swords. It was bustling with activity.

        Han Qianqian and Fu Mei led people into a restaurant. With her looks, Fu Mei was a big beauty, and as she entered, she soon attracted some men's prying eyes, and some even whistled a frivolous greeting.

        Fumei was naturally delighted to show off her charm like this, especially in front of Han Qianqian, and after sitting down slightly, she greeted Xiao Er and ordered some food.

        "Damn, that chick is so pretty, f*ck, the road to Qishan is long and nighty, if I have such a chick to accompany me on my double journey, it's simply beautiful."

        "Haha, I think you'd better forget about it, can't you see there's a guy beside her? And there are a few men behind it."

        "What are you afraid of? If I don't dare, someone else will. This peony blossom will die, and even ghosts will run amok." A group of drinkers were quietly discussing the situation.

        A group of drinkers were whispering at this point, but Fu Mu did not care about the ridicule, instead. Instead, she took this as her own proud capital.

        At this time, a man dressed in black, carrying a jug of wine, came over: "My name is Chen Hao, a disciple of the Liusha Sect, and I am fortunate enough to meet Miss here today.

        Fu Mei smiles, but her eyes sneak towards Han Qianqian.

        It was obvious that she was showing off her "strength" in front of Han Qianqian.

        Without even looking up, Han Qianqian poured herself some tea. Then she tilted her head back and drank it down as if nothing had happened.

        To Han Qianqian, what does it matter if Fumei has great charisma? It is none of his business at all, he wants to be jealous. The one to eat would only ever be Su Yingxia's.

        Seemingly noticing Fu Mei's eyes, at this point, Chen Hao forcefully released his authority, on the one hand to warn Han Qianqian, and on the other hand to probe his cultivation.

        But as soon as he released it, Han Qianli suddenly picked up the cup of tea and stood up, "I won't disturb you any longer."

        After saying that, Han Third Thousand directly sat down on the table next to him, defending the Buddha from the matter.

        When Chen Hao saw this, a satisfied smile appeared on his face and he gently sat down, "Miss, may I have a drink with Chen now?"

        Fu Mei was furious, she had wanted to take this opportunity to show off, but Han Qianqian not only wasn't as jealous as she thought, but even pushed herself right out of the room.

        Fu Mei stood up, took a few steps and rushed in front of Han Marchant, slamming on Han Marchant's table, "Are you still a man?".

        "Whether I am a man or not, Su Yingxia just needs to know." Han Giangli smiled slightly. Continue pouring tea.

        "You still drink!" Fu Mei swept the teapot in front of Han Qianqian to the ground and glared at him with uncontrollable fury.

        Han Qianli's brows furrowed, and after a moment's gaze, he rose slightly, "Little Two. Prepare a guest room."

        He really didn't have the heart to waste time with Fumei here.

        Seeing Han Qianli about to leave, Fu Mei's body trembled slightly with anger, but just as Han Qianli was about to move, a sword suddenly stood in Han Qianli's way.

        "Apologise to this young lady!" Chen Hao said in a cold voice.

        In his eyes, Han Qianqian's act of giving up his seat just now was clearly a sign that he was afraid of him. But at least he was sensible. It was a pity that he had to displease the woman he was interested in.

        At a time like this, how could Chen Hao let go of the opportunity to show himself off in front of a beautiful woman!

        Chen Hao's sword came out. Although they did not have much affection for Han Changan, their mission, as instructed by the family patriarch, was to protect him when he was threatened. When Han was threatened, they naturally stepped forward.

        Seeing the Fu family disciples stand up, Chen Hao smiled disdainfully, "To be more than a man, right?"

        A boom.

        At this time, several tables of Chen Hao's attendants in the restaurant also instantly shot their swords and stood up, looking at the number of people. At least around twenty people, and none of them looked like good people, the Fu family disciples were at a loss for words.

        Han Qianqian's face was cold: "An apology is out of the question, but you'll like her if you want. Suit yourself, but it's best not to bother me."

        After saying that, Han Qianli took a raised step. The sword in front of him bounced off with a bound of energy, and Chen Hao only felt the tiger's grip on the sword go numb, and his whole body was shocked, unbelievably looking at Han Marchant.

        However, in the eyes of others, unaware of what they were hearing, they laughed all over when they heard Han Qianli's words.

        "Haha, this man is such a f*cking wimp, not only giving away his woman with his bare hands, but also pretending to be a pussy, I'm dying of laughter."

        "Isn't that right, just now I thought he had something, didn't think he was a dog wimp, should have known just now I would have gone for it, damn it."

        Han Qianli didn't care about these comments, to him, a woman like Fu Mei didn't deserve to waste a bit of her spirit.

        Xiao Er hurriedly welcomed him at this point and was about to take Han 3,000 to the first floor when the restaurant suddenly felt a shaking of the earth and mountains, followed by a man who was two metres tall, standing at the entrance blocking almost all the light, full of muscles and as strong as two cows, walking in!

Chapter 1832

On his left and right shoulders, he was carrying a large sack with something on it, and with every step he took, the whole restaurant shook with fear.

        Everyone in the restaurant was fascinated by him, but they were also stunned by his size and strength.

        The sight of this strong man suddenly shook everyone to their very core. At this moment, Chen Hao suddenly smiled lightly and said, "Brother Tiger Idiot, you've come back so early today, it looks like you've got a good harvest, two?"

        The big man placed two sacks directly on the empty table in front of him with his buttocks, then, as soon as his huge form was seated, one man directly occupied the side full. The unhappy man said: "Which f*cking two, there's one with a handle. That's right, you just happened to be there. Help me see if it's a chick!"

        Afterwards, the big man ripped open one of the sacks to reveal its contents.

        It was a man and a woman.

        A group of drinkers in the restaurant were a little surprised by this scene, but they all just looked at each other.

        Plus. The Eight Parties World itself is the law of the jungle, as long as you are strong, what can't you rob? Don't talk about people, you can rob even divine weapons!

        It's just that the big man's direct and open robbery was a bit unsightly.

        But in any case, most of the people took it all in stride at this point, not daring to make a sound.

        With the complete loosening of the sack, the woman in the sack was completely revealed, although plainly dressed and with a dirty face, but with fair skin and a good figure. A look at the bottom was also quite good.

        Chen Hao gently pulled up her hand, energy in his hand, then. He smiled at Tiger Idiot, "Brother Tiger Idiot, it's a nestling."

        "I'm not wasting my energy!" The tiger idiot nodded in satisfaction, then, ready to put the sack back on the woman's body, but as soon as he lifted the sack, a cool breeze suddenly hit him behind, and in the next second, a jade sword was suddenly picked at the sack.

        "Let him go."

        A cold voice sounded and the tiger idiot returned a glance. A frown creased his brow.

        Han Qiangiang's face was as frosty as ice, and he had a jade sword picked out in his hand, standing right in front of the tiger idiot.

        Han Qianqiang, who was already planning to go up to the first floor, said. At that moment, he suddenly sped away, and although he didn't get a clear look at the woman in the sack, when Chen Hao pulled the woman's hand for luck, Han 3,000 saw the all-too-familiar symbol.

        Seeing Han 3,000, who had just been scolded by them as a wimp, suddenly rushing in front of the strong man with his sword, the group of drinkers were surprised and confused.

        "Damn, is there something f*cking wrong with this wimp? This is a death-defying attempt to find a place to hang a lantern, isn't it? How dare you go after that strong man?"

        "Even that guy, who was so scared he didn't even want his own girl, is now confronting this stronger man, isn't this kid a bit off his head?"

        "That strong man's name is Tiger Idiot, I've heard of this guy, the bull of Mount Gathering Power, I heard that he could defeat the elders of Mount Gathering Power when he was eighteen years old. At the age of twenty-five, he even became the protector of Mount Gouli as a disciple. Not only was his body incredibly strong and invulnerable to swords and spears, he was also infinitely powerful and could overturn mountains and seas."

        As soon as this was said, the people around couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air, so powerful?

        When you are still an apprentice, you can just jump a few levels to become an elder. You can just jump a few levels and become an elder, which requires not only great talent, but also great strength.

        "So I say. This kid is simply looking for death, who doesn't mess with anyone but Tiger Idiot, an evil god. With that small body of his, it's estimated that Tiger Idiot could smash him into a meat pie with one punch!"

        "You can't say that, can you? There are dragons and tigers hiding in the eight directions. Maybe that guy has some skills too." One person finally disagreed.

        But as soon as his words came out, they provoked jeers from others: "If he was really that capable, just now Chen Hao was right in front of him. How could he be so good as to send his woman out?"

        He nodded, but it was a good point.

        He didn't fight anymore either. Like the others, they waited for Han 3,000 with the mindset that they could almost see the end coming, after all, they could almost imagine with their feet how this confrontation would go.

        What they were waiting for was just a matter of which way Han 3,000 would die.

        "Are you talking to me?" When the Tiger Idiot saw Han Qianqian, his brows were now furrowed and his eyes were filled with anger.

        "Is it possible that I'm talking to a dog?" Han Qianli coldly said.

        Hearing Han Qiangli call himself a dog, the tiger idiot became furious and chopped his right foot so violently that he stepped on the ground, creating a hole of more than ten centimetres, and the surrounding tiles even cracked tens of metres in the centre: "Kid, you're looking for death!"

        Immediately afterwards, the Tiger Idiot took his fist and blasted it directly at Han 3Qiangli!

        Han Qianli locked his eyebrows and fiercely blocked with his sword with his energy.


        With a loud bang, Han Qianqian was suddenly knocked flying dozens of metres, the jade sword in his hand was distorted a little by his punch, and his tiger's mouth was slightly numb: "What strength!"

Chapter 1833

You should know that the jade sword is the body of your enemy's dream, your enemy's dream a sword spirit is very powerful, its body is not to say how strong, but at least the hardness is definitely first-class.

        But surprisingly, it was slightly distorted by this strong man's punch!

        "It's kind of funny that you don't go ploughing with your strength. It's really a waste of talent." Han Qianli knitted his eyebrows and smiled slightly, his entire body quickly rushing back up.

        Hearing Han Qianli's words, the Tiger Idiot became even more furious, and with the confidence from his earlier strike, his whole body became even more energetic and rushed up against Han Qianli.

        In an instant, the two of them directly exchanged blows.

        But this time, the Tiger Idiot no longer struck a blow as he had done in the first round. Instead, several raging, sure-to-win punches were thrown in quick succession, and Han Qianxiang was like a ghost. While moving around quickly, he occasionally made a cut with his sword.

        Although this did not hurt the tiger idiot at all, Han 3,000 was like a fly on the wall, annoying him to no end.

        After a few rounds, the Tiger Idiot became furious and his body had been slashed several times by Han 3,000. His clothes were ruptured.

        "Yo, this kid is a bit interesting, he's actually flexible."

        At this moment, a drinker said in surprise.

        "Oh, how long can he hold on just by hiding? Besides, he's just sending himself to his death. Can't you see that the tiger is already angry? That boy will soon have no more to eat."

        Unlike all the drinkers, Fu Mei was looking at the two men in the fight, but her face was red and blue.

        It was obvious that this Tiger Idiot was indeed very powerful, and she was really worried that Han Qianxiang would be kil led alive by this guy, in which case all her plans would be in vain. How could she be willing to let Han 3,000 die at this point?

        But when she thought of the fact that Han 3,000 had fought against such a strong man like a brute bull for the sake of a woman in a sack, she could not help but treat herself. She was so furious that she wanted Han 3,000 to be kil led alive immediately.


        Suddenly, at this moment, the big man roared, his energy spread out, his shirt shattered, and his muscles were revealed to be incredibly strong. At the same time, the energy spread out and shattered all the tables and chairs for several metres around.

        The nearest drinkers scattered and fled!

        "Give me death!"

        Taking advantage of the energy that had shaken Han 3,000 back, the Tiger Idiot brought all his strength to bear on his fist. It was aimed at Han Qianqian and smashed straight through.

        The punch was a thousand pounds!

        Han Qianli suddenly smiled slightly, then, in the midst of everyone's unbelieving eyes, slowly raised his right fist and blasted it directly at the tiger idiot's giant fist!

        "What?! Is this boy crazy?"

        "How dare he ...... him to go straight fist to fist like that, hard?"

        A group of drinkers were in shock as if they had seen a ghost!


        A big bang!

        The tiger's huge body suddenly recoiled like a giant iron ball that had been thrown, smashing people and objects in pieces, and finally, hitting the wall hard, before it barely stopped!


        The tiger idiot's throat was hot. Big mouthfuls of blood kept coming out of his mouth like it was free money.

        His entire right fist was completely twisted at the elbow. Flesh was in a heap and bones were strewn about!


        Everyone there, all pale and unbelieving, was staring at the scene!

        For a moment, the whole place was silent and a pin drop was audible!

        "This ...... this is impossible. It's not possible, is it? Did the ...... tiger idiot lose?"

        "He ...... he was crippled by that wimp ...... no, that young man, with a straight punch?"

        No one answered. Because everyone, all of them, was in deep shock.

        No one thought Han 3,000 would win, even. Many were guessing that he would be kil led in a few minutes, but Han 3,000 overturned everyone's perceptions with a single punch. And thoughts!

        Just as everyone was too shocked to move, Han Marchant had risen slightly and lifted two burlap sacks from the table. Shaking his head slightly, he turned around and walked towards the first floor!

        "You ...... you ...... you give me a ...... stop, well ...... you... ...you dare to hurt me. Do you ...... you ...... do you know, ...... do you ...... know, who is Laozi ...... Laozi?"

        Seeing that Han Qianli was leaving, the reluctant Tiger Idiot said to Han Qianli as he kept trying to swallow the blood.

        Although he was young, the Tiger Idiot had relied on his powerful cultivation and body, and had been able to run amok in the Eight Parties World for several years, even losing many of the Eight Parties World's old men to his own fists.

        But today, his fist and strength, which he had been proud of all his life, had been lost to a boy whose name was unknown.

        How could he be satisfied?

        Hearing this, Han Three Thousand Slightly stopped in the stairwell without even looking back: "I'm not interested in who you are, but before you do, you should find out who I am."

        Leaving this sentence behind, Han Three Thousand Carried two sacks and slowly went up the stairs.